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    This job is extremely straight-forward. I need to populate an OSCommerce database using a spreadsheet, through EasyPopulate. Coder, please have experience with OSCommerce and have a good understanding of EasyPopulate. I have a supplier for the products, however they do not provide a spreadsheet of their data, which makes populating a web store pretty darn difficult! Therefore, I've ...

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    Hello! I have started to build a store myself with Cubecart, I added lots of mods to it and changed design; but now i have discovered zencart which seems more complete and I would like to have the store with this program. The store selles cosmetics and perfumes and it's the following: [log ind for at se URL] (username: banco password:popular) On the other hand I want to build also a store ...

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    51619 eBook Creator Udløbet left

    I want to have an eBook creator software written for me. along with the eBook creator will be an executable program that 'select' clients can use to rebrand a created ebook with their own name, company & contact info. to create an ebook the user must have htlk pages already created and the ebook creator will read the HTML & images it uses, to compile an eBook .exe file. It woul...

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    I am looking to get develop a program that will create files of any type: Applications, Video, Music, etc. Attached is the details of the project, please download it and review it. Once you have review the details of the project, please get back to me with any questions or comments you may have, thanks. *The information contain in the word document is not to be disclose or use in any way. If ...

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    I am looking for someone to create a spreadsheet or document for me which contains 10000 unique SUDOKU Puzzles. These puzzles could come from an internet website that has a SUDOKU creator on it. The puzzles could then be cut and pasted into a spreadsheet or document. In a separate file I would like the solutions to the puzzles. The files must indicate copyright COSMOCOMP 2005, as a footer. I prefe...

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    **Desk top tool creation, with the following features: 1)Form Creation feature Tool creates a form/html page with different types of fields **** 2) Script creation feature ****define parameters and fields validations; most common used. **** 3)ftp feature** **The two versions of the tool; free version and paid version. I have not gone to much in details, bcause otherwis...

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    Find Hotels I require development on [[log ind for at se URL]][1]. The current website is only a holding page that is in an iFrame using the partner feed from [log ind for at se URL] The website I need developing will be all hard coded pages using the enhanced partner database from [log ind for at se URL] and specific pages for each hotel and area. It must be easy to add and remove hotels and ...

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    just to state, you are not to have direct contact with this client. see the attached file. i need help developing my website. it is a fairly simple website with three pages (see sample at [log ind for at se URL]), this site is to be how the pages below will be setup. all data will be provided, but the database needs to be created. [log ind for at se URL] This is the main ...

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    I have a website that has been divided in four different modules; I need an admin module that can control the features that the website is having. I don’t need some complex functionality but something that is very easy to use. I have some basic requirements like post articles with pictures, manage wallpaper galleries, photo galleries, Downloads and members and much more. The website will be ...

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    I wish to have a playlist editor similar to iTunes or media player which creates playlists within a grid and can save and retrieve them as XML documents. The editor must be written in c#. The playlist is meant to be distributed to many computers, all of which will play all the item in this except those specifically excluded from a dropdown that appears on each grid line (see screenshots) The edito...

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    **Desktop HTML Creator** This application will produce html files and output them in banner sized formats of 10-15 different pre-set dimensions. The program will operate in four steps. Step 1 - Select banner size/dimension from a pre-set list. Step 2 - Open a basic HTML editor - exactly like the one I am using to enter this bid - that will allow a beginner level user to insert text and graphic...

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    I need this done ASAP!!!! - There is a $250 Bonus if it is done in 3 days! PDF Creator and Compiler Here's what is needed... a server side script which will: 1.) Allow the end user to select a series of reports via a radio button. They may select as many reports as needed. 2.) The reports will all be in word document format. 3.) Script will take the selected report ...

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    Need website developed in PHP or ASP and database developed that would function as outlined in the attached project overview document. This project will allow subscribers to log into site an create an vitual software box, book cover, CD, etc. image and download it to their local system. Please see the outline for additional details, and examples. Responses without bid price will not be viewed. Als...

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    I'm looking for a program to generate tens of thousands of pages using 'scraped' results from the search engines. this program can be custom built, or if you know of an existing program that will work too. the pages should look similar to these [log ind for at se URL];FORM=QBRE there should also be a way to import a large list of keywords for generation. (if this process can ...

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    I have a PHP script that makes optomized pages for each of my keywords including search engine results. I need this software customized to my specifications including Pausing between individual page creation with the ability to specify how many pages will be generated at a time and how many seconds to pause between page generations. The existing script places the search engine results di...

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    I am looking for someone familiar with Search Engine Optimization and how it works. There are two programs in particular that I really like, however, they both have their limitations. I would like to create a program that combines the best of these two programs and enhanced features. Program should be dynamic and create dynamic content. Furthermore, it should be able to make pages based on keyword...

