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    Advanced SEO Fix for Next JS 4 dage left

    ...dynamic Next Js website pages. This needs to be fixed promptly to enable my site to be crawled effectively. - Ensure All Pages are Crawled: The fix should be applied to enable search engines to crawl through all pages on the website. Ideal Candidate: - Proven track record in SEO: You should have extensive experience in SEO and be familiar with the best practices for Next JS websites. - Strong Next JS Development Skills: Since the issue is specifically related to a Next JS site, you need to have a solid understanding of Next JS and be able to make the necessary adjustments in the code to resolve the error. - Proactive: I'm looking for someone who can quickly identify the problem and implement an effective solution without compromising other aspects of the ...

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    I'm looking to hire an SEO specialist to significantly boost organic traffic to my new exotic car website. The successful candidate will need to focus on the following aspects: - **Keyword Research**: I haven't conducted any keyword research yet, so this will be crucial for understanding what our audience is looking for and how we can target them effectively. - **On-Page SEO**: Ensuring that the website's content and HTML source code are optimized for search engines. - **Technical SEO**: Improving technical aspects of the website to enhance its rankings. This could include site speed, mobile responsiveness, and other technical factors that can affect SEO. - **Content Optimization**: Ensuring content is valuable, engaging, and optimized for search engines....

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    We are working in adding an addition to the house, rear porch converted to kitchen and dinning area. Need inspected and certificate of clearance to turn in to the city.

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    I need a minimal flutter example app for android. The app must scan Bluetooth Ibeacons. I do not need a complete UI, simply a button to start scan and another to stop scan. The information obtained from beacons can be showed in a textbox. The monitoring of beacons mut be "Ranging" (each transmition of beacon must be received and showed) Is very important the scan continue in background. When the app is minimized or out of focus, the app must launch a foreground service (or the foregrounn service can be allways active on all the life of app) when te foreground service is running, a permanent notification must be showed (android policy to allow foreground service). The app must request all permitions required to user on start. When the app is minimized, and the foreground...

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    ...Google SEO for my website - Social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as Tik Tok - Generating video content tailored to my social media platforms The ideal freelancer should have substantial knowledge and experience in SEO optimization, social media marketing, and creative video content creation. The main demographic of my target audience is between 25-44 years old. Your strategies should resonate with this demographic to maximize engagement and conversion rates. Pre-Work: 1. Conduct a detailed SEO audit of our website and identify risk and areas of improvement. (Technical issues affecting search engine, crawl errors, mobile usability issues, site speed optimization, website performance before optimization and lead generation ca...

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    I am looking for an experienced Flutter developer to create a minimal example that can effectively scan iBeacons for Android. This should be a simple, text-based UI that can display the UUID, major & minor values, as well as signal strength of iBeacons. Furthermore, it's important that the scanner remains functional in the background via a foreground service, providing a simple text notification when interacted with. The detection process must be constant (ranging). Key requirements for the project: - Develop a minimal Flutter app for Android - Ability to scan iBeacons and display UUID, major and minor values, and signal strength - The app should continue to work in the background - Use a foreground service for background function - Provide a simple text notification from...

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    Crawl, extract, build and publish all Docker Hub, , GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, Snapcraft, Flatpak, AppImages, DC++, eMule, BitTorrent and SoulSeek as deb packages (APT repository), from ISO, container images, and source code files. Also will run a web server. More details: Is this project for business or personal use? Personal What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Detailed project proposals How soon do you need your project completed? No time limit

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    It will crawl and extract all itags from all images from Docker Hub, , AWS ECR Public Gallery, Snapcraft, Flatpak, AppImages, Bundles, BitTorrent, EDonkey2000, SoulSeek and DC++, and it will build and publish deb packages (as APT repository), and it will also run a web server. More details: Is this project for business or personal use? Personal What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Detailed project proposals How soon do you need your project completed? No time limit

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    It will crawl and extract all itags from all images from Docker Hub, , AWS ECR Public Gallery, Snapcraft, Flatpak, AppImages, Bundles, BitTorrent, EDonkey2000, SoulSeek and DC++, and it will build and publish deb packages (as APT repository), and it will also run a web server. More details: Is this project for business or personal use? Personal What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Detailed project proposals How soon do you need your project completed? No time limit

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    i will be creating a website like the given hellman example

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    It will crawl and extract all itags from all images from Docker Hub, , AWS ECR Public Gallery, Snapcraft, Flatpak, AppImages, Bundles, BitTorrent, EDonkey2000, SoulSeek and DC++, and it will build and publish deb packages (as APT repository). It will be also run a web server. More details: Is this project for business or personal use? Personal What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Experience How soon do you need your project completed? No time limit

