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    Design project Udløbet left

    Skal lave en poster fra Disney serien "Star vs the forces of evil" det skal være den samme grafiske design nemlig. Håber i kan lave den samme grafiske design som de laver i serien

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    fgcxcfvbnvmnmmvnvnvbbvmmnmvbmvbnmv dfdf dfh fdh ddg dfg sdv e s gf gsd sg s vs dss sf sdf s ds s g gjf

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    fgf hghf htyb thf r Udløbet left

    fgcxcfvbnvmnmmvnvnvbbvmmnmvbmvbnmv dfdf dfh fdh ddg dfg sdv e s gf gsd sg s vs dss sf sdf s ds s g gjf

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    video Citygoo V2 Udløbet left

    Same video "Citygoo" for 1 min 15 sec vs 1 min 38 sec

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    Non-Profit Logo Design--Budget $50 6 dage left

    I'm looking for a designer who can create an affordable, unique, and engaging logo for my non-profit organization. We are the "Missouri Green Angels Network", and we provide free cannabis RSO/FECO to cancer patients in our state who can't afford it. KEY REQUIREMENTS: --The logo MUST be original a...printed on merchandise AND it will ALSO be laser-engraved on small metal discs/coins, and it's my understanding that the laser engraving works best with a stencil format (meaning slight, fine spaces in between lines). I have draft designs for the logo for reference--the angel style needs to be similar to the attached black and white example NOT the color one (meaning facing forward with wings spread vs a side profile). The cannabis leaf must have only 7 poin...

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    I have a Node.js website that currently displays time using a clock widget. The website's time zone is set to US time, but I urgently need it to be changed to Indian time. I have full access to the website's source code and hosting environment. Requirements: - Convert the environment. Requirements: - Convert the time displayed on the clock widget from US time zone to Indian time zone. - Ensure that this change only affects users accessing the website from India and not globally. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Node.js - Experience with time zone conversions in web development - Ability to update and deploy changes to a live website - Understanding of global vs. localized time zone settings in web applications Please provide a timeframe for completing this t...

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    ...which is based on the concept of Zelda Minish Cap for game boy advance and something new. The game should be developed using GoDot and the final game file should be accessible for me to view inside the project and make any edits if necessary. The primary platform for this game is PC. The game should include the following specific features and mechanics: - A fog of war system: The fog of war should clear only when a sensor of a torch light passes through it. - Switches: There should be switch mechanisms in the game that trigger when the torch light hits them, leading to the release of a bridge. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in GoDot game engine - Prior experience in developing 2D adventure games - Strong understanding of game mechanic...

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    I'm in need of a unique and fun game that pits two different teams against each other - one as ducks and the other as humans! This shooter game needs to have a charming, cartoonish aesthetic, and be engaging for our target demographic which is children. Here are my requirements: Platform: - The game should be able to run on PC, Mobile, console, as well as VR platforms. Age Group: - The game should be suitable and safe for kids. Art Style: - The game should have cartoonish graphics to appeal to the target demographic. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in creating kid-friendly, cartoon-style games is preferred. - Experience in game development across multiple platforms - PC, Mobile, Console, VR. - Proficiency in creating engaging shooter games. I need a develo...

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    OFFLINE DESKTOP APPLICATION Suggestions: VBA Programming vs Python Which one is most compatible with the business concept and system flow? I looking for Offline Desktop Application, installed on a computer and run locally, performs better, works offline, and keeps data more secure (I will use a laptop for the system, portable). Business Concept: (Direct Compensation UNILEVEL MLM)/Affiliate Program Multilevel Commission Compensation (2 tiers or 2 layers) with a recurring system (Monthly Recurring Bill Payments, 2-year contract) *ONLY 2 Product SKU ( Main Product 1 Year , Replacement Filter 1 Year ) Frontend task User operating (Dashboard) - GUI Graphical user interface (Power BI) - Administration Manual Data Entry - Data Visualization, Statistics board Backend task System operat...

