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    Project Details hide (-) The Scope and Objective: The objective is to webscrape financial websites so that symbol wathclists can be created from the internet and monitored in java open source project; All webscrapings will result in multiple GUI watchlists. it is up to you to chose from one of the following open source projects to bind your scrapings to. You might choose jbooktrader , or humaitra...

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    Looking for Developer to help debug translations metadata issue Background - We are working with a multilingual site that currently is available in english, spanish, and arabic - The site includes many data visualizations that are pulled from a master .csv file The Issue - While the data from the .csv is populating for the English and Spanish visualizations we are unable to get the data to popul...

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    I am looking for someone with expertise in developing scripts for InDesign. We have been using an offshore resource for this project and our client wants the effort to continue with a US-based resource. We are creating two new provider directories for health plans. We will have an InDesign template and a large CSV dataset. We are looking for someone to take the template and build a script to ...

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    Bulk Email verifier software 16 timer left

    Budget is $100 or less. Looking for someone experienced to build a bulk email verifier software for PC that links with the following API: [log ind for at se URL] to verify emails and identify which ones are Disposable Email Addresses (DEA's) and which ones are valid (GOOD) and which are not valid (BAD) and then export the clean list as txt or CSV. See attached screenshot of how the GUI should...

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    I need a bot (web-based or desktop-based) that 1. Accepts a list/CSV of product ASINs 2. Goes to a web-page. 3. Enters first product ASIN into search 4. Checks for a condition. 5. If condition is true, the product ASIN is marked as a result. And it must be able to do this thousands of times per search query. We also need a delay in the bot. So approximately 5 seconds between each search, th...

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    Aplicación web con nodejs y angular 15 timer left

    Aplicación para perfiles de empleados se entregan diseños. Catálogo de Usuarios con seguridad y niveles. el backend en nodejs el frontend en angular 8+ El Usuario administrador puede crear, editar y eliminar: usuarios, empresas y asignar empleados. El Usuario de empresa puede ver sus empleados y su perfil pero no editar empleados ni crear empresas. El Empleado puede ver s...

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    Improve File Conversion C Code 13 timer left

    We have working C code which parses binary ASN.1 data files and writes out readable CSV files. The code is approx 2,000 lines and based on an older code base containing much redundant code which needs to be stripped to aid maintainability whilst maintaining all functionality. In addition the 36 data columns output needs validation and exception handling added to ensure discrepancies can be located...

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    need a python script to upload pdf files to all details are attached... Can pay max $10 for this small job....

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    listing items 9 timer left

    I,m building online bookstore using Neto as a platform. I have all of my products on an XML file. Neto is accepting CSV format to upload the items. I need someone to help with converting the data from XML to CSV and upload it to the platform.

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    This project is about a small scraping script which we want to use in order to get three data points from a search on 3 different real estates sites (the price of the flat, the size of the flat, the amount of rooms of the flat). The three pages are the following: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] Example: For the following search returns about 37 hits: [log ...

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    We are currently looking for an coder to develop an automated script that will be able to access the following APK file - [log ind for at se URL] through a simulated android running environment taking test car registration data as an example : Take CSV file of car registrations and feed them through a car app like the link above, and then store within a CSV the output information.

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    Hello I need someone that has experience with [log ind for at se URL] I have a CSV for 1 production i need setting up.

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    Requirements: Build a webpage for importing .csv file data and saving into an existing System database tables. Some processing of the .csv file is required to 'match' .csv data fields into System data fields. Details will be provided on how to match fields. Design of webpages to follow an already-built scheme. Wireframes will be provided for pages requiring front-end coding. Will ...

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    Need to retrieve several 1000's google place ID . There is several free script on the market that could be used (need installation and guidance) or if you prefer to create your own, just need the cheaper way . I have all google map necessary account already Please don't apply with a price to ask for more once contacted

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    I am looking for a script that I can run myself to extract data from a website i post. the data on the website is sequencial and can be extracted into a CSV file Script might need to intake some variables when provided by me. attached is a scenario where the website has list of names and addresses of people in a town when clicked on a link, it shows their current property details and tax and ut...

