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    I need a programmer to integrate text chat into a social networking website that is similar to Facebook. The site was done in simple PHP. Before responding, please take a look at Facebook and similar websites that have text chat. Tell me exactly how you intend to do the work. There are man free scripts that can be integrated. I need your very best price. I need this work done quickly and well. I ...

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    Hi All, I have a vBulletin forum that has currently few modifications and I'm looking to add a new functionality to it: We have a very close and tight registration process. You can only register if you have a PAID ISP email account. The registration page checks your email domain name and denies your from registereting unless your email is part of the list of email domain/providers li...

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    We are a commercial text in Czech whci we would like to "proofwrite"/edit, in order to make it more attractive. Some grammatical errors are stil in the text, and need to be corrected. the final flavor of the text should be : dynamic, flawless and easy to read. The total number of words are: 1400 words.

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    From 1 html file. create multiple unique copies, finding and replacing val1 val2 val3 etc. with data values from a text file. The original html file is like a template and has val1 substituted for whatever is appropriate. (could appear more than once in file) Could be a word, a number, part of a filename or url anywhere in file. Same for val2 val3 etc. The text file has the data to be subst...

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    Dear programmer. We are looking for a web base Text Reader(sound play) and voice recording program. function 1 : sound play to PC function 2 : sound play to poterble device. (need to client program) ofcouse We need soucr code and direct support. information : linux server, php, mysql, apache thank you.

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    Dear, programmer We're looking for a documents file to text file convert web program or solution . TASK 1 : FILE UPLOAD TASK 2 : FILE CONVERT (MS-OFFICE FILE TO text file & PDF to text file) upload documents file pdf ---> text export and save to database (mysql) doc ---> " ppt ---> " ...

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    Looking to recreate the tool found here [log ind for at se URL] on a site I am building that will sell vinyl lettering for signs and decals. I want my customers to be able to see their text in a variety of fonts and sizes.

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    Hi everybody, we need a PHP coder who can help us finish a Wordpress blog. It has already got its custom theme. We basically need you to convert a few pages to Wordpress pages and make sure the links (eg. navigation/footer) work properly. The blog is also going to have a downloads area. Please suggest us which module we should use to have a list of files (sound files) that visitors can do...

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    I require ONLY very experienced and ethical link builders to apply for this project. Description: We require 50 PR4+ or higher 'one way static' links from relevant quality sites. NICHE TOPIC= GOVERNMENT GRANTS, Government finance, grants, free cash grants, etc. We have 3 websites/niches (but just need 1 doing one for now, which is this one government grant one) The pr...

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    The project requires unique texts creation by rewriting (or writing from the scratch, whatever is more comfortable for you) the textual descriptions available online. All texts are gaming-thematic. Please refer to the specification attached for more details and bidding requirements.

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    I need to get 5 more frames per ad inserted. See: [log ind for at se URL] Fly in text from right: Experts 3D Solutions Fly in text from left: Experts in Encoding Solutions Fly in text from top: Experts in Editing Systems Technology Fly in text from bottom: Experts in SAN and NAS Storage Systems Fly in text from middle: Expert Systems Integration and Authorized Apple I have fl...

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    This is a very simple program that doesn't even need to be compiled. I need to open several flat comma-delimited file (or an Excel spreadsheet) and read data into an a couple of arrays (button to open and search for files, one at a time). There will be some analysis (I provide it all). Then the output needs to be into a new single text file (Comma-delimited) or Excel file. I ...

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    I did a poker website you can see at [log ind for at se URL] what i need is for you to remove the following text from the index page "Making candles can be very exciting and a lot of fun. It is important to remember that candle making involves some basic concepts. Our how to make candles eBook covers everything from the basics to how to make Votive candles, Taper candles, Pillar candles...

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    I need to develop a .NET windows forms application in either C# or VB.NET (preferred) that has the following characteristics: 1. It will ask for the user to specify a file (txt, cvs, or other to be specified) 2. It will grab the information on that file (which may be comma delimited, or tab delimited, to be specified) 3. It will write that information into a MySQL table ## Deliverable...

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    We are looking for a someone who has experience writing for web content. The few of the requirements would be to use ad words and writing style would be clear. The web page page will be used for a plumbing business so it is pretty simple. Pages that we have to write about will be as follow: About Us, Services, home, contact. Write us back and we will provide all the necessary information. Thanks y...

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    This project is about reading a magazine or a newspaper from a PDF. The user will have a look at the first page as an image. Once he registers and log on he will be able to flip to different pages and have a quick look. Once the user sees something interesting to be able to click on it and open in a new page within the PDF software and read the howl text. We would like the software: To ...