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    I need a competent freelancer who can manually compare prices between Sam's Club or any other major retailer like Home Depot , or Lowes, Or Kohls and Amazon. Specifically, I'm looking for someone to identify lightweight items with at least a 300% price difference between those platforms. The goal is to create a comprehensive list of 20 items that meet this criterion. Key Requirements: - Manual Price Comparison: The job requires a freelancer who is willing to manually compare prices. No automated solutions will be accepted. - Attention to Detail: The ideal candidate should have a keen eye for detail, as the project requires identifying subtle price differences. - Familiarity with Sam's Club and Amazon: Experience with these platforms is a plus. The goal of this project is...

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    Advanced Excel Automation with VBA 4 dage left

    I am looking for a highly skilled VBA developer to automate complex tasks in Excel, and to create custom functions for these tasks. I need an expert person who can work on VS lookup and VBA programming. Key responsibilities for this project include: - Building advanced macros and custom add-ins to automate time-consuming and complex tasks in Excel - Creating custom functions to enhance the existing Excel functionality and streamline our data processing Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in VBA development, particularly in automating Excel tasks and creating custom functions - A strong understanding of advanced Excel features and functions - The ability to translate complex tasks into efficient VBA code for automation Please include details of your experience wit...

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    ...listings outside of main service) and the structure etc, the links at the bottom of other locations we cover will be exact the same ie same 31 links at the bottom bar removing the page it on (ie if on Dublin 3 page it won't have Dublin 3 link at the bottom). - **Design:** I need a professional-looking landing page following the exact concepts found here as we will be comparing all aspects of the page vs the below: That is both appealing and easy to navigate for users. As this landing page be for local area we need GMB linked mapped etc. However on future landing page we might not put link if location page is further away. As most of our clients as Nationwide we will only use GMB maps for close by ones. - **Functionality:** The landing page needs

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    99 bud looking for a skilled developer to create a multiplayer card game that supports Android and iOS platforms, preferably developed in flutter. The game must have real-time multiplayer functionality, specifically in Player versus Player, 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 modes Key requirements: - Development of a multiplayer card game for Android and iOS. - Real-time multiplayer support - Implementation of Player vs Player (PvP) mode Ideal skills for this project include: - Competence in game development. - Experience in multiplayer game development. - Strong knowledge of Flutter and Node.js. - Familiarity with for real-time communication. - Previous experience in card game development. It is played in two teams, and in each hand three cards are dealt to each player. The game consists of playi...

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    ...FY24 Budget Total YTD Actual Total Encumbrances Total YTD Actual + Encumbrances Total Available Budget Departmental Breakdown: Breakdown of budgets and expenditures by department (Dep1, Dep2, Dep3). Category-wise breakdown within each department (Benefits, Cost Allocation, Pension and etc.). Visualizations: Bar charts to show the budget vs actual vs encumbrances for each department. Pie charts to show the percentage distribution of the total budget by department. Line charts to show the trend of expenditures over time (if time-based data is available). Filters: Drop-down menus or slicers to filter data by department, category, and account description. Filters: Drop-down menus or slice...

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    I am in need of a competent freelancer who can assist me in creating an Amazon seller's account. I have not done this before and would appreciate someone who has the expertis...most suitable type of account based on my intent to sell clothing and accessories - Provide comprehensive advice on the dos and don'ts as well as best practices for selling on the platform Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in setting up Amazon seller accounts, particularly for clothing and accessories - Strong knowledge of the different types of Amazon seller accounts (Individual vs Professional) - Ability to provide clear and concise guidance - Excellent communication skills Please note that while I am open to suggestions, I am particularly interested in selling clothing and ac...

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    I'm seeking an experienced financial analyst to conduct a detailed comparison of the long-term wealth accumulation of purchasing a home with a mortgage vs continuing to rent. Key Components: - Assess potential financial outcomes of both renting and purchasing a home - Focus on long-term wealth accumulation - Take into account anticipated changes in property value over time Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in financial analysis, specifically around real estate - Familiarity with property market variables and predictions - Ability to present data in a comprehensive yet understandable manner.

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    Se requiere un sistema diseñado en Python que trabaje en sistema operativo Wndows, el cual a través del uso del WebCam pueda hacer reconocimiento de rostros comparando el rostro en la cámara vs el rostro almacenado en formato digital en una base de datos en SQL Server 2016+. El resultados debe ser un True o False. El sistema debe trabajar localmente (No en la nube).