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    Hi, I am in the process of building my own set of indicators to trade and all I need is the execution Robot for WIN with source code which can do the following: 1. Place Buy/Sell Orders with amount, entry level, stoploss and limit for selected symbol /account. All parameters taken from MSSQL database. 2. Place orders at market with amount, stopLoss and limit for selected symbol/ account 3. Remove...

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    Bonjour tout le monde J'ai commencé un code python et j'ai besoin de l'aide pour le complété Mon code fait les actions suivantes : -> Ouvre google chrome -> Ouvre [log ind for at se URL] -> maintenant j'ai besoin d'utiliser excel et de localiser des elements sur le navigateur ( click )

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    I want to convert the python code which used different libraries to the C++. The basic of this code is used to implement the Numerical method DEM for simulation. Please read the requirements fully before you respond - The cost category is indicative, and once you are shortlisted we can detail it out. Please respond with your approach, and how you plan to build this so we can discuss this further...

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    I need csv file upload expert.

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    Make a script or something that automatically fills a web form from a .csv

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    I need to convert a csv file into a dataset

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    I have 11 pdf files (1-6 pages each) The files have a tables and I need to get them transfered in a single xls file. see attached [log ind for at se URL] fro detailed specification. Balso find the 11 pdf files attached.

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    Hi, I have an iOS application, I need to check the application and provide a report of missing issues if available, and upload it to App Store via business account.

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    I'm a programmer who seldom outsource some of my projects, when I'm overloaded with work. I value quality and quick result within the predefined set time. For this project the most Important feature of this site, it need and inventory feed that must be automated for a large number of products via excel file or csv file from supplier website. 2- prefer PHP or better, must be fast to loa...

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can help me to do the following: 1. upload .to server 2. create a thumbnail from that .mov file after upload in php

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    Hello, Here is a website: [log ind for at se URL] If you select "Registreringsbeteckning" and then click Sok (Seach) you will get a list of 7242 results. Each one is an aircraft that begins with "SE" such as SE-YLM, SE-XCZ, etc. If you click on any of these things like SE-YLM you get info about that aircraft. Your job is to give me a CSV that contains all 7242 records as fol...

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    El diseño de la App está fuera. Enviaría Mockup para desarrollar en base al mismo. Se trata de una aplicación la cual grabará videos de hasta 2 horas. Mientras se graba el vídeo el usuario podrá pulsar un botón el cual creará una marca en ese minuto y segundo concreto del vídeo. Esa marca servirá para posteriormente i...

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    Need some helping in coding a python-based crawler and data extractor. need to be able to input the list of websites for crawling via CSV, and then the tool must crawl all the websites and extract the data (without html tags) for each crawled link. the output must be in CSV and JSON.

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    Docker container Udløbet left

    Please provide a docker container which contains: A data source. A folder with example csv or json files are sufficient (you can use these files: [log ind for at se URL] ) A relational Database, for example MySQL or Postgre. It’s up to you which DB you want to use. An ETL process which writes the content of the files in the DB with an additional timestamp of the writing time. Please think a...

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    I need an application that runs on Android phones (4.0 or above) and can send/receive calls through SIP (Can use any sip stack like sipdroid) and forward it to the GSM network. The application should then forward the audio and convert from SIP to GSM and vice versa. Full description below. Please review and message me with considerations. If any requirements are unable to be met, please let me kn...

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    This project is to get phone status using Nexmo or Twillo If it's valid and can be called, we need to add it to the csv or database. Urgent and simple project... Looking forward Twillo and Nexmo expert.

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    I have woocommerce plugin which have give ability to user update their information but there are no way that we can set custom user profile picture neighter neight from back end nor user can upload his/her own picture i want to fix this issue withou using any plugin

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    dashboard whatsapp Udløbet left

    Please read the full description of the project before bidding or applying for the position. I need to send in average per day 250 to 300k whatsapp messages. I need the developer to develop my own Api and make an online dashboard system that allows you to send mass messages to WhatsApp. (reference link: (link removed)/). The desire system I wanted is 95% similar to this given site. Please have a...