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    I am looking for a skilled professional to help me with the following project: - Crawl and download containers from Docker Hub and GitHub Container Registry - Extract all binaries, etc, from the containers - Publish the extracted binaries as deb packages in an APT repository - Utilize AI to ensure the repository is kept up-to-date with new and updated binaries daily. Ideal Skills: - Strong experience with container technologies, especially Docker and GitHub Container Registry - Proficiency in building and maintaining APT repositories - Knowledge of AI for automated software updates - Excellent understanding of binary extraction and packaging - Previous experience in software distribution is a plus. Please apply with your relevant experience and a brief outline of how you would ap...

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    I'm seeking a skilled software developer to join our dynamic IT team. The ideal candidate will possess expertise in Perl, Python, and XML/XSLT, and should be familiar with MySQL. Responsibilities: Develop And Maintain Software Applications Using Perl, Python, XML, XSLT, And Database Technologies. Design And Implement Data Transformation Processes Using XML And XSLT. Write Efficient, Clean, And Reusable Code That Complies With Company Standards And Best Practices. Collaborate With Project Managers, Business Analysts, And Other Team Members To Understand The Requirements And Provide Technical Solutions. Perform Database Management Tasks, Including Design, Modifications, And Performance Tuning. Assist In The Integration Of New Software And Systems Into Existing Environmen...

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    Example style: We - LigoWave provide easy-to-use wireless networking solutions for businesses and communities, ensuring reliable connectivity with advanced technology. We will be releasing new product and we want video showing the highlight features with "Mike" as our older videos had. We no longer have the contacts of older team who did those videos. I am looking for a talented animator to produce a high-quality 2D video that is under two minutes long. Key requirements are: • Skilled in 2D animation. This is a must as it is the style we have chosen for this video. • An ability to produce engaging and captivating content within a short span of time. The video is less than a 1.30min . • An understanding and ability to work

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    I'm looking to improve the SEO of my website to boost organic traffic which subsequently increases sales. Specifically, I need assistance in optimizing the following areas: - Content: Develop engaging content which includes keyword optimization, and ensuring relevancy to boost search engine rankings. - Website Structure: Enhance both technical and on-page SEO. This includes structural improvements which make the site easier to crawl, and improvements to site metadata. - Link Building: Improve both inbound and outbound links to establish the authority of my site. The primary target audience is local customers. Therefore, it would be advantageous if you have experience in local search optimization. Your primary goal will hinge on increasing visibility in local sea...

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    Hi I need to very basic example on how to call a rest api from Aveva using a put command. It should be build importing .net libs.

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    ...professional who can help me solve some critical SEO issues that my website is facing with Google indexing. Key Responsibilities: - Identify and resolve crawl errors that are preventing my site from being indexed properly. - Address the problem of my website's content not appearing on Google search results. - Analyze the root cause of these issues and provide a solution that will ensure my website is effectively indexed on Google. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in resolving SEO issues, particularly with Google. - Familiarity with Google Search Console and other SEO tools. - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. - Excellent communication to explain the issues and required steps clearly to me. The website has been experiencing the...

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    Hi, we need help compiling and running SDK example C code.

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    16 bud looking for a PERL, HTMX, MYSQL programmer who can help me with an intermediate level project. The ideal candidate should have experience in these areas and be comfortable starting a project from scratch. I will give you a dump from my MySQL table. From which I need an interactive HTML interface, based on Perl, HTML, HTMX to this table. I need to be able to search, add, edit and delete entries as well as combine two entries into one, all via one HTML::Template file with a single perl script as interface to the MySQL table. I do want an active submit button for all changes, as well as a single interactive upload button for each field of the MySQL table. also each field needs to be validated via a given specification. All code needs to be well documented and commen...

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    I'm in need of a Python script that can crawl through a list of websites provided in an Excel file and export all the webpages it finds into a new Excel file. This task is aimed at scraping the entire content of the websites, not just a specific piece of information. Key Requirements: - The script must be able to read a list of websites from an Excel file. - The script should use natural crawling mechanisms, not sitemap, to find all the webpages on each website. - All the webpages found on the websites should be exported into a new Excel file. The purpose of this script is to aid in analyzing the content of these websites, so it's crucial that all pages are scraped. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Python programming, particularly web scraping. - Knowledge of Exce...

