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    Web Bot/Data Miner Udløbet left

    Web Bot/Data Miner: I require a client-side web bot/data miner to multi-thread out, retrieve data, and display select multiple part info from up to 12 different URL's. Concept & format is similar to display style as on [log ind for at se URL] & [log ind for at se URL] Speed of the application is critical. Total time to retrieve & display all data on broadband connection should be ...

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    I purchased a website hosted by [log ind for at se URL] and when I try and access my [log ind for at se URL] file to change the account information over. I get a 500 server error message. I have serveral affiliates that need payment and serveral members that need credits. I need access to this part of the script ASAP! Perferably today. PLEASE HELP!

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    Conversion / Upgrade of two Access V2 systems into a single VB6 System 1. Two Access V2 (16 bit) systems to be converted to a single new VB6 system 2. Both systems are designed for real estate salespeople. Currently there is a Contacts system for keeping track of prospects, sellers, etc and sending them letters and emails, and a Salesperson Listings system for searching for properties for sale. Th...

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    VB6 & Access Udløbet left

    I need good, fast coders in VB6, Access, and WinAPI who can take direction and the create outcomes I need. I would like to get to know how you work and how you code. I propose that we do a very small project together and take things from there. I have a database and an existing project. I need the program expanded in line with the changes made in the database. This is a simple project designed to ...

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    I have an Access database that needs work on. We have a bug that needs to be fixed ASAP. We also have several new projects that I would like to get working on. This is an on-going project and will require a small amount of time for the right programmer, but one that will take months to get where I want this project. I would like to know your level of experience with Access and Visual Basic, your c...

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    This is now the third repost of project I originally requested in early September. Please only bid if you are fully experienced with all project requirements. Web Searcher/Shopping Agent: I require a client-side web shopping agent to multi-thread out, retrieve data, and display select multiple part info from up to 12 different URL's. Concept & format is similar to display style as on [log...

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    This project involves the conversion of a technical manual written as a set of HTML pages to a PDF manual and a RTF document. Links and look and feel of the original manual must be reasonably preserved. Page background color need not be preserved. HTML menu system to be converted to PDF Bookmarks. The manual is 50 HTML pages and is available for viewing on our web site ([log ind for at se URL]). T...

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    We have a MS Access database with pictures saved inside (OLE object). These pictures should be shown in a asp page on our IIS 5. Further information can be requested at [log ind for at se URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to...

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    I am very new to using C & C++ and want to hire someone with experience in: - C and C++ - PostgreSQL (Utilizing the libpq libraries) - Sun Solaris 8 Objective: To create a few working examples of opening a database, posting queries, retrieving results, and closing the connection written in c and c++ using the libpq or other necessary libraries that ship with PostgreSQL. Example #1: Open a data...

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    The application is for our book store containing information about our stock, accounts, sales orders, purchasing, invoicing etc. etc.. Plz send quotations or queries to develop the application.

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    €180 - €270
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    Access Barks Udløbet left

    Access App that has an incorrect INSERT STATMENT in code. I will provide application etc. This could grow into a larger deal with more complex apps very quickly. This is time critical and driving me nuts! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software ...

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    This project has five modification requests, some of which are related The attached file contains a sample database and a word document, which more thoroughly explains the desired modifications. The modifications are 1) modify the scrolling on subform JOBPARTDET on form frmJobDet so that after the first part number is entered and the user is starting to enter the second part number, the details of...

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    template classe Udløbet left

    we examine the use of template classes and exception handling. The starter program exercises a template class called bc_array which throws several exceptions. The code prompts the user for a size of a dynamic array and then asks for elements to be entered. The array size must be larger than 0, but since it is stored in an integer any number, including 0 or negative values, could be entered. We hav...

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    Access to PDF Udløbet left

    I need a Visual Basic 6 program that will take specific information from an Access database, and somehow create a PDF document out of that information. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specif...

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    The code to be completed is an API to a database. It needs UNICODE interface to complete it. The API is written in Microsoft Visual C++ and so you will need to use that compiler. Both UTF-8 and UTF-16 functions need to be coded. The incomplete database API calls the UTF8Convert object. When you get the API you will be able to see how and where to supply the data. The task at hand is to build the o...

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    VB Udløbet left

    Currency Conversion Program . The specific requirements are: Allow the user to select a currency type to convert; must be able to choose from at least five different currencies. Allow the user to enter the amount of the selected currency to convert. Error check all entered data for validity. Upon command, convert the specified currency amount to US dollars. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully...

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    Need a command-line utility program (Windows Based EXE) that can be passed as a paramater a document file (and optional file type), and then spit out a Flash movie that consists of each page of the document. Example required file types to be supported are PowerPoint 97 or later, Microsoft Word 97 or later, Excel 97 or later. It would be ideal if you can output as Flash, any Windows document that c...