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    Experienced Javascript Coder - what I need... A page in javascript that will work by automatically clicking a link on an external sites page ie. without that site knowing its a fake automaic click on one of the links on their page. I should be able to specify the link being clicked by the hyperlinks anchor text. However this is going to be difficult because the page of the external si...

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    Hi I need a Windows Application to set customised text messages on the Now Playing text of MSN Messenger. The application should include a textbox for the customised text and a button to turn on or off the Now playing text on msn messenger. See the attached for a screenshot of Now Playing text generated by This application must work on WinXP/Vista/Win 7 32/64 bit. It will also need to work on vi...

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    Hello, i need until Monday a module for my joomla. How the module on frontend must works, you can see here: [log ind for at se URL] But the control on backend must be VERY simple. See the screenshots here. I want altogether max 5 pictures (the screenshot here is only an example for 3 pics). and for each pic i need: 1. Link image -> i can choose the image, that i upload before ...

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    Hi all, i need to create application to install and shared Generic/Text Printer to the system from or c#. I think for this can be use w32 API or some dll from system. All i need is simple app even without gui will be fine to do this job for me. Thank you

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    Your task will be to OCR and/or proofread approximately 80 (book-sized) pages of textual content into a plain text or Microsoft Word document. I can provide a rough OCR of the text or the scanned PDF as per your requirements. The OCR process has not gone well with these files, and there isn't sufficient time to re-scan, so we're going to Plan B. (Required urgently for a student who ...

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    The text on this site is showing centered in IE and it is supposed to be left justified as it appears in FF [log ind for at se URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows? (depending on the nature? of the deliverables): a)? For web...

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    Would like to develop a program or excel macro which can complete the following task: Aim for generating eBay and other e-shop content in bulk and for easy upload afterward Input: - A pre-defined HTML template with dynamic tags (provided by user) - A spreadsheet with up to 200 rows of content (provided by user) Output - Clean up the font/format of input spreadsheet, only pure text remain...

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    I'm looking to get a new logo design for a sister company i'm starting. I will be selling high-end major appliances and need a Text & Logo design that is clean, sleek, contemporary, and projects an image of superb quality and luxury. This logo will be used on the new website as well as all business cards and promotional print. I have some sample logo/text combinations that i hav...

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    Hello, i have a indicator in a seperate window very similar to cci or rsi, so it has 2 horizontal lines at a set measurement, all i want to add is an audio and text alert when the moving line hits or crosses one of the horizontal lines from the inside gap between the two lines. So its bit of a breakout scenario from between the lines, i dont want it to alert me when its coming back in between the...

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    We are assisting with celebrating Pi Day (March 14th 3/14 3.14) We are creating t-shirts for schools and clubs focused around Pi Day. I have 15 - 20 layouts scanned, I simply require someone to create them in Illustrator. Should be simple, and I welcome additional creative enhancements. Primarily text with may a circle around key words. All graphic in black. Also interested in a litt...

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    Highly-rated, high-competent provider wanted for the following project: We need to update the header image on our website so we need a provider to design a trendy but professional header image for a consumer electronics website. The header should be 754 x 142 pixel GIF image and must fit into the current look and feel of the webpage. We will provide logo for use in the header. BID REQUIREMEN...

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    I have a photoshop PSD file started as rough draft. Your work must be done in Photoshop. Text needs to be formatted. Text needs to look professional and made to sell my products. Art of briefcase and handshake needs to be added. Additional art may need to be added. Art should be photo, not cartoon. Looking for someone who can give suggestions and with marketing knowledge. You m...

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    I need a total of 500 One Way PR1+ Anchor Text links. Must be permanent. I will provide you with 50 different 2-3 word terms along with 50 different deep linked URLs; so I need 10 links each. Must be from US based IP addresses with different IP addresses. Must be from websites that have are related to photography, fashion, beauty products and document imaging.

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    SMS Text Responder Udløbet left

    I have purchased the rights to a program which is an autoresponder for sms text messages. It is all in PHP code. The software is fully functional and running on one of my websites.? I want to tweak this software a little bit. Currently it asks for name, phone number, and mobile phone provider. I would like to add a mandatory email field and add an option the user selects for what time of day the...

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    We are looking for reliable individuals to test our customer information system. It is a very simple project. We will send you a text to your mobile phone. You let us know that you got us. Thats it! PM for details Good Luck

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    I have some ready made marketing pieces available to me from one of my suppliers and I want to insert my wifes picture, our company logo and contact info into designated locations.? I can provide you hi res pdf files of the marketing materials along with the art to insert.? I need to have someone do this quickly and submit the finished product back to me ready to send to the print house. To b...

