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    TShirt Designs Udløbet left

    Need TShirt design in print ready format. The brand is sold mainly to car enthusiasts. Design: PRND321 in white ink boldly across the chest with the words and letters marked out with red ink. Design with oval circle.

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    Design me a logo Udløbet left

    ...create a logo for the Vancouver Police Department Cybercrime Unit. The logo is to be used for stationary, crest on shirts, and "challenge coins". A 'circle' shaped logo is probably best, with the words "Vancouver Police Department Cybercrime Unit" around the circumference. Should incorporate something representing the dark ...

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    werewolf project Udløbet left

    ...the same design. Name of the company is Howl at the Moon Mechanicals white and yellow ink printed on a black or navy shirt - full back Concept - large moon with some rocks, trees shown against - werewolf dropped out (negative space) leaning back and howling, one arm extended holding - monkey wrench, hammer, lightening bolt, a different logo and maybe

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    Logo animation Udløbet left

    Impleo means to complete or fulfill something. We have a logo symbol with one completed circle and one with white space that matches the smaller circle. That is the logo symbolism. To complete. We are asking for two animation. 1. Simple modern where the two dots are appearing from the same dot (smallest one). Then something simple and nice with the

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    I want you to build me a website where user's can register and bet on a roulette. I need an add funds system. I need an automated system which shows the user who won, how much they won, how much money they put and what their % was. It needs to be mobile friendly as well. I want a chat system where all the users who are online can chat with each other

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    I need a logo redesign update but we must keep the existing eye and triangle and circle but we need a fresh catchy look,

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    ...existing logo that is recognised in our industry. Unfortantely the company that did only sent it to us in a powerpoint which was meant to have different vectors. I need it done so that we can size it at will and a version with a transparent backgound. I have opened it adode to remove background however it is not seeing the shadow or the circle

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    Design Logo Udløbet left

    I am looking for a logo design. Our company is called Sugarhouse Farms. I would like the logo to look like a simple sugar house with a square vent at the top. In the center will be written Sugarhouse, slanted slightly up and written in cursive and underlined. Options to play with; Sugarhouse farms is written in the center, written ...

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    ...A3 size sheet. Each square has 3 shapes inside it ie triangle, diamond, circle, star, trapezoid hexigon, . I have uploaded an example but wondering if someone could do this better. The other option is maybe big triangle with 3 smaller triangle shapes inside it, large circle shape with 3 circles inside it. would like two A3 size pdf drawings . one

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    logo design Udløbet left

    I have a rough idea on what I am after, just after someone to pull together. Have attached the colour palettes we are working with. Looking for a "H" logo with a circle around or similar. I needs to be small but pack a punch as it will go onto all documentation.

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    Hi Yelizaveta V., thank you again for your entry in my floatplane logo contest. I am trying to upload it to an application, and it uploads in a white square. Can you get me a copy that is just the logo, the circle and your design? Thank you, can you please respond to my email address...I sent it to your earlier. Joy

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    Trophy icon Simple Edit to my Label Udløbet left

    Hello, I ...blends into the circle too much, can you put a black border on the heart and or maybe change the colour to a darker blue heart. I would like the heart to stand out more instead of blending in. 2nd Edit : Can you move the "USE WITHIN 3 MONTHS" In between the FDA disclaimer and my website/instagram tags. Thanks! Attached the label in...

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    Trophy icon Virtual Airline Logo Udløbet left

    I operate a virtual general aviation transport company in FSEconomy -- we haul passengers and cargo to areas all over the U.S. I am looking to make my virtual air transport a little more real (within the simulation world) and would like to get a logo created that I can use for aircraft livery and web postings. Here are some requirements and ideas; I'm

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    ...based on your Brain as a Medicine. It is a speed coaching for ambitieus people who are dealing with stress or anxiety. Primary clients are women. Final design should communicate results, growth, maybe something with a Zen Circle. I think of the color Purple (darker). I like a clean logo (clean handwritten or clean font). Logo en text some...

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    ...Stage 1: the circle appears as someone is drawing it Stage 2: handwriting animation of the text “em” Stage 3: funny appearance of the pin above the “m” Stage 4: Brush paint from left to right Stage 5: appearance of the name “Esmeralda Morrison” I will attach the logo so you can see how long will it take and you can tell me your offer in ...