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    ...following criteria based on aHrefs metrics: Traffic: The site should have a minimum of 1,000 organic traffic as per aHrefs. Traffic Value: The site should have an aHrefs traffic value greater than 100. Geographical Relevance: The primary traffic country must align with the target country of the page I am linking to. Keywords: The site should have at least 1,000 aHrefs keywords. Referring Domains vs. Linked Domains: The number of referring domains should be greater than or equal to half the number of linked domains. Domain Rating (DR): The site should have a Domain Rating of 30 or higher. Referring Domains: The site should have more than 250 referring domains. Traffic Trend: The site should have shown a positive traffic trend over the past year. If your website meets thes...

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    I'm looking for an expert to help configure my Cyclecloud HPC cluster. This is a specific project with the following requirements: - Configuring the cluster for machine learning and simulations tasks - Ensuring the cluste...for the two CPU partitions and the A100 GPU for the two GPU partitions. I would also like to have SLURM accounting set up within the cluster i.e. not using the MySQL service on Azure. Lastly I would like the cluster to have Prometheus/Graphana monitoring capability so that individual users can monitor job statistics. Eventually, we would like users to also be able to interact with the cluster via VS Code and Jupyter. Delivery : within 1 week -- please only bid if you have done this before. Please provide your past experience and any relevant projects you ...

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    I need a script to control my Camera3D from a direct top down view. I want to replicate this camera from this 2d project but for my 3d project : So the camera will be set to a fixed height above the player's position while following the player's position but can also freely move toward the mouse position as long as the player doesn't hit the edge of the screen.

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    I need a Blender expert to import the Textures I downloaded from my Turbo Squid account for the product (please see what i currently have vs what It should look like). I've had a play around myself with nodes etc, but I'm relatively new to the software and haven't had much success bar the buttons in the middle. I have all the textures as a .tif, I just need them importing and correctly set up so they look the same when rendered.

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    Godot 4 Camera Addon Configuration 5 timer left

    Hello I am using an existing Godot addon for a 3D camera and it has great documentation and features. However i can't figure out how to configure it the way i would like it. It currently has a feature to move the camera once it hits the edge of the defined frame in the viewport. But i want it to move in the direction of the mouse position and stop once the player hits the edge of the frame in the viewport. I've attached a photo of the viewport frame feature that is already part of this camera addon. I just want the Camera to then follow the mouse position and only stop if the player is touching the edge of the viewport frame.

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    I'm looking for an expert to help configure my Cyclecloud HPC cluster. This is a specific project with the following requirements: - Configuring the cluster for machine learning and simulations tasks - Ensuring the cluste...for the two CPU partitions and the A100 GPU for the two GPU partitions. I would also like to have SLURM accounting set up within the cluster i.e. not using the MySQL service on Azure. Lastly I would like the cluster to have Prometheus/Graphana monitoring capability so that individual users can monitor job statistics. Eventually, we would like users to also be able to interact with the cluster via VS Code and Jupyter. Delivery : within 1 week -- please only bid if you have done this before. Please provide your past experience and any relevant projects you ...

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    21 bud date and start time. **Scope:** The schedule should cover the following: 1. England Men 2. England Women 3. England Disability 4. Vitality County Championship 5. Vitality Blast 6. Metro Bank One Day Cup 7. Charlotte Edwards Cup 8. Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy 10. The Hundred **Details to Include:** For each match, include the following columns: - Date - Match Number - Teams (Example: Team A vs Team B) - Match Format (Example: T20, ODI, Test, League 100) - International or Domestic - UK Start Time - New Zealand Start Time - Stadium Name - City - Distance from Sidcup, UK (as per the provided Google Maps link) **Instructions:** 1. **Data Entry:** - Gather fixtures from reliable sources such as: - [ECB Official Site]() - [Cricbuzz Schedule](

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    I am Building AWX Server on AWS EC2 Here is the method I am using: So far, I have: I have already Created an EC2 instance for this server. Cloned the AWX Repo, I have completed all installations ...I am using: So far, I have: I have already Created an EC2 instance for this server. Cloned the AWX Repo, I have completed all installations required (installed Docker, Docker-Compose, I have used pipx to install the Ansible package) I need help with the rest of the instructions from that link. I am building this server in VS Code Ideal skills for the job include strong understanding of AWS, proficiency in AWX tasks and familiarity with Ubuntu server.

