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    Hello, I am in need of a 5 long term writers. All articles will be required to pass Copyscape Premium and the articles should not have a single grammatical or punctuation error. Please note, that these articles will be checked by our editorial team, so make sure you submit only quality stuff. We only need writers, who are deadline driven, can maintain constant communication via IM, inter...

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    I have a 90 % complete website for one of my clients.? It was built? using Visual Studio 2005.? It is a database driven website (SQL 2005).? I need to enhance looks of this website. I need a good looking home page, background and Menu buttons etc for the website.? If I can get complete look and feel enhancement would be great.? I am expecting the individual to provide the design and ...

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    I need to take a list of Databases and Sync just the structure of those databases with a "master-database". The tables, fields and properties need to be match non-master databases. The Non-Master DB's may have extra tables they need to stay and be ignored. Example 1: ? if there is a table in the "Master-Database" but not in the "Non-Master-Database" the it...

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    I forgot how to create a database on Oracle 8i, and I need import a database. We need create a username anda password for a database, import the information and test that we can access the information ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as f...

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    I need someone with alot of experience in Magento to import new products from one database to an existing Magento site, the new products are in a Magento database but the format isn't the same. I need any errors to be fixed and the site to function correctly. You must be able to communicate about any problems or issues, please quote "mag-fix" when you apply so I know you read ...

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    This is a port of an existing Javascript based iPhone application. Needs to be ported to Objective-C. It is basically a data browser that pulls data out of a SQL lite database and then displays on the screen. The data in the database is currently HTML based so that formatting issues are solved with existing stylesheet. Data should exist in a SQLite database with ease of data replacement. No D...

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    Input = email with name, address, half dozen other fields, and a Yes/No field. Based upon the Yes/No field, we either do or do not do an XML query to a specific URL, specific username & password. The URL, username and password will be set by the Administrator for each installation. Query generates an XML based response back. This must kick off a series of 3 emails - text administered by A...

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    We are brand new resellers of construction based materials and need a simple website with a large rotating flash image. A few links such as Home - a details Contact US form, About us page, and links for the products we are representing. Each product may also have sub products. We also need to display videos for our clients to review the product and do review and comments. We also need a compl...

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    We need an application written in VB6 which will allow a user to add/edit/view customer records.? We can supply the Access 2003 database, as well as a Microsoft SQL server database. There are about 10 fields in the Custs table that should be able to be edited, or viewed by the user. One option is we will have the database files on the same machine as the application. ? A second opti...

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    I need a competent php developer to create a very simple web application I need an application to allow the end user to enter data into a MySQL db and also be able to edit amend previously entered data. The database structure is very simple - 2 tables (user details table and user data table). The app layout also needs to be simple - logon page, insert / amend data page and a confirmation /...

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    I need a high quality web template for a news/gossip site with a similar concept as [log ind for at se URL] and I will supply a sitemap and wireframe when the project begins. My requirements for the template is fairly standard (basically, what is included with templates on templatemonster): Main Page and Inner Page Templates -Layered PSD for each page template -An HTML file f...

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    We have a completed data base. To use the database that we have? as a template for the other sites like and duplicate for each of the sites and rename them according to the new sites name. All the files are placed inside the server for each of the sites. ? The database names are ready so all that has to be done is duplicate and make new. The technology used was PHP, HTML, and CSS a...

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    1. Isolate keywords for my market.? 2. Optimize the title using those keywords.? 3. Optimize your meta tags.? 4. Rewrite all headings and make sure they are properly used.? 5. Check all title and alt attributes.? 6. Make sure all of images are properly titled.? 7. Create a sitemap page.? 8. Optimize robots.txt.? 9. Install a Google-style sitemap.xml.? 10. Check keyword d...

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    Here's the deal We are looking for a social networking/marketing wizard with entrepreneurial spirit to help us grow our business. We are not necessarily looking for an employee, rather someone to compliment our existing structure and enabling us to spread out wings a little wider. Who we are A small, mixed disciplined graphic design consultancy based in central London. We've achieved h...

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    I have a database of name/surname + email on Excel. Almost 8000 lines. I need someone that take this database and make that each line of it ll be an email address in order to being ready to being sended by an email system or by a newsletter. Actually i cannot due to the problem that each line is a mix between email + name and surname.

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    We need a php script that will allow a user to upload all there contact information which will be written to a mysql database a account will be opened for that user. The user would then be prompted to create a new album on our site. The user would then be prompted to upload song names and mp3 files for that album. The mp3 files would be uploaded to two places. The first location would be a on our ...

