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    i want someone to write a report for system which is done on visual studio using c# and sql. budget: 20$

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    Hello every one This is source code of program that i work on it. I want to make page tester for Newcamd and CCcamd and i want it to test more 10000 clines/Nlines by one click without any problem. Then save lines that work and used cline in file (enable me to add path of file in the setting). i want to get result with four area as mentioned

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    I need a large amount of phone numbers with owners name for the country United Arab Emirates

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    Looking for blogger with affiliate program niche. Please send blog link in request.

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    ...admin user and regular users: Regular Users: Will have to complete a registration form in the system. User will add a serial number (that will check how many surveys this user can use) He will be able to add more serial numbers at any time, if necessary. When filling out a survey: - User will fill a simple header with name, age, group,

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    I have an android tablet that has a UART port. This will be permanently connected via UART to a Microchip PIC24FJ1024GA606 MCU. I need the app to be able to reprogram the PIC24 in the field, and for safety I want to use the dual boot functionality. I want you to do 3 things: 1) write an android app that will contain a precompiled .hex file. This app will start, ask the MCU which firmware it...

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    It is to Write Java Program for Algorithms . I will give the details later.

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    Looking for blogger with affiliate program niche. Please send blog link in request.

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    It is to Write Java Program for Algorithms . I will give the details later.

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    Trying to uninstall programs on my laptop, but going to my computer then uninstall program isnt working.

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    ... A) Have the user specify the number of items that will be stored in the vector. B) Have the user enter the values for each element in the vector. C) Write the vector out as a text file. You will want the file format to be as follows: the first data value is the number of elements in the vector, and the remaining

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET. Encrypted Voip using c#

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    I want to have a text file that stores all visitors' phone number when they use smartphone to visit my website via 3g/4g.

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    Write an arduino program to control 6 LEDs and 6 Switches over the internet/intranet using ESP8266. Requirements: 1. Arduino to be configured as http client sending status of switches to server at regular interval of 2 secs and responds to server request of switching on the LEDS. 2. ESP 8266 to maintain reliable connection with home network all the

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    Hello Everyone, I have a program that reads stock market data and stores it in text files. However modifying and reading text files is a inefficient process. I am looking for a light weight SQL database that can be used to do this task. Your job is to write a program in VB.NET that can create a database, insert records in it and also edit, delete

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    Üzleti Coachként keresem Program Manageremet, aki VA feladatokat, szövegírást, és Közösségi Manageri feladatokat végezne másod vagy akár fő állásban

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    The second project involves completing and extending the C++ program that evaluates statements of an expression language contained in the module 3 case study. The statements of that expression language consist of an arithmetic expression followed by a list of assignments. Assignments are separated from the expression and each other by commas. A semicolon

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    need someone who can redesign, touch up a wedding program. Ideal person should have experience -design special events program -good with design work -have education background in art, graphic design, design, or related field. Will look at those with proven skills who dont have the specific degree requirement - must be able to work with deadlines

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    ... A) Have the user specify the number of items that will be stored in the vector. B) Have the user enter the values for each element in the vector. C) Write the vector out as a text file. You will want the file format to be as follows: the first data value is the number of elements in the vector, and the remaining

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    Please read this thoroughly before bidding and give me a good price. Very simple. I have this - its a script from codecanyon: [log ind for at se URL] We want the SLIDERS, options and the "magnifying of elements" EXACTLY like this: [log ind for at se URL] Specifically the GRAPHS: [log ind for at se URL] The script that we are using is this: [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...apply or we can activate. Once active, the user will have a root folder with some automatic subfolder we decide (invoice, contract, ....) As a complement a bill program are required to create electronic invoices (FACTUGINTESYS), various visual templates and customization. The format of the invoice must be the Spanish Electronic Invoice (e-factura). All

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    ...Master Delivery Orders Incoming Shipments Physical Inventories Automatic Procurements Dashboard Moves Analysis Inventory Analysis Receptions Analysis Multi Locations Serial Numbers Claims on Deliveries Product Variant inventory should be able to deliver items to projects and to a specific task or activity on the project to track actual versus

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    I need C program for "Child Care Problem" using mutex and semaphores. Really basic problem. I need job done in next few hours... BID IF YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT NOW

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    I need a test program for silicon labs micro controller EFM8 The program must put the micro controller in sleep. When input 1 change status, the MCU must wake up and activate buzzer for 5 seconds, and then go to sleep again. The sleep program must be prepared for the next step, where the MCU must go into sleep mode for 12 hours or until input

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    Private Shopify App to Update Tracking Number Inside Paypal