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    Hello I need a php script to upload a file from a URL to an [log ind for at se URL] account and get the link back Price: 50 € Thank you

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    Twitter Scrape -- 2 Udløbet left

    I would like to scrap all the tags ("$") from the people I follow. I would like to look back on the last 6 months of posts, but I am fairly flexible to less or more. Then have a csv export with the columns [$Tag, User, Date] filtering out any duplicates of the [$Tag, User].

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    Hi I am looking for someone to make an intern « API » not sure if its really an api, but i have a csv of article and I want to get the price of them from ebay updated every minutes. All this done into A PWA website for internal use only

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    Need a script to go through every line on a csv and upload it to redis through the cli it should be creating entries in the database just like LPUSH test entry1,entry2

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    This job is a small part of a large project. The finished job should look as follows... Overview: Allow users writing a report, etc, to upload relevant pdf, docx, etc files that are then transferred to and stored on Dropbox. Their report would then have a Dropbox link to access the file for other staff to download the files from Dropbox. Finished example.. -------------------------------------...

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    To upload 9,000+ products to woocommerce website. I have prepared the CSV file with the Name, Description and Price Columns. I need you to search for their respective images via Google and update the links in the CSV file and then use the CSV file to import the products. If any of the products fails to import, you will have to manually import/ include such products. I have attached to this a S...

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    This task is very simple for scraping expert, I think it will not take more than 2~3 hrs. Here are the informations to scrap (the export will be in csv) : Titre (title) Résumé (summary) Auteur (author) Editeur (publisher) Format Nombre de pages (number of pages) The cover of the book if possible

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    Hi, I want to create simple project that will upload file(image file only) to google drive API(v3) using javascript. - After uploading it to google drive it will display in browser. - I have attached, what i have tried,

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    If you visit this site >> [log ind for at se URL] You will be presented with a Motor vehicle tax calculator . The calculator is used to determine how much should be paid on imported used cars. Fill in the car details i.e. Make, Model,,etc and you will be presented with a details page that shows the breakdown of the tax ,, i.e Reference number of the vehicle, total tax, etc I need you to s...

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    i have system that works fine, i want to improve raster upload time, must have experience with leaflet & geoserver

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    Hello Freelancers We are looking for a READY SMS Sending Solution. We would be using Twilio/any other 3rd Party SMS service for sending Bulk SMS. Kindly review the feature list of the SMS Sending system. We need a Web Based System. Desktop based system can also be considered. SMS Sender Features: Manage Sender IDs Send Personalised Messages Send Scheduled Messages Create and Manage SMS Templat...

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    API Integration Udløbet left

    Have you worked on Experian's API? If yes then please let me know first. Quick info: We have to start using a 3rd Party API, we have the API documents that will help you you understand the inquiry and response fields. The script will receive a USB file is a predefined format, for each row, it will send the request to an API and all the response will be saved in the predefined CSV file. Also,...

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    I would like to have a quotation for a PHP development of a specific module for web scraping. The module must retrieve some information from a web site that I use (currently, data retrieved manually). INPUT: Car Vehicle ID (VIN – 7 characters) OUTPUT: 1- Car information, 2- Car list Options, 3- Car Pictures Data result are to put in a csv or database – pictures in a remote directory

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    I would like to have a quotation for a PHP development of a specific module for web scraping. The module must retrieve some information from a web site that I use (currently, data retrieved manually). INPUT: Car Vehicle ID (VIN – 7 characters) OUTPUT: 1- Car information, 2- Car list Options, 3- Car Pictures Data result are to put in a csv or database – pictures in a remote directory

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    I would like to pull the sales, collection and inventory position data in csv format and send it to remote server via FTP. If it can run as a windows service and push the data in regular intervals also, I'm fine.

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