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    ...exactly what I'm going to be explaining to you. Our new host does not run ASP, only PERL. But hey that's the way things go. It is a file transfer script that added the file to a database so that you could download it from a webpage. Our old ASP Script can be viewed at [log ind for at se URL] Under the Downloads Section on the left. There are a 5 different

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    8 bud file containing a sample payroll database of unknown origin or structure. The zip also includes sample (canned) reports. The payroll software does not provide external access to the database so customized reports can not be done (only canned reports). This bid is to be able to read this information (database) through VB or Delphi so customized reports

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    ...2000) different formats containing different data. I have an existing MS Access 2000 file containing existing tables. I want to create an data mining (storage) and filtering application to get the needed data from the excel files and convert them into existing table formats in Access. The application should be able to read the 15 or so excel files, get

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    We are looking for the development of a Media Management component that is based directly on a plug-in structure. The solution will need to be designed around an array components that complete our needs and allow us to expanded upon the design through future plug-ins. (See document for the a few of the components) We would like this done in C++ if possible, however if a VB version can be done with...

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    .../Save Web Text to Database Project Part 1: Need a program to query and extract tabular table data and corresponding picture(s) from web sites. The site can be an ASP or CGI or other type of sites. For each web page's table save to an excel file. I if there are multiple tables in a web page save them o the same excel file. You need to create a folder for

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    Convert Access Tables, Queries, Forms and Macros to Visual Basic 6 Project... I have a Database that I would like Converted to Visual Basic 6 Project... Convert MDB to VB6... Enclosed in the attached file is the database to be converted... They can be done as two seperate projects... I have extracted the Data so to save file size... Everything else

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    Hi there I have access databases as examples and also a xls file explaining how it must all work. Basically it is, 2 access databases that are used in a manufacturing process from quote to manafacture. The database has been used with access forms reports etc. I would like it all transfered to asp/vbs so it can be used on the internet at the moment there

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    See the attached files for details. I need someone to go through the assignment ...any last minute corrections that I need. Note: also need the journal thrown together - nothing elaborate just a couple of pages as outlined in the assignment. ## Platform Access 2000; Win 98/ME/XP ## Deadline information I require daily updates of your progress.

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    Must change a .dat file system database to MySQL and ensure all files work with and support this change. Also fix the program that edits or deletes users from this database of an MLM type program. In the .zip file is an html file called "Project Description" that gives a detailed explanation of exactly what I want from this job. I also expect to keep

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    ...program will set resolution, refresh rate accordingly, or at least display the settings it should be at. It should access this information from its database, which can also be user updated via tcp/ip to a database file via the web. The database will have a list of projector models and contain the settings for each. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    ...must be well commented!!! Steps: 1. Select a MS Access 97 or MS Access 2000 database via a DSN as the FROM DSN and a Sybase or MS SQL Server database DSN as the TO DSN. Must also work with OLEDB connections. Would be great if program read connection info from an INI file or a separate MS Access database. 2. Fill one checked list with tables and another

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    I am interested in either direction or an existing application that can create a Flat data storage file that has some level of encryption or atleast prevents the ability of it being opened in an ASCII viewer to retrieve the data. There will not be sensitive data in the file but would like to protect the integrity of the data. Any suggestions are greatly

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    These are the changes to my database editor program I am requesting. The original program I found at However, I do not understand most of their code. 1. Renaming Columns should be changed to use ADOX to rename columns 2. Adding Columns to existing tables should also be changed to use ADOX 3. New procedure for opening databases with

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    Application shoud keep a database of files (either in a seperate directory or in a real database) which the user can add, view, delete, and basically manage and keep together a database of the following kinds of files. HTML/HTM and any pure ascii file It should allow users to import files into the database. When files such as HTML files

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    ..."number" in 2002 db]) Does NOT do same mismatch error BUT returns no matches (despite matching sample data) Suspect changes in the ftype mod vs. functions are to blame. ***Database is not administered by us and CANNOT be changed. DB copies are provided for testing adapted ASP/query only. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    ...clicks a link, the system has to go through each file to find the user to update his/her record which is very CPU intensive and dogging my server. I need this converted to a database so that my CPU usage drops and also to make reporting a lot easier. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    ...names for the program. I want a hidden online database with every member's IP, Screen Name, and Password. The program needs to be able to access the database. For Example: If a user wants to Instant Message another user, they will type in their friend's screen name. The program will go onto the database, search for that screen name, find the screen

