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    1,897 custom post type add taxonomy jobs fundet, i prisklassen EUR categories and products tables, the taxonomy eBay API gives the categories and subcategories to the 4th depth level. I want get the data and organize it as brands and themes size's etc..... more about the rest of the project we can discuss it in privet. [login to view URL]

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    I have a Python script that I use to cache products from Ebay I use until now with the trade API, but ebay has now Taxonomy API that has more functions to get all tree of category to the products and its attributes can be combined with other API's. I want to implement this API to automate the caching and get the tree as in ebay store it in Woocommerce

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    need some changes on my wordpress site, need to shown up some custom fields and add a sidebar. Only true offers - no fake ....tell me your budget price

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    ...quality of reading is essential. -Determine appropriate titles/headings -Determine how the content should be presented, what appears in menus/links and on certain pages (taxonomy etc). Determine what should be a heading, bolded, highlighted, and what should have an icon or graphic associated with it -Above point relates to the "wire frame" of the

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    I am a professor in University of Mumbai. I would like to use my knowledge and spread it throughout my 1000+ studen...professor in University of Mumbai. I would like to use my knowledge and spread it throughout my 1000+ students by writing a book in my subject. I specialize in Botany - Plant Taxonomy and need help in publishing my book by June 2018

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    hello there, we have a custom search that works based on taxonomies. if you select options just from one taxonomy is working fine. if you 2 or more taxonomies, we always get 0 results. we are using this theme: [login to view URL] on the default search, we added more taxonomies. any help is appreciated. thank you in advance.

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    ...format) · Ability for Platform Admins to Create New Repositories and Assign to specific group · Ability of Admins to create Content Type and allow Users to create Content of specific type through web interface · Ability for Content Aggregation · Secure APIs for all content read, write and query functions · ...

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    I have a custom taxonomy archive created and I need to adjust the sort order on this page. If any of the entries on this page are in the "Featured" term of this same taxonomy, then they need to display first in the list. All posts that are not in the "Featured" term will need to follow below in alphabetical order.

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    ...(documents, data) to support retrieval and usability Main components are: a) Site Hierarchy - how many sites (projects)b) b) Navigation & Search (views, groups, filter) c) Taxonomy - classification of documents into groups/ categories (meta data) 3. New SharePoint site Create a new SharePoint development site separate from the existing site; this

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    We have a Wordpress page which lists custom post types in a table. We want to add a filter to this table similar to the three dropdowns on this site: [login to view URL] The user will select an option from one of the dropdowns and the table would automatically (javascript, no page refresh) filter out

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    This is a quick project. The custom post type has been completed and it has taxonomy (Topics). We want the blog (custom post type ) to be sorted by the taxonomy (Topics) in taxonomy-topics.php. You only need to work in a single file ([login to view URL]) as everything has been created and it is only the taxonomy that needs fixi...

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    31 bud is possible too. _________________________ Skills And Qualifications -------------------------------------------- - Natural language processing - Ontology / taxonomy generation from - Knowledge management - Knowledge representation - Classification - Similarity matching to e.g. discard duplicate content - Content-based filtering

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    This is more of a coding, plugin post-development/ alteration type of project. Please ... experienced wordpress developer only. only apply if you have experience with: - Wordprses membership-type website - Custom Post-Types - Front end search filter page setup for specifc post-type (ajax, multple values) - Plugin alteration - PHP skills

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    The FreelanceEngine Theme is an online market where freelancer can meet employers. Employers can post jobs and freelancers can bid on those projects. Employers can search for freelancers to hire and freelancers can search for jobs. There are 2 type of account: freelancer and employer. Each account have some taxonomies, which can be used in the profiles

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    ...wordpress search capabilities. More information at [login to view URL] In addition to the default generic wordpress search feature, this plugin allows to have multiple custom post types and taxonomy based search engines so user can search on topics filtered search results. - I have 4 different sections on [login to view URL] (deals, news, tips and resources), so

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    Create an app to aggregate customer data sources as follows; Basic user profile Bank account transac...profile Bank account transactions GPS location including establishment visited and time Existing libraries of music / videos from Apple / Amazon To overlay a data taxonomy to characterise the data received. Start with mobile app only

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    Can you help us? We need build plugin for maya [login to view URL] Thanks, Richard

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    The data you will use is a list of taxonomy information provided by The Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR) specifically the species found in North America ([login to view URL]). This data has been simplified and formatted as a .dat file. The

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    I'm pulling my hair creating a taxonomy archive page. I need to display taxonomy / category. I'll pay for instant help.

