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    Need a search engine to get info from the database. The database has the fields of ID1, GarageName, Address, Town, PostCode, TelNo. When this info has been retrieved from the database i need it to be displayed on a seperate page. Need the search engine to be simple so i can understand it. This has to be done in frontpage using ASP. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working progra...

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    A PHP database Udløbet left

    A PHP database I am setting up a web edition of an old dictionary, where each definition in the dictionary is in a small image "cut away" from the scanned page. It's an archive of images, with each image associated to a single keyword. The user will be able to search in the keywords and see the associated image. I want to avoid complete spidering of all the archive, so: 1) image nam...

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    Hayman Daugherty Associates, Inc. is a nationwide physician search firm. We have designed a prototype of a database website that will function as both a working intranet for recruiters in our office as well as an internet site accessible from the internet. The prototype explains the function of the site in full. If you have further questions we are available to answer questions.

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    I need a simple database for a client. They are a small church and want a database to track attendance with their study groups. They need to be able to create groups, and each group would have the student name, his attendance, and comments (weekly). The db would then give totals of each student over different periods, for example each month. They also need different levels of passwords, one for th...

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    Access Database Option(s) Fix. This Database is 99% completed, just a few problems with some of the options that present, and some that don't need to be here. 1) Must be a USA Citizen - due to confidential information. (Sorry guys - but that was the request - to protect the database). 2) Must be very flexible - to complete the Job within the next 6 days or so. 3) Must understand Access/VB pro...

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    Database Design Udløbet left

    I need a report to management containing: • an overview of the system. • details of the physical design of the database. • the design standards that your team has developed. • the documentation that you produced for each design item. • a list of the tasks assigned to each client of the team. Make sure that the persons responsible for producing and reviewing each design are...

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    Research into one of the most timely areas of client/server computing- Web/Database Integration. You must select a Three-tier or Multitier Web-integrated database system to analyze and describe in detail. The system may be based on COTS products (e.g., Macromedia Cold Fusion), custom programming (e.g., CGIs, Java, Active Server Pages), application-based APIs (e.g., NSAPI, ISAPI), or current develo...

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    Access Database 2 Udløbet left

    Simple Access Database project. Please find the detailed instructions at: [log ind for at se URL] There is also a set up file called "Initial setup file for DB2" at: [log ind for at se URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in r...

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    The file that is corrupted is too big to upload here. Goto [log ind for at se URL] to download the file. Then unzip it. The problem is I am unable to use it now. It say it is not a recognizable format. I do not know what to do. I need it repaired so it can be used in my applications. I know the data is not gone because I see the information within the binary file. ## Deliverables The database f...

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    You must write a script that enters an "AWD code" and a combination of "Rate Code" and when applicable, "Coupon number" against the [log ind for at se URL] web site and returns the best rate for a car rental. Example, you log onto the site and rent a car from one location to another - using three letter airport codes, like IAD to LAX or for same station rentals, lik...

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    I need to create an access database for school within 4 days. It will be for a mail list. PLEASE NOT TOO TECHNICAL CODING-only use microsoft access, microsft word and vb or vba. I need a switchboard and data entry pages. The fields I need are first name, last name, Title, Business name, Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone, Email, and a text box for notes. I need navigation buttons to add/delete/p...

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    I need a database for a Web site. The database will allow me to fill-in the fields of the database and have the database populate a template with text and images. The idea is that I will add people to the database and only have to add content to the database instead of manually with HTML. An example of this - it's not a good example but it's the only one I have - an example is chicagoact...

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    Web entry database Udløbet left

    General- We acquire name, address and date information (from local authorities) of people who have been involved in auto accidents. We want to market to these people using a series of three consecutive letters, then monthly mailings. (This is a new project for us) Presently, we have an off-site employee who goes to the police station and hand writes this information on paper. Manually tracking who...

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    Membership Database Udløbet left

    Coder will create a membership database that links to a ChatBlazer chat system ([log ind for at se URL]) for a co-operative storytelling game. The system needs to be able to allow users to: -Create accounts -Modify certain sections of their account -View certain sections of another users account with proper password -change password -delete own account -have lost password emailed to email on file ...

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    I have a program called ZP4 Batch that is written in Delphi. The program currently supports DBASEIII/IV file formats as well as Comma Delimited text and fixed field text. I need ZP4 Batch to support the ARCLIST file format, which is very similar to DBASEIII, but with a longer file header. ZP4 Batch is a tool that CASS corrects and certifies mailing addresses. Arclist is a DOS presort tool that doe...

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    I have a master/detail relationship on customers form. The users adds a new customer. There is a datagrid on the form for the detail record. The user then clicks on a button which opens orders form.. which adds an order or ticket to this detail record. This record will show on the grid on the customers form. When the user saves the detail record on the orders form, it does not update the datagrid ...

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    I have a network of IP based Security cameras and IP based Digital Video Recorder that I want to monitor over an intranet or internet. The equipment we are using currently has software and we wish to tie into it and expand it's capabilities. We can provide you with this software. We have permission to modify for our application. The software uses IE5 as a browser and we want the ability to lo...

