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    I would like to have a brochure done for the geminids meteor shower on Monday 13th dec, 2021. the design should be the meteor shower on top and below the details: 2021 Geminids meteor shower Venue: Emirates Astronomical Observatory Time: 8pm - 11pm Snacks & Drinks will be provided Visitors must bring their own chairs

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    Hello. I need a locate an official PDF copy of / link to, a “specific PDF version” of a 2017 User Manual, for an Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid | 22 Qt, Stainless Steel, Model CKSTRS23-SB-D. I have not been able to locate this specific version anywhere, including via contacting the company, itself - though I do have a "hard copy" of such, on hand. But what I want, is an actual PDF copy, of the same . . . as opposed to a scanned, image copy - so that I can add my own, editorial "marked ups," w/highlighting and commentary/tooltips, etc., to relevant segments of text. There is a similar 2015 version which is readily available and widely accessible on the internet, and also, anoth...

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    Hi, To provide some context, we currently export from Australia to India, for which we supply our products to our Master Franchise who then supplies his franchisees the products throughout the South Indian region, however, customs duties depending on port seem to differ and in most cases are not cost-effective for the business in India. At any one time, we export 1 x 20ft Reefer (10 pallets) container, 985.5 cu feet or 28 cu meters and 1 x 20ft dry (11 Pallets) container 1140.7 cu ft 32.3 cu mtrs which typically alternates between orders. When landed in India, the customs duty is astronomical, placing a significant COGS burden on the Master Franchisee in India. To provide you insight regarding shipping, the items sent are Individually packed by ingredients a...

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    Astronomical Images Udløbet left

    Hi Renjith T., we have already talked about the project in the chat!

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    Trophy icon Astronomical Images for Facebook Udløbet left

    I want to promote two telescopes in facebook, an using the astronomical calendar to get the posts with some context. I want 10 images with promoting the telescopes. I want 6 of the related to the astronomical events and 4 of them generic. Down Im explaining the astronomical events that matter. I'm posting the 2 links of the 2 telescopes that Im selling, so you can use the images and get inspired. I'm selling in spanish, but ypu can send your ideas in english and I will translate. Creativity will matters must. I'm looking for a long term relationship. Thank you! August 8 - New Moon. The Moon will located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night sky. This phase occurs at 13:51 UTC. This is ...

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    Trophy icon logo astro Udløbet left creating a sports brand. i will like for it to be spaced theme. "ASTRONOMICAL ATHLETE" the 1st image sent drawn on paper, i would like for it to resemble that as much as possible.. i like the exhaust pipes of the red rocket but i want the shape of the rocket to be like the grey rocket which resembles the one drawn in the picture more. i would like for it to be in a more black and white approach. please make saturn the same color as the picture i've listed and keep the color scheme along those lines i want astronomical inside the 1st space ship and athlete inside the 2nd spaceship i will like for one rocket to face north and the other south like the picture drawn on the paper i provided. and i want saturn ...

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    One Water Holdings is a registered company that will distribute natural spring water sourced from deep beneath the earth’s surface. Through technologically advanced methods and processes, the pure natural water will reach our customers untouched and unspoiled with all the natural minerals and elements intact, just as nature intended. Due to the fact that we offer our water in the purest possible form, the health benefits are astronomical when compared to other processed water products which will be our main competition. Not only do we focus on delivering the purest and healthiest product, we are also doing this in the most convenient and cost effective way. At the same time we are working towards sustainability standards from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Bon...

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    A fine, refined and high quality wooden and metal (or metal like), painted of circular display plate, dial and numbers based on the Prague Astronomical Clock. The total diameter must be between 60 cm and 80 cm. This project doesn't include mechanical parts, clock movements, neither clock pointers or moving parts. But help with pointers, the circular zodiac wheel and figures would be welcome. These are real Prague clock pictures. But, in fact, it must be re-designed to work in a different latitude and its displays must be inverted to work properly in south hemisphere. I'll provide detailed scheme for the traces. I'm including a picture of the approximate appearance as well.

