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    I'm ...have the script and everything ready to go. . The payment is a RECURRING 10% Of a HIGH TICKET Commission, the service costs $1000-$2000 monthly, so you will get a 10% of that. (99% of agencies will offer you 10% of the first month and that's it… That's why this opportunity is big… Because you can compound and scale... . DM me for more info.

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    ...([log ind for at se URL] ) ([log ind for at se URL] ) -Ani Bezzerides, da série True Detective ([log ind for at se URL] ) ([log ind for at se URL] ) -Amy Santiago, da série Brooklyn 99 ([log ind for at se URL] ) ([log ind for at se URL] ) Aceito sugestões e trato mais detalhes por inbox. Ter um portifólio é um diferencial pois vou me basear nos trabal...

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    Make a cron job php file; parse and save new data (not the existing) to mysql from this url: Show list of apps (icon, title, developer, store link) with a one page template html/php (Bootstrap or any simple free template). There must be paging [1,2,3..99] function to show all older datas.

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    HMI Display Images Udløbet left on a transparent background. File format = PNG Image files are to be labeled with by a three digit number (i.e. [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL], ..., [log ind for at se URL]) I need Screens 1 – 99 to be transform from Nothing (Screen 1) to the Full picture (Screen 100) so that when they are display – it looks like animation. Stuf...

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    I want to personal photo-shoot on this valentine day (14/02/2019). I booked hotel and decorat...want to personal photo-shoot on this valentine day (14/02/2019). I booked hotel and decorate the table and candlelight dinner. I want to low light photography. Place: Mapal 99 chandkheda Ahmadabad. Time duration: 2 to 2.5 hours (9.30 to 10.30 or 11.00 PM)

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    Trophy icon Tri-fold & A4 flyer Udløbet left

    ...-Instagram & facebook copies 3)Cover photo for social media profiles For flyer please include customizable .psd layers. -New Years/Tax Season special 50% off enrollment fee.  -Only $99 Down Please see attached examples. They both need to be Eye catching, professional and suitable for promotion by print, social media, and email. Please make available in .psd

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    ...can take look in our site, for example: (for today run) this is sucsseful product: [log ind for at se URL]%D7%A7%D7%95%D7%A3-%D7%90%D7%99%D7%A0%D7%98%D7%A8%D7%A7%D7%98%D7%99%D7%91%D7%99-wowwee-fingerlings/ and this is unsuccessful product: - so instead of the price , it appears text:"לכל הפרטים על המוצר" [log ind for at se URL]

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    7 bud and industry-related images. 2) Add logo to most images 3) Create 2 line description (eg. "Urgent Care is Near - Walk-In With No Fear", "We make the Boo Hoo Go Away from Boo Boo", "DOT Physicals $99" etc.) 4) Add unique hashtags as shown on social page 5) Schedule Social Media Posts Must be creative in design and wording. This i...

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    You will be responsible to manage a social media account from doing posts to create content & you wi...paid monthly a 300$ for the 10 accounts that means 30$ per account, whereas there is several packages, the highest the package os the highest you gain, this 30$ gain is from 99$ package, from 149$ package you will get 40$ & from 199$ you will get 50$

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    ... Clubs sowie Mitglieder haben die Möglichkeit ihre Mitgliedschaft zu einer kostenpflichtigen Mitgliedschaft upzudaten. Prinziepell gehen wir davon aus das unsere Besucher zu 99% männlich sind, daher soll die Startseite ausschließlich von Modellen, cams und clubs bestehen, so können die männlichen Besucher der Seite sowie die registrierten Mitglieder

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    ...MANEJO DE PAC FILES PARA UN PROXY. function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { var privateIP = /^(0|10|127|192.168|172.1[6789]|172.2[0-9]|172.3[01]|169.254|192.88.99).[0-9.]+$/; var resolved_ip = dnsResolve(host); /* Don't send non-FQDN or private IP auths to us */ if (isPlainHostName(host) || isInNet(resolved_ip

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    Im loo...have the script and everything ready to go. . The payment is a RECURRING 10% Of a HIGH TICKET Commission, the service costs $1000-$2000 monthly, so you will get a 10% of that. (99% of agencies will offer you 10% of the first month and thats it… Thats why this opportunity is big… Because you can compound and scale... . DM me for more info.