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    A graphic tool that can create website image headings with built-in drag and drop ease of use. See attachment for basic idea of what elements I want in this tool. Over all it must be super easy to use and make creating website image headings non-complicated. Your ideas on how this can be best achieved are welcome. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working pr...

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    We are looking for a program that runs on a windows server that will help the admin find files on an ongoing basis find illegally named files, based on length, symbols. The program should run quickly looking for number of charatcters from root of drive. The admin will enter on his screen that it should be looking for files with over 200 chracters from c: or files that contain some symblos lik...

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    I am looking for someone to create a program that I can add to my website. The program would allow visitors to enter information for a coupon within a form and then it would create a page with the coupons for printing. It should allow for an image to be added and a strict size for the coupon, for a maximum of 4 coupons to fit on a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper for printing. The informat...

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    I need a script which can create HTML pages starting from a text (or excel file). Let's say i have a file containing a column with name of galleries and another column with url of galleries. I need to define a template, with tokens, and create pages replacing tokens with the info from file. Example, i have to create a template where we have tokens NAME and URL. Every page will take NAME an...

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    eBay Auction Lister Udløbet left

    I am looking to create a program very similar to: [log ind for at se URL] This is an eBay auction template software to work on either a mac or pc. There would be some minor changes...see below ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run cond...

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    1. Purpose of project: To allow laymen to edit text and graphics on a pre determine set of htm pages layout created by a super user. The aim is to allow the user to edit content by themselve by simple 2 steps: a) login b) Choose the page they want to edit c) edit by directly clicking on the content d) preview e) Post Module 1: Super User manage accounts and create a set of html pages layout for ea...

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    I'm looking for someone experienced with OsCommerce and in particular the Custom Computer Creator script version 9.3 or even better, the unfinished development version of 9.4 I have already installed the script and got it 95% working, however I just need one small tweak of the coding to get the [log ind for at se URL] page to direct to the relevant custom computer like it should - anyone f...

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    We have a System creating Dynamic Webpages. What we want to acomplish is the following: We want to implement a Sitemap (allready done) based on a Database-Table. On the Sitemap there is a Link named for example 'Centrifuge'. The Link looks like this "<a href="centrifuge/[log ind for at se URL]">centrifuge</a>" When a User clicks this link he...

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    This is a totally complete software for transforming the 2d graphic to 3d graphic! what i need is a complete software solution which is function more powerfull than the virtual cover book that sold at [log ind for at se URL] please have a look at the software and download the trial version and study the software. i really need exactly like the software. please only bid if you are capable doing the...

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    I am looking for an experienced banner creator to create banners for my dating site. Exp with dating site banners would be a plus but not essencial. I am looking for:- 10 468x60 (2 to be interactive, ie select what your loking for and age etc) 5 120x60 5 120x240 I am looking for a very good price on this project. I have many sites I need banners for so as long as the winner...

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    make a navbar and sitemap and a script Can be made either by option 1 CSS on table tr td option 2 CSS on list after proving the navbar functions correctly with a trial by making the first 10 rows of the navbar then write a php script to automatically make the sitemap and navbar pulling the data from mysql table. See the attachment for what is wanted. It does not need to be unlimited levels deep...

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    Wedding Flash Site Udløbet left

    We are looking to create a flash wedding site creator similar to [[log ind for at se URL]][1]. What we need is almost the entire backend interface and flash template system. We do not need the actual billing code. ## Deliverables Included would be: + 6 Original Flash templates, with features similar to [log ind for at se URL] (You would have to create these on your own, with little ...

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    Java Programming Udløbet left

    **Homework ** The Client/Server communication using Sockets in the [log ind for at se URL] package. In this project, I am requested to build a system which allows a school pupil to practise multiple choice tests in math. Design and implement a connection-oriented Client / Server communication system in Java. More info will be given if bid is accepted ## Deliverables Rent A ...

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    Looking for peoples with experience which can create any software for windows operating system. Not sure about the programming language, just bid everyone who have any knowlegde and programming experience on it. Thanks.

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    I already have an control for rendering id cards and business cards on the fly using GDI+. What i need now, is a rich GUI for designing the card. It would feed into my existing classes the coordinates and dimensions of text and images on he card. My code would do the rest. I want this done in client side javascript, so that it is the most user friendly. The user will select either tex...

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    Hello people! This is one of my 3rd year [log ind for at se URL] this is how it goes: Task: Produce a real time VR model using the software "Multigen Creator". This model should include some houses and an environment for the buildings. What I thought would be good: you can design 4 or 5 (one storey) houses placed on top of a mountain (at a flat area) and surroundings streets etc, y...

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    Hello, This is probably an easy project for someone with basic PHP and MySQL skills. I need to be able to display X of the most recent posts in a PHPBB discussion forum on a non-PHPBB page. For example, go to [log ind for at se URL] (adult content warning.) You will see the "Kims Links Forum!" section. I would like to be able to display X links to the most recent forum posts here. X...

