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    200 create matlab file jobs fundet, i prisklassen EUR to create a picture of the same quality as the Person picture (smooth with shadows and light source.). The Picture on the right is a 3D dots picture. It holds only dots in the 3D space. Your mission is to convert the dot picture (the XYZ) into a picture of the same quality as the person picture. We need you to deliver a running Matlab source

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    ...titles which are in greek. I will need someone to create code in matlab prefferably (.m file) to perform the following steps. As small code as you can so it can run quickly and be understandable. • Load and read the file. • Find and print the locations and names of each region in the excel file. • For each region, calculate the maximum, ...

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    [log ind for at se URL] and create a series of fourier series demonstration with microcontroller. Microcontroller and Matlab programmable with at least 4 inputs. 2. Each channel can generate both Sine and Cosine signals with frequencies in the range of 1 kHz to 10 kHz and with a voltage of 0 - 5 v. 3. Demos can display Real-time Fourier series through the computer

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    I want to create a code by python language or by matlab, the code creates an animation of a spinning hypercube. The animation should be similar to the one shown in the attachment file. The hypercube is shown as vertices connected by lines. In the animation, the inner cube will increase and decrease in size (scaling) as the whole structure spins. The

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    I have attached the synopsis of my project for the masters degree in mathema...applications. Please read the full document carefully especially the aim/objective of the project. I want you to make a 10-15 pages report in Latex/Word. You must also create a working file in Matlab (with all relevant programs) along with the report. Thanks for bidding.

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    ...have no answer. The attached file is a C++ code. I can compile and run this code without problems. However, what I want to do now is call this code in MATLAB as a function which inputs the arrays "numthreads,numvals,y,x,z,ynum,xnum,znum,ysize,xsize,zsize" and returns the array "sum". I have been unable to create the MEX function because of some

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    Read section 14.2 of Balanis’ Antenna Theory (provided) Write a Matlab program to reproduce Figs. 14-19(a), 14-19(b) Then use Ansys HFSS to create the same structure used for Figs. 14-19(a) and 14-19(b) and compute the directivity. In other words, with Matlab you compute an approximated formula and then you compare it with the numerical

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    Design a simple buck/boost converter for solar MPPT charging using either LTSPICE or MATLAB and programmable using Arduino. See attached file for further details. Only Need Task 1 : create a purchase list of components with detailed explanation for each component

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    Design a simple buck/boost converter for solar MPPT charging using either LTSPICE or MATLAB and programmable using Arduino. See attached file for further details. Only Need Task 1 : create a purchase list of components

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    Create me a matlab project to get me started on DSP. Bandpass, FIR, IIR filters. Input signal to come from 1. CSV file and 2. Simulink signal generation. Output to display. Create script [log ind for at se URL] input data from csv. 2. output filter coefficient into 1. ARM CMSIS, and 2. create c...

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    Attempting to create a Matlab program that takes head CT scans and an STL file to determine amount of contact at a defined point on CT scan.

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    process audio file in Matlab, remove audio noise (Using a filter in Matlab). create a karaoke track from processed audio track and once the karaoke track is produced save the data back into an audio file. (Need Matlab Codes for this process. Audio File will be provided once contract awarded)

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    Use the data file ([log ind for at se URL]) to create a Matlab script that will generate separate signal vectors for the three words in the audio sample. The full audio is saved as a signal vector called “AlasPoorYorick”. The script should plot each signal separately and the title of each plot should be the word in the audio signal. A call to the sound function

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows. 3 small functions in matlab. 1. Write a function that receives a number n and determine if it is a prime number (output 1) or not (output 0). You can not use the ‘isprime’ function. 2. Write a script to calculate the value of x in the following nested

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    hi I have written a code in matlab and need to create .exe file for it.. anyone can help?

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    I have a MATLAB script which reads data from a csv delimited file into a matlab matrix. It works as I need it to, with exception to the following cases. 1. Columns that are not numerical cause an error 2. Columns that are empty cause an error I would like for the function to ignore any column that is empty or has non-numerical entries. Please

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    ...implement a Matlab script which can transfer the geometry of the truncated cone and the points of the hole to Gmsh. Gmsh has to generate the mesh (triangular elements) and transfer back to Matlab. The hole is defined by a vector which contains N points ( the vector is already available). From the first pictures you can see the meshed cone in Matlab, However

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    I need a software developer expert in C++, Python, Matlab and Computer Graphics, to develop a research tool that should manage ASCII STL and text file. Engineering background in the field of numerical simulation is preferable. The software should be able to do the following: -showing stl CAD model in a viewer with the possibility to interact with

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    I need the fr...need the freelancer to create MATLAB script to talk to It needs check current price, place an order, remove and order of all three coins listed in [log ind for at se URL] The GDAX api is [log ind for at se URL] I have some other MATLAB scripts which talk to other website can be used as reference. Please see the attached zip file

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