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    Exercise 1: Build a VI that reverses the order of an array that contains 100 random numbers. For example, array[0] becomes array[99], array[1] becomes array[98], and so on. tip: Use the Reverse 1D Array function located on the Functions>>All Functions>>Array palette to reverse the array order. Save the VI as Reverse Random [log ind for at se URL] in the C:Basics I

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    ...with us one method/approach you would use to recruit affiliates for us if you are successful in getting this role? Keep in mind that our product is a small monthly fee of $29-$99 , not enterprise level. Next Steps: Once we have received your written application here on Freelancer, we will arrange an online video conference with you to take things to

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    I am looking for a native English speaker who is professional in typing with no minimum of 100 WPM and accuracy of 99+%

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    ...a graphic design company, Agency 99 Design Co., that caters to large and small clients alike, with a strong background in retail and national franchises. I am in need of a designer with strong branding skills, who can work to a budget without compromising on quality of end product. I have a client who currently has a cooking school (logo developed a

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    Geocell Php Udløbet left

    ..."mcc":286,"cid":38344,"lac":54110}, ... {"rssi":-97,"mnc":2,"mcc":286,"cid":52555,"lac":54110}, ... {"rssi":-98,"mnc":2,"mcc":286,"cid":51857,"lac":54108}, ... {"rssi":-99,"mnc":2,"mcc":286,"cid":39684,"...

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    ...user's id from facebook pages + groups into cvs file. i will provide with up to 6 links (pages+groups) 1) [log ind for at se URL]%D7%9E%D7%90%D7%91%D7%A7-%D7%94%D7%A6%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%90%D7%A7-840835282623052 2) [log ind for at se URL] 3) [log ind for at se URL] need some samples of those in order to check your work

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    looking for a native English speaker , very fast and accurate in typing in keyboard, with + 100 WPM , and accuracy of +99%

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    Hi, if you can optimize page speed for a DIVI based Wordpress website, then please bid! We need a 99% at least page score for Mobile and can get it to 80% almost but we need you to fix it. This is based on the Google Page Insights page only. Only people with backgrounds in this and with this specific skill and also with a solid reputation will

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    ...would do the job and save me a fair bit of time. See the .rar download for an example output file which will help make sense of what i need. The sampler folder structure is 99 phrases and each phrase has 3 sample slots, totaling 297 folders as follows: 001_1 001_2 001_3 002_1 002_2 002_3 003_1 003_2 003_3 and so on, up to 099_1 099_2 099_3 The

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    English to Japanese Udløbet left

    Needs to hire 99 Freelancers English to Japanese translation available. Interested in recruiting for ongoing cooperation. Please send CV as an attachment and rates if interested.

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    Trophy icon website for Udløbet left

    ...cleaned and conditioned (dash, console, doors, etc), deep vacuum, air blow out, carpet shampoo, seat shampoo or leather conditioning, interior windows, mats cleaned Full Shampoo: $99 sedan + mid-size, $109 full size *Deep vacuum, carpet shampoo, seat shampoo or leather clean and condition, quick wipe down of interior surfaces *Will remove pet hair Carpet

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    ...needs to be sorted by date and then take 100 lines in date order ensuring the dates don't overlap across two files. For example, if you start at 1 December and then trade number 99 is date 31 December and trade number 100 is 31 December then you would leave 31 December for the next file so you don't have 31 December across two files. I think a simple copy

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    ...either, “You must be 18 to vote” or “You are of voting age”. Ask the user to enter a grade percentage. Convert the grade into a letter grade. For instance, if the user types 99 then print A+. You can find a sample grading scale here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Write a program that asks for two numbers. If the sum of the numbers

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    Gostaria de desenvolver um app nos moldes dos renomados "Uber, 99, Cabify, etc.." no intuito de oferecer viagens e serviços de entrega para comércios, para motoboys. quero um projeto que funcione e que atenda a funcionalidade principal de ligar pessoas que precisam de serviço à pessoas que queiram fazer o serviço.

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    ...Address: XXX-XXX-99 Partner IP Address: [log ind for at se URL] The service will retry the connection periodically. Additional Information: Error: 1825 (A security package specific error occurred.) Connection ID: YYYY Replication Group ID: YYYY When checking nslookup on partner server it sys default server is localhost and not [log ind for at se URL] and

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    i have 500+ notes in English language written in the exercise book. i want you to type those data in ms word. spellings must be 99% correct.

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    ...X-amount (defined with every products by admin). There are predefined targets which trigger lower costs. For example if 100 buys are reached for product A, then the price will be €99, when 150 buys are reached, then the price will be €79, when 200 buys are reached, then the price will be €69 (for all buyers). In the end, people just pay for the final price

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    ...know we are disrupting the model since we give our agents 100% of the commission they earn for only $19.99 per month. Our closest competition charges $69 per month and others $99, $149 or much more. You can see how easy this is. All you have to do is work it over and over get the information in front of real estate agents in Florida and you'll see the

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    4 bud similar like that (environment sample): [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...twitch y streamlabs (mira esto en caso de que necesites inspiración) - Para mostrar en tiempo real cuando alguien da propina, su nombre y la cantidad. - Cuando alguien da 1 a 99 tokens (que podemos cambiar) a un sonido especial (que podemos cambiar) y muestra un efecto (que podemos cambiar, por ejemplo, reemplazando el archivo de video) - Cuando alguien

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    I am looking for someone to create a logo (name logo: Cabinet Infirmier Créteil) and a french business card. The logo will be used only in this business card. with the European standards (85 X 55 mm, 1004 X 650 pixels.). I work in a nursing cabinet and on patients houses. We do postoperative dressings, injections and other..I am looking for a clean

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    $99 Trampoline US Unboxing / Product Video Assembly Demonstration We are seeking for 5 freelancers to help film, produce, edit short product videos. The video would have to include unboxing, how to assembly / showcasing and some product usage. We will start with the sports trampoline and after results we will continue with the kids trampoline.