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    All I need is a simple webpage that has two fields: 1)An inputbox (textbox) that asks for the user's email address. 2) Another inputbox (textbox) that asks for the email address that the user wants to email to. When the user clicks on the Submit button, I would like the website to automatically email a fixed subject/body/title to the REFERRED (the one in the second box) email addr...

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    I need a coder to write a Module and Query in MS Access 2000 that will take a field and depending on its content modify it, removing extra charactors within the field. Here is a list of some samples of the fields now: ________________________________________________ 3 Certificates 7.49; C1 Bastard Boss 0.00 7.49; C2 Bitch Of the Year 0.00 7.49; C3 Ass Kisser 0.00 3 Gift Certs 2.99; Gift Cert # 1 [...

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    81871 Mysql to txt Udløbet left

    Conversion of a 1.5 mb mysql database into a txt database file

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    CONVERSION Udløbet left

    I have conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions,I want a coder to rewrite this program code in VB6.0 with open source code, to be able ( my self) to translate it to another language. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-fun...

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    We have an application written in VB3 that needs to be converted to VB6. There are in all 88 screens. You are free to use any convertor program that you like. Please give an estimate on this project. Thanks for your time ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will insta...

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    I have a guestbook script written in Perl that is currently operational on my old site. On my new site, which unfinished and not "public" yet, I have made all the files PHPs, and I want the guestbook to conform to the site design and layout, and therefore want it in PHP as well. I would change the code over myself, except I do not know either language well enough, and I don't have t...

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    A very small problem, I think. For most clients, we print invoices from MS Access database using Visual Basic 5.0. For one type of billing, we would like to print directly from a command button on an Access subform, printing just records for that particular form. But when we tried to add this to VBA within Access, we get a "printer not available on subforms or subreports" error. I will s...

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    it only have to read the .dat file that will be created by the counting machine, the counting machine is connected to the COM port, the format of this .dat file is plain text, it would look like this #0001 N 0123ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0124BBAAABBABAB #0001 N 0125ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0126BBAAABBABAB #0001 N 0127ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0128ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0129ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0130B...

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    I want to have to have a component (used in ASP) which allowes users to convert an uploaded data-file in a MS Access database. To be clear. The file upload is already fixed. This request has to do with a conversion after file upload. Import files supported should be MS Access, FoxPro, dBase III (IV etc), Excel, Delimited Text Files, Fixed Text Files. The component should determine which import fil...

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    I have a client that uses Visiword - a very old dos based word processor and would like a project to convert his files from Visiword to MS Word 97 and possibly also to Word Perfect. I would like to have the project completed in VB 6.0. He will not pay over $100.00 so do not bid over that. I have added a sample Visiword file attached in a zip file. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-func...

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    I need to have all of the records from a microsoft access database imported into a flat file system. I have a number of perl scripts available that can do this job, and I need someone to modify and run these scripts for me to complete this data import. I can provide full access to the program that is using these flat files, along with access to the database records that I need imported.

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    Our company has used an excel based program to collect market data at 100 remote locations for serveral years. The excel based app need to be converted to an access database that can house the data from all 100 locations. The Access version being developed needs to collect the same basic information plus a list of 30-40 enhancements. The access version also need to be able to record and trend hist...

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    Fully developed simple Access97 application, which stores regular email jobs and allows these to be sent directly via SMTP with specified attachments, to be converted to VB6. Current application has 3 tables, 4 forms, 4 reports. VB6 application to include SMTP detection if possible. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source...

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    I need a VB6 coder to login to a remote website. The website presents financial information for publicly traded companies. I need a VB6 program to extract specific values from a series of webpages and store them in an access database. I then need to be able to perform SQL queries (such as total, average, etc) on the collected data through a simple interface. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and full...

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    CBIR prototype Udløbet left

    A prototype to retrieval images from the database (which will have few hundred of images )based on integration of color and shape features. Use color cluster aprroach to extract color feature. Image distance between query image and database images is calculated. Or can use histogram approach...-histogram intersection... using Canny edge detector ( l will provide source code that will need to be mo...

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    This is a repost of project I requested 3 weeks ago. It appears as if the current bidder will not be able to meet the 10/9 project deadline. Please only bid if you are fully experienced with all project requirements & are able to complete project by Oct. 9. VB Web Searcher/Shopping Agent: VB based web searching shopping agent to retreive and display multiple part data from up to 12 different U...

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    I have a commercial DLL that was written in DELPHI. According to the author, it should work with any language that can call a DLL. I am not DLL literate and the DLL does not come with sufficient instructions. I have not been able to make it work in VB or Access97(Error="Bad DLL Calling Convention"). This obviously means that there is something wrong with my Declaration statement. The rig...