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    3d Render and Image Udløbet left

    ...plastic enclosure. Please see attached files. We want to develop 3D Render which we will use in Print and marketing maetrial. Hence we need the freelancer to provide us upto 5 different combinations, which involve adding some graphics( line, circle, logo etc) on the 3D render that he will develop. Summary of Scope of Work: 1- Develop 3D Render 2-

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    17 bud domain is We have a unique application to allow customers to pick from their choice of Modules. Applications can be custom built by adding modules. We would like a hub with the word "Your company Data" in the middle of it. Spokes will span out to round or square boxes with a graphic image in them. The name of the module shoul...

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    ...create a web app (and mobile app) to track collective opinions of our users. The web/mobile app will work in the following pattern: 1) Users signup and provide their details 2) Users can create an Opinion Board and invite others to join the activity. The creator of the board is the moderator for this Board/Game. 3) The moderator creates a question

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    Trophy icon Art work for stickers to go on a car. Udløbet left

    Need art work created for logos to be put on a vehicle. Requirements: Hood of Car (circle in pattern) - Copy the raisin brand "sun" logo - Use the exact same font above the sun - Change to "Raisin Hell" Tailgate logo (rectangular pattern) - use exact same font - change to "Randy's Raisin - no "sun" logo

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    Logo update Udløbet left

    We have our own logo we have attached it, we would like to keep the eye and the triangle and the circle, but change the font, we need something catchy, keep in mind the logo would be engraved in wood and metal also we will need mockups and also social media avators and covers

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    We want to recruit a product owner who helps us shielding and guiding the delivery team by creating a comprehensive backlog together with stakeholders/users, and making sure that we ship our products in high quality, release after release. As product owner you will have an integrative and crucial role in our team. You will balance different interests

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    Our business is in the solar industry and we are creating a mastermind for only the most ELITE, top producing solar sales consultants. This mastermind is called the 'Solar Titans Inner Circle'. The Solar Titans Inner Circle needs an EPIC logo that will captivate any solar sales rep and make them YEARN to be a part of such a high-status ...

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    Trophy icon Logo design Udløbet left

    We need a logo for our tech startup called Zelestian. We already have a prototype of logo and fonts, but we want to improve them. The current logo is an astronomical event happened to one of our founders. It represents the waning moon phase in right-top position, Venus represented like a star in bottom-centered position, and a shooting...

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    ...- need logo designs for my company. I would like to see 3 different types, pictures attached. All must be elegant designs in unique cursive writing. My company is a girls gymnastics apparel company, so a bit of a gymnastics spin on it would be nice or keep the heart in between the words. Company Name is "Charm Leotards" and should be used

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    I need someone to alter some images. I need this logo in die cut, circle and higher resolution for advertising and products.

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    We are a digital marketing company and want to show connectivity and creativity. I want a logo that is professional, standalone (without our name) and be recognized. I want to use the dots to make a sphere or something that shows connectivity. Please see attachments to understand better. PLEASE INCLUDE A SAMPLE WITH THE QUOTE SO I CAN SEE IF WE

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    I SAW A TRUCK WITH THE PARTS HOUSE logo and liked it a lot. I called the company and they said that you did it for them. Is that designor still there?

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    I am a sole trader on property rental; buying and selling property I am looking for a elegant logo on either a circle (most preferable option) or on a square design to stand out - and has to be very British / English design Happy to pay up to £30.00 if I like it - THE ATTACHED PICTURE IS NOT WHAT I WANT BUT AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE BASICS...

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    I have a task for an ongoing project. Single activity need to be done for lorry booking app. Activity contains map selection and google predictions and few extra fields like load pickup address drop-off address and date time to picked. All these fields should go to an api in retrofit call. After validation if you can do this in 2 days let us Know design

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    Im looking for help to design a custom PCB using esp8266 and 2 arrays of LED chips (each one for diferent light color). I want a circle shaped PCB that includes the led chips arranged in concentric circles around the esp module. PCB must also include voltage regulation as it needs to be connected directly to AC power (110-220V). Each led array needs

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    I need a turn based card game in android with admin panel. like rummy circle or teenpatti. rules of the game may differ.

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    Sales Consultants Udløbet left

    We are a consultation company that uses animation as a tool for organisations and individuals to increase their visibility. We are looking for creative marketing and sales people who will receive commission when they bring in animation project for the organisation. Our animation services price ranges from USD 150 to USD 5,000 and our sales consultant’s

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    I am looking to...the outcome before lifting a hammer, changing and adapting to suit the required look. Specifics of idea are available after signing an NDA. Happy to look at partnership model for cost and revenue sharing if appealing. Happy also to work with a multi skilled individual or team. This is a from-scratch project to release in App Store.