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    I am trying to build a large database of Cheat Codes and Strategy guides for a new site I'd like to build. I already have a staff of people willing to submit the codes and all so all I really need is the following: 1) A database to handle the codes. Will include fields for the codes, the Game Title, the console it is in, and perhaps links to any online strategy guides or what have you that m...

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    Dear All, I need a project to done very quickly. The applicants should focus this project only in next 2-3 weeks. This is Database Software. Shorlty: - Customer Database - Product Database - Customer Mailing /with filters - Customer e-Mailing - Customer Filters (by city, area etc) - Customer-Product Database Connection - 2D/3D Reports which calculated by Customer-Product Database Connection - User...

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    Database Maintenance Program must be written in Visual Basic 6. The program will provide a password protected, editable form that will allow database administrator to set preferred maintenance time and duration (one week would be the default). The system will then need to perform maintenance according to set times. It will also need to verify that there are no users currently logged on. If there i...

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    This is a project to create a program that examines a proprietary database and displays various summaries about the contents. The programmer must work in Microsoft C# and Visual Studio. We will supply complete documentation for our API as well as the databases for testing. We estimate the job should take no more than 8 hours. Only apply if your rating is above 8.5 and you have done at least 4 jobs...

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    For my university project (using html PHP MySql, javascript and IIS ) which i don't have the time to complete myself, I require: a dynamic website/web database to be created for me. Now this website is basically an online store (selling only about a dozen items) it needs to have the usual store features: -online ordering ( with email confirmation of the order placed and a shopping cart) -a me...

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    ***This is not a coldfusion job, i had to pick at least one item.*** What i need is: A basic database implemented in Oracle9i PL/SQL for a college to keep track of evening courses, student and teachers, Should be easy money for someone that knows what their doing. Check the attached file for extra details. Thanks

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    Web Database Udløbet left

    I would like to manage a database consisting of subscribers and sales reps. Once a person becomes a subscriber and enters into the subscriber area they may desire to seek support. When they hit a support button, the name address, phone number, and email address of the closest Sales rep, within the same state, automatically pops up. I will also need a form in my sales rep area for new reps to setup...

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    Classifieds or Personals type software where all database fields can be changed or edited. (Name type etc.) Categories can have different fields specific to each. Multiple ways of searching or and sorting records. Other features include: user account area, favorites area for user, fields can be hidden or displayed, internal email, Payment processing for ads, who's online Along with standard f...

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    Job Database Udløbet left

    I need a Job Database for an existing web site. The job database should include: **User Interface** 1. Search jobs by Category 2. Post Resume (upload) 3. Contact Form **Admin Interface** 1. Add job positions by category 2. Create new category 3. View resume I will accept existing apps with source code and rights. For existing applications send screenshot. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fu...

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    I'd like a small application for our company to track jobs that we are bidding. I'm enclosing some sample screens which should give you an idea about what I'm looking for. This is not a web application, but the interface will be a browser/html. I'm not sure what the best choice of database is, but I am looking for an application that is not a huge memory hog. ## Deliverables ...

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    Hi I am looking for a solution ,where the scenario is something like this;I have few images( .gif format)stored on the server HD but its path is written on to a database,(for example /images/[log ind for at se URL], /images/[log ind for at se URL], etc) so if the user selects the Date range( say from March to April) then the page displays the images of that particular [log ind for at se URL] part ...

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    I have a paid email site with a simple database. It works in cgi. I would like to modify it to a mysql database and add a two scripts one to handle bouncing email (i have a couple that will need modification) and another to make people select their interest to receiving email just for the selected arguments. Thanks, Rick Thanks

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    Bulk of work is done. Database in MS Access is basically completed. Need help proofing (making changes if necessary) to finalize ERD's, normalization, verification of relationships; suggestions on removal of field in database if necessary. Need two reports created in MS Access based on fields in existing Access database. 1 Report will need to calculate payroll and other will calculate sales. ...

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    Hi, I am based in the Leicestershire area of the Midlands in the UK. I have a website up and running which I am looking to expand. My aim is to set up a postcode system whereby leads visiting the site enter their postcode to be redirected to the relevant page of the site (or they could just as well click on sections of a map to identify themselves). As well as the database system I would need to a...

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    This project will take car data that is already built in a text database and configure into simple HTML for web output. This should be done through a backend system where the data is queried to make the HTML. The HTML must be simple as it must be readible by a version 3.0 browser. Please look at the attached files. The text database and a set of completed HTML files are included. This should be st...

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    I am looking for a database solution to assist in tracking individuals who attend a direct service education program. Currently, we have offices in three different locations in rural Northern Maine approx. 120 miles apart. Each week “attendance sheets?? are submitted by educators detailing the students who attend, what fee they paid for the class, whether their homework was completed, and ot...

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    A) Record all phone calls to a Access2000 database. Our serial device delivers diffrent data formats, most used is A12345678#R, starting with A ending with R Write a log in tabel, If data do not exist in tabels mark it for later lookup via internet (sampel is provided) B) Update tabels with data found on internet. C) Data should be stored on the local Access workstation and once a day transffered ...