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    ...academic paper should contain: - Abstract - Introduction - Methods - Litterature review - Managerial implications - Discussion - Conclusion Goal Descriptions: (Solo taxonomy) - Select, analyze and structure a problem that is relevant for the competence profile. - Account for the relevance of the problem and identify research questions. -

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    ...trying to get some help from CS-Cart support with but they don't seem to understand the questions! I am trying to do bulk updates on Noshpod products using datafeeds, mainly to add information required for Google Shopping but we have had some problems! Products have not had the relevant data entered manually on creation, therefore we need to update them

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    Hi, we have a coupon site, coupon is a custom post type, a store(a taxonomy type) is a collection of coupons for the same store. I would like you to write a plugin to do this: 1. In the edit store page, adding 3 events (each event has 4 fields: start date, end date, event name, event description). 2. Event default value come from the latest

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    I need a Custom Wordpress plugin for Chained Drop Down Taxonomy Search. I have uploaded data through Wp all import. it has 4 taxonomies State, District, City, pincode. I want to create a parent child relationship between these taxonomies. when a user selects state it should populate district of the particular state. like state>district>city>pincode

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    ...following: - Creating a new taxonomy. - Allowing users to sign-up from the front-end. - Creating a front-end form for users to create posts inside this taxonomy with custom fields (using ACF Plugin). - Layout of the taxonomy output page with the custom fields. The form would include the following fields and custom fields would be: - Name

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    ...want. A. Type B. Location C. Description D. Price E. ... F .... Useful information that i got from the developer that created the Wordpress Theme: "Every property is represented as post [login to view URL] with custom post type estate ([login to view URL]).

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    I ...[login to view URL] In addition the generated URL uses the Taxonomy ID instead of the Term Name which should be switched. This module is installed [login to view URL] but is not really working. If Product/make taxonomy keywords are used these URLs should be used. Timeframe max 1 week.

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    ...$count != count( $terms ) ) { $termString .= ', '; } $count ++; } } } </code> As you can see, it only queries 1 taxonomy 'books-category' I need to amend this snippet, so it queries 2 taxonomies, 'books-category' and 'magazines-category' . This could be wp_query or if other solu...

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    ...the wp_content portion of my website. During the time of making this website we didn't really think very far ahead into the future so storing them in their own meta box, or taxonomy wasn't really on our minds. I'm needing someone to create some Javascript code which will allow me to completely replace the text after a certain portion with a link to

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    I want to create this site structure: [login to view URL] but in wordpress. Each "project"...images and a video. Each project has tags, each image has tags. You can search the whole site by single image tags or project tags. Allow for each image and project to have custom taxonomy. Please contact me to discuss before we finalise.

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    Create related posts from custom taxonomy post type and place it in a specific page.

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    38 bud multi language variation sites, taxonomy, design packages and building B2B sites • Practical experience with the following languages/applications/frameworks is required : PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, XML, Web-Services • Knowledge of the Drupal backend and Core. Ability to create custom modules • Good understanding of Drupal

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    ...Business Directory has 3,600 native categories Eg Butcher, Baker, Plumber etc. We wish to load these to a directory platform that has an existing Category and Sub Category taxonomy defined within it. The task is to manually go through each of the 3,600 categories and assign the appropriate primary Category and Sub Category from the drop down list.