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    A typed report detailing all of the facts about each planet/object. Each planet should be labeled properly, and the planet should have its own references and typed description. (An MLA-referenced bibliography.) The report should have a cover page with a color picture of your object, a 2-3 page report on the science of your object, and a reference section. You need to make sure to at least include atmospheric and geographical information, orbit and astronomical information, geological and chemical information, and any other information you think is necessary for people to get to know your object!

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    Trophy icon Topographic company logo Udløbet left

    Topographic company logo Topography is the science that studies all landforms defining their situation and location on Earth or other astronomical bodies including planets, moons, and asteroids. Name that should appear on the logo: TOPO NORTE Follow our current logo attached. They can use the current symbol or create something new. Feel free to create. Good job everyone

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    Website build Udløbet left

    I need someone that can build me a website in which people watch commercials and get paid for this. I expect serious offers! Not astronomical prices!

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    Hi everyone. We're looking for a writer who can write on variety of scientific topics, mainly about astronomical topics. Probably, biology, physics, chemistry or just some general sociological topics. The length of such scripts are 1600 words (10 minutes long), might be less, might be more. What we need: - proven facts with trusted reliable sources - the script is build like a story, properly structured going from 'A' point to 'B' point - difficult stuff explained so simple, even a child can understand it The main thing is to make science curious for most of people.

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    Hey, I have a group of 3 friends who is in the business of trading with bots. Today for example, I have made over 30% profit just doing nothing but letting the bot work. So for eg if your initial allocation is $10,000 that would be $3,000. My data based off backtesting past chart data suggests that the gains over 1 year could be an astronomical 65500% profit with a 70% win rate on trades. I can let you in on the group given you have the passion and dedication to work on improving the algorithm for the bot. I am a coder myself, and we have another person who is great at analytics and research in terms of crypto / investing. Required Skills: - Coding to improve the algorithms. It's in Pinescript which is similar to code av...

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    We are committed to take the hassle and astronomical costs out of custom wedding dress design. We're looking for a fashion designer to join our team who has a) experience in wedding dress design and a portfolio to show for it b) expertise in Clo3d c) a constantly updated knowledge of wedding fashion industry trends d) a strong work ethic and ability to meet deadlines e) a can - do attitude The dress designer will work closely with the founding team to develop a library of dress designs and provide style recommendations for individuals based on their particular heights, body frames, etc.

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    I dream to make this project a reality to help my town people who deserve help. I strongly believe on the relevance of this project need assessment and early plan. We have a group/consortium in Argentina that will run this project to coordinate with multiple local stakeholders and the fund will be remained under the supervision of the consortium in an effort that the fund does not get lost in the bureaucratic and unacceptable channels. I have a quite successful grant writer "Dr. Lindsay Beane" waiting for the order to whom to submit the application. Lindsay has been working with me in different projects and helped us to create Washington Health Institute. The most difficult part as expected is the sponsors/donors. In this regard, it will be ...

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    temperature control Udløbet left

    We have 3 zones each one with a valve and a temperature sensor We would like an LCD temperature display for each zone And a small led display for each zone to show a massage according to temperature i.e. If temperature between 0-10c massage = “cold” A master touch HMI where the user can Set temperature settings i.e., Sunday 10am 20c Sunday 10 pm 10c Monday 6am 30c etc. Set special days and times i.e., 25/Feb/21 between 10am and 2pm 30c. Set special days and times for massage display i.e. 25/Feb/21 massage = ”special” Have astronomical timer i.e. 21/Feb/22 at sunset 25c for 10 hours. Have a log viewer to see temperature history. Have a log viewer to see valve status i.e., open ...

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    ...Redacción de un texto de divulgación • La tarea a entregar consiste en la redacción de un texto divulgativo sobre un tema de astronomía. • Como tema del texto proponemos que trates artículos recientes publicados obtenidos a través de las bases astronómicas o ADS/NASA. • El texto tendrá que ir acompañado, como mínimo, de las siguientes partes: 1. Título 2. Imagen o figura (puede ser también video o gráfica) que refuerce el texto escrito junto con un pie de figura explicativo. • El texto no debe supere las 1500 palabras (excluyendo el pie de imagen y el título). • Debe estar acompañado del artículo (o los artículos) de referencia e...