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    I am seeking an experienced SEO specialist to enhance the online visibility and search engine ranking of my promotional website dedicated to a newly published business book on entrepreneurship, innovation and business leadership. The primary goal is to increase book sales and measure the impact of SEO efforts on website traffic and conversion rates. **Objectives**: **Increase Organic Search Traffic**: Improve the website's search engine rankings for targeted keywords related to entrepreneurship, business strategies, and book sales. **Enhance User Engagement**: Optimize the site to increase visitor engagement, reduce bounce rates, and encourage visitors to purchase the book. **Conversion Optimization**: Suggest strategies to convert visitors into book buyers. **Perfo...

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    I have a Perl script that searches a CVS file and generates HTML. When this script has zero results, it currently displays a page stating "SORRY there are no RESULTS". I need this behaviour to change: instead of generating a custom error message, I want the script to send a 404 call to the Apache server. Key Requirements: - Modify the Perl script to send a 404 call to the server when no results are found. - Implement a custom error message to be displayed on the 404 error page. Additional Details: - No logging of details of 404 errors is required for monitoring or debugging purposes. - The script should still function as normal when results are found, only altering its behaviour when no matches are found. - The ideal candidate for this project should have experien...

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    I want to have a static site , 100% same like another site i ll give. just changing some images,text in site. you can just crawl it or use the best technique you can. its only around 5 pages static site.

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    I'm looking for a talented and innovative graphics designer to create a logo from existing example.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Perl expert to help me remove duplicates in an Excel dataset. The removal process should be based on multiple columns, ensuring a thorough cleanup. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong proficiency in Perl programming - Proficiency in data analysis - Expertise in Excel and handling large datasets - Prior experience in removing duplicates from Excel based on multiple columns Communication: I prefer to have project updates through video calls, so please be comfortable with this form of communication. Your ability to walk me through the process will be highly appreciated.

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    I need a python program that can fetch player profiles of these players will be provided in a JSON array. Here is what the program needs to accomplish: - The program must be able to crawl the given links and fetch the profile images. - If a player's profile link is no longer accessible or can't be crawled, the program should attempt to access the link again at a later time. - The images should be saved in a standard resolution PNG format. - In the case of duplicates, the program should overwrite the existing image with the new one. The ideal candidate for this project is proficient in Python, web crawling, and working with JSON arrays. Knowledge in image handling and error management is also necessary. example link :

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    ...update and maintain their website content. - Media Management: The system should support media upload and management, ensuring seamless integration of images, videos, and other media. - Version Control: The CMS should have version control features, allowing users to track changes and revert to previous versions when needed. SEO Optimization Features: - SEO-Friendly URLs: The system should support custom URLs that are easy to read, relevant to the page content, and optimized for search engines. - Meta Tags Customization: The CMS should allow clients to customize meta tags, including title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords for each page. - XML Sitemap Generation: The CMS should automatically generate and update an XML sitemap, making it easier for search engines to crawl...

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    I'm having issues with a specific user function in my Pgsql ( postgresql 8.4) database that needs fixing. After transferring server and DB from real PC to the VM, ... 1365 | 1365 32645239 | ADMIN | _util_update_stat | 27 | 37511 | 37511 calls And new doesn't have any calls of _util_update_stat at all which makes Stats table empty You need to track why is this happening & fix it. Server is a bunch of scripts, but seems it doesn't matter cause all scripts just READ this stats table (i guess) Pgsql expirience is a must Perl expirience is a plus. Plz no "manager" bids, don't waste your time, will talk with developers only. (if you are a "manager" it will be seen after the 2nd tech question Plz don't wa...

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    Hello, i need someone good programmer who is able to modify ASF CDC echo example for atsamd11d14 mcu. When receive '1' by CDC -> set 2 pins of mcu When receive '0' by CDC -> reset these 2 pins of mcu And i would like device to be visible in Device Manager or Linux like 'USB CDC'

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    I need a freelancer to help with a standard data extraction project. - Main Purpose: The main aim of this project is to crawl data for me. - Data Type: This project specifically requires the extraction of contact information. - Source: The data is to be extracted from business directories. I'm looking for a professional with experience in web scraping and data extraction. The ideal candidate should be familiar with the nuances of handling contact details and should be able to deliver the extracted data in a structured and organized format.

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    I'm looking for an experienced crawler specialist to help me crawl databases, and specifically collect certain datasets. Key Project Requirements: - Crawler Type: The focus for this project will be on databases, not websites or APIs. - Objective: The primary goal is to extract specific datasets from these databases. - Data Format: The extracted data should be delivered in CSV format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in database crawling and data extraction is a must. - Previous experience in collecting specific datasets from databases is highly preferred. - Familiarity with working with CSV data format. Please share relevant experience when bidding.