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    Easy logo task Udløbet left

    It’s easy design. I have a logo I just need it in a circle border

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    If you need a job.....a full-time income.....if you can't find work because you don't have experience.....if you're wasting time and money searching for jobs.....if the future seems depressing because there doesn't seem to be any prospects.....then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Here's why.... There's a unique position avai...

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    The problem is to find: 1. Can a particular rectangle fit inside a circle segment? 2. If the rectangle would fit, at what coordinates should it be drawn? You may express the answers above as mathematical formulas or Javascript statements. Choose what you are comfortable with. See this doc for screenshots, definitions, and problem constraints: https://docs

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    I need some help from a developer to write some code or do the app for us. We will have the kinect v2 sensor facing downwards to the floor. As you can not track human skeleton from top down - you can only track human skeleton from kinect being at an angle or straight ahead. So, we need another way to track a person walking across the digital floor,

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    We are a small husband and wife business who are developing a sustainable babies bib. Every element of the supply chain will be sustainable. We want to include a hand drawn illustration of the supply chain on the garment hangtag to illustrate this to the customer. We would like 5 small, simple illustrations in a circle with arrows showing the below

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    Dear Zeeshan, Here’s the change in plan. Your renders are just fine but the number of colours have gone up by a lot.. Categories: Textured Finishes: Aged Metallic – Take all 3 colours [log ind for at se URL] Satin – Take all 3 colours https://www

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    Vectorise Logo Udløbet left

    Need the log's in the circle as a vector.

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    I need a Kinect v2 Windows app built to run in Windows. See below brief: My previous developer who I awarded this project does not know how to do depth calculations and only knows how to detect human skeleton and he can not do this so need help from another developer to do this project for me asap to start now. - Kinect sensor will be positioned

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    I need logo design Udløbet left

    You have to use the Turkmen flag and 5 circle shapes inside (check uploaded files). Color has to be white or green or mix(white and green). I need a serious and cool design.

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    I have a three-level coding system on excel that I want to be able to transform into a pie chart. The pie chart sections in each of the three levels will expand when they are clicked so that the codes are visible to the reader. I want the diagram to take this format: [log ind for at se URL] with the picture

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    Trophy icon Animated Video Udløbet left

    I need an animated video of 7 unique shapes flying in to form a circle and use my voice-over to narrate the video.

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    Trophy icon Shirt Logo Udløbet left

    Looking for a logo with this type of fly. feel free to use this pic. With our shop name "The Portland Fly Shop" Wanting the logo to be a circle or oval Black and white easy to screenprint, meaning, its ok to have the fly suggestive and not exact. if lines are too fine, it cant be screenprinted or embroidered Have fun with

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    If you need a job.....a full-time income.....if you can't find work because you don't have experience.....if you're wasting time and money searching for jobs.....if the future seems depressing because there doesn't seem to be any prospects.....then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Here's why.... There's a unique position avai...

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    Trophy icon I want a logo Udløbet left

    ...create a logo for our business. The company is called Qura Care and is a healthcare staffing company. We are looking for creativity but would like to have some emphasis on the letter Q, however you can feel free to use your own imagination. Qura stands for: Q: Quit the circle (the rat race). U: Understand your needs. R: Re-charge yourself. A: Achieve

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    Hello F...Freelancers, I need help in moving 3d object along with path and camera perspective. There will be a open cube and one object (i.e. circle, rectangle, triangle) inside that cube will be moving with xyz cordinate along with path. I have already made cube which does rotate when dragged with mouse. I will share details freelancers in pm. Thanks

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    Hi Madeesha . T...great work...! We have modified our logo and would like a .ai version and all the same file extensions as before (including transparent .png). The font is Gill Sans Nova Light. PLEASE NOTE the exact position of the icon, with the circle replacing the dot over the “i”. I can attach a JPEG of the new design once we’re in ...

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    We will be holding a job fair to help residents of the following communities find great jobs with government benefits. 1. East Palo Alto 2. Menlo Park 3. Redwood City 4. Mountain View 5. Palo Alto 6. And surrounding communities. Interviews on the spot. By the VA Palo Alto Health Care System, which has jobs in all career paths (medical professions

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