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    Academy of Astronomical Sciences Create Spiritual Rings to knock out the elves I can decipher the magic Selling spiritual rings of acceptance and love Decipher jinx Reading the constellations and the palm and the cup

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    Hi I am a Japanese manga writer and critic, and I am currently working on manga and I have written about 3 brands of it, and it is not just a regular writing, but it is well-written with international standards Why help? We can sell manga on popular selling sites Presenting it to international competitions with astronomical prizes Profit from it directly by making it readable - It was published on the global Toon website, from which the most famous and successful works came out For those interested, write to me and guide him with all the details My account in Instagram

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    I need a script, for my presentation! You need just to answer the Theory of knowledge question "What is the importance of Statistics(Math topic) in the history of Natural sciences?" here is an example of an answer, but for trigonometry (Answer something like this): "We chose to explore trigonometry, since it’s one of the most prominent mathematical fields, and trigonometry is used in many scientific spheres, but mostly is utilized in sciences that involve a lot of distance measurements, like astronomy or oceanography. We can say that trigonometry plays an important role in the history of natural sciences, since the spheres where trigonometry is a pivotal tool in researches and developments, wouldn’t have ap...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it. I need a dynamic website of horoscopes and astronomical services

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Udløbet left

    Hi NOTE - will register this logo so there should be no Copywrite issues PLEASE I like to design a logo for my company Company Name - True North Pharma Ltd Some tags to help your imagination the internal compass in you, fixed point, spinning world, astronomical, geographic North Pole, magnetic north

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    I seek a graphic astronomical ephemeris to run as a aadd on or a script in TradingView. the capacity should be open source code, the implementation in TV has to be visually clear and underlay the graphic annotations. horizontal lines representing planetary positions at a specific moment. the effort is intended to seek planetary cycles and market action. The choice of sidereal or tropical is relevant and the clarity of visualization is also very relevant. using the builtin at trading-view is essential to make the script light and dynamic.

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    OVERVIEW: This is NOT a technical implementation project. That is, you don't have to create anything or work on anything. Instead, I want you to introduce me to people in your network (past or current clients, employers, co-workers, friends, family, etc.) who are spending at least $15,000 per month on either AWS or Azure hosting services. I represent a service called Kumolus that helps companies monitor and cut cloud expenses. If I can convince your referrals to try my service, I will pay you handsomely. * You don't need to do anything other than introduce me to people. * You will be doing a good deed for the people you introduce by helping them save money. * Cloud hosting costs can be astronomical. In this economy, your referral could save...

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    There is a website with astronomical observations, about 600000 entries. For every year, I need to export in a csv file all the data of the photos. Not the photo themselves, but their details shown in the table (id, dec, ra, time, and exposure). Any programming language and library is accepted, but it has to be a written code, not a software that automatically does that.

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    My app is a quite simple, slight app for kids, including 3 very small games. I would like to change one of them. Note: Astronomical or excessive bids are absolutely out of the question. You shouldn't even try.

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    My app is a quite simple, slight app for kids, including 3 very small games. I would like to change one of them. Note: Astronomical or excessive bids are absolutely out of the question. You shouldn't even try.

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    I want to buy forums for those who have one or more forums. I need to buy a forum. It does not matter if the forum is active or abandoned Provided that he had previous posts and members Those with astronomical prices don't leave a bid

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    I need a programmer Udløbet left

    I am looking for a Python programmer to process astronomical images (FITS format) and produce light curves: 1. Verify the folder where the images are 2. For each image, i. Read the image header to determine optical band of observation and time stamp of the image ii. subtrack the image background (here, I have the algorithm to be used in a Matlab function) iii. Detect and characterize stars (streaks) and satellites (point) using image segmentation iv.4. Evaluate the position of each detected objects in step 3 v. Calculate the intensity of each object (ie. photometric analysis) vi. Save the intensity of the detected satellite(s) along with the time stamp which is contained in the image file header vii. Save other image st...

