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    ...AWARDED TO THE FASTEST REPLY! I want to create a UWP application that use XAML, C# and OpenGL for 3D models. The app main page should have a split view, where on one side I can insert parameters using a UI that uses XAML and C#, on the other side of the splitview I want a 3D model. The attached picture is an example from anot...

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    ...have a sketch of a tracksuit on paper. I need you to create a 3D model of this suit and render it in two views: front and back. After all I need from you the file with 3D model and the pictures of rendered views. In files you can see the drawing from which 3D model should be done, the png file with the logo whic...

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    We want to Create a Unique Graphic DESIGN / SKETCH for my website TO DO A BETTER SEO (Images should Not be taken Directly from google ) Make Three types of UNIQUE designs / sketches as in attached files with following corrections and submit as early as possible. With reference to the image uploaded "[log ind for at se URL]", 1) Replace the Scotland map...

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    I will provide a blender 3D model and a picture of a scene. You will have to recreate the details of the scene into the 3D model. I will create two milestones. Milestone 1 requirements: - Send me a finished Blender file after hand drawing textures onto the 3D model like in the videos below. [log ind for at se URL...

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    3d character model Udløbet left

    I need an amazing 3d modeler that can create a very specific 3d character model from picture that ill give that will be made as a jewelry.

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    Three.js project Udløbet left

    ...letter, they select 1 picture and input name(sender) and contents. After they finish making a letter. We will create certain link and User can share this link ( and this time, picture, name, contents will upload on the server ) Images, sender, contents are in server And when user access certain link user can see this Letter 3D model on the we...

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    We need to create a 3D model design from a picture of a cute and small animal plastic toy, and to make few modifications in order to look different and cuter. Fluent interaction is required for modifications and adjustments. Thanks

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    Your task is to create a colored 3D printable model of this black and white painted animal: [log ind for at se URL] - The model has to be similar to the painting, having a slightly grumpy look. The proportions need to fit. - The final model is going to be hand-painted, therefore no complicated color techniques like gradients and shadows are des...

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    Hello! I am trying to get a vest made for my milsim. I have found a 3dmax model of the vest we want; however we want it red. Here is an example picture of the vests color we want: [log ind for at se URL] Here is the 3dmax model: [log ind for at se URL] I was wondering if any of you

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    Create a 3D model in bas-relief from a picture.

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    At Norhart, we build and manage apartments. We are currently constr...apartment property. We have created the blueprints of what our 5 differently designed floorplans will look like, but we need help to create a 3D model picture to make more sense for our customers. Attached is an example from one of our other properties of what we wish to accomplish.

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    Create a 3D model from a picture Udløbet left

    Looking for some who can take a picture and create a 3D model, i.e. make it human like AI bot. I am attaching an example. See how they did [log ind for at se URL]

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    Use Use any smartphone to take a picture of the bar code(vin. number) on a used car(Integrate with existing technology) this will provide,Year, Make, Model and trim level data on the used car. Create fields to enter other option info and mileage. Integrate with multiple book and market value info and other dealers(existing technology available) All

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    We are looking for someone that has experience with creating a 3D image ( augmented reality) from images. We will provide you with the images and you to texture the picture to create a 3d model. you need to be able to do 3-4 models a day. You will be paid very well and you will be working full time on this project trough freelancer fo...

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    I have a picture that need to be converted into a 3d model. We will 3d print themodel.

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    We bought LIsa and Alexa 3D character from you. We need two male character for using in our project. The male characters should have the same or very similar technical data as Lisa Version 3. We find a models, there perfect match our needs on [log ind for at se URL] , models Eric and Denis. But Eric and Denis do not have advanced

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    I want to create a 3d model from a 2d picture i have, It need to have high fidelity and accuracy as it would be 3d printed photo would be uploaded after selection of the candidate

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    Have a requirement for virtual staging. I am a real estate agent. I will supply pictures of empty rooms to which I need furniture, pictures, rugs etc. added. Most pictures will be bedrooms and living rooms. High resolution, high quality images will be supplied. Minor Photoshop work may be required before adding staging, just simple blemish/object

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    I have a picture of a mythical creature that I want to convert into a 3D model (STL). It is not an embossing job, you have to re-create the model from what you see into a 3D STL model. The creature is the logo of our craft beer brewery, we want to make all sorts of stuff with it. First, we'd want the 3D...

