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    import script Udløbet left

    I need an ASP code to do mimic the Import Wizard functionality of MS Access: 1. Open a comma separated file. 2. determine the first line field name criteria 3. determine/allow field separators 4. determine/allow text delimiters 5. determine/allow field types 6. chose an existing table to import to or 7. create and import into a new table If you have

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    We have the source code for a delphi 4 image component that we would like modified as follows: At present to show how an image would look if saved at a particular compression level we save it to the temp folder at that compression and reload it - which is very, very slow! What we would like is for there to be a new property which allows the user to

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    Consists basically of a grid + Color PAlette + Tools to edit ANY icon ( including 32 bits ). Must be developed with Delphi 5. Example is Delphi Editor tool but with a high color palette. To bid here you MUST have written something similar before.. Send compiled exe as sample. **If not don't bid This is urgent. Immediate decision.** ## Deliverables

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    Perl pre-parser Udløbet left

    To write a parser to convert from a new pattern matching lang...fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Lexx/Yacc files used to generate parser, if used. Must be written in Delphi 5. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Written in Delphi 5 to run on Win 95 - Win XP.

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    2 bud be fancy a simple form with a place to type the symbol and a couple of text boxes that return that info, if you are really feeling up to it, dumping that data into a comma delimited file with the current time and date. Full documentation a plus! ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    9 bud well - that will enable the registered user to encrypt files and folders on their hard drive. In addition it is also to lock the PC from being able to boot without entering the valid password. Key features are ; * an encrypted database that stores the allowed Users. * encrypt selected files or folders by a given User. * allow Groups so users can ba

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    1. Simple flash card program (C++ or?)with built in learning algorithm for repetition learning. Program should read from Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File or another type database file that could include images and vocabulary words. Must be small and self running. Multiple language support. Bidirectional. Picture mode or without picture mode

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    I have Delphi source code and need to know how to play with it and compile it with Delphi 7. It does speech recognition. So I need: 1. Instructions to compile the code. 2. Instructions on how to modify it. I have Delphi 7 by Borland. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    Read/Edit DAT Files Udløbet left

    I'd like someone to build a program in VB.NET OR VB6 to read DAT Files. I've included a zip file with the dat files I would like to be able to read and edit. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform

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    ...create an .html file locally that will have the same name as the original converted filename (just with an .html extension) * Lightest html file output required! no external files, no unnecessary style sheet and/or javascripts embedded inside. This features will be considered a plus: * Creating [a name="N"][/a] page markers on each page break. *

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    Notepad Udløbet left

    Create a notepad which displays the line numbers on the left of the text. It does not need to have a replace feature. Search is required however. Must be made in delphi with no external components. If you decide to use a component, you must provide the source code for it. It is imperative that you write this component, so that we do not violate any

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    Delphi File Access Udløbet left

    I want to have file access control in Delphi. What I want is a component or functions, or pointers to websites containig these which will let me control file acccess (such as open/close of files, directories etc. ALL file events (read, write, rename etc.) have to be taken care of, passed thru these functions, and if allowed, be executed. Otherwise,

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    I'm looking for "an exisiting" email client which is well featured, that I can also contract you to enhance with several features that I req...ent of this product can take place. 5) A Non-Disclosure agreement will need to be signed prior to commencement. ## Platform VB 5/6 preferable however the likes of Delphi or similar would be considered.

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    I need someone to produce the HTML based Help files for a Web Based application. I will provide you with a link to the demo application so that you can review it before you bid make a bid. It consists of perhaps 10 to 15 different help files for the different areas of the application. It will require you to learn a bit about the application and how

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    I am looking for An Active X Control that can be used in visual basic, and visual c++. possibly delphi. Needs to run in windows 98,2k, me, and xp. the component needs to be a front end for vcdimager. it should be able to handle the functions like these programs " [log ind for at se URL] for C++ Borland Builder source code [log ind for at se URL]

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    Program Clone Udløbet left

    ...setting up database fields and recording inputs from the user. The program will be packaged with other education materials. It is probably best if the program is written in Delphi. The matching interface will be provided for you to use. The tricky part of the program is that when one person creates a new class in the attendance section of the program

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    According to last project and Delphi Source Code. I need a new Icon name "TEST".And it has two functions. [log ind for at se URL] can check "Secondary Subkey" thhe same as last one,or different from last. a)If the same:Run c)Print function b)If different:Show "EEPROM Fail" message [log ind for at se URL] Function:to use default printer under WinXP to Print"...