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    Merhaba bahis sitemizin dış finansıni saglicak ekip arkadaşları arıyoruz Daha önceden çalışmış ve hesap binanca vs çok iyi bilen arkadaslar

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    I am looking for someone that has listened to the Drake vs Kendrick Diss tracks many times. I need someone that is very active with the culture & knows almost everything thats going on in this beef. I need someone that has seen all the memes around the beef. And knows the history of the beef. I'm looking to put together some content around this beef. And I need someone that can guide me. 1. How old are you? 2. Where do you live? 3. Who do you think won the battle and why? 4. If I needed you to defend the loser, could you do so? 5. Tell me something interesting about this beef? 6. What social media platforms are you active on? 7. Did you auto generate this application you sent me, or did you type it out?

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    I'm in need of an analyst who...similarities between regional and national data The ideal candidate for this job should possess: - Strong proficiency in data analysis, particularly descriptive analysis - Proven experience with using Excel for data visualization - A keen eye for detail and accuracy in data interpretation - Ability to clearly present complex data findings in an easy-to-understand manner - Prior experience in regional vs national data comparison is a plus, but not mandatory The final deliverable should include: - Excel charts and graphs that accurately reflect the descriptive analysis results - A brief summary of the key findings derived from the visualizations Any type of visualization is fine as long as I can copy and paste. Bonus points if you take the time ...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can help me compile two separate GitHub projects that are written in C++, using the Visual Studio Community Edition for Windows. I will require that you provide me with written instructions on how to make the compiled projects work after you've successfully compiled them. Key Requirements: - Compilation of C++ projects using VS Community Edition - Preparation of clear, detailed instructions Additional Information: - I do not have the necessary dependencies, so you will need to ensure that all required libraries and frameworks are included in the compilation. Your task will be to: - Compile each project separately - Provide written instructions on how to use the compiled projects together Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proficient in C++ and Vis...

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    29 bud job title, company name, location, job description, requirements, etc. # Web Interface: A user-friendly web interface where users can enter the URL of the job listings page and initiate the scraping process. # Downloadable in .csv Format: The scraped job data should be downloadable in .csv format for easy analysis and storage. # Filtering Options: Ability to filter job listings based on old vs. new jobs for specific job verticals (e.g., technology, finance, healthcare) and support for Middle East/GCC countries. # Scalability: The scraper should be able to handle a large volume of job listings from multiple sources without performance issues. # Scheduled Scraping: Optional feature to schedule regular job scraping tasks to keep the data up-to-date. Ideal candidates for thi...

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    ...einer API anzufordern (z.B. ebenfalls von elevenlabs). Der gesprochene Text wird ebenfalls auf dem Monitor angezeigt. Außerdem sollte das System in der Lage sein, die Daten, die vom Avatar angezeigt und gesprochen werden, über eine API (Websocket z.B. zu unserem Backend) abzurufen. Außerdem müssen wir in der Lage sein, es für Linux zu kompilieren, z.B. über X11. Ich habe gelesen, dass dies in Godot möglich ist. Wir brauchen einen Fachmann, der uns bei dieser Aufgabe und dem gesamten Projekt unterstützen kann, indem er die Anwendung mit den von uns bereitgestellten 3D-Modellen erstellt. Optional: Außerdem sollte die Person in der Lage sein, die benötigten Animationen zu erstellen. Die Person sollte auch in der Lage se...

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    I'm looking for a professional to assist me with a new GST registration for my service-based business. Key Tasks: - Complete the GST registration process for a new business - Ensure all necessary information and documentation is correctly prepared - Advise on the best approach for state-wise or single state registrati...registration Ideal Freelancer: - Experience in GST registration for service-based businesses - Familiarity with the requirements for new GST registration - Ability to offer guidance on state-wise or single state registration Please provide details of your experience in the field of GST registration in your bid. Your understanding of the process and capacity to provide insightful advice on state-wise vs. single state registration will be key in my decision-...