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    Develop a simple Accounting application. The application must use the following database - Accounts Table Column Name Type Comments Account_Number Integer Primary Key Account_Name String(25) Account_Balance Integer Transactions Table Column Name Type Comments Transaction_number Integer Primary Key Account_Number Integer Foreign Key Transaction_Type

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    I am in need of a coder who is well-versed in PHP script and database managment. Our site is an adult pay-site and we need a coder to write and install the PHP script so that the entire site reads from the database. This site and script will include: User Profiles, profile searching, images, chat, etc. For a complete detail and link for an example site

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    Im looking to have a program that was written for Access '97 to be converted so that it can run with Access 2000. It is a program that allows price charts to be added and store clients. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work

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    ...record 2.1 it is necessary to make distinction between corporate client and private client 2.2 upon loading imported data into form system should preselect closest match from database 3, clicking save button will insert new booking (also sets booking status to imported) 4, then itinerary for that booking will be inserted into bookingitinerary table (there

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    A program written in ASP/vbscript that saves certain key fields of an existing recordset in a file and when the file with those key fields is loaded, a new recordset will be created with all coulmns of rows including those key values in a database. Please see the diagram attached ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    Need very experience database developer to design a multi attribute product database to be use in an intranet/internet in asp. This is an example: Manufacturer: Kodak Department: Camera Category: Film>Consumer Film>Color Film Brand: Royal Gold Item code: xxxx Alias code: An individual item may have multiple lookup numbers. For example, your assigned

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    59 bud and from a MySQL database. The Command Types: 1. Query Strings 2. Basic Application Variables 3. Math Functions add subtract multiply and divide 4. Random Numbers 5. Basic If then/else statement 6. Print to Screen 7. Database Connection 8. Database Insert 9. Database Update 10. Database Delete The syntax reminds me of Vbscript or Perl, but is much

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    Hi there, I need a good and experienced coder to make me a clone of yahoo groups. It should include all the features. I would like you to use ASP / VBScript. Currently my budget for this project is $100 USD but the selected bidder will get more projects as i have many more lined up! I will give u 2~3 weeks to complete this [log ind for at se URL] u think u can

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    I am a domain name broker who knows a little about HTML but lost when it comes to advance programming. I believe that what I need is a MYSQL database created for me where I can enter my domain names and add & delete them easily as my portfolio changes daily. It should also be searchable so that users can locate names easily using the various categories/keywords

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    I need a coder to take a small business database created in access and convert it to SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000. The database contains 6 tables and 15 views. I would also like the coder to move the access information into the new SQL database. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    ...upgraded their system and my code needs to be slightly modified to support their new version. ah-ha has told me that changes on my end are pretty minor. However, since I am a VBScript/.asp programmer and these scripts are in Perl, I am at a loss as to how to fix and troubleshoot. This is the first item to be addressed. 2) The second item to be addressed

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    I need a string processing function written in ASP VBScript. The function is available in C, Perl, and PHP at this URL: [log ind for at se URL] I want the same function in VBScript for usage in a ASP page. ## Deliverables Fully tested and functional ASP/VBScript version of the function published in C, Perl, and PHP at this ULR: http://www

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    I need a competent coder to work alongside our existing developers to convert our current existing access business management system querys to sql server format. Please only capable coders with experience an the above reply ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    Flexible Web Grid Udløbet left

    I need a web grid written in Javascript/VBScript for IE 5+ that allows the user to visually rearrange columns, drag the edge of the column to change width, and have a 3 state "ordering" button on each column (ascending, descending or default). Just like a desktop application grid. Text should automatically wrap onto next line. The grid should be flexible

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    ...working to build a project without too much technical knowledge of my own. I will need a coder who is patient and highly knowledgeable. Brief overview: A free to access, internet database of UK car boot sales, antique fairs etc searchable by location and date. Implemented regionally at first, eventually national by end of 2003. Launch Jan 2003. see

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    ...from a single pre-defined database with one click of a button. The "backed up" SQL data should be placed into a pre-defined on a server. either as several or one file. A single zip archive with several dump files inside will do as well. Second part of the script: User should have an option of seeing a list of all database backups he have made [all backups

