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    Coming soon page Udløbet left

    ...would like to have this coming soon page oriented to attract potential customer. so I saleable design. a notify me when available box to get some email address. as well as a countdown. I will provide the characteristics of product. Logo of the company. login to our server so you can get the page up and running. You will be responsible to understand the

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    Need a Desktop app Udløbet left

    ...Need a windows app, better if a .exe works standalone without installation on PC. • Basic login feature where a user can log in with preassigned ID and password (Id will be email id and password a 128 bit encrypted key stored in data base) • Content (videos and PDF) are currently hosted on a google drive, need to stream them in desktop app when user logs

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    Hi Neeraj K., Would like to know if you could help me out. Looking for a quick timer type python script, to be used in a game called assetto corsa. If you look for Project ID: 19607807 you will see the requirements, hopefully it wont take that long as im sure it'll be pretty straight forward for you. I'm not looking at spending that much so have a

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    ...Needed a random timer for the Assetto corsa game that with some set parameters contained in a ini file that can be modified app can be activated or deactivated in game menu with a simple on/off button, but will output if it is on/off in ingame chat i.e - only activate during race session "AC_SESSION_TYPE ​ session = AC_RACE" - timer will not start

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    Create a desktop application that opens a web page but does not require a uac to run

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    ...0SDK%20User%[log ind for at se URL] and may assist in the language you choose to create the HMI. 1. Turn on and turn off outputs via HMI window 2. 3 Inputs should trigger a 30-Second timer within the PLC. If no trigger detected for 30 seconds, a warning comes up on the client screen. 3. Show Video from CCTV System in same Client Window 4. Have all inputs and

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    i have an application with countdown where when the time reachs 0 this need to ring to notify to the users

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    I have form page written in php which I would like to be converted to run on windows desktop

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    ...Dopo che le persone hanno scritto le parole, cliccando ( enter ) apparirà una nuova schermata dove verranno visualizzate, esempio ( la casa <> il bicchiere) con un countdown. il countdown da quando i sensori hanno rilevato la persona a quando non la rilevano più. Dopo di che può ripetere l'intera operazione. Il proiettore userà Syphon per il ...

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    NO NEED TO INVENT HOW TO DO THIS BY YOURSELF can follow al...HOW TO DO THIS BY YOURSELF can follow all the steps here: [log ind for at se URL] Build me this desktop app nicknamed VectorFunnel: it automatically scores the quality/value of leads for marketing & sales teams.

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    ...Remote Desktop Solution on Azure. Currently we have an on premise MS Server 2012 R2 running Terminal Server Services for 7 of our business customers (ranging from 7 to 30 users). I have a design guide which I found online which I would like to replicate. See below [log ind for at se URL]

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    Aplikasi ini berbasis Desktop dan bisa jalan di windows 10 atau windows terbaru, dimana fungsi utamanya merecord video secara realtime(offline) dan juga terhubung dengan alat pendukung lainnya seperti GPS dll, aplikasi bisa membaca port-port device camera dan menjalankannya, merecord secara detail seperti timer video dan terhubung dengan database

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    Build an Kegel App Udløbet left

    I would like to create a Kegel App that has a timer, with 3 screens tops. The API for the app exists out there it is not hard to create.

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    I need to create a program where you can design an album of photos, have income, registration, database, integration of payment system, image editor, tools such as brush, clipping, magnifying glass and text.

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    Hello, I need a virtual assistant to work on my pc via teamviewer or chrome remote desktop. There will be a timer on my pc, paying $2/hour. Simple work, will explain. Thanks.

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    ...functions If short press is made LED would power on and stay on for 5min (then power off ) unles another short pres (would power off befor the 5min timer) If long press is made would power LED on without the timer until power off with short press Variables for short / long press and power off delay must be changable. I's a simple job to do but my programing

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    I have a tube website with embedding option, It means other websites can embed my videos on their website, I want visitors in their website when they play the video a pop ads from me be opened for them, So I can make some monies when people embed my videos. For example: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] is embedding the video1/clip.mp4. ( they load my video player ) When the visit...

