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    This is a program for use in conjunction with KaZaA media desktop and KaZaA Lite. It is a download accelerator, banner/ad blocker. ## Deliverables This program will continuously try to 'find more sources' for your download list. When you right-click on an item in the traffic/download screen of KaZaA, you can 'search for more sources'. KaZaA will then search for more users fr...

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    Write a C/C++ program that will enable a user to enter two rational numbers and an operator. The program is designed to handle four operators: + , - , * and / ( plus, minus, multiplication and division). You must design the interface that is easy to use and has some error checks. The results should be displayed in such a manner that the original input and the computed output are easily readable. T...

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    You should be skilled in XL as well as in Delphi as we could go on programming XL then. I need a delphi dll (no COM), that handles several datatypes. Example functions (I just want to check, how stable the procedures work and how fast in comparison with vba). So I need the calling routines in VBA as well (XL97, this might work even if programmed under XL200, lets see): TestString(InputSting1, Inpu...

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    Question-1: (10 points) In the three-schema architecture, what are the mappings between External Schema and Conceptual Schema? Illustrate such mappings using an example in Relational Database Schema. Question2: (20 points) Relational View: Explain whether the following two statements are true or not: (1) With Relational View, it is more easy to specify queries; (2) With Relational View, it is more...

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    This is a shooting range. You are to design a shooting range where you are going to display a target on the background on the pc screen (i.e. a target in the shape of a person). You are also to design the aim which is the difficult part. This aim can be in the form of an X inside a circle like ® but an x instead, and is going to shoot at the target and make a change to the target as if it had ...

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    The original installer either contains a virus or envokes virus-like activity so it will not be included. The files included have been scanned with Norton 2003 with the latest virus definitions. -Make my Logo work with in the "about screen" -Change the copyright from RDJ Wholesale to RDJ Dalton -When creating a new invoice for the first time have a screen asking "Start at Invoice Nu...

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    After decimalization, an integer number DmDm-1…D1 with base Basen equals Dm * Basen m-1 + Dm-1 * Basen m-2 +… + D1* Basen 0 where DmDm-1…D1 are numbers from 0 to Basen -1. A number with base 10 is called a decimal number. A number with base 16 is called a hexadecimal number, where we use A for 10, B for 11, …, F for 15. For example, 3241 base 10 is 3 * 103 + 2 * 102 + 4...

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    Just Answer The Following Questions: 1- Define Armstrong 's Axioms, and explain the statment that "they are a sound and complete set of rules for FD inferences." 2- What is the dependency closure F+ of a set of F of FDs? What is the attriubte colsure X+ of a set of attriubtues X with respect to a set of FDs F? 3- Consider the relation R and its functional dependencies d1, d2, d3, an...

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    Hello, I have a file: 00 01 05 D1 D8 (... 256 values) And a var Charcode array [0 ... 255] of Char; I dont know how to convert the file into the array. Please make a D6 project with a button to load such a file and convert the entries into the array of char. So each element will be an ANSI character. Maybe you can tell me some sentences of the basics for this issue, so that i dont loose much more ...

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    Looking for a cool 3d interface for game interface - with a cool metallic space age looking design - see details below - no specific colours, just something that looks very cool. I'll leave that up to you. Must be able to deliver with 48 hours of accepting the bid. Must have experience in changing variable in action script and submitting forms. Must be able to make any last minute changes if ...

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    I have two hardware devices from which I need to obtain data and perform operations (integration, multiplication type stuff). The interaction with the two devices is invariant, but depending on user settings, the calculations differ slightly. One device (D1) is connected to a PC via a serial port (RS232). It transmits two values (in one string that must then be "converted" to two numbers...

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    In this programming assignment, we shall use threads and channels to simulate a merging network. You learned in a data structures class that merging two sorted n-element arrays requires 2n comparisons. Is there a simple and fast machine that can do merging in a parallel way? The answer is "yes" and its design was studied by K. E. Batcher in his 1968 seminal paper: K. E. Batcher, Sorting ...

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    When I add the for if part of this javascript code the original code does not function. It is a dhtml slider form input. I wish to have multiple slider inputs so I put this for if code in to reduce the code size. When I put it in the slider button disappears. I tried many variations of the if line. I thought at first to put in the +i+ part of the string but when I realized the problem better I dec...

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