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    PROGRAMMER Udløbet left


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    ... This code is to be translated to Delphi (any version compatible with Delphi 6) using: 1. Late binding (like the VBA code). 2. Early binding using the type library provided (converted to a .pas file already but I am not sure if it was done correctly). The output can be to an Excel worksheet (preferred) or a Delphi OCX control (F1 book). ## Deliverables

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    82992 Search script Udløbet left

    I am in need of a search script that utilizes html templates, and pulls search result from a tab delimited database that the owner manages (for their affiliate links, favorite sites, etc.) then from [log ind for at se URL]$keywords&username=$username&db=1 (which pulls bidded listings my PPC search engine) then from

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    Style sheet editor Udløbet left

    We have a delphi 4 application with a "stylesheet" screen that allows the user to choose colors, text for error messages and so on. We would now like it to be adapted as follows: (We can send the required 3rd party components to the sucessful bidder). 1. At present it reads/writes data to a text file. We would like it modified to use an EasyTable table

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    Document Imaging Udløbet left

    ...purchased. We require a visual basic program to utilize the features of "ActivePdf" or “PDFlib??. We will use this product to produce pdf images from ASCII/Print Image text files in a batch mode. We also require the ability to produce these pdfs on the fly when a report is requested from the ActivePDF Server. In the case of on the fly creation the ASCII

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    Water Jugs Puzzle Udløbet left

    "Three Jugs are filled with water. Neither has any meas...breadth-first search method to solve. ## Deliverables I have actually got the code in C++, coders just have to convert it into delphi. Coders can find the C++ source code in the [log ind for at se URL] ## Platform Delphi 6, win xp ## Deadline information Must be completed by 24/6/2002

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    file access Udløbet left

    a small Delphi project. I want to make a especified folder available when the user enter the correct password and make at the same time all the file inside that folder have their original file extention and when the application closes, the folder will also close and all the files inside that folder have *.mtl as extention. ## Deliverables Complete

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    16 bud to upgrade the application to be a windows based applicaiton software. So it is compatible with all the windows apis. It has screens, reports, data entry and many custome files. I have the complete source code, but you would have to have your own version of Clarion Dos. I could send the source code, and the application but you would need to convert

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    Hi All Coders, I'm a beginner Delphi Programmer, I made some small database programs. The problem I'm faceing and I hope to find the answer from you is that All the programs I made is for arabic peolpe so I hade to make the interface in arabic and all the data is entered in the same language ( And There Is no problem in That)...The problem is I want

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    Need Perl cgi script(s) to provide following functions 1. Search small (<100 record 15 fields/record) Tab delimited ASCI data base, and return single record in html format. Search defined on one field. 2. Sort entire data base on 1-3 fields and return in html format, (x) number of records per page. Have a couple more functions on the wish list. Can

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    Write a Perl program (call it "combine") to combine the data in several files according to date. For example, if file [log ind for at se URL] contains 20020601 10.0 20020603 11.0 20020604 10.3 and file [log ind for at se URL] contains 20020530 100.0 20020603 110.0 20020604 100.3 then the command "combine [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] > [log ind for at se ...

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    I require a persistent container component for Delphi 5, that is capable of streaming (saving / loading & re-creating) all the components it owns, the owned components are of any type descended from TComponent. the component must be called TContainer and ideally should be a direct descendant of TComponent (ie. TContainer = class(TComponent) ) the goal

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    Import CSV OCX Udløbet left

    ...another ActiveX (OCX) component, which would enable me to import CSV values to a listbox in VB, and/or database. Need properties like.. .About .databasename .Delimiter (Tab, Comma etc.) .Fieldname (name of field in database) .Filename (name of CSV or text file) .Output (name of listbox) .Path (Directory) .Recordsource (Name of databasetable) Feel free

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    Hi Guys I'm in need of an ActiveX(OCX) which enables me to compare text files (content within), and return true or false. Full path options for both files. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working OCX and VB sample in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform

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    Text Conversion Udløbet left an import utility within a point of sale program. The first format is a line delimited format (documented) and the second format is a comma delimited format (also documented. This program would scan a directory (needs to be configurable) and process all of the files in that directory, converting the order and calling the exe upload program on each

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    Email String Parser Udløbet left

    ...AT [log ind for at se URL]" Result$ = ParseEmails(a$) Result$ should equal - xxx At [log ind for at se URL] There could be more than a single email, and Results$ would contain all of them - separated by a comma. Thanks ## Deliverables Source Code should used standard basic coding procedures! Source code must be understood in all areas of the code! Complete and fully-functional wo...