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    Easy Access Project Udløbet left

    Easy Access project I need finished ASAP. All requirements are in the attached PDF under Assignment 1. Will send a few form screen shots to the successful bidder. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. Only Assignment

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    Enclosed is a database editing program that I found from However, the only problem I have is I am unable to create a new database and I do not understand enough of the code to do so. What I want is a new menu option create database. When it is clicked, it will use the common dialog to type in a name and to easily choose where to

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    I need a programmer to create a palm / desktop application for me to record surgical procedures. I have created a terribly simple one using Microsoft access but it has very limited functionality. Please see attached file for an indepth description of exactly what I need. I have included the access app and a doc of what I need. Thanks Chris ## Deliverables

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    Filemaker Database Udløbet left

    I need someone with Filemaker Pro experience to help and explain in full how to configure and setup a Filemaker database on the Internet. Also a simple example to be placed on my test web site. ## Deliverables A simple database example to be placed on my test web site. ## Platform Windows

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    ...below, so I would like to make sure you know what I want. Read the description below and if you can answer this question correctly, I will consider your bid. Q: Using the database I supplied, and assuming you have written your code correctly, when I run the program and I select '1002' from the pulldown, how many records are there, and what are the values

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    Hi I am looking for someone to develop a site for a new reord company. Budget is around £1000. Visual as well as technical quality is required. Example URLS please.

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    €179 - €268
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    I have a complete database which after switching a few things over to use mysql tables instead of a access table one of my forms do not work anymore, it says cannot update number of query values do not match those of the destination table. I will provide the mysql table information and the database.. I need this completed asap. It maybe something to

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    ...Import Wizard functionality of MS Access: 1. Open a comma separated file. 2. determine the first line field name criteria 3. determine/allow field separators 4. determine/allow text delimiters 5. determine/allow field types 6. chose an existing table to import to or 7. create and import into a new table If you have MS Access, try it out, you'll see what

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    To orginize my Excel database so I can find information very quickly...We should be able to enter account number and automatically get company initials and name of the person posted on column left of the account no. column (please see attached sample). Should be able to calculate profit/loss based on cusip/symbol, i.e. different formulas for bonds and

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    This project is NOT open to bidders, (I couldn't find a way to CLOSE bid right away) It will be awarded to: Username: skiv Description: Project involved working with large databases, 100,000+ records, and converting, importing and exporting. Thanks, Rob McCormack President ReadPlease Corporation

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    I have existing code for an application that allows two levels of user-access. The first level is for 'account managers', and their only capability is to add/edit their data, and run their forecast report. The second access level is for managers to view reports from the data. I need these reports created ASAP. Basic report structure exists. The report

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    15 bud an online cruise database and provide results online. We also need the web pages to be able to have a dynamic look and feel for our affiliates. Looking for long term relationship on this as well as on future projects. [log ind for at se URL] is an online cruise booking web site. It currently has a real time online cruise database provided by a third

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    We are seeking for someone that has experienced writing a program extracting the MLS database especially for the northern california area. This project should be simple for someone that has knowledge about it, and we want it to be done asap. Preferably in ASP/SQL Server/COM ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    Access e creation Udløbet left

    We require a access databse to manage hundreds of clients and prospects through a sales cycle. This would require forms to include drop down menus populated with field data. And we would need queries to search n a variety of criteria and run reports. All needs to be accessible from a switchboard. This is all just a case of tweaking a few wizards, so

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    €179 - €268
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    A program to parse an html page of url and match them against our [log ind for at se URL] create a new html page with a list of urls not found in our [log ind for at se URL] cold fusion or winbatch ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased

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    I need to demo a catalog site written in ASP for IIS server and/or windows 2000 server and MS SQL server. The database is already done, the data is there. All I need is the data to be retrieved, displayed and user actions processed. I have HTML templates with forums and menu. I need a well written ASP 3.0 + VB code to connect the SQL Server, get the

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    €89 - €223
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    A “search?? form in Microsoft Access with query results populating a ListView in Report mode that allows sorting by clicking on the column headers. The search function should create an SQL query based on the parameters captured from text boxes and query every table in the database. Only a few fields are necessary to query on, but the query should include

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