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    Hello, currently I am in need of a 100 % working PHP script which allows a web user to: a.) Signup as new user (stored in MYSQL db or txt file) the only required data is name and email address b.) Once signed up the script connects via FTP to a pre defined folder and creates the users folder (username) and copies all existing filed from the source folder

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    PHP/MySQL Included in attachment are two versions of trouble ticket system using some features needed for my system. Customers should be able to submit tickets via email and/or web-based. The system should organize tickets into 2 groups. OPEN/CLOSE where all recent tickets are displayed first. - In OPEN section, it should display tickets opened and

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    ...very easy. If the test is passed, the user is automatically put in the authorised users mail list, and if not, then either the message is deleted or tagged as spam. If there is no reply, then either it is deleted or tagged as spam. When the user of the system sends a mail to someone, the email goes through [log ind for at se URL], and the recipient of

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    ...shown on the next page to develop the Registration system only. 2. All three parts of the system using a Web database approach using either PHP or ASP with either Oracle or MySQL hosted on a UNIX platform. You may use a rapid development tool such as Dreamweaver MX but the final system must have all the pages shown in the diagram on the next page. 3

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    ...PHP or perl could be used but the end result should be modular so one shop can be easily added or deleted to any category. The code of the modules should be created so that it is easy to add a new shop by us. Our servers do not allow 777 permissions. A MySQL database is available if required. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    My site [log ind for at se URL] went down and all files were deleted because they swithed server. I have 3 (4) mySQL database on that site and my backups are old... newest is 3 weeks old. But when I try to upload them I get some problems. So now I have uploaded some 5 weeks old mysql databases. I need you to upload the 3 week databases backup and make

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    ...the (up to) 5 coupons should be selectable by the visitor and a Printer Friendly page opened with the selected coupons which the visitor can print. 5. Each coupon created/deleted/printed should be captured in the database with a unique ID and time stamped. 6. Visitors should be able to leave their contact details and a message/comment on the Contact

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    16 bud should include. If you see any reason why any of the things below should not be included please let us know. - site and logo design. - Database structure design (MYSQL). - Ticket support system. - Comprehensive search system. - Gateway with Paypal. - Content ? - Mass e-mail to members. - members have to sign up for a membership

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    Onlne Raffle System Udløbet left

    ...and in return dispense raffle numbers that can be redeemed for prizes at a later date. This system should be able to store and use information submitted by participants in a mysql database. I'm lookin' for a very well versed php coder to make this script easy to install for himself and anyone else that may end up using this script. Special notice will

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    ...password. Can be configured) Built using PHP and Mysql for security Give additional Credits to members Set default credits Set the depth of downline Set the referral credit Set the referral bonus Payments using PayPal Transfer members between members Ie. Someone cancels a account. If account is deleted, the members under the member are transferred automatically

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    1 bud results page. We must incorporate these additional fields on this page, their modify account page and in the search results page. This information will be stored in mySQL database, logo if uploaded can be no bigger than 20K in size or they can link their logo from their site (if this is done then a 35K size limit), product images can be no bigger

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    I purchased a perl/mysql dating script that is apparently easy to hack into. I don't know how it's being done, but the hacker has managed to give himself a paid member account without having to pay anything. I deleted his account and banned his ip number, but he got in again and did the same thing. I dread to think what else he can do that I'm unaware

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    ...up form/member maintainence form and therefore adding to the existing MySQL tables 1 b) The above functions need to be done in a way so that it is a free standing install script. ie the files are uploaded to the root directory of an identical portal and an [log ind for at se URL] (deleted after install) which is run and makes the necessary changes The portal

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    Need site to search deleted/expired domains. Something like You will need to install it on our server. Graphic designing not required. We might provide you a template which you can embedd with yr script. Pls bid if you have prior experience, and if you can show a working demo before I take the decision to purchase it. Pls bid low

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    Due to an error, the MySQL database that is used by or On-Line Scheduling Program (PHP) was deleted from our current web host's server. We need it to be transferred from our old web server and we don't know how. Should be very simple for anyone with any MySQL experience... ## Deliverables 1) Transfer MySQL database from old server to new server 2)

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    ...currently using Ultimate AUction program. You can see the site in action at: [log ind for at se URL] 1) I want you to analyze and fix the cgi/pl scripts and call to MySQL. 2) One of the feature of the program is "Buy it Now" and I want you to hack the program to make it a "Buy it Now" only site. This new "Buy it Now" hack will have to use its