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    Remote Access to PC Udløbet left

    Need a remote access software that can be used either on a network or internet. Prefer to work with someone that has already created such an application for their own use, so minimal modification will be required. In your reply, please state separate pricing for the following-> Create a version of the remote-client software that runs hidden from taskmanager (processes ok), to be used in conjuct...

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    I am in need of an update query that will look in one column within a table and if that column does NOT contain a valid year I want to be able to choose betwen a first choice, second choice or third choice a year to be placed there. I need this as soon as possible and am will give bonuses based on turnaround and the actually performance of the query. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functi...

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    I need a VB Resource File that contains all the English Words ( I will supply words only ) for menu captions, labels and form Captions. I then need these words converted to different languages. Please state the Language you can convert the English to, and if more then 1 Language the cost per Language. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well...

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    Plz let me know can you do it. How much time you need to do it. DETAILS OF THE PROJECT ------------------ Hi... this one should be simple. I'm catching up still, so it's worth it fr me to have someone else do it instead of figureing it out myself... basically...there are categories and sub categories...all in the excel, that need to be moved to the access tables, there are 3 tables that ...

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    I has builded an OCX control that support DHTML, also I has builded an MDB file in Access 2000/2002 in spanish and have working all features. Now in the english version don't work the Enter Key, Space Key, and Tab key, send mail (using Outlook Object Model). So I need someone that have Access 2000/2002 in English that can do this same mdb file with the form in Access in English. ## Delivera...

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    We are currently using an ERP Product, Job Boss ([log ind for at se URL]). To communicate with our sales reps we would like to, twice daily, update an Act! Database with: -Customer Contact Info -Quote Forms (as attachments in Act) -Misc Customer Notes (as Notes in Act) The retrieval of information from our ERP software will be handled in house. We will provide you with the data in the format you r...

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    I need a form in MS Access 2000 that will allow a user to select a beginning date and an end date. Those dates will serve as the criteria for a query from which a report will be launched. In other words, the dates are passed to a query, and there is a report that will show up based on the results from that query. I need a fairly open structure that I can massage into the final product I'm loo...

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    This is very confusing so please take the time to make sure you understand. Our goal is to create an affilaite program that actually promotes OTHER programs. This will be done through a replicated "super" page. We will have showcase graphics (designer is already working on the showcase graphics), that the affiliates can PLUG into their replicated sites. Free members will have founder...

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    Our Web site collects registration data into an Access database. The site uses UBB Classic Bulletin board software developed by [log ind for at se URL] message board has it's own registration process. We have been given instructions by Infopop on how to export the data from our access registration file into a cgi script that they have supplied. We are looking for help from someone who is fami...

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    I need a program that will transfer the contents of a table from one database to another. The tables in each database have the same name, and same fields. Essentially, I want users to be able to click one button, and all rows from the password protected database, "AC", must get copied and pasted into the unlocked database called "Schedule". (The table name is "Scheduling&q...

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    We have an Access 2000 database that has a table called "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" and Form called the same "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" the Table contains a field called "Full Year" (YYYY) format and a field called "Con#" (001, 002 etc...) Format. When a new record is created using our form the user must select from a drop do...

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    Hi there, Firstly thank you for looking at my bid request. Secondly, what I require is as follows: An OCX control which can be used in Visual Basic which has the following functions: LockTCP - This will prevent any data being sent or received both inbound and outbound on any of the 65000+ TCP ports. UnlockTCP - Reverses the effect of the LockTCP routine. LockUDP - Prevents any inbound or outbound ...

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    We have an Access 2000 database that has a table called "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" and Form called the same "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" the Table contains a field called "Full Year" and a field called "Con#" When a new record is created using our form the user must select from a drop down box between Current Year or Upcoming ...

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    Access Udløbet left

    Need an expert at Access VBA who can fix up some problems with an access 2000 database. Needs to have knowledge on passing data from access to word and producing word documents for printing.

    €180 - €270
    €180 - €270
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    I am looking for someone to help me add some functionality to my current site or design a new site if it can be done. My current web site is located at [log ind for at se URL] and we are a consulting firm that specializes in Telephone and Data Cabling, Network & Telephone design and setup, Web Site Design and Web Site Hosting. I lost my web guy so who-ever helps me out with this project would ...

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    Utility to convert ASCII data to a custom data format The attach file gives a sample data file with a screen shot of what the data looks like. The sample .dat file needs to be reverse engineered to determine how it is constructed. For the GUI you can use this as a model: [log ind for at se URL] The GUI on [log ind for at se URL] is just an example of how the app will look. The algorithm to convert...

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