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    ...high-potential keywords related to the business goals • Optimize on-page elements, i.e., compelling Meta titles and descriptions, including target keywords • Identify technical issues affecting search engine visibility, implement fixes for crawl errors, mobile usability problems and site speed optimisation • Develop and execute a link-building strategy to acquire quality backlinks from authoritative websites/reputable blogs • Monitor backlink profile health and remove or disavow harmful link • Improve the website’s authority and relevancy • Monitoring and reporting on website performance before and after optimization using Google Analytics and other SEO tools • Monitor keyword rankings regularly and change SEO strategy accordingly t...

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    Need after effect animation exactly same like that ribbon style with new text See animation and then placed the bid write " RIBBON " in the bid

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    I am seeking a developer with intermediate level experience IOS Swift. The task will be to help me get the example code working from the documentation at This is my first time working with IOS and the docs leave out some of the implementation. For example, in this code there is not map function, only "..." Bids under £70 only please. ``` var totalUsageByCategory: [ActivityCategory:TimeInterval] totalUsageByCategory = (…) ```

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    I'm in need of a playful and whimsical icon animation intended for use in marketing materials. - Style: The animation should be whimsical and playful, standing out in marketing collaterals as engaging and dynamic. Creativity and cleverness are highly valued. - Intended ...and capable of grabbing viewers' attention. - Duration: The required length for the animation is between 10 and 30 seconds. - The animation should start of with a male icon (like you would see on a toilet door). After a period of time the male icon will start to suffer from back pain (eg: start reaching around to hold his back, etc) until the point where he can no longer walk. He should then crawl off to right of the screen. - The animation should have a transparent background and the icon should re...

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    ...detailed-oriented professional who is versed in both web development and social media management. The website is already established, but I will need a lot of further development and enhancement done. This is all surrounding financial content and working with news wire distribution partners and downstream partners. ******* Please make sure you respond with examples of sites you have done that are in this field. Due to the nature of the financial markets, it's very important to us that you have previous experience in this field ******* I will need proper posting of news to the site, preferably fed directly into the site once a news event hits the wire, and site maps that are extremely crawl-able. Quality of work, and functionality in the site's design and operat...

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    I'm looking for a proficient developer capable of creating a customized web crawler for eBay and AliExpress. The primary function for this crawler will be to accept a list of keywords of any length and return specific data about those products. Here's what I need in detail: • Find top hot selling products at any given time • Crawl eBay and AliExpress for specific product data based on entered keywords. • The data retrieved should include product names, quantities sold and locations of sellers, images, • The crawler should be capable of providing this information for a variable timescale, ranging from 1 to 30 days in the past. • The results should be sortable. Php or python preferably The task would best suit a freelancer with previous exp...

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    I need an experienced freelancer to replicate the design, layout & structure from an existing website to serve as a starting point for our own site. Key tasks involve: - Implementing the structure or an an existing example website on Wordpress. This includes the pages, placeholders for posts, menu structure, etc. - Utilizing Spectra blocks/Kadence theme, contact form 7 Ideal candidate should have strong skills in Wordpress and Spectra/Kadence theme implementation. Please include examples of past work in your application. You will be working from a clean Wordpress install.

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    106 bud presence and optimizing our website for improved search engine rankings and user experience. While we have made strides in our SEO efforts, we believe there is room for further improvement, particularly in leveraging the full potential of Google's suite of tools. We are looking for an experienced SEO expert who can: 1) Conduct a comprehensive audit of our website using Google Search Console to identify indexing issues, crawl errors, and opportunities for optimization. 2) Analyze website traffic, user behavior, and engagement metrics in Google Analytics to identify areas for improvement and inform SEO strategies. 3) Implement and manage tracking scripts, tags, and event triggers using Google Tag Manager to accurately measure w...

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    I'm looking for an expert to design a web crawler to extract email addresses from specific company websites. The ideal candidate should be experienced both in web crawling and email data extraction. Key Tasks: - Crawl targeted company websites for email data extraction - Ensure the accuracy and integrity of all extracted emails Skills and Experience: - Experience with web crawling and data extraction technologies - Proven track record in email data extraction - Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities - Familiarity with common web interrogatories for more efficient data capture is an asset - Strong attention to detail in order to capture complete and valid email addresses The successful candidate will deliver a list of valid emails extracted from the indicated c...

