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    ...RFP for more information. ## Deliverables The deliverables of the project are listed below: · Complete and fully functioning site uploaded to the target server. · Self-extracting Zip file with complete design (html and graphics) and source files. > · E.g. if the design was created in Photoshop, we require the .psd file. > > · The Zip fil...

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    I need self replicating web site software and sales/affiliate tracking. The software should be in modules so that it will work with 1 (one) sign-up form. I need some of the features that are available in the Plexum software, website replication, affiliate and sales tracking and database. Also, I use sub-domains for the self-replicating sites. The software

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    There are at least two problems wrong with my ActiveX EXE server project. They both have to deal with the way I am passing in Objects (interface arguments) from clients. I have attached the VC++ server project and the VB6 client (see the examplesvb6 directory) For example, this code will crash with a null pointer exception on the 4th

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    I am trying to pass an object called "IDateTimeInfo" from VB to an ATL ActiveX EXE server. IDateTimeInfo has just a couple long properties and no validation code or anything.. real simple. I have attached a zip file containing the complete code and VB client. The access violation occurs on the fourth call from VB in this get_DateTime function:

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    I have built a DLL in C++.NET that does not self-register although exeScope shows that DLLRegisterServer and DLLUnregisterServer are both exported. The VS_VERSION_INFO section gives a problem in that I cannot put in "OLESelfRegister", "0" like the example code shows in the help entitled "Self-Registration." I have tried every combination of "OLESel...

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    Very small project, basically all I am needing is an exe file that when executed, looks for a file in the same directory named [log ind for at se URL] and executes it. Basically this is so we can make video cd's that contain a file named [log ind for at se URL] and an autorun file that executes an exe that executes the wmv (simple enough!) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    We are looking for someone to make a copy of the chathost application from CamContacts. The aplpication cn be downloaded from [log ind for at se URL] The idea is that a user with a webcam will be able to start and stop sessions (along with the other functionality in the application) and feed data (Cost, time, etc.) about

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    ChO4Ex5.exe Udløbet left

    run the executable file named ChO4Ex5.exe to get an idea of what I need. (File attached) • Create the control instances on the form as shown in the Figure. Note that the form contains multiple group boxes, DateTime Picker controls, and a NumericUpDown control. The cost of a hotel room is based on the following rules: • The base rate for the room depends

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    ...calculators in excel and want to make them standalone .exe files. They calculate arbitrage scenarios, spread betting scenarios, back and lay scenarios, odds calculators and so on. They are all fully functional and tested in excel and require you as the coder to translate these designs into a .exe application that will run as a stand alone app.

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    I need a professional and efficient PHP/Delphi-coder for realizing a phone tarif comparison application. Admin side: Admin can enter the profile for a phone-company. Some company start counting each started minute, some start with 10 secs and then they count each second etc. Also the tarifs/costs for phoning can be different during different

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    ...time to keep searching around for something to spell out in lamen's terms to me how I go about signing my file (exe) with my Thawte Microsoft Authenticode, Code signing certificate. I need the exact steps written out on how I sign my exe and that is it. How to also put it on a page would be nice to so that it prompts when going to an .html page. This

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    ...application on Filemaker [log ind for at se URL] Filemaker does not support SQL language I'm troubled having to create a database with relations between more tables, extracting data like SELECT table1.*,table2.* WHERE [log ind for at se URL] = [log ind for at se URL] I can do it with php and mysql, but no idea with filemaker. ## Deliverables Intelligent ...

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    ...which is fine as far as it goes, but now i want to produce an exe file that i can protect and can be run from a pc. i have hard copies of all the fundamental's of the software and can produce them on excel, but have no way of protecting the product, i have been told to get them converted into exe files, then several companies will offer to protect them.

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    A simple program needed for our new site and it needs to do the following: - be an .exe file - installs itself and creates a tray icon showing that it's running - should tell the user it has been installed - should pop up a specific message (will be disclosed to a programmer) when clicked on that tray icon. Other that that, the program should do nothing

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    I have a text database which can be edited in excel or other database management program. Maybe even access. Anyways, I have a database of 4000 users. I need each line in the database saved as individual files. for example: Here is one line in my text file [log ind for at se URL], vq8addjq, [log ind for at se URL], Anthony J. Strohmayer, P.O. Box 8296, , Norfolk, VA, 23503, United States, , , ...

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    ...but so is size ??" the size of the byte array returned by the ExtractFileChanges method should be as small as possible. If it isn’t small, it will negate the benefits of extracting the changes (i.e. we might as well store the UpdatedFile in its entirety). -While the format of the returned Byte array is not important, do make sure you document the

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    WIN ME: Simple test Udløbet left

    ...if a function works. More details: I am writing a (Delphi) program to extract the MAC address of the ethernet card. The old (albeit non-standard) way to get this info was extracting it from an UUID created with UuidCreate. At a certain point, Microsoft realized that putting a MAC address in the UUID was a privacy breach, and changed the UuidCreate function

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    I want to get a software for extracting specific data (Back and Lay odds for specific sport events) from sports betting sites and/or betting exchanges. I think this data would have to appear on an Excel sheet in order to be able to make some calculations using the extracted data (odds). The target is to get as many data as possible from several sites

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    ...project is for a Digital Rights Management(DRM) Tool for protecting our small games that we have developed. The Games are standard exe files and the requirement is : 1. The tool should be able to wrap the exe file and provide the user with a demo period of say 1-50 hours. 2. After the end of the demo period the game should not be executable

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    I have a VB program. It is pretty standard--it consists of an .exe, a database (.dat) file, and a folder (AppPath)AIMimages where there are about 450 images (.gif/.jpg). I want to distribute the app. I made a vb setup using the vb setup toolkit, but it handles the installation of the 450+ images very poorly. it takes forever! So, what I want you to

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