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    Needed an express checkout mod for cubecart. Currently the script makes customers fill in details for an account before transferring to checkout, then paypal or 2co ask for details all over again. We want the cart to simply pass the product details straight to paypal for check out, which ever gateway they select

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    AIM sn creator Udløbet left

    I am looking for an AIM screenname maker written in PHP. I already have code that can be used as a start that works with IP. Currently I use multiple IP's and put in the initial request to set the cookies and get the security image. I display all the security images on a page so I can type them all then submit it and it creates each SN. Their system only allows me to do 1 sn per 24 hours per ...

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    I have a banner creator script that I bought on [log ind for at se URL] and it works great. I want add a coupon feature so that I can give discounts to certain people. The coupons will have an expiration date and can be used just once. This is an easy job for a skilled programmer. The site is working fine and I want no problems with it. If you are interested, please check the PMB.

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    Html Daily Archive Creator- A simple program that reads a page archives it and creates an index from templates. I’ have a variety of web pages that contain an RSS Feed and change in content daily. The simple goal is: Each day save or archive each page I specify and add it to create a MONTHLY INDEX. Now I want to save the contents of that page to an archive directory using the date plus the t...

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    Require some modifications to my mambo CMS Site - 1) Need a webform to allow me to modify titles of articles to Proper Case. 2) Be able to remove certain text/scripts from all articles. 3) Modifications to SiteMap feature 4) Setup articles to be a given character width. 5) Create a Cron for the frontpage items 6) Enable me to select a certain number of articles to process at a time as not to ov...

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    I need a VBA macro for word that inserts a table with the versions information. Basically in word a user can save different versions in the same file by going into file>versions. I need the information collected in this feature of word be present in the document in a table wherever the user decides to insert it. The table should have 4 columns: Date (time) - [log ind for at se URL](n).Date Ver...

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    We need a new flash website along with a html twin for dial up surfers built for a endorsed rock guitarist. simple and functional but appealling as well. The site will require a gallery, mp3 player, contact us, news, calendar of events such as tour dates and must be easy to edit, maybe by text file or something. We are looking for imagination as well as skill. As a bonus you will get com...

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    I need a logo created for a new project idea. The logo will be used for banner ads and in print so will need a high resolution file. Bonus payment made if you create the file also in a 468x60 and 120x600 format to use in the banner ads. Plus more work avaliable to the right designer/creator. The logo will say say something like the following: Singapore lah (maybe use a capital L in Lah ...

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    We are looking for a company to develop a server based application that takes our content, metadata, and sequencing data from our server and creates SCORM 2004 conformant courseware for our Schools Without Limits LMS. We are also hoping that you can not only create the application but also help us implement and maintain the application on our server. You will find the details for our SCORM coursew...

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    We have a site that resembles the attached, adn we need two things added, rollover navagation to the left, you will see the color and button i have on the image, this will need to be "on" while page is displayed and also appear when mouse is rolloing over, it is common nav nothing fancy We also need a basic contect management system to manage the body text you see on the page, they ...

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    We are in the process of establishing a Poker Portal and require a television commercial to promote the website. The creative direction of the commercial has been left to the creator. So contact us with your suggestions. The commercial must not be longer then 15 seconds and will feature the website address prominently. Sound & voiceovers for the commercial are optional, we are primarily onl...

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    Install blogging script on my domain. Can be found at Then, use the skin called SFX. Following the directions from the creator of the SFX skin, make the blog search engine friendly by either activating fancy URL's or mod_rewrite. Add the following plugins: Random feed, mailtofriend, mostpopular, mynewsletter, newsfeed, pagebreak, pingpong, npseo, spamimunizer, ...

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    I am currently looking fo a web designer to revamp my corporate website. The designer is require to do the index and 1 standard sub page only. The index page especially must be fast loading, clean, elegant and professional. We are a IT solution company. The designer must have a photo library. (which I don't have to pay copyright). CSS, flash is not needed. we already have the sitemap and ...

    €91 - €272
    €91 - €272
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    This project is for a re-design of our current web site, This site is currently active and owned exclusively by us, the project creator. This project will give the “highest” preference to providers who already have created an Online School and Administration System. There would only be modifications and design, and graphic work to our site. Our re-design of the si...

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    Fraction Problems Generator The fraction problem generator is a PHP script for generating woksheets with fraction problems. There are 9 different problem sets. All of the problems are based on the problems from Java Applets on this website: [log ind for at se URL] (see the games for each lessons) - PHP script that generates fraction problems that are to be printed by teachers for their [log ind fo...

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    We require a Flash application that will allow our customers to design and purchase promotional banners online. The functionality of the application must be almost identical to the one found on [log ind for at se URL] (<[log ind for at se URL]>) It must intergrate with our ecommerce software (X-cart found at [[log ind for at se URL]][1]) allowing the customer to design the banner and purcha...

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