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    Hi I am looking for a online database where our company sales people can add different services and print out the contract/estimate and have the customer sign the printed copy. once the customer agree (means sign the contract/estimate) to the price , sales person will mark that estimate online as sold. then estimate will show up in the owner/manager login page, where he can select the estimate and...

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    Looking for email addresses and phone numbers for all licensed chiropractors in United States. Will also consider including Australia and Canada if easily attainable.

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    I need to have a scheduled process that will synchronize my products info and stock , maintained in Microsoft Access in ftp folder in the website domain , with my Mysql database in our website. The database contains the product info and stock for in oscommerce. My Mysql database is in the website server. 1. Synchronize all new registrants and their registries between Access and Mysql 2. Synchro...

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    I need a couple of Access Database forms and some Reports built. It needs to be added to an existing application written in Access, and the back end is SQL Server. The software is the back end for an internet business. It downloads orders from the web, and allows us to process the orders. At the end of each day, we update the status of each order, some of the statuses = "Order Backorder...

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    I want a php page to written, so it will install or load the Oracle .sql file into a specified oracle database. so, in short, i open a .php in my browser, specify the oracle connection details and it will empty all the records, then installs / load the .sql file which was previously specified. i need this done in the next 2-4hrs, also need to be available online on Aug 10th, 1pm-2pm so if i get an...

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    I want a php page to written, so it will install or load the Oracle .sql file into a specified oracle database. so, in short, i open a .php in my browser, specify the oracle connection details and it will empty all the records, then installs / load the .sql file which was previously specified. i need this done in the next 2-4hrs, also need to be available online on Aug 10th, 1pm-2pm so if i get an...

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    I need? a program in any dynamic web developing platform (PHP, Java, etc.) which can handle information stored in a database (mysql). It has to be able to add, delete,? retrieve and show? the data stored. The information? of the database will be stored and retrieved locally first and remotely in a future stage.

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    We're using Filemaker 9.0 and our server is UNIX with PHP/MySql. I need a method/script to accomplish the following: 1. Export / Import information between my computer and the server database. i can export/import in comma or tab separated format. 2. We wish to offer book sales tracking for authors, so my Filemaker database will have author name, ISBN, quarterly and YTD sales, returns. S...

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    A few relatively easy applications in J2ME, they are all copies of IPhone tricks that need to be done in regular handsets (the list we provided you): 1) IPhone drink prank - Beer: [log ind for at se URL] 2) IPhone drink prank - Milk: [log ind for at se URL] 3) IPhone drink prank - Blood: [log ind for at se URL] 4) IPhone popcorn prank: [log ind for at se URL] 5) Small change application ...

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    Hi All, I need someone who can quickly create a very basic Android application. Given below is a very basic list of the features that we need in the application. 1. Database driven. App contains a list of elements to be stored in the application and displayed one at a time. 2. Share the content with friends through mail. 3. Post the information to Social networking applications, incl...

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    We are looking for an experienced and passionate programming person or team, that loves ASP .NET web development, MVC, understands test driven development, creates interfaces and loves online projects. Desktop development is a plus. English speaking is a must. Required technologies: Unit Testing (like nUnit, MOCK), C#, LINQ, JQuery, MVC 1.0, AJAX

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    (No URLs are typed in this bid request.? They are located in the image below) I paid for and installed a dynamic (php) sitemap script a long time ago for my site (URL #1 Below). The site script is setup which creates a new sitemap with all the site's URLs. The script automatically generates a new sitemap when you go to the specific sitemap URL's (Sitemap URLs Below). In the script s...

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    I want a restaurant website in Joomla with 5-8 pages and the ability to send periodic email alerts to customers(not more than 100).i would also like to get the quote for enhancements such as when the database would include 1000 or 10000 customers.

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    corporate site Udløbet left

    Since my first provider for this project decided not to do my site i'm posting it again as a new project, all details are the same as the one i posted before Running on linux server. Desing is necesary for this web page. (Have logo, will be sent via e-mail) . We are looking for easy and clean design. The page is for a small buissnes compandy dealing in computers (set up, maintenence, net...

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    I have a Progression database which is a backend accounting system for a manufacturing company. The progression program utilizes Pervassive 7.5 database. I would like a win form program built in vb6, or c# that will take a small csv file and import it into the shippers table of the pervassive database. This is a pretty old application - looks like it was built in 2000. I believe it utilizes...

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    I'm launching a new web site and need to get to the top of SEO in google and with google adwords The site close to launch and still have time to improve the SEO optimisation of key words on the site. We also need ongoing marketing and creative suggestions to take us and keep us on the top of the relevant rankings for different search engines. Plus you will need to: - Research and ...