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    Small and pretty simple Access database to run from Local system to track Clients/Addresses etc against machines which have been sold to them. These machines have service dates etc which need to be displayed when getting near to time .... eg a query could be run to display which machines are due to be serviced from an entered start date to an entered end date and the results will pull up a list of...

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    Project deliverables in 2 forms 1) toolbar with simple word search functions. See for the functions : [log ind for at se URL] we would like a system that is at least this simple. 2) searchable database ( toolbar connected to the database) The search function searches our database. I’d be interested in your suggestions as well. This project should be easy if you've done similiar projects...

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    3 Crystal Reports are needed - all read from a Pervasive Database. This Database is the back-end data for Timberline Software, a construction industry estimating/bidding package. ODBC drivers, the prototype of the database with populated demo data, and a demo (fully functional) copy of the software will be provide if neccessary. If these are needed, coder must provide an FTP site to upload these v...

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    We are a PR agency. We have a database containing contact details of the trade press in Italy. This is all in one table (Riviste Tecniche), with fields like Industry Sector (Settore), publisher, etc. We would like to use this database also for tracking press clipping results. For this we have the following tables: - Clienti (agency clients we work with) - Comunicati (Press releases) - Distribuzion...

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    Hayman Daugherty Associates, Inc. is a nationwide physician search firm. We have designed a prototype of a database website that will function as both a working intranet for recruiters in our office as well as an internet site accessible from the internet. The prototype explains the function of the site in full. If you have further questions we are available to answer questions. ## Deliverables ...

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    Elance Website *A project gets added by a registered project user ??" for example an ‘ASP elance project’ ??" he gets an e-mail confirming his order. Basically, I set an amount for the service $49 to do ‘ASP elance project’. *A registered bidder comes in and bids on that project for $3 to do the project for $49, agrees to do it for that much ??" gets an e-mai...

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    free standing application enabling user to insert custom data fields and source from pre-populated text base to create customized text documents from 3 to 6 pre-populated text templates. Dynamic updating capability to text base may also be required. User option to convert finished text documents to HTML format. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable fo...

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    I am contemplating a plug in for Microsoft Word which would facilitate the movement of paragraphs from Word into a database, and from the database to Word. Two basic components: 1. Movement of paragraphs from Word into the database. Here I would be able to highlight the text I wanted to move into the database, and then select "add paragraph" from a pull down menu in Word. This would pop ...

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    I need a database set up that will run in Access 97 for a small advertising company that rents ads on bus-stop benches. Here's what I envision: I need a screen where I input my company's information 1. Company Name 2. Company Address 3. City State Zip 4. Phone I need to input data about each bench. 1. Bench Number 2. Bench Location 3. Date Placed in Service 4. A radio button or check box...

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    UK ONLY – preferably based near Surrey. Developers OR Company needed to work with ambitious online betting game company based in Surrey. Experience in securing game/application engines and admin systems and databases. Experience of setting-up server systems that maintain performance levels under high loads of traffic. Experience of coding extremely robust engines to control multiple and simu...

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    Database Driver Udløbet left

    This is actually a coder-to-coder project, if you will. What I need is a driver or library that will allow connection with a dBase format database file (.DBF) using ADO. For example, in Visual Basic the call might look like: dim conn as [log ind for at se URL] conn.ConnectionString="Provider=ThisProject;Database=file.dbf....." dim rs as new [log ind for at se URL] rs.ActiveConnection=con...

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    Database Completion Udløbet left

    I need to add a new feature to an existing access database. I need to add a feature that would enable a user to enter a customer name or customer number and retrieve a report of the rates each customer pays for a certain type of equipment rental. I also need a feature where a user can enter/change the rates and add new customers. I also need someone to modify some of the quieries and reports for t...

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    Database Triggers Udløbet left

    This project is bout creating some database triggers with SQL scripts..There is very tiny lil 3 problems on it..which i have to get done as soon as arround in 5-6 [log ind for at se URL] database triggers should work Under Oracle 8i or 9i with sqlplus. ## Deliverables a) Implement and test a statement trigger that verifies a consistency constraint: “A truck cannot be used f...

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    database Udløbet left

    relational database n-tied applications,transactional components ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work ...

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    Need to develop real estate listing (database inquiry) section to a Front Page managed website. - Query Page (area, property type, price range), there will also be a graphical interface linked to the query page (if they click on a section of the map, it will automatically pull up that default on the 'area' portion of the query. - Primary Results Page (all listing matching query) - Second...

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    THE CARD MUST BE PROGRAMMED TO MAKE REMOTE RNTRY SUCH AS TIME, IN A DATABASE FIELD IS THIS ACHIEVABLE? CAN ANY ONE DO THIS, PRICE CAN BE NEIGOITABLE ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ## Platform JAVA, WIINDOWS, UNIX, ALSO IF REQUIRED BY THE CODER IT MAY NEED TO RUN FROM A AN ACTUAL JAVA SM...

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