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    Keep a random number between 1 and 100. We're trying to guess it. If our estimate is smaller than the number, "Up" if it is big, "Down"

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    Write a Program Udløbet left

    In need of 3 Programs to be written. Below are details: A program that reads a string from the keyboard and tests if it contains a valid date. Display the date and a message to indicate if the date is valid. If it is not valid, also display a message explaining why it is not valid. The input date will have the format mm/dd/yyyy. A valid month value

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    I am a non professionnal programmer in visual basic and I need help for the migration from visual basic to visual studio 2015. I have already write a new program in Windows Forms but I need help to translate some modules form VB to VS2015

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    ...the C# program. You task will be to create a very simple application using a hello world response from a c/c++ programm (Example see here: [log ind for at se URL]) It would be great, if you have enough experience in writing C# projects in Visual Studio, and can create a reusable

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    A C Program will be needed to generate dimensions of the knee implant from inputs based on the patient’s anatomical information, such as weight, height, age and gender.

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    Hello, I need a small program that will receive a big string as an input (all in a single line): (12,15)(13,15)(14,15)(15,15)(16,15)(17,15) (12,16)(13,16)(14,16)(15,16)(16,16)(17,16) (12,17)(13,17)(14,17)(15,17)(16,17)(17,17) (12,18)(13,18)(14,18)(15,18)(16,18)(17,18) (27,31)(28,31)(29,31)(30,31) (27,32)(28,32)(29,32)(30,32) (27,33)(28

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    electronics circuit Udløbet left

    Design a PCB that supports 5 serial port, a usb port and a bluetooth module which can work with a cheap lead-acid battery. Only circuit and PCB design is expected not firmware.

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    Need a program to take data entered into specific cells in an existing excel spreadsheet and then use that data as the criteria to run a [log ind for at se URL] search on and then automatically download the output data from [log ind for at se URL] and place portions of that data into other specific cells on pre-existing excel spreadsheets. It doesn't have to be

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    Inplmentation strategy : program , budget , procedure

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    Find out the details for the addresses I will provide from a spread sheet. I would like the name of the venue, the manager's name, and phone number

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    ...have the system call your number, and then you will be calling people. You will not be talking with these people. You will only be calling numbers to scrub this list. This is on a recorded line so please make sure your phone is on mute. If people do not pick up, you mark them as uncontacted, if there is a bad number, you mark that down. If

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    Looking for USA-based consumer/residential records of Android/iOS users. The records, apart of usual personal/contact info HAVE TO CONTAIN a field with IMEI GSM-device number. Usually such kind of records can be provided by carriers/telecoms. Large quantity preferred (like 100m or more). We can settle regarding price.

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    ...the code. Also the image must be consistent with the direction of the race. AnimalCompetitionFrame and AnimalCompetitionFrameClient are the most important pieces of the program that need to be in working format. All other files are attached to assist you with understanding the race. The race should show in a separate window using JFrame after we

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    hello i need omeone to write the program in F#. I need it in two hours. The payment is $ 6. Please see the attatchment. total two programs.

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    Hello, Please If you did not read my Project never offer!! I want to integrate whats app messages from different number into word press or blog or any script and when messages receives then you want to post into word press like a new post as on admin permission. so if admin want to post message then he can post otherwise he reject or accept

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    Need a horticulture professional or someone who understands landscaping and gardening for maintenance and implementation. Mulitple projects are available for the same.

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    I need someone to develop a Windows server/client application using C# that enables multiple clients to connect to the server concurrently and request available login credentials for games, and automatically launches and connects to the games using those credentials. Details of the work is specified in the attachment. Please read this before submitting your quote.

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    Simple Lisp Program Udløbet left

    Simple Lisp Program

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    It is to Write an Assembly Program to Display Numbers. I will give the details later.

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    It is to Write a Java Program to Synchronize the Sending and Receiving Operations. I will give the details later.

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    program Udløbet left

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    The li...of solar energy inverter used to be using Modbus protocol, i have no problem with that for another brands of inverters. But a new brand of inverter we use, it only use pure serial port communication. The function of parameters are device port, baudrate and the function return statistics. plz leave any comments if you have any question.

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    ...that need to be monitored. You have programs like [log ind for at se URL] in combination with [log ind for at se URL] But it is very expensive for just 10 devices. So what do I need? A host program that sends notifications with the following: - monitor if system is online - if printer works fine - if processes are getting stucked (there is just a Chrome page openen

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    Briefly describing the project, Need to add a new instruction to the microcode. and write a assembly language . the requirements of the what the program should do id described in the [log ind for at se URL] file along with more details on the on the microcode instruction as well. the zip file containing the virtual machine is attached along with the assembly

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