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    Estoy buscando un programador para hacer un software en windows (igual es mejor opcion hacerlo version web) para apuestas personalizado. Seria un comparador de cuotas entre varias casas de apuestas ,betburger o oddstorm con la diferencia que aqui buscaria las mejores cuotas para hacer lo que se conoce apuestas seguras o surebets. Pongo un ejemplo. se enfent jack sinnerl vs Novak Djokovic. En una casa de apuestas esta rafa nadal a cuota 4 y en otra sale Djokovic a cutoa 1,50. Seria una surebet, ya que pase lo que pase habria beneficio. Para ello se necesita un software que escanee las diferentes cuotas de las casas de apuestas hasta encontrar 2 cuotas donde siemrpe haya beneficio. Es complejo de explicar por escrito. Un saludo

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    17 bud a video with many edits/cuts) If you rehearse it 2X and then record, it takes about 11 minutes. Total time to perform is approximately 35 minutes... So less than 1 hour Here is the google sheet that is a "conceptual guide". For each row, it tells you how many signs are needed for that row (See” count" column).... (many are done with LEFT and RIGHT hand). In some cases signs are moving vs static and it shows you the "States" of the specific sign. Again, this is a conceptual guide but the example video is what you want to use as a reference. More importantly, here is an example video: Use this as

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    I'm looking for an expert PowerPoint designer to create a 3 slide presentation focused on our business' performance. The objective of this presentation is sharing our Super Market's year-to-date and month-to-date performance with our CEO. Key areas to highlight: - Sales revenue performance Sales Growth, Loyalty share, Sales vs Target, Basket Size etc Note Be as creative / visual as possible while building the presentation Define KPI's and build the presentation around it Ideal skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in PowerPoint design - Professional career in data analysis or business metrics - Deep understanding of the supermarket or retail industry. Your role will be creating a visually-appealing, clear, and concise presentation that communicates ...

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    ... I'm looking for an AI specialist who can lead a series of online training sessions on Generative AI. The trainer should have expertise in the following areas: - Experience with Generative AI: Ideally, can provide examples of unique output generated by the AI under your supervision. - Training: GenAI overview, Advanced Transformers(Encoder only , Decoder only, Encoder and Decoder). Pre Training vs Fine Tuning – Benefits of PEFT, LoRA & QLoRA. Hands on exercises on Fine Tuning, LLMOps, Prompt Engineering, RAG - Learning Techniques: Familiarity with Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement learning techniques is preferred. This series of online sessions must be engaging and insightful, providing a comprehensive guide to Generative AI. If you can accommodate th...

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    make a Machine learning AI for Godot game 17000 INR for the 17th

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    Hello freelancers! I'm seeking an individual with a background in education and a polished eye for detail to review my paper. The paper focuses on the comparison of flipped classroom strategies versus traditional teaching methods. Specifically, you'll need to: * Review corrections suggested * Provide feedback on structure, flow and argument consistency * Ensure my paper is ready for publication in the domain of "Teaching Strategies" in Humanities and Social Sciences Perfect for those with: * Experience in academic writing and reviewing * Knowledge of teaching strategies, specifically flipped classroom and traditional methods * Excellent proofreading skills With your help, we can make this paper ready for prime time in the academic community. Looking forward to your...

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    Una tienda en linea donde se pueda buscar productos, añadir a un carrito y completar la orden. El usuario debe poder registrarse , visualizar sus ordenes y cambiar sus datos. Un usuario administrador podrá ver una pagina inicial con un resumen de ordenes y ventas(dashboard), mantener productos (agregar o modificar) y agrupar productos en series

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    I'm in need of an experienced animator who can create a 2D animated short film. The project will be a 20-25 minute long animation which is a crossover between Godzilla and Bambi, designed for an adult audience. Key requirements: - 2D Animation: The style of the animation should be 2D. - Crossover Concept: The short will intertwine the characters and worlds of Godzilla and Bambi in a way that is humorous and engaging for an adult audience. - Length: As an adult animated short, the project will run for approximately 20-25 minutes, so experience with long-form animation is a plus. - Creative Flair: I'm looking for someone with a good sense of storytelling, visual humor, and an ability to create a unique and captivating narrative. If you're an animator who loves to push creat...