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    Build a website Udløbet left

    I would like to build a professional website for my company. It is an Astronomy company and would like to have multiple pages such as (home - About us - services we provide - gallery - online shop - contact us - astronomical information) the astronomical information such as the astronomical calendar, the moon phase, the weather and major astronomy news. currently the website is very basic and can share the link with the developer later on.

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    We would like to develop the following solution, see a custom plugin or not, which would allow us to: 1. the customer identifies the service provider he wishes 2. the client books a slot among the provider's availabilities (the provider's availabilities being synchronized with his calendar) 3. the customer makes his payment online (blocking of the amount in an escrow account) 4. the provider receives an email / sms to confirm the booking 5. once the booking has been confirmed by the service provider, the customer's account is debited. (Once debited the prestige in question receives its remuneration and we receive a commission) 6. an automated order confirmation email and / or sms is sent to the customer 7. the reservation is entered...

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    24 bud These components are designed to be easily customizable. We are searching for a skilled .NET developer, that programs in C++, C# and Visual Basic .NET. The candidate should be familiar with WPF and have developed applications for financial markets (charting/analysis). The ideal candidate is familiar with Modulus M4 components. Knowledge of astronomical and astrological jargon and data is a plus. As a starting point, we need to implement M4 components with some custom user interface and modify existing financial indicators. We need also to interface an external DLL via API to the mentioned Modulus M4 platform. The external DLL will provide astronomical data to M4 charting platform. The packa...

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    Hello! We are building a new platform where we need a series of graphics, illustrations and a few small animations for a story based learning environment. This would be a very interesting project as there is room for a lot of creativity and the theme of this would be the intergalactic and astronomical stuff (Star Wars?). I can tell you that there would be a lot of work regarding this, and I look forward to have a good engagement. Since there are a lot of graphics to be built in this entire project, I'll prefer to break it down for the sake of both of us. Apart from this, I also look forward to realistic and sensible quotations. On the final note - I prefer the individual to be a local....

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    I have a website I would like to update the template, I need a confident and trusted supplier as I am getting sick of being let down by people. If your automatic bidding and not viewing this brief you have NO chance of getting the work The work MUST be completed by the 8th Feb 2020. The new theme must be installed.... The site WAS a subscription site but I am removing the need to have WooCommerce show on front end. it must be left in back end this is a cosmetic make over nothing more the site structure is all in place it just needs a refresh and a responsive new look and feel. I will not accept astronomical bids thats going to get you removed. I have always paid for work, but have again been burnt by FREELANCERS that want cash...

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    ...Europe based astronomical equipment shop is currently redesigning their website. Website is built in Prestashop (Warehouse theme) and the technical framework of the website has been setup and basic placement of the graphical elements has been established. What remains to be done is to modernize the overall graphic design. Colors, fonts, basic look/feel of the company is to be brought more into the current age and be more vivid and alive. Website needs to be more colorful while still in balance without being clownesque. In other words; the website needs to be noticed and needs to look professional without being dull. It needs to sell products and so it needs to invite people to browse around and shop. Candidate must be accurate and experienced in excellent GUI design...

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    40-50 pieces of 1000-1500 words each well researched Tech content, the individual topics of which would be provided soon. (Examples: 1. AI in Satellite Imagery 2. Blockchain and Distributed databases for Astronomical Exploration) Looking for freelance Tech content writers who have experience related to Secondary Research - patents and research portals, analysing data sets, using interviews, questionnaires and forms etc.

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    data entery Udløbet left

    Famous asronomus George Eliery Hale:- {USA 1868-1938}pioneered the astronomical study of the Sun and founded observatiories one wthe a major telescope name after him. Emond Halley:-[ Britan,1656-1742]predictedd the orbits of comets ,including the one that bears his name. William Herschel:- [Germoney/Britain,1738-1822]built huge telescopes, compiled catalogogues of Stra and discovered moons of saturn Uranus. Edwin hershachel:-[Usa,1889-1953] made important discoveries about galexies. The Hubbel Spase telescope waqs named in his honour. Christiaan Huyegens ;- [Hollend,1629-95]discovered Satern's ring and devised the wave theory of light.