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    1 bud database online, at It's a simple, non-relational database. We can't manipulate the database much online, but we can export it as tab-delimited values (or comma delimited values but that often screws up, since we use commas in some of our entries). The file attached is a sample entry from our database. We're database idiots, however

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    8 bud to see if the email was opened and clicked thru. The information such as click/thrus, etc, are reported back to an admin interface. The mailing list is inputed through a comma deliminated text file, and the subject, the send/return to addresses are all changeable. Everything should be done thru a form such as: Newsletter Name: Subject of Email: Sender

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    ...up form. On the back end, the main user (developer of the tailored ap) should have the ability to select options for how the information is sent in - text via e-mail, tab delimited file via ftp/e-mail/http/?, straight to two or three popular recommend it web scripts (not sure which ones yet), or straight to popular web accessible database systems - i

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    SHRDLU resurrection Udløbet left

    ...MACLISP code, as attempted by Keldon Jones. (Contact the buyer for descriptions of known bugs in Keldon's interpreter, and for an existing version of the interpreter ported to Delphi.) or 3. Put an Incompatible Time Sharing System emulator on Windows capable of running the 1970 MACLISP interpreter and original SHRDLU code. or 4. Rewrite all or some of SHRDLU

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    Undeliverables Udløbet left a program that would find the "Undelivered/ Delivery Failure" emails in my Outlook account and put the failed email addresses in either an Excel spreadsheet or in a tab-delimited text file. I would then be able to import that file to Group Mail's Exclusion list. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    ...screen and offer to dial. Storage: In addition to the data we key in, we purchase lists of telephone numbers, names and addresses, etc. We can obtain these lists in ASCII, comma delimited format, but usually not in the same order as our tables.. A supporting program must accept these lists and copy them into our data bases. A file of comments recorded by

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    ...emulate [log ind for at se URL] without the GUI. It should use TDI, work in real-time and provide callbacks to external software (VB and/or Delphi). ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased

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    I have a large complex Excel Macro I don't want to rewrite for the web. I created an Active Server Page that will create a small CSV (comma separated values) file with some input information. I would like to execute Excel with this Active Server Page while online, run the Excel Macro which will read the CSV file and output report in XML format which

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    The winning bidder will design a program or macro that can take customer orders from an ecommerce site (available in tab delimited form) and automatically generate an invoice showing: 1) Order number 2) Customer name and address 3) Item's ordered, unit price, shipping, and total cost 4) Components given in example invoice file Program or macro must

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    Just a quick routine. In Delphi 6, I want to use a TADOConnection, TADOQuery and TADOStoredProcedure object to call the "sp_tables_ex" or other standard MS SQL stored procedure to retrieve a list of tables in a specified MS SQL database for the current server (retrieved from TADOQuery with Servername query). Just need to retrieve a list of tables for

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    Creating pdf files Udløbet left

    From Oracle database and using Crystal Reports, automatically export each page of a multi-page report as a separate pdf file using a field in the table to name the pdf file. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform NT 4.0, Crystal Reports 8.5

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    Journal Database Udløbet left

    Build a relational database including screen designs. It needs to be in Access database. Will deliver files in Text, Tab delimited. Have five files and need 8-10 screens and corresponding reports. Would want to see sample of work. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of

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    Journal Match Udløbet left

    I have two files with a unique number as link. I need the two files matched with 4 sets of criteria. When match is made, put T in corresponding field, if match is not made, put F. One file has 120,000 records, another file has 870,000 records. I will send Tab limited, with headers. Please state turn around time. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    VB Graphics Help Udløbet left

    ...series of images, heads, bodies, hats, backgrounds, etc. and the code to generate a packed dll of the images. I'm using strictly bitblt to do this job, so no DirectX, C or Delphi, pur VB. It's part of a bigger project. I'd prefer someone in the US so I can ship a CD of images to them, if outside the US, I can offer an FTP site to download the images

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    ...applicable -[optional: Numerical rating (currently all are rated either -1, 0, 1)] *user data* -User names -User emails [would be real handy to also output a separate comma-delimited list we could use for a mass mailing] ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    Clonk Udløbet left

    ...routines. We are stuck for time on the issue of user configuration of TeeCharts(Bernada) in the interface. This is a fairly straightforward job for anyone versed in the use of Delphi & TeeChart. t's really a faitly complex user interface problem using these systems... Some knowledge of DSP requirements would also help since the graph configuration is closely

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    I have a almos...Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Delphi 6 Windows 95,98,nt,2k,me,xp ## Deadline information I need this to be done by monday evening! I'll send the component after the acceptance of a bid.

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