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    ...correct formatting. It's important that all data is in line with these standards. Company size and Industry type values must be one of the following: Company Size values: 1 to 99 100 to 999 1,000 to 1,999 2,000 to 3,999 4,000+ Industry Type Values: Edu - Higher Ed Edu - K-12, Public & Private Edu - Other Financial Services Government Health

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    ...jpg [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] -> a total of 10 photos of varying item/combination negative

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    Email Marketing Udløbet left

    I am currently using [log ind for at se URL] to send free emails to my customers. But almost 99% of these emails go into spam and I never hear from the customers. I need someone to help me send emails in an effective way so I can get a response from my customers. Once you accept the project, I will email you the email addresses and the details of the email

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    ...(or VM) from this link: [log ind for at se URL] 2. Download one of the versions from here [log ind for at se URL] 3. Install it on your computer (or VM) 4. Install the crack 5. Verify it works 6. Run Virus scan from here again to make sure it does not install any viruses: [log ind for at se URL]

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    I am selling mostly rings on my Etsy shop. I have tried Promoted listings, did not really help. I think my prices are fair for handmade jewelry, ranging from 20-99 $ per item. I still do not have enough visitors and mostly buyers. I have 3 sales so far. Please describe how would you be able to help me?

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    I want WP [log ind for at se URL]%D7%9E%D7%97%D7%A9%D7%91%D7%95%D7%A0%D7%99%D7%9D-%D7%9E%D7%99%D7%A1%D7%98%D7%99%D7%99%D7%9D-%D7%90%D7%A1%D7%98%D7%A8%D7%95%D7%9C%D7%95%D7...

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    ...that are being searched online daily. We make it easy for customers to find you. 5. Affordable option for online advertising Did you know…our annual membership plan is only $99 per year. One sale from our site pays for your entire membership plan. Now that’s what we call a good ROI. We are on our way to becoming the #1 insurance agent directory. So

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    Looking for deep learning expert who can help me with CNN model for my data using tensorflow. I have done 99% of the work but issue i am facing is with feature extraction plotting as i have done the code. Strict budget is 20$ Please find the attachment run file cnn 2 (org).py and [log ind for at se URL] other our samples i have done related to t dont forget

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    Hi, I need a pricing table for my business. The scope of the project is: 1) Design a table EXACTLY like the attached example, but using my Gorilla PT corporate branding, color scheme etc from my other assets (see [log ind for at se URL]) 2) We will want to try a few different

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    domain names Udløbet left

    i have few domains 7 to 10 years o...individual to sell [log ind for at se URL] mind on profit sharing [log ind for at se URL] the domains which are there with me are of godaddy appraisal value of $500 to $2000,but i want to sell that at minimum of $[log ind for at se URL] that what ever price you sell we can share 50% [log ind for at se URL] will be a life changing opportunity for you,if start a ...

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    Need help in creating a...Total project is $100,000,000 and we can break escrow at $5,000,000. Structure will be having a General Partner own 1% of the Limited Partnership and the investors own the other 99%. Will also need help in writing up the Operating Statements for the two entities involved, the General Partnership and the Limited Partnership.

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    ...a dev for the server. 300 USD comes right on signing contract and paid for every plugin thereafter APPROX 100 USD or more if bigger plugin. Plugins really arn't hard to code 99% of info you need is on wiki. At GamingOG LLC we need some top tier Devs for C++. We will most likely start you working on one of our 7 Ark servers. Ark PVE Server: https://goo

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    Need a logo created for a product that is usable in a single color and (if you create) multiple colors. For example, the logo would be used on a website and business cards in multi-color, but maybe a single color imprinted into the product itself. Product Name: SmartCarry (can adjust the capitalization) Product Description: Smart Carry is a purse/pocketbook/handbag

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    I need a random number generator. I need 5 numbers generated each ranging from 1 - 99. I have some codes already. They work fine. Just looking around for talent.

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    I will need to edit the [log ind for at se URL], the first page should be exactly the same and then I need to get 99 duplicates of the second page (Part F of the document). So completed new pdf should have the orginal first page and then 100 pages of the second page. I will need to be able to fill details into the new version of the pdf, 1.000 different

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    I want a classified web page offering free ads I would like to add Osclass Scripting as it is ...want a classified web page offering free ads I would like to add Osclass Scripting as it is free I went to go daddy and the name CoopersFreeAdStore is available for .99 this year. I could also use them for hosting or Linus Iozoom was suggested

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