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    Need to create a 3D design for a suitcase that will be made for both carrying and inserting i a car. The suitcase fills the whole front luggage compartment in new Tesla Model S. I need 3D picture from all sides when not in car, and two sides when it is inside the car. It needs to look realistic, and the 3D model ...

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    I need a web app made, which uses the user's web cam to create a live video of the user on the screen, which the user can then augment by adding hair to their head on the screen. Here's how it should work: 1. User loads the application 2. User sees their web cams view live on the screen 3. User can then select the number of hairs to show on

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    ...also have 3D Printing services. 3D Scanning is under negotiation, which may be available this year. This project asks you to create a short unique, fancy, creative Video Advertisement to be posted in Facebook, Youtube, Airports, Lounges, iPad, etc. ################################################################ VERY IMPORTANT: 3D PRINTING or

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    ...out of a solid light weight injected pellet closed cell foam called EVA Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), also known as poly (ethylene-vinyl acetate) (PEVA), This is the same foam that CROC shoes are made from. The Waveblade will be made in one injection process, in one part. The Lateral wing tips of the Waveblade will be reinforced and made of a strong

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    Create a accurate 3D model from photo supplied. 3D modelling only. Supplied in format that can be easily imported into Modo. Square Container so all sides are the same. Width: 375mm Height: 256mm Picture of front of model with lid on to come shortly.

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    ...psd file is a high resolution 2D image in layers in Adobe PhotoShop. The perspective and render will form a perfect illusion of two stages of the room. The job is to: A) Create a simple 3d model from the idea sketched in "[log ind for at se URL]" and render it in high resulution for photomontage in PhotoShop. B) Render from...

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    Customers file a drawing a picture a plan of a broken piece or m sends the broken piece directly, Or from a file (STL, or CAD) to print directly or use it as a model for a similar object (for example of different size etc ...) ---------- I create the schema in 3D ---------- I print it in draft mode for test an...

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    Design project -- 2 Udløbet left

    ...need a 3D model of something.I need some graphic design. The reason I am here is that I need some renders for my project. I am going to make a swimming pool building business so first of all I want to create a webpage. Just for you to understand the webpage is going to be really simple without lot of unneccessary information. The first picture...

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    A simple project with a simple design, nothing complex. To create an EXACT duplicate of Romulan Bird of Prey from the original Star Trek series, based on the attached pictures (taken from the Polar Lights model). I've seen quite a few Romulan 3D models out there that have either the wrong number (and placement) of windows, wrong ...

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    ...three photo 3D Rendering of three type of motorcycles running with our system inside. It’s for our new catalog and website. Our product is powertrain system combine with motor, controls unit, and batteries. There is no background to create, simple transparent background. We can provide the basic 3D model as .step or igs drawing as one model another two

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    ...have a solid 3D model. This model should be peforated in a consistent way. Therefore you need to create array of angled holes on a non planar surface. In clearer words: Imagine you have a model of a face mask. Now you want to turn that mask into a filter and therefore need to make holes throughout the mask. I th...

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    What I need is the 3D model of the head of a dog (German shepherd) but viewed from the front and resembling as possible to the figure attached. The attached picture is the figure that appears in the logo of a brand and the idea is to create what would be the 3d model of that dog. What I need is the file extension that allow me to op...

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    Baby token Udløbet left

    Baby token Create a 3D model (.stl file) of the sketch below. Images displayed are: (1) B&B, (2) 2015, (3) Heart and 8 Feb, (4) H, (5) baby footprint and 12 Apr, (6) 1.42 am and 24 Oct, (7) 51cm and 3725g, (8) Scorpio symbol. Design guidelines are: - the design in each wedge should fill the wedge space as much as possible without touching the

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    ...We are looking for a longtime partner for fast 3d modeling. What we need now is a simple test project: we provide 2d drawing with a scale measurement, based on this, you should create a flat with a simple design (please look at the picture). You are free to use any ready-to-use solutions, the only guideline is to create in in a...