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    ...completed. Buying Integration Guide [login to view URL] The eBay Buy APIs (Marketing, Feed, Browse, and Order), along with the Commerce Taxonomy API, provide the capabilities you need to create an off-eBay shopping experience that lets your users find and buy items listed on eBay. These are RESTful APIs that use OAuth

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    ...solution for a game called GoGo 21 that is based on BlackJack rules. Please see picture in attach. SCRIPT NEEDS The script will receive in input a list of 52 cards. The taxonomy is 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A. The script needs to return in output a list with the sequence of where to put each card (column1, column2, column3, column4 or trash). Please

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    ...the locations where the species and animals are located. It gives possibility to have the detailed information about plants such that morphological descriptions, species’ taxonomy and etc. The application is based on information provided by Tuscany Region. For more informations, visit: The main scope of the application

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    The site must be developed in WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML5 e jquery. To manage every box is necessary using metabox and the taxonomy (no plugin only by theme) to make it easier for the customer. You will not be able to use your themes, or basic themes, but exclusively our theme. The layout will not be resold, reused, etc. and it won't be possible

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    ...their profiles. SITE PAGES: Home Page Search Page (Multiple Taxonomy selection, AJAX Requests side bar, featured ads, sorting etc.) Category Page (With search side bars) Ad Page (With finance calculator) Login Page Register Page (Private Seller, Dealer) User Profile Page Post Ad Page (AJAX requests for linked taxonomies a must) Blog Page

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    Hello. I have two very small projects to be completed. 1 - To add taxonomy breadcrumbs to single php. I've added the custom taxonomy to the page using the function <?php echo get_the_term_list( $post->ID, 'viagens', '', ', ', '' ); ?> However, it needs do align with the other elements on the p...

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    ...deleted one of the colours in an attempt to take it out of stock. It has disappeared on the front end now but if I try to re-add, it gives the error "A term with the name provided already exists in this taxonomy." I tried to add two new colours (Sapphire and Turquoise) but on the front end it doesnt come up as a clickable option (fig 3) Fig1.. whenever

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    22 bud want. A. Type B. Location C. Description D. Price E. ... Useful information that i got from the developer that created the Wordpress Theme: "Every property is represented as post [login to view URL] with custom post type estate ([login to view URL]). Property

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    ...have the option to show the number categories (in the design you can see 3, but it should be possible to have 6 for example). 3 - It should have the option to choose the Taxonomy (Regions, or Listing Categories). This option exists already in some widget from the theme). The fonts, margins and paddings should respect the css already existing in

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    PHP configurations taxonomy configurations & customize

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    PHP configurations taxonomy configurations & customize

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    taxonomy customizations PHP configurations

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    30 bud the categories (that I want) listed below the default "Post" taxonomy. I want them under the "Reviews" CPT section. I can't figure out why I got it to work for the "Dogs" CPT / Taxonomy and not for the "Reviews" one. 1) I want the Reviews CPT to have "Review Categories" Custom Taxonomy: (with Cat...

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    need to sort the blog posts according to taxonomy experienced developer will take around 30 mins to do this job. i will pay for full hour

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    ...microsites, responsive emails, email marketing development and email template development. The developer must be able to effectively maintain and develop custom Wordpress templates and modules, taxonomy and plugins. The developer will work closely with the development team, the UX/UI designers, the testers and producers to ensure an optimal user journey

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    ...a retail website might be reduced to 200 to be saved. (it might be that this reduction can be done before the data is scraped) • Mapped to a provided predefined category taxonomy – e.g. John Lewis might have Mens / Clothing / Tops / Polo Shirts and this will be mapped to Mens / Clothing / Shirts / Polo Shirts • Appended with the appropriate tracking

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    40 bud, related post , comment functionality with one level thread reply. Now I want to add the below function to the blog section. • Blog post design should be improved for better user visual experience and professional look. • Better design professional author box, better design for comment box and comment section. • Featured Post option. Ca...

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    ...which uses a custom post type for my online portfolio. I have recently needed the ability to password protect my portfolio (multiple projects) and purchased a plug-in that uses categories. Problem is, the "portfolio" custom post type doesn't use the category taxonomy. I'd like to to add the category taxonomy ...

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