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    ...different and individual but our output (Word File/ docx) "Consultant Profil" should always be consistently following our Corporate Design/ Template. By manually editing the Word Files, the formats tend to change depending on who is working in front of the screen... Solution: I hope the a web based "Profile Manager" could solve that issue. The data entry

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    ...fields of information about energy consumption into the MySQL database. The client would like to combine all of the separate input pages into a single page where all the input for a specific building can be entered. This provides for a manual way to enter building energy use data. 2. There are some files generated by Energy Modeling programs that contain

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    ...unique code database in various excel files. I want to create multiple small DB basis the first 5 digits of the codes (i.e. 81234 as one DB and 76543 as 2nd DB). I need multiple DBs since I have to run API and running query on such large datebase will take too much of time. I am using PHP and I am unable to upload files even with 10Lakhs code at once

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    I have a small project were a client of mine is moving their DB from MS SQL to MySQL. The DB is simple. I have the create script and the data and the SQL we are looking to convert. Now here is the complication. MySQL does not support the same functions as MS SQL and there for we are struggling to convert the SQL statement like for like. I have

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    Project Overview: Custom web application to create subscription based account access to personalized data management program. This application will consist of a large number of input fields that need to flow easily, display correctly on desktop and mobile, as well as export to an excel spreadsheet. The application will need to communicate via API to

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    ...of the corp ID. Create Templates • Can create new template • Add a shift record in a template and specify its time • Reorder shift records in a template • Delete a shift record • Choose color per template (color picker) • Duplicate templates Add employee codes • Add, edit and delete employee codes • Reorder codes Create Sch...

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    ...customizations. We already integrated groceryCRUD and [login to view URL] and our requests are: - Create 1 custom page in admin where, following an excel example that we will give you, agents can mark tasks as done on a CRUD and upload the related file. Admin can view all files, agents only the one they uploaded. Every CRUD has to be intended like a project, so

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    I need to someone to help me create a dynamical data structure query in MySQL, with an output from parent to child, as the following: Level | ParentID | ChiledID Output notes: - The results must be in the same order as you see in the excel file. - The query must get the output dynamically. For example, when I insert new level into the table

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    ...access by user names to be able to view, delete, update details of companies or their staff and add/remove users. 5-Export to Excel search results. 6-Separate page to create and add training modules 7-Separate page to create and add capabilities that can then be applied to each company or individual staff member. 8-Automated email sent to company

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    ...and text boxes where they will provide feedback about the experience. The survey will consist of 5 categories with around 40 questions each. The results will be stored on a Mysql database for later use on graph charts reports provided to Car Dealer Managers. Mistery Shoppers will also receive a confirmation email every time they finish the evaluation

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    27 bud MySql) - Node.js/Typescript - AWS S3 - Excel Spreadsheet data extraction, using Node/npm js plug-in OBJECTIVE: Create a Lambda Function, using Nodejs/Typescript, triggered by a S3 upload, to extract unstructured data from a Excel file and put the data in the Aurora Database. TEST CASE: The end user will just upload the excel files - all

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    ...our customer service, ability to be flexible with our customers and going the extra mile to assist. I am looking to create/update my current website, i need to add the functionality of Drag and drop facility to enable students to create pages from a template based site with more functionality then the current site. It needs to have the ability to use

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    ...use in an mysql database environment. We need all the data with files. Models, chassisnumbers, partnumbers, diagrams, languages, etc. We also need the database structure. and with this data need to create an ecommerce website. MySQL mysql database models, bmw etk database, store data pdf files, combine data excel files,...

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    30 bud an mysql database environment. We need all the data with files. Models, chassisnumbers, partnumbers, diagrams, languages, etc. We also need the database structure. and then create ecommerce website for it. mysql database models, bmw etk database, store data pdf files, combine data excel files, sort data pdf files...

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    42 bud in XML and Access formats and the ICAPS files for pricing which can create Templates in Excel or text files. With the above noted, I have created a new website in WORDPRESS which uses mysql. We need someone who can easily take the information above of the 30,000+ products and set it up either in excel or someway for us to import it to our wordpre...