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    1 bud scan for any deleted or on hold domain names available or choose yahoo listed expired or on hold domain names or dmoz expired or on hold domain names. The member should be able to choose to view expired and on hold, or just expired domains if they are not interested in the on hold domains. I need this script to run on php and MySQL and be able to

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    Quick ASP debug Udløbet left

    Here's what I need, these are two easy debugs for a good ASP person. This is an ASP page which communicates with a MySQL database. I have a page for managing some database fields, and the "Options" page's links all pass unique query string variables in the URL to the receiving page, which has a Select Case statement. There are Cases for: -Add Record

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    ...[log ind for at se URL] this is the information I currently ask for and is shown on the search results page. This information will be stored in mySQL database, logo if uploaded can be no bigger than 20K in size or they can link their logo from their site (if this is done then a 35K size limit), product images can be no bigger

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    ...Project anticipates daily communication of work performed on project and daily uploaded beta tests for review. **Please read this before you bid as non-responsive bids will be deleted**: Coder must have skills appropriate to do the tasks described. No sales hype. Experienced Programmers only. No form responses that are a repeat of your resume. Upon acceptance

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    ...somekind a copy of [log ind for at se URL] functions. My site is made on cgi and mysql. I would like to make my site run on PHP. What function are in my site and what should be changed to PHP? 1. user uploads essays to temporary database 2. after I look through it it may be edited deleted or added to real database. 3. Users can search for essays in all fields:

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    ...oriented community site. Need work in php. **Please read this before you bid as non-responsive bids will be deleted: Coder must have skills appropriate to do the tasks below. No beginners. No sales hype. Experienced Programmers only. PHP and MySQL. No form responses that are a repeat of your resume. These will be rejected out of hand. Upon acceptance,

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    8 bud by entering a membership number and password that recognizes the client from a previous hosting account sign up (if applicable). Once form is submitted it is added to a MySQL database and sends the client to PayPal to charge the fee required. Auto recurring will not be used. Database will include all of the above information as well as the date

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    ...EXPERIENCE in: - PHP running on Linux - MySQL - Perl - Willing to work on an ADULT site - Has ICQ - Has EXCELLENT ratings & PLENTY of experience A couple of weeks go, my isp restarted the my server to fix a problem with my email accounts, and as a created a bigger problem. No one was able to log into any site (using mysql) because it kept saying, there are

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    ...a good knowledge of Perl/MySQL databases and Image Magick. I want to be able to thumbnail/resize either uploaded images or take pictures from relevant URL's and resize them to 3 pre-determined sizes. These are to be linked to the auction item (saved to HD) On the item close the relevant pictures are to be unlinked and deleted. (Standing software has

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    7 bud 1. Transfer it to mysql ( attention....there is different in format of date where the original use 00-00-0000 and the mysql should use the time(). You should prove to me that the changes of the date is correct. 2. Sort the database if there is the same email address. if yes, just leave one and the other should be deleted. 3. After sorting number

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    I am looking for a clone to [log ind for at se URL] The site needs to update lists often throughout the day and contain fresh up to the minute lists. If you have worked on this type of project before we welcome your bids. Please PM and demo links for our review prior to consideration.

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    1 bud as secure as it can be using php and mysql database. Form on signup must be divided into multiple pages, and once a user has made their payment (using paypal or 2 checkout) they gain access to the secure area. If for instance they have not completed the payment part their information is automatically deleted and no access is granted. I want to also

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    Hello coders! I need a PHP/MySQL Shopping Cart in 5 days from now , if possible. It must be installed on my MAC XSERV OS X 10.2.1 via SSH ( I will provide you a temporary login), and tested ON MY SERVER by me before payment is released. It should be one database Mysql v [log ind for at se URL] with the following tables, with add/edit/delete for each table. COde

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    ...intended to allow ISP clients to administer their hosted sites. End-User IIS Admin Tool Requirements: Global/Anonymous tool(s): -Account signup tool w/data entry to SQL or MySQL DB. -See [log ind for at se URL] for account request example -Requires extensive 'dummy-checking' -Page to Request Password Reset

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    Please read SPEC Document attached. It's in a zip file. The site is simple, but uses a mYSQL and php backend that must be designed. We are easy to work with but need everything done 100% correct. Any "GENERIC" bids will be deleted. This site will be built and all examples of the front page that needs to be built will be given priority. Show us what

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    I have a client that needs to link his PC running Win 2000 and Access to an online MySql database. Everything appeared fine until the following errors started happening when he began to add/edit records. "I can't edit/delete existing records, I get this error: "ODBC --call failed [TCX][MyODBC] Transactions are not enable #0"" "I type something in a