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    I have a gemstone/jewelry-related website(PR4) and most keywords have good places in search engines. I need 100 links for this website. If everything turns out well, then I will surely consider for other websites of mine. Only links from directly relevant sites related to the target sites topic will be accepted. - All links must be permanent one-way links. - All links must be permanent one wa...

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    I'm looking for a developer to build a very small content management system which does the following: - For the front page it should search the Twitter API and display the results on the site. The results should be cached and new results should be displayed in real time without the need of a refresh via ajax. I prefer Jquery. The top feed is simply the latest tweets from a single accoun...

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    We have two installations of a software called WHMCS. We need to merge these 2 installations into one, this is, move all customers, invoices, services, etc. to one of the installations. We need this as we have statistics for signups, due payments, etc. that we do not want to lose. This has to be done all in the database. Software can be downloaded from the site so you can run some tests befor...

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    (No URLs are typed in this bid request. They are located in the this image; [log ind for at se URL]) I paid for and installed a dynamic (php) sitemap script a long time ago for my site (URL #1 Below). The site script is setup which creates a new sitemap with all the site's URLs. The script automatically generates a new sitemap when you go to the specific sitemap URL's (Sitemap URLs...

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    I need a torrent search script with these features: 1) Searching in top major torrent search websites as Bittorrent,Mininova and some otghers that i want you to introduce them to me and we discuss about them. 2) Continiously Crawles about 5 websites for their keywords. and generates search link for them and adds them to recent searches. 3) Admin can add unlimited keywords for making searc...

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    We are looking to develop an Cocoa-based Video Player. The application with be database driven with a graphical front end. The app will need to pull? videos, pictures, and metadata from a local folder, display them in a variety of views and play them both inline and in a player.

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    Our website needs a redesign, www(dot)sasa(dot)ws.? ? I´d like to change this into a wordpress blog that doesn´t look too much like a blog but would allow us to keep the main general content and structure, but make it more updated looking and seo optimized. I like the sound of Atalupa as a theme but it is not a must if you have a better idea. We'll be writing articles, dist...

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    If you’re interested in this project, please read the whole description before bidding, and please do not respond with copy/pasted comments. I need a Wordpress/ Photoshop design expert to clone and slightly modify the theme at [log ind for at se URL] Features required... 1. The colours, style, fonts, sizes, layout etc to be identical to [log ind for at se URL] 2. Header graphic...

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    We are a debt managemnt company based in London UK. We have a cleint database currently in Access format that we wish to allow clients to access there files and attachments. Also for the database to be accessed by the varoius workers / solicitors and legal execs to work on the client files. All data is inputted at our london office via scanner or simply input cleark....inwardbound corraspond...

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    <[log ind for at se URL]>? ? This is my website purchased through? [log ind for at se URL] ? I have purchased MRR rights on this and recently bought and add on? [Healthcare Addon - Job Search Engine - MRR][1]? from the same company This is exclusively for the [log ind for at se URL] website. What I need is: * Proper addition of the "healthcare addon"? to the...

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    I need the links for a Gardening/Home decoration website, I will need to review the websites where my links will be placed, before we'll start the postings. And we need the links to match these guidelines! What you can expect from me: I will provide a list of keywords with associated links. What I expect from you: A spreadsheet with the following to be provided before ...

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    ok here is what I need to do. Everytime I make a? Clickbank sale. I need the sale data to go to my access database.? Access database is located on my server. Let me know how I can do this. I guess this project will take a little bit knowledge of clickbank. Code in VB6 if possible, but you recommend what I need.

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    I need a website with a mysql database for backend to book appointments for my students training. There will be 3-5 types of appointment types (driving, backing, test etc...), some types of appointments can have more then one student booked at the same time, some not (a maximum amount of people per appointment type will need to be changeable). Length of appointments must be editable (30 mins, 45 m...

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    I have a flash game a designer did for me [log ind for at se URL] I would like to make the following adds and changes for it: 1. Create a high score screen (with a database) at the end of the game. 2. 2 ending screens - a. for whoever collects more then 60 points. b. for whoever collects less then 60 points. 3. Create a preloader for the game 4. Create a stopper click on the corner of the ...

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    We have a corporate site that is a mix of static HTML and CF Dynamic pages. We'd like to update the site to reflect the latest UI design best practices and allow for easier content management. Some pages are data driven from custom CF and a SQL server DB. Others are static HTML. The new site will be Wordpress driven for it's SEO and CMS capabilities. Site Information architecture is al...

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