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    ...10 PC) to pull results from Google Scholar, scrape data from these results and put the data into a .csv file which is readable by Excel. This data should also be written to a local database running on Windows 10 (MySQL or MongoDB) I need the following: 1. Simple GUI which allows for a "topic" to be entered into which is to be used to scrape Google

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    ...particular files and projects. I bought WPDataTables as I wanted to put a table in a secure area of my site with front end editing enabled i.e. the database will update whenever anyone signs up to work. The issue is that the front end editing feature requires server side processing and MySQL. I need a way to create a semi complete spreadsheet in excel (blank

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    We want to offer visitors a search engin...visitors a search engine of people. It should look like Garmin Support site. [login to view URL] We provide the people database in Excel and you must create the interfase for searching and provide mysql files to upload to our site. Thanks! PS. You suggestion on creation the database is necessary.

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    We need to build a very simple trivia-game-website. Technologies used should be: Java & MySQL. The idea of the website is to show a list of diffent topics, where you can play a 10 question game on a desired topic (for example Solar Energy). When the game Ends, the player is shown his position at the Ranking. If by the end of the week the

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    Project Budget: 40.00 I need an application to update MySQL database based on an excel (xls/xlsx) file Application will have config file where I will save the following MySQL Username MySQL Password Table 1 Table 2 MySQL IP MySQL Port The path to the Excel File The excel file has Vehicle ID call vehicle The query will be as foll...

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    ...need a MySQL expert to import an excel file, with images in to a Wordpress database. The database is setup already and has some sample entries in it. I need someone who can code a script to import 2 x CSV files and the matching image from the image folder. I have attached the files, with 3 sample entries. Can you please confirm you can create this

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    Analyze sales data( around 2000 rows) with origin files in Excel, Mysql and CSV and identify a reliable forecasting model then create a simple dashboard

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    I need a Simple Import & Export MySQL Table to Excel and vice versa Using PHPEXCEL in PHP Requirements: 1: Create two PHP Files: • Export Button to Export MySQL Table to Excel with nice design and format  Format: Each Columns has different colors and with Subjects • Import Button to Import Excel file into MySQL Table to ...

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    1. Need to create an app to accept lists of barcodes and feed them to this service: [login to view URL] .... then take the resulting data and create Excel compatible files (the files can be CSV, TXT (tab delimited), or Excel... As long as easy to import into excel) 2. the [login to view URL] API has multiple ways to search for data. We

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    I will need you to download some excel files related to climate change, and its factors. Bring all the data into a single mysql database. all data must be relational and easy to call in programming. [login to view URL] There are 39 Excel files could be downloaded for free at the URL Above You should create different tables such as countries

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    From multiple database files (MySQL, MS Access, Excel), create one master database. Also, remove duplicates. Remove spam. Remove blanks. Remove various records containing specified parameters. Database contents must not be kept.

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    23 bud from multiple excel files into a single worksheet in a single excel file (Source = Sourced) 2 - Aggregate same structure data from multiple excel worksheets into a single worksheet (Source = Delisting) 3 - Convert 3 PDF files in excel (Source = Curated) 4 - Extract data from two websites into excel (Source Curated) 5 - Create a si...

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    Hello, I have excel spreadsheets that i want to convert to forms. I want these forms to be used as a form template ( or page) that will be hosted locally on my local server. These pages will be used daily to collect daily accounting activities and the details collected stored in a MYSQL database. These pages should also have the ability to be

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    ...via an internet database. Spreadsheet content should be stored as string (not as files) to search through all data easily, preferred as xml code, and most preferred as OfficeOpenXML code. Content: values, formats, cell format/styles, simple shapes. Database shall be MySQL and store besides spreadsheet content also storage time, user id, history (how

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    I am looking to create a ticket system. OVERVIEW: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The system would house multiple clients, with multiple users each. So a login (which segerates login to client specific projects). Once logged in, the user would be able to select the project to review (if only one is currently in the system then

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    Background: We are getting from our customers e-mails with attachment wich contains valuable information for us to create analysis. At the moment, we are unable to transform automatically this information into a database and we are relying on Excel to do multiple copy/paste What we are looking: 1) Automate the task from: --getting the e-mail --Forwarding

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    ...operations related to the doctor-patient relationship. Check carefully specification's file. Don't apply without reading and checking all files attachments!!! We prefer to collaborate with professional experts to create a good relashionship for future jobs. It's a management software where database structure with all stored procedures was done. It shall

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    ...application for landlords in our small country in Europe. And we want that users of our system, who have Google accounts, would have a possibility to create or connect Google spreadsheets (like excel tables) in our application. I prepared several wireframes that could explain all. My comments are in the red colour. Few words: a) Remember that we

