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    ...below) we would like to Design an OV5648 Module to interface with our RK3399DT board, which is currently under development. Since the board is under development we can have interfaced with the Firefly Rk3399 as the first milestone. Hence the project consists of two main parts: 1. Camera Module Board PCB: we need to Design an OV5648 camera Module PCB

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    I need to convert the [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL] from swift to objective-c Code repo: [log ind for at se URL]

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    Good day. We're looking for someone who can create some trading templates for our Instagram cryptocurrency trading account (about 50 pieces). These should be created with photoshop, so that we can later rework them for further purposes. Templates on this subject are available on the Internet for free, so no creativity is necessary. Nevertheless, there

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    The idea is to do a digital signature but with Encryption, in this case we can retrieve the text and image ( not just hashing). Similar Work idea: ...Similar Work idea: Paper: [log ind for at se URL] Java Code: [log ind for at se URL]

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    I wish to create three templates using Microsoft Word. Their dimensions are 10 cm by 15 cm (portrait mode) that correspond to the dimensions of the photo paper. The first template will contain photos of dimensions 3.3 cm by 4.8 cm (portrait mode) The second template will contain photos of dimensions 4 cm by 6 cm (portrait mode) The third template

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    ...need several templates to allow her to take on more projects and provide a consistent result. Currently, we have a style guide and defined colors, but our PowerPoint template(s), Word template(s), and three images we use often in Canva could use the help of a design professional. Specific deliverables include: - 3 branded PowerPoint templates (1 for general

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    I am upgrading an old project I have. i am recreating my Admin side in React, using CoreUI templates. i will provide an API Server with my OLD Database structure. some changes need to be done to DB, relationships and add on fields.

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    As the title says. Here are the codes: [log ind for at se URL] 6.1 6.2 6.3 Basically , I want with different structure so that it looks different. I want it in 3h max. 10$ Max.

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    ...your report. Using the BNF grammar specification, include in your report a step-by-step walkthrough of the process of parsing your program and a description of the final parse tree. You should complete parsing down to the final tokens. Include only the relevant parts of the grammar specification. Program Two: Write a different minor program (described

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    Seleccionamos a Desarrollador Web para trabajar en proyectos de la agencia: Wordpress, Templates, Plugins... Interesados/as pueden suscribirse a este anuncio.

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    Buscamos Programador Templates Wordpress para inicio inmediato. Sus tareas serán: Creación de Templates

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    tree stump removal Udløbet left

    1m wide. Require grinding/digging out of stump and removing

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    ...Binary Trees -------------------- tree(+Tree) tree/1 succeeds when its argument is an instantiated binary tree. A binary tree may be tip (representing an empty tree) or bin(Left,Here,Right), where Left and Right are binary trees and Here may be anything (including an uninstantiated variable). tree/1 should be determinis...

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    CloudsimSDN Udløbet left

    calculate total transmission time between any two VMs in a tree topology. Most of the code is in github but i don't know how to simulate transmission time. github link: [log ind for at se URL] In the below file, they have shown the results for various scenarios. I need the same results.

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    Draw me a car Udløbet left

    Draw a VW camper Van in a simple style, similar to the one attached - front and side ...view that can have people added to in the windows. It is required to be customizable with Christmas decorations that can be added and removed- ie presents, lights, Christmas tree etc. I am not looking fir a vector - I am looking for a hand finished illustration.

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    Trophy icon design document templates for me Udløbet left

    I am a construction business and need a document template designed. I have a basic design idea that i will attach photos. I would also like my business logo in the template.

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    ...with a crypto currency similar to Bitcoin. Sample plugins: https://github. com/cryptoapi/Bitcoin-Payments-Woocommerce https://github. com/bitpay/wordpress-ecommerce-plugin/tree/master/src This project will be at first for woocommerce. Seems, there is single file coding work required most likely. * You must be familar with working WP and Woocommerce

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    Xamarin web app Udløbet left

    User registration, verification via mobile or email. Can refer a member to register and can track the tree of registration.

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    I have a designed website page which i want to develop. It has a very minimal developing required. Also I want to develop 12 HTML E-mail templates for my e-commerce website.

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    Migration agent in Australia - Have clients who want to proceed with engaging my services . 1/ Have to create a services agreement with their details and add a summary and scope of the services being provided ( there are about 12 main service types ) and attach certain mandatory documents. 2/ prepare some basic cover letters to go with the correspondance to client ( using same client details like ...

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    Tree of Life Udløbet left

    Family reunion Combining Last name Seay an Williams together an creating a brand Logo something ancient African modern with a royal twist, live 3D movement would greatly appreciate thank u

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    ...for an artist to design a logo that will be used on a branding iron to brand wood furniture I design. I like positive and negative space designs but it may not be realistic for a branding iron? My idea is a hand reaching up with a tree coming out , kinda like it almost is holding the tree. The fingers turn into the trunk and a tree emerged. I would

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    Need new logo Udløbet left is I envision a round tree frog with a tatto of the globe on its back - but open to original ideas. Looking for original color schemes. In addition to this I'd like to somehow have the finger of the from (look at tree frogs) as a pointer somehow. You will get it when you see the tree frog toes. Attached is a bad image of the

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    I'm l...than 20 short templates. The length of each template is varied between 15 to 30 seconds and they will be used for mass video production. They must be designed for entering a series of data (both words and pictures.). More details will be discussed with selected candidates. Please apply if you know A to Z from creating After Effects templates.