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    I need someone to help me convert word document files into the text file format using format specifications. There are about 80 word files in 50 folders. Each word file has info like this 1. Title of section Body of section, body of section,body of sectionbody of section. I need the info copied and pasted into a word document and changed to be in this format: # Title of section// Body of section, ...

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    Spell Check / Improve English Text Native English Only About 10 WebPages Content 3 Letter Pages

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    OCR a scanned text Udløbet left

    This project is to OCR scanned pages and of course correct recognition errors. I have not counted the total pages, this project is for 300 pages (empty pages not counted). An example page is attached.

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    OCR scanned text Udløbet left

    This project is to OCR scanned pages and of course correct recognition errors. I have not counted the total pages, this project is for 300 pages (empty pages not counted). An example page is attached.

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    need text/links in uk (preferrably entertainment) directories please quote per amount of links links need to be approved before payment release please also provide prices if doing 2 sites at once

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    We need a scrollbar for a text box on our website. This will be for a few text boxes which would need a dhtml-scrollbar. Please look at the attachment - but the colors/look will be a little bit different. Guess it could be done with Javascript/dhtml. For more information please contact us so we could give you more details about the project & the design we would need. Ones the project is ...

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    I need the attached TEXT file translated to Chinese Simplified. Need it done fastly (need it in 1 day) Max budget: $30 Don't bid over that!!! After translation, please include the chinese text in a word .doc file.

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    I need someone to develop for me an application that canreceive an audio file and return as an output the lyrics (as text file) thatwas said on the audio file. Please go over all the requirements before applying for this project. ## Deliverables **Description** I need someone to develop for me an application that canreceive an audio file and return as an output the lyrics (as text file) thatw...

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    I need a javascript that can be inserted immediately prior to the </body> tag in a page that will search on every page load for the client ID. ? On every page, the text "Applicant: " and "ID:" will remain. ? I need that four-five digit number that comes after the ID: to be passed to Google Analytics via a custom variable. Thanks! <span id="ctl00__Heade...

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    Hi there, We need you to transcribe 4 videos to TEXT. A total length of 7minutes for all the 4 videos. I need this done in 24 hours. You can view the videos at [log ind for at se URL] Let me know if u have any questions

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    We need a few simple flash effects added to our website. These are text shaping effects. To see an example Go to [log ind for at se URL] We are not asking you to clone the entire site. We just need a few of the text shaping features. Once you click the link above, then: ... add a text Select it and look for Shape Text features, we require some of the text effects namely: Curve Up Te...

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    Would like to develop a program or excel macro which can complete the following task: Input: - A pre-defined HTML template with dynamic tags (provided by user) - A spreadsheet with up to 1000 rows of content in different columns (provided by user) Output - Clean up the font/format of input spreadsheet, only pure text remain - Output HTML codes in 1 SINGLE spreadsheet, in different column...

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    I need a simple utility(desktop or web based) that does the following. 1. Allows me to paste a list of words (one phrase per line) in a text box. 2. Generates a tex file with one phrase from the list inserted into each text file. So if I have 15000 phrases, I will need 100 text files. 3. Allow me to define where to save the text files on my PC. 4. Must be able to support processing u...

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    Hi, I need either a desktop or server program that can grab a batch of pngs and extract the text. We're not bound to any specific program, so let me know if you have something that works. Here is a sample png: [[log ind for at se URL]<wbr />Repository/[log ind for at se URL]<wbr />WAN/2009/11/21/137/Img/<wbr />[log ind for at se URL]][1] My company is ...

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    I have file of about 3100 strings in english that I need translated to spanish. More translation is in the pipes. Each line may contain 1 word, or 2-3 words or even a sentence. On average I would say there is 5 words in each translation string. This needs to be translated in excel format, line by line. Text between lines has no connections. Please state your translation experience, and ed...

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    Your job is to do the following. Paste each of these addresses in your browser. Copy the URL to each company's web page (if they have one) into a text file. One address per row like this: "". One new text file per query. See attached image for details. It's hard to say how long this will take. My budget is 30USD so just tell me how many hours you can do for that p...

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    I need someone to convert my handwritten notes to a typed word document. Roughly 100 pages a month. Please make sure you can read my writing. I have an sample of it here: [log ind for at se URL]

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    Rich Text Format Parser iPad Input: RTF file Output:? NSAttributeString Will display the end-result with "Core Text" API Must support the following string attributes: kCTCharacterShapeAttributeName; kCTFontAttributeName; kCTKernAttributeName; kCTLigatureAttributeName; kCTForegroundColorAttributeName; kCTForegroundColorFromContextAttributeName; kCTParagraphStyleAttribu...

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