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    Hi, I need a complete ICR/OCR app to convert pdf or image handwriting and printed letters to text. Sample image/pdf attached

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    I have a tube website with embedding option, It means other websites can embed my videos on their website, I want visitors in their website when they play the video a pop ads from me be opened for them, So I can make some monies when people embed my videos. For example: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] is embedding the video1/clip.mp4. ( they load my video player ) When the visit...

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    I have built an application for desktop which works with Windows 7, 8 & 10. I used java desktop tool for that. I would like to license my software so only users who paid me can get access to desktop app. I've gone through License Dongle, HID key etc methods but I am not sure which one is ideal for me. I need your expertise to finalise what is absolute

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    an android app and website for educational purpose where students can give test series in MCQ format with videos solution and timer for each question and also educators can teach and upload videos in their courses. There should not be any limit for students and videos. there should be three logins 1. central login 2. educators login 3. users log in

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    i want a simple app where i show some buttons with links and push notifications with countdown, so when i start a new event via server side the app will notify to the app users and when they enter to the app they will see the time remaining COUNTDOWN HERE: where the countdown will go GUILD TAG: that "FDR" need to ve upgradeable to another...

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    Build dashboard based on 3 months data, interactive Power BI dasjboard

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    ...that we dont exactly like the design. This project is for a new game design as well as a great matching logo. The game is called MEW and it is a word scramble game with a timer where you have to complete the word in a specific period of time. Think Freakin math but with words. The free version gets maybe 100 words and shows ads. The paid version

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    we need a worker to login via Remote Desktop to our system and send emails per our instructions.

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    ...someone submits the form, and to store the data in a spreadsheet that only I can gain access to. would be nice if it also recorded IP address and type of device (mobile or desktop) if possible. there also needs to be a pop up "allow cookies" and a link to terms and conditions and to our privacy policy, both are already written. I already own the domain

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    We would be building some extensions for a game channel ...(tpp vs fpp) •Streamer’s should have the ability to toggle the options on/off for their viewers to vote on. •Streamer’s should be able to turn off the polls with a timer, or manually. **Viewer** -Viewer’s should have the ability to vote on the polls put out by the streamer

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    This is a basic overview: 1a) UI uploads CSV of gmail accounts 1b) log into gmail (fill out any captcher and recovery email it asks for) 2) Go to change the gmail password 3) Change the language to English (or add it to english) 4) Change the recovery email to a different email 5) Forward the gmail to a different email Here are additional details to the above: Must comment the code in English s...

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    I need program for read full phone info by Samsung Ril and USB. Also, need have some special function to put phone in download mode, reboot phone exit upload mode etc. Welcome!

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    I need an Android app / desktop for a shop/restaurant Point of sale application

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    I want an application to put in playstore, so the settings of this coundtdown will be in maybe php config file hosted in my current site. The app is simple, when you upen the app yo will see the tittle: Monster Hunt Event - a countdown - enable alarm button when countdown reachs 0 it will ring - guide about how to register to the event

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    I have a project for home, I did the CLP part, but I did'nt find a scada that allows me all optimizations i wanna do in future, but i don't have experience with MODBUS Libraries. 1- 2 Screens (Main Screen and Secondary Screen) 2- Create simple scada to show data(1 or 0) from Each Memory from multiple(1-3) Schneider PLC(TM200CE40R) 3- Logs into database every change(When it turns to 0 or...

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    CrossFit timer for Windows A timer that can run in fullscreen on a display or a connected TV with the running clock as big as possible adapting to the screen size. 3 different configurable timers as per below. Timer From 0 min to 99 min in format MM:SS:hh Configurable count down to start from 99 sec -> 1 sec, beep on every second when 3 left to start

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    Necesito ayuda para hacer u...programación en MikroPlan En Arduino (controlar plc por arduino). Necesito hacer un portón, que cuando precione un botón, abra la puerta, llega al limitswich, se activa el timer dura unos segundos, vuelve a cerrar, si mientras abre o cierra se preciona el botón, debe de pararse dura unos segundos, y luego devolverse.