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    Necesito crear un bloque de Wordpress (6.5.3 o superior, con Gutenberg) con la siguiente funcionalidad: Lo que busco es crear un efecto de "lupa" (ver imagen adjunta """) sobre una imagen. La zona de lupa imagen A en principio no es necesario que se muestre. 6. Cambiar los valores X e Y del lugar de aparición de la lupa respecto al cursor. Estoy pensando en el uso con el dedo en pantallas táctiles, donde el dedo taparía la lupa. Este efecto lo usaré varias veces con distintos contenidos. El código sería de mi propiedad. Quiero hacer otros tipos de efectos e incluso minijuegos (¿tal vez con Godot?) así que este sería un primer trabajo de varios, por eso busco un precio bajo para continua...

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    ...databases. - Market Data: Use TADAWUL to gather historical price data. - Beta Value: Retrieve the company's beta from Yahoo Finance. - Risk-Free Rate: Search for current risk-free rate data applicable to Saudi Arabia (usually government bond yields). 3. Analysis Tasks: - Capital Structure Analysis: - Explain the concept of capital structure. - Calculate the proportion of debt vs. equity in the company’s capital structure. - Calculate the cost of debt from financial reports. - Equity Required Rate of Return: - Apply the Dividend Growth Model (DGM) and the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to calculate the required rate of return on equity. - Describe each model and show detailed calculations. - Market Return Calculation: ...

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    To be made an image processing application or a native application for Oculus. More details will be provided to those interested.

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    Creating a library to control the TMC5160 using only the SPI bus. The library must be ESP32 compatible and will not use other similar existing libraries for other TMCs. It must include: - basic functions for motor setup and movement, positioning - advanced functions such as CoolStep, StallGuard...functions for motor setup and movement, positioning - advanced functions such as CoolStep, StallGuard2, SpreadCycle and StealthChop2 - sensorless operation to find home position (StallGuard2) - the library must not block additional ESP code during motor running and control (delay commands etc) and must support running of multiple motors simultaneously (using CS signal) - deploying the library in VS Code + PlatformIO The library functionality will be tested on a TMC5160 BOB + NEMA 8 (8HS...

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    LCA assessment of the Wheat straw bottle vs glass bottle , Plastic pump and Another product

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    I'm currently experiencing functionality issues with my Optisystem and need an expert to help me resolve it. Key Responsibilities: - i need to do ofdm code in matlab (tx and rx) And connect it with optisystem to make co-ofdm - and i need to get BER vs OSNR carve when change distance of optical fiber.

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    I am aiming to incorporate ...definitions. These definitions must be aligned to Parent Company's terminology. 2. Provide a diagram that explains the desired lifecycle of IT Asset Management and how Cybersecurity, ICT Operations, Data office and Business Unit fit into this flow via clear RACI. This must aligned to Parent Company's lifecycle descriptions. 3. Complete an excel based GAP analysis of desired Asset Management state vs current, based on Parent Company's expectations and standards. 4. Define a recommended plan for addressing these GAPS in a viable way. The ideal candidate for the project should: - Possess vast experience in IT asset management - Have intricate knowledge of Documentation Process and Workflow diagram - Have proven results in improving process...

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    Please support us to operate and create manual for Git, Github and Heroku. We need to create pipeline, push, pull, and revert to the previous in daily task. So please support us. Architecture Local (Git) with Windows 11, VS Code > Github(Enterprise) > App on Heroku Cloud (connected with Github)

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    I require a 10-page paper that focuses on comparing the transition to hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles with electric/battery-powered cars. This paper should thoroughly explore the environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and overall performance of these two types of vehicles. Key Areas to Cover: - Environmental Impact: The freelancer must analyze and present a detailed comparison of the environmental impact of hydrogen and electric vehicles. - Cost-Effectiveness: The paper should investigate the cost implications of transitioning to hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles in comparison to electric/battery-powered cars. - Performance Comparison: A crucial part of the paper will be to comprehensively compare the performance levels of these two types of vehicles, understand...

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