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    hello,programmers my files in the pc is attacked by some virus and all extensions of files are changed to (.sarut) i want any programmer to change extension to original files again please let me know if someone know reverse engineering or something like that

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    i want to build my website for my startup

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    Install marketplace script with payment gateway. both included and access to full digital ocean account, the server will be created by you on the DO account, so you can choose the best one for this. Pretty simple, comes with instructions too. This is for test purposes only. Message me for the link. Uses golang, node, git, Postgres, tor/torsocks

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    We are building a predictive model based on a survey data using python sci-kit. Our team is good in modeling however at this stage we lack the skills for building interactive dashboards in python. We have narrowed down to DASH/Plotly framework and in some cases use d3js. Now the file can be uploaded directly as a flat file, however if to facilitate

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    i need someone how install my django app on a new server and install me openvpn crertificate on this server

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    we have an email account, I'm trying to fix and migrate them over to the old microsoft server exchange but having issues with receiving emails

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    We are looking for someone to improve the UX, UI of our current website in a faster way by implementing these templates [log ind for at se URL] and adding the additional features to our Django backend. It is not only needed for a backend-person but also someone with a healthy/logic thinking

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    I have one report which shows the godown name,varieties and their qty

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    Only Fix Prices - The Internet IE very slow, the Start menu on the server dont work with local user. - allwasy comes the Bitcoin Trojaner to the Servers (2 Physicial Server and 4 HyperV Machine) it musst be check the Security, and musst bring Security in the Futures, no Virus, no Trojaner, no Spy. - creat backup Job on a local Server

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    Currently , any new devices gets wrong DNS . i need someone to configure the DHCP to correct it . windows server 2008 R2

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    project name : route optimization for taxi pick ups i want the computer graphics showing Travelling salesman for example , a girl standing and a taxi comes and picks the girl , taxi chooses the shortest path and drops the girl.. everything should be included , even if its a simple project then its fine . similar to below video link is also fine but simple like car choosing only shortest path and...

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    A static web page is required to add to an organisational website site running IIS. The page is to be used as a template for each process and has to be HTML, CSS and JS only. Each page is used to describe a business process and uses tabs to explain the aspects of the process. CSS to be used for the template with a single HTML file for each page.

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    Web analytics research project using twitter account

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    Requirements : 1. Interface a LED with Raspberry Pi. 2. Develop the attached UI using Python. 3. The LED can be controlled by pressing a button on the UI. 4. The status of the LED (on/off) shall be shown in the UI. 5. Current system date shall be shown in the UI which shall be updated dynamically For the UI reference, please check the attached image

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    On the hunt for system admin who is able to help - we are using WHM / CPanel and all out going emails are being marked as SPAM - with some emails not being sent to users at all bouncing back. We've recently moved from GoDaddy and need to ensure that all of our MX/DNS records are set up accordingly. * Configure DKIM * Ensure DNS / MX Settings are

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    Only Fix Prices - The Internet IE very slow, the Start menu on the server dont work with local user. - allwasy comes the Bitcoin Trojaner to the Servers (2 Physicial Server and 4 HyperV Machine) it musst be check the Security, and musst bring Security in the Futures, no Virus, no Trojaner, no Spy. - creat backup Job on a local Server

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    Using MEVN stack along with nuxt js, need to create a news website. 50% of the app has been completed, need to continue the app. Facebook instant articles, Facebook comments, google seo friendly site.

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    This project is to develop the graphic design and web design of a kiosk system, Wordpress and Divi should be used, the pages to be developed should be optimized to visualize on iPad devices, the freelancer should provide images and graphics to complete this project. This project is intended for a tourism business Attached is a link to see a basic

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    Would like a captcha added to my contact page.

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    Write a Java program that draws the shear force / bending moment / deflection diagrams for a continuous beam under vertical loads. Must use stiffness matrix method. The user can input parameters such as: - Length of Beam - Add supports, both fixed and pinned - location of those supports - Allows more than 1 support to be added - Add Loads, both points and uniformly distributed ...

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    ...pdf file with the source code (excluding libraries), the output and a brief explanation of the implementation. • the code. Problem : Image Classification. Using the images in the Images directory. The objective of this problem is to classify each image of the test set into one of three classes: coast, forest or “insidecity”. The representation will

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    I would like to have a bash script that will reformat a Linux (asterisk) queue report, extracting variables and reformat output. I have attached two files; the queue report output; a spreadsheet containing the variables and sample output. The queue report is generated daily via shell script and I want to reformat the output to a text file for email attachment. The sample output is in the spread...