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    Hello, I want you to convert my current desktop optimized website into mobile version. It should look nice (not ultra basic) and load properly on all mobile devices. Order form and contact forms should also be converted into mobile friendly. The site is between 10-15 pages with order and contact forms included. Thanks

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    Hello, I need a desktop software to check whether there is a certain keyword in the comment section or not on youtube. There will be GUI so I can easily use it, it will be a desktop software for windows 10 64x There will be a browse button on the software, I click browse and select .xls file, in the excel file, there will be data in 2 columns, column

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    ...this ourselves manually every few months. The counter (timer) should be large and in euros. It will need to start from 56,000 and be counting up at a rate of 1 euro per hour, which is 1.66 cents per minute and 0.02 cents per second. Please contact us if you think you might be able to make this timer and code it onto our page on shopify platform. It can

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    i have one .net web system to keep track user on web page timer. this is to keep track user time on the page. once the user has login successfully then it will see the user timer start ticking. this timer is an attendance for us to know how long our user has been working in our web system. so we need to store in our sql server database. it has

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    Require UI/UX for a basic meditation app SImilar apps in app store- Headspace, Calm, Insights timer

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    ...and application design from my point of view. I'd like to get advice. The application is designed from my perspective as I would like to use it. What I need is: 1) Edit this app by scrolling 2) Apply the code to the application 3) Create a script that will perform a periodic calculation on updated data 4) Replace Bollinger band with Deviations. Bollinger

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    BLOCK TIMEER Udløbet left

    stop timers on this time or before timer login button. [log ind for at se URL]

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    6 bud have mic turn on or off 4. React to Music playing around or via smartphone 5. Pre-defined modes in a mobile app 6. React to motion sensor 7. Play sounds using a small speaker 8. Standard LED strip light features like - all colors, timer 9. Payment to be made 100% upon completion of the project 10. Only for equipment - Arduino microcontrollers, RGBW

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    Need to rewrite and replace the program we are using the program must interact with my data base to add and remove test questions the program is timed for days of use. language of old program was access but I can convert data base to any new data base program.

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    ...- a display box that continually updates to show RANGE of prices bid - auction close time with countdown timer (days, hours, minutes) - bidders can withdraw or modify their bid up to just before close of auction - show auction closed at end of countdown - reuse auction with ability to edit information. Option to send notifications to unsuccessful

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    ...things i just want to upload stories of 10 seconds in each profile nothing fancy just the AMP stories with mass upload AND ANOTHER THINGS , I want something like the story timer which automatically gets deleted after 24hrs like every other social platform stories will be there for 24 hrs Please do let me know if you have any questions i am here to

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    We have an existing desktop application in C# (.net 4.0) that currently uses We need to replace it with a (probably vanilla) web sockets library that will interface with No PHP required but past experience is helpful. The developer will be given access to our git repositories and will be expected to push new commits

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    I am looking for windows desktop application (can be any language) that can place orders automatically and has trade and risk management. Orders can be coming from both amibroker and MT4, so application should be able to understand and place both the orders. If you have any existing application,please show the demo and can discuss further one on one

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    4 bud circuit app with goals, videos/gifs of circuits and subscriptions. But for horse riders!! When people download the app they can try a free week to give it a go then like a shop they can purchase different programs which will open/ download to their phones. Think like a much simpler version of Kayla Itsines app, Keep it cleaner fitness app. This is

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    Desktop developer Udløbet left

    I am looking for an experienced in electronjs. since it's urgent, a candidate should be able to start right now

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    - 6-10 years of development experience in C++, VC++, MFC, ATL, Windows Services, Database, - Good knowledge of OOA/OOD and OOP concepts. - Should have developed SDI/MDI based windows UI applications using MFC and ATL. - Experience in writing SQL queries and stored procedures. - Knowledge on design patterns. - Hands on experience in debugging complex applications, detecting memory leaks, analyzing ...

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