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    ...therapist joining in the fun.] Narrator: "Now, let's move on to 'Obstacle Course Adventure'." [Therapist sets up an indoor obstacle course using pillows, tunnels, and balance beams.] Therapist: "Obstacle courses provide opportunities for movement and proprioceptive input, helping your child develop balance, coordination, and body awareness. Guide them through the course, encouraging them to climb, crawl, jump, and balance." [Cut to the child navigating through the obstacle course, with the therapist offering support and guidance.] Narrator: "Lastly, we'll explore 'Sensory Playdough Creations'." [Therapist and child sit down with scented playdough and sensory tools.] Therapist: "Playdough is a versatile sensor...

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    DO NOT CONTACT WITH ANY OTHER SERVICE OFFER OTHER THAN THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION I am looking for a professional who can efficiently fix the indexing and crawl errors that have been plaguing my site's search console. Your task will include debugging the cause of the errors and implementing a robust solution to prevent them from occurring in the future. While performing this task, you will: - Identify and fix indexing errors as per the attached image - Detect and resolve crawl errors - Monitor and ensure that the fixes have successfully resolved the errors A perfect fit for this job would have a strong understanding of Shopify, troubleshooting, and error resolution. Ideally, you should provide detailed project proposals outlining your methods for resolving these issues ...

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    I'm requiring a proficient and experienced freelancer who possesses expertise in data crawling to extract specific elements from various e-commerce websites. Your prime objective will be to efficiently retrieve the following data: - Product titles - Product descriptions - Product prices The website to crawl from is , look at attachment to understand what I need. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Acute knowledge of e-commerce platforms and their structure - Experience with web scraping tools and methodologies - Ability to collate, organize and present data in a comprehensible format - A strong respect for deadlines and project goals Your role will be instrumental in boosting my understanding of e-commerce market trends, so a beneficial, predictable, an...

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    An SEO Expert for a Woocommerce website should be adept at handling the following responsibilities: Keyword Research & On-Page Optimization: -Perform extensive keyword research to identify high-potential keywords related to the business goals. -Optimize on-page elements like titles, headings, content structure, and internal linking strategy. Technical SEO & Website Audit: -Conduct comprehensive website audits to identify technical issues affecting search engine visibility. -Implement fixes for crawl errors, mobile usability problems, and site speed optimization. Meta Tags & Header Tags Optimization: -Ensure all pages have compelling meta titles and descriptions including target keywords. -Optimize header tags for content hierarchy and keyword rele...

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    As the project lead, I'm seeking a highly skilled developer to construct a Scrapy web crawler for multiple sites. Although I omitted website specifics for now, rest assured we will provide the necessary details post-engagement. The ideal candidate is capable of: - Building an optimized web crawler with Scrapy - Extracting text data proficiently from various web pages, accurately and efficiently For the application, please provide: - Detailed project proposals outlining your approach Experience in web crawling design and Scrapy framework are a must for this project. Your technical capacity to generate the explained particulars is critical for success here. This is a golden opportunity to exhibit your proficiencies and contribute to an exciting project. - The sites are di...

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    ...towards adults aged 25-50. Key Elements I want Included: structure it to build anticipation, reveal personal stories, and conclude with a powerful revelation of the agents' identities and contributions. Each scene is designed to hold the audience's attention while unfolding the narrative layer by Timeline:Scene 1: Star Wars-Inspired Opening Duration: 0:00 - 0:50 A classic Star Wars crawl introduces the concept of invisible forces within the Takeda Alliance, setting the stage for a tale of unseen heroes who shape the fate of the galaxy from the 2: The Shadow Operatives Duration: 0:51 - 2:00 Quick, successive introductions to the four secret agents/invisible forces, each scene lasting approximately 17 seconds. Use dramatic lighting and silhouettes to maintain their mys...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer who has expertise in Perl scripting, primarily for file manipulation tasks. Key Requirements: --Gather date from a table in oracle. Based on that date find the records available in a home directory and store it in a .txt file. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Perl scripting is a must. - Experience in handling various file formats, specifically .txt and .csv. - Strong understanding of file operations including renaming, formatting, and sorting (although the specific task was skipped). I need the code done within 2 days and willing to pay 3000 which would be double the cost of what is given .

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    We are in need of a knowledgeable and skillful programmer who can edit on GoLang code. The main task involves Ethereum network crawling. We already have a running code to crawling the Ethereum network. However, we still need to do some changes on GoLang code (designing crawler), such as partition the ID_space into sections, and crawl using multiple crawlers in Ethereum not only single crawler as what we have. In addition, there might be more few changes on the code. The ideal candidate will: - Understand DHT-based network and Kademlia - Knows a little about Ethereum (blockchain) - Have experience in GoLang - Possess a deep understanding of DHT network crawling (p2p) - Have previous experience with crawling networks Your responsibility will be building on top of running code and do...

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