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    Install Zimbra8 to fresh new Centos7 server Configure performance for prod (mass mailing from 1 server)

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    Preciso de uma aplicação com protocolo de envios via SMPP que se comunique com minha aplicação via API , se possivel criar em jasmin o gerenciamento do smpp [log ind for at se URL]

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    1) Plugin name = CM 2) Install/integrate the DataTables libraries into a folder of the plugin ([log ind for at se URL]) 3) Make a table/database in the plugin using the "inline editing" capability (seen here: [log ind for at se URL] > "inline editing" button) 4) Columns = 4a) Client (displays WP users to select from) [required] 4b) Note (a

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    I already have website design in PSD format. I need developer to convert these design into working website using Wordpress.

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    I need someone who can create me a data download app to get securely from an API using cURLs. We need the app to be secure so the following steps are what I envisage is needed: Step 1 - Login, Logout, User Register using Google Firebase API for user authentication management Step 2 - Integrate dashboard app with the first app. When a user is logged

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    1. Requeset XML (API) from the 3 URLs (in Python language) 2. Parsing the date in order 3. Save into the PC server or mysql

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    ...need to build out a homepage with Wordpress and the theme's page builder. The homepage will have a couple blocks and a blog roll below the blocks. This is the theme that I am using: [log ind for at se URL] I can't configure it to look anything close to that. But would like something simple and looks nice. Ask me for my website link

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    Fix a capacity and email problem on a go daddy hosting private server. We need to clean server so emails can start coming in and out. We should delete any unused files or websites

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    My name is Stephen Moore and I would like to hire an African American woman who can create my visions in 2 minute intervals on film. I have over 200 projects I'd like to have come to life.

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    I want make a Player of Movies By using nginx vode mudule

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    write text using photoshop. color text using four provided colors. send with psd files

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    Environment Django=2.2 Needed a form page where i select a folder and the contents of the folder need to be uploaded. But i need a progress bar when the files are uploading

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++.

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    Do you know What is the problem of Internal Server Error 500 Error ID 15adb39d7de5b

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    PROJECT 1 (BUGGY) draft a outline for C code to make the buggy drive forwards. Add to the above program so that the bumper switches are read. If a bumper switch is press/hit then the buggy will reverse and turn the opposite way e.g. if the left bumper is hit it will reverse turn right and then continue driving forwards again. Consider how this can be added to in terms of functionality. How will ...

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    ...gRPC Camera Server will provide for the execution of gRPC methods that acquire images and/or stream video using a Basler camera and the PyPylon SDK wrapper. The project also includes creating a basic properties framework for configuring the service and default camera parameters, a logging interface to Elastic Search, and a CI process using Jenkins and

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    I need a developer who has SMPP Server Panel Software, who will also install and configure it on my Server.

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    Resolve connection problem between existing flutter project when firebase security rules are applied

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    We need to find an open source or free Mobile Deployment Management (MDM) for Android in order to push automatic updates to an already developed application that is running in Kiosk mode

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    We need to find an open source or free Mobile Deployment Management (MDM) for Android in order to push automatic updates to an already developed application that is running in Kiosk mode

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    Basically I need an application that shows the results of searches made by users. This using IBM DISCOVERY, where you will be many files to perform the search.

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    hello, i need you to design a landing page using wordpress it's for selling branding services. please share me your best portfolio.. Thanks.

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    I need 1 picture eidted, in the same style as an example I will send, using similar tools that the previous designer used in editing the other picture. adjusting the brightness so the grass is greener, like the example. Adjusting the sky, similar to the example, removing objects in the background, and shoes in the foreground of the image

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    Need...existing app and build a new WPF application which can run asynchronously without blocking the UI thread using ReactiveUI (Observable Pattern), MVVM, Autofac, AutoMapper, Entity Framework etc. This involves in communicating with SQL Server Database using Stored Procs for doing CRUD operations. Please reach out to me for further details. Thanks.

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    ...want to build soon. It is right now still a rough sketch of the architecture (from outside). Interior plans do not exist yet. Tasks: 1) Convert my drawing into a 3D model using CAD software 2) Embed 3D model in topographical surrounding provided by Google Earth, including mountains in the South of the house (coordinates will be provided) 3) Help me

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    I have an android app. It was developed using firebase but now I want to connect it to the. My dedicated server. Please bid only if you agree the amount and you have time

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