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    We have three Excel-files creating several import-CSVs for one of our webshops. We need the same functionality of thos Excel-files (VBA) as PHP-script, using our MySQL database. As of now the user does enter various information to start the creation of different row-entries in the Excel-file. The file acts as import-CSV via Magmi into our Magento

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    ... I have a incoming travel agency and My company recieves several reservations of tourists that visit our region. These reservation normally are csv or excel files. The data of the reservation files are: Operator, Booking_nr, HOTEL, Date, Arrival_day, Flight_nr_Arrival, Hour_arrival, Nr_of_passengers, Departure_Day, Flight_nr_Departure, Hour_departure

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    I need to create a script in php to read all files with MS Word extension and MS Excel within a folder, do a search on a table in a mysql database, create a header only for MS Excel files and save files read in .pdf MS Word files are ready, just read the contents, seek ID in the corresponding database to a number contained in the file...

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    ...keep that in mind. NOTE: we will host the WordPress instance ourselves, so we need to be able to download the whole WP instance you will create or at least the configuration files and the database schema (MySQL). There is a lot of static content, that's the easy part. Now the hard part. We need a few plugins for dynamic content. Let me list them

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    ...someone to create an interface for the tests, possibly by rewriting them for a better integration into WordPress. I mean, it would be necessary to work on a WordPress theme to make the tests fully integrated with the remaining of the website. The theme could be an existing one that you will customize. It won't be required for you to create questions

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    Requirements Overview Synopsis: The goal of this project is to create a simple and clean web based file manager application based on PHP Codeigniter and JQuery to replace our existing file manger system. The interface will needs to feel very intuitive to the user and should mimic file mangers like Windows Explorer. We cannot rely on a keyboard

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    Develop a website on which user create an account; they are able to upload files and put a price on them for other users to access. Users can also download the content paying the price the user set for its file (the website gets to keep a commission). Payments must be handled using Stripe. An existing Bootstrap Theme will be provided for the UI (with

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    Dear Developers, We are looking for web developer to build a web-based payroll system and providing all source files. Details are as follows: Main Objectives: There are multiple objectives behind the designing and implementation of the Payroll management system: 1. To prepare the detailed salary record of all the employees in an organization

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    ...connects to mysql server and allows end user data entry , it's a project management system. Has only 1 form with a multi-tabbed subform style. To be added / modified by the end developer : - Add some fields to forms and database, and make them work - Create a login form - Create 2 reports with selectable filter (export to excel or pdf) -

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    My co...etc. all data is available in flat files (csv / excel) and I want to build a database where I can combine all the data and create reports that can then be automatically emailed on a schedule. There are a lot of products out there and I need figuring out how to accomplish this in the most cost efficient way (MySQL, Aws, Azure, sharepoint etc).

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    ...runtime application that can take this file and parse out each record and each field and then submit the fields into a MySQL database. The app can interface with the SQL server or export the data to CSV or SQL dump files as long as the files are not too large to be imported and the data ends up in a SQL database. Additional terms of the project. We require

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    Create MySQL code for loading bulk data into database. Data will be provided in Excel or txt files.

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    We want our home to be having a "iPhoto" like experience but the backend must be mysql powered. The data sync/options of actual images will be network based. Currently iPhoto is single user and cannot be accessed via a second connection at the same time and photo stream is not a option for internal usage. The new Apple Photos app does not keep smart

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    We are currently seeking a Freelancer to create an integration/app for our OwnCloud 7 and soon to be OwnCloud 8 environment. OwnCloud is a storage script built using PHP with some HTML and JavaScript. They have fully functional open source script whereby you can download and install for Free. See the Links Below: We are seeking someone to integrate

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    13 bud into mysql and viewed in forms. For example, if you have used mail chimp before and you need to import mailing list, it will ask you to import excel or copy and paste data from excel and it will match the data to defined table and import the contents. What i need to do is as follows: - there are multiple clients that submit data using excel - I need

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    I have a project to develop MySQL database and software using Visual Basic 2013. Project Tasks: • Create MySQL database with table names columns as defined in attached files • Upload data to database tables as follows: o Zip Codes to the zip codes table o City Names to city names table o State KML data to the State KML data (each state must between

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    I have a project to develop MySQL database and software using Visual Basic 2013. Project Tasks: • Create MySQL database with table names columns as defined in attached files • Upload data to database tables as follows: o Zip Codes to the zip codes table o City Names to city names table o State KML data to the State KML data (each state must between

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