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    ...wasn't working correctly and this is after we PAID an individual a few hundreds of dollars a month ago to fix same issue --- We also are wanting simple guidance as well as templates provided to us for tasks on our MAGENTO based website. We struggle with this and have for some time -- our website is not our business focus but we do want to grow it ...

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    I would like to design a logo for a hotel business that I have. The logo is for a company that manages and owns houses which are located in Tinos (a cycladic island in Greece). The name of the business is specific and general. I want a logo that probably has a home or a cycladic feature like a small tree or something like that. More to discuss via

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    ...can be compressed by using variable length Huffman Coding. By analyzing the different probabilities of the various symbols that occur in a given file, we can build a Huffman tree to come up with a minimal, optimized binary list of code words for these symbols. In this assignment, you will be implementing a compression utility for ASCII-encoded text.

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    I need very simple and small project by three algorithm: 1. brute force 2. random 3. genetic algorithm That help me to visualize the difference among tree algorithm.

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    Simple Laravel CRUD for test and landing page for each test created with the panel

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    I need to calculate transmission time between two VMs in cloudsimsdn and network topology used will be fat tree and a normal one. So if anyone can write java code inside cloudsimsdn that can print transmission time between each vm. For more information just read below mentioned paper and how they compared it with mininet.

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    We are looking for a Microsoft expert who can perform the following business needs. • Investigate and implement the best fit of our corporate color palette into PPT and add custom colors • Develop a “super theme” that allows for both traditional and wide slide layouts without distortion • Minimize disruption of transitioning legacy slides to the new template • Rec...

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    ...lights or another type of fairy gloom. I described them as being of the size "of a small child", they can get older than that, but the size stays like that of a small child. Design: I have sent you this picture for you to see size and also where I want to place things. Please don't place relevant elements there, if possible So there is one on front page

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    I need some changes to an existing website, add CSS email templates.

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    Trophy icon Graphic Designer 10 dage left fine across the names. I think it will be sensible to just produce the label for the Negroni first in order to get to a design that we like, once this is complete we can look at the other three product variations. The design is required to have an art deco style in order to keep with the brand image that we are trying to achieve, I have included

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    ...genealogy (family research). I have mainly Swedish roots and some Norwegian, and I already have researched my family tree back to the 1700's on some branches. I have my family tree as well as DNA results on Ancestry, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, and GEDmatch, and my mother's, father's, and some of their cousins' DNA as well on all of those except Ancest...

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    I require the design of an editable template for gloss round label (Avery labels) 60mm in diameter. to be placed on the bottom of glass candle jars. They need to be editable so as I can add the scent if required of the candle. The copy required is in the attached doc. A space will be required above NATURAL SOY CANDLE so as I can type the scent

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    Knowledge analysis, design and programming of cognitive systems. Development of systems for searching, making and planning decisions (decision making, action selection and planning) The specialist will need to develop a decision-making system in complex and dynamic information environments. The specialist will also need to develop a cognitive information

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    Structuring and formalization of information, design and programming of cognitive systems (knowledge processing systems). The specialist will need to develop a universal cognitive model of knowledge and a system for processing this knowledge (extraction, storage, search for knowledge, logical and statistical derivation of new knowledge) General IT

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    Need mobile application. Where our clients can grow a tree. Example, clients are completing 10 steps and they can visually see how how virtual tree is growing. At the step number 10 we plant the tree in real life. Both IOS and Android. Project is for Charity, hope price will not be much

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    binary tree python Udløbet left

    write a python function that follows certain direction for creating a binary tree in python

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    we need to make some email marketing template for abandoned carts

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    Need a content writer to write me 6 email templates based on a new tool and specific business process. We want to launch a campaign targeting specific people using emails.

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    able to implement binary search tree in c++

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    ...a remade/ improvement version of the current design. (The file is provided for you to improve on) To sum up the content its a bookmark based on the fairytale ' Beauty & The Beast' I have provided the file below for you to improve upon. It requires further improvements in certain areas. The style of design needs to look more appealing especially in areas

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    Programador FrontEnd (Templates Wordpress, CSS, HTML5, Responsive Design...) Seleccionamos programador PHP para realizar diferentes proyectos en WordPress: Realización de templates, Diseño de Interfaz, etc... Interesados/as pueden responder a este anuncio.

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    The project i want is an implementation of AVL tree in data structure in C++ using class template and the time complexity must be O(logn) or O(logn^2) and i appreciate if you could explain your solutions step by step via comments in every class member functions and class member variables. I will post the instructions for the project with another file

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    Build a logo Udløbet left

    Logo for indicating hard work while cutting tree by a poor student

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    Hi, Just need a simple bit catchy company logo. 1. Business Name: Palmetto Hydroseeding & Lawn Service. 2. Palmetto is from the state of South Carolina palmetto tree and a cres that looks like a moon. 3. Business is about green grass / lawn

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    excel and GIS Udløbet left

    ...for street trees in the town of Cobden (within Corangamite LGA, Victoria). For each tree, the field survey team have recorded: Unique ID Latitude (using GCS_GDA_1994/GDA94) Longitude (using GCS_GDA_1994/GDA94) Diameter at Breast Height Species Name Origin Tree type Tree age Observation distance (m) Observation angle (degrees) The original data was downloaded

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    Full Service Tree Company seeking workers to complete some or all of the following tasks. Drag brush, lift wood, operate chipper, cut with chainsaw, cut with pole saw, drive truck, drive truck with trailer, operate Bobcat Skid Steer, operate bucket truck, operate stump grinder, climb trees, spray trees.

    €13 - €22 / hr
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