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    Design a Mascot Udløbet left

    We are looking for a designer who is capable to create a mascot to our company. Actually, we have defined our mascot which is related to a traditional Chinese mythological character named Wukong. Wukong is a character in the famous novel in China which is "Journey to the West " and he is a monkey in fact. This character is also very famous in ...

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    Trophy icon Create a 3D model of a family weapon Udløbet left

    ...designers: I need that you create a 3D model of a family weapon. The 3D model must be suitable for 3D printing as well as mold making. There are a number of files attached which will help you with the assignment. You cannot modify any part of the family weapon and it should be 100 percent identical to the picture. I have adde...

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    I require a 3d model of anTalking Cartoon figure using zbrush. Attached is a sample picture. The model needs to be highly detailed. the model needs to be transposed inside Zbrush in 32 different poses. I am open to suggestions, if you can provide similar details in other softwares like 3d max, you can use that also, I believe rigging will b...

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    I need to create a 3d model from a picture so I can produce a round crest or coin with cnc machine by uploading the tool path of this design on the cnc. coin dimension 0.75" x 0.075"

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    This is Stage 1 Contest entry. This contest is designed to implement only first two features listed below. As a web-designer you are required to create: * A Website Landing Page (wire-frame & contents given) * A Web Application capable of managing users, uploading & storing data on cloud based storage services such as DropBox

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    Hello, I'm looking for a designer for a future long term collaboration. The job is to create 3D models from 2D pictures. Please submit your sample work, based on this picture and your asking rate and the time you sped to work on a single model/picture. Please show some renderings in the following materials: Blue pvc, pol...

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    Hi I have a phone app that creates 3D prints. I want some promotional images. There are 2 templates. 1. SINGLE MODEL TEMPLATE: Show how 1 model once rendered on the phone will look once printed. You have to convey this through the promo image. Both the model image on the phone and the printed model camera picture are provided. I have multipl...

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    Dear 3d Designer, We have a different type of box that represents our products (not exactly squared), the same type of box comes in a lot of different sizes. We use BoxShot3D (the program) to render 3d boxes but for this new type that we have now we need to import a new 3d Model (box type) to the program. We have up to now, created one but it

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    The goal of this project is to create a small hollow volcano. I need a quoted price for the following: 1. A 3D CAD model, which can be made and edited in free software, which can be downloaded from the internet. AutoCAD would do if necessary. 2. A 3D model of the volcano printed and shipped to my address. The dim...

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    Looking for 3D designed in possibly Autocad who can create scaled 3D model from a picture of a plane and drawing of fixed wing drone. I would like to have the possibility to have the drone built in sections so that it can be printed in sections on a 3d Printer.

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    Create a 3D model from a person in a picture i will send to you, Soon I will have similar projects like this one and I especially looking for some one how can deliver ASAP.

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    3D character model Udløbet left

    I need to be 3D modeled to be in a game. You are going to have to take the images that I submit and use them to create a very nice looking 3D model that is high poly. You will also have to have an optimized lower poly version, but with the high quality textures generated from the high poly version. I would prefer if you would use some sculpting soft...

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    We are an Italian manufacturer producing classic style luxury furniture. We design and product everything handmade in our workshop, from the basic sketches to the models, unitl we get the final product. We use only the "old traditional way" to concept, design and produce our furniture. Once the products are ready, painted, decorated and upholstered

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    ...doing, we like to invite you to be a part of our team. We have ongoing jobs to be done and all you need to do is write tutorials on how to use Adobe Photoshop and get paid for it. That simple. The job entails that you come up with a tutorial on a specific design that you want to create. However, to prevent you from working hard and getting your job

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    We are looking to create a logo for our company. Our company offer interior design with 3D software, customize furniture and sell these furniture to customer. Our logo will contain 4 letter "3D I F" stand for 3D Interior Furniture. Since we are offering 3D interior design, we might want some sort of 3D effect on the logo. Let get creative ...

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