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    evidences of early astronomical knowledge in world monuments. that's the prompt

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    ...looking for an Italian native speaker to translate a manual of a planetarium software. The text is written in English, has a length of about 1500 words and should be translated into Italian. It is desirable to have experience with the translation of software manuals. In addition, the text contains some astronomical terms that need to be translated correctly. Therefore, the safe handling of astronomical vocabulary is absolutely necessary. You can find an online version of the manual under the following link: The text will be made available via a Google Spreadsheet and should be translated there. The translation must be of high quality. Our clients are native speakers and should be able to read and understand the manual ...

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    This will be an Education Realistic Astronomical Animation of Our Solar System. Animation will cover all details of Sun and the Planets. It will be like an Astronomer taking students on Tour of Solar System on Space Ship from Earth to Moon and to Every Plants of our Solar System. Animation will be seen through 3D Glasses. So it should has 3D realistic effect. Animation will have also have Informative Voice in English, Hindi, Marathi, etc. Animation will have Sound Effects More Details will shared after Project is Awarded. I Request you to please Bid on this Project.

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    20 bud, Muslim engineers turned out to have mastered computer technology. What is certain is that the technology developed by scientists in that era was not a digital computer, but an analog computer. The term analog computer, according to Wikipedia, is used to describe a counter that works on an analogue (dual) level from a digital level. Analog computers are also often defined as computers that process data based on qualitative signals, or analog signals, to measure variables such as voltage, sound speed, air resistance, temperature, earthquake measurements and others. This computer is usually used to present a situation, such as for thermometers, radars, light power and others. The forerunner of the use of analog computer tec...

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    I need a photograph of the moon taken from somewhere in New Zealand for an astronomy project which will be published. The location within New Zealand is not important as long as you tell me what city or town it was taken from. The timing is very important; I need two photographs of the moon taken during the same minute from more than a few thousand miles apart. The purpose is to compare the slightly different views of the moon and calculate the angle between each photographers line of sight to the moon. This information will be used for further astronomical studies which I'm pretty sure have never been done before. The other photograph will be taken from Lake Havasu City in the Southwest USA. We will probably have to be in communica...

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    We need a logo for our STEM-oriented camp for teenagers (so the target group will be their parents) titled "Armenian Boot Camp" - ABC and the motto - "Code the future". You may play with the letters. The logo should give a sense of trust, reliability, growth and high-tech technologies. Our courses include Machine Learning (AI), Product Management, and Programming. Beside of the courses, we have sport tournaments and camping activities. The camping will take place near an astronomical observatory, and we suppose it's good to highlight this fact in the logo. Hints to help you - neural networks, AI, Stars, Rockets However, please feel free to break the frames. Update: Dear Participants, Do a ...

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    Trophy icon Logo design Udløbet left

    We need a logo for our tech startup called Zelestian. We already have a prototype of logo and fonts, but we want to improve them. The current logo is an astronomical event happened to one of our founders. It represents the waning moon phase in right-top position, Venus represented like a star in bottom-centered position, and a shooting star falling from left-right and top-down in left-top position (like the image added). The colors must be the same or very similar to those included in the prototype (black, white and the light-blue provided), because Zelestian references to the spanish word “Celeste” (light blue color like the sky color) and “Celestial” as reference to heaven. This elements must be...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it.

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    €7 - €18
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    We need a wordpress expert to assist us with minor fixes on our site, please do not apply if you are not an expert. The fixes will probably not take longer than 3-4 hours, so please do not try to apply with astronomical quotes. Good Luck and thank you. You will accomplish this fast if you are familiar with ultimate member and formidable plugin.

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    I need a constant voltage SMPS design for astronomical timer switch. With demo board.

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    We would like a product insert to go into a wallet. The insert should be sized and designed to look similar to a US $5 bill. Would need to look like money in the wallet, without looking like a counterfeit bill. It would need to be a 2-sided editable file. You will be responsible for the design concept and we will make the final edits. Our brand name is "Main Street Forge". The fonts we use are attached. The idea is we want to offer $5 off the matching belts. Links to the belts are below. Our slogan is "We still make 'em like they used to" and that is the overall idea we want to be able to portray with the brand. We partner with small, local craftsman/artisans to make high quality products with the care and...

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