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    ... and prints it on a HTML page. The scripts need to converted to work on the new platform, using full directorie links, and utilising SMTP SOCKETS for notification, and use mySQL. This is a very small project, and only two perl files have to be redone, and the others are simply the same thing, using different directory paths, and different categories

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    I need a reverse auction website, with scripts written in Perl (preferred) or PHP, with a MySQL backend. See the complete description below: ## Deliverables The website will be a broker between BUYERS of a 'custom' PRODUCT and SELLERS of the product. A 'custom product' is a product with certain properties specified by a buyer. The website should

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    ...will become part of a larger project that will include security. The files will be stored in a directory not related to the document root of the web server for security. A MySQL table will have three fields: 1. File Name 2. Date file expires (Calculated by adding the number of days to the upload system date) 3. Random security download key. (Sufficiently

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    ...below). The user enters also data in other fields. The user clicks on the submit button. The data from the editor is automatically converted to HTML. A connection is made with a mysql database and a unique IDnumber is generated (preferable on highest number + 1). Next page the user sees is a preview page where the user can see the result. This IDnumber is

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    I want a VB6 program/utility that can find domain names that have expired, are on hold or been deleted recently using some powerful search criteria form. Domains found should be checked against maybe: google, yahoo, lycos, inktomi engines, and alexa in order to produce a popularity report. It should be easy to select any found domain name to be registered

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    ...choose not to accept it. If they delete it, nothing is emailed to the client and the project is deleted from their account. I'm sure more things will come up as this script is developed and I welcome your input. Requirements: Written in Perl or PHP, no mySQL. A programmer that will provide their own ideas and input. A programmer that will keep me informed

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    ...script should track traffic with both cookie and hardcoded URL tracking. perl backend for statistics and webmaster management scripts, especially for scripts requiring cron. MySQL database Must interface/import with common 3rd party processors reporting systems sales and amount for each sale/recurring transaction: -ibill -epoch/paycom -ccbill Bullet proof

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    Please view my new request. Thank you all who placed a bid. I'm afraid that I was a bit too vague and would like to make another attempt so that my request can be more specific. Please forgive me as this is my first time here. ## Deliverables Graphics and logos must be completed and available to me prior to payment. All rights to the graphics and logos must be mine. Complete and fully-func...

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    ...being ignored. Profile Status: Active Suspended Deleted Hidden Or by Interest Group(s): Singles Just Friends Business Associates Young Professionals Outdoor Enthusiasts Nightlifers Fitness/Activity Partners Sportz Nuts Mind Games Sort all profiles by: Username OR Profile Status (Active Suspended Deleted Hidden) Or Last Name Contact Area Ability

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    ...User#6, User#7 User#3 => User#8, User#9, User#10 User#4 => User#11, User#12, User#13 If User#9 is deleted, the matrix compresses as follows: User#2 => User#5, User#6, User#7 User#3 => User#8, User#10, User#11 User#4 => User#12, User#13 User#9 should be deleted completely from the .dat file containing his information. Additionally, the existing members ID#

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    ...registration, points, and usage. Database of users as well as database of redeemable e-points Via serial # (ex: xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx = 20 e-points). e-points database serial #'s deleted when redeemed. Administrative access through web browser with security/password protection. Admin access includes editing and upload/download of user and e-point databases

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    19 bud be modified and deleted via a simple user interface on a web page (nothing fancy). The web server that I am using runs on IBM/Sun servers with full support for JSP, CGI, ASP, PHP3 and 4, MySql and SQL 7 options. My experience with this type of work is limited but I would imagine that the tools you would use would be php and MySql - I will leave it

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    ...code modifications for an autoresponder service. Currently using Maxsponder autoresponder software. This is setup on a pentium 3 1 GHz dedicated server running Redhat 6.2 and MySql software. Webmin is installed. The service IS NOT LIVE so there is no worry about crashing a live site or corrupting existing data. The Control Panel: I would like to allow

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    Deleted Udløbet left

    l ## Deliverables l

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    ...including use of language files for different alnguages. I seek bids on programming only, no design or template production necessary. NO standard bids please, they will be deleted immediately. Wishing to SEE working sites, either dating, or other high volume database application. If you havent done a site like this, but have good programming skills,

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    ...completed using Perl or PHP with MySQL. Required features: Admin page: Allows you to view, create, delete projects. (When creating a new project, a new directory must be made in the root web dir and all files for project placed in the newly created dir. When deleting a project all files and directories must be deleted) Project page features: View project

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    deleted ## Deliverables deleted ## Deadline information deleted

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