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    Create Excel spreadsheet formula

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    Marketing Research & Communications 2 examination has been changed to an open-book examination to be submitted through Moodle due to Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines. You are required to answer two questions from five. Each answer should be about 1000 words. Question 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks (50 marks per question). In preparing your answers, it will be useful ...

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    I have no time for the complexities of Latex. Formulas and scientific papers need professional support. I am in need of a scientific paper producer for many projects, reports, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Knowledge of Scientific Journals in the areas of Physics and Electrical Engineering would be a plus. Also, data plotting tools like Mathematica or Matlab would be required. If you can correct a...

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    I'M NOT HERE TO HIRE ANYONE. THIS IS CONTEST. so, join to the contest BY JUST YOUR WORK & DON'T POST ANY ARTICLE FROM WEB AND SHARE IT AS YOUR WORK I WANT TO SEE EFFORT NOT COPY PASTE --------------------------------------------------------------------- - Please check the attached .JPG file for the topic of the article - You can use Table/Image/Graph while writing the article but p...

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    I am looking for someone very good in excel formulas. In the workbook, you will be working on two tabs. One tab is the master tab which feeds information from the other tab. To a certain degree, the formulas for pulling information from one tab to another have been defined. However, we have received new information in the original tab, but one or 2 columns are not in the right order to pull inf...

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    I need an EXPERT at this. Please don't apply if you are anything short of an expert. If you accept the job and then can't complete it, I will issue negative feedback. PLEASE only apply if you can complete this project in the next 12 hours. NO exceptions. I need you to create a formula (you may need to create tables to do this) that will calculate the following scenario: I'm gettin...

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    I have done this solution but required some changes as mentioned below you have def isFormula(e: Expr): Boolean = e match { case Lit(x) = > x == 0 II x = = 1 case Var(x) => true case Two("&&", -' e1, e2) = > isFormula(e1) && isFormula(e2) case Three("//", -' e1, e2) = > isFormula(e1) && ...

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    need an excel expert 6 dage left

    excel expert capable of recretaing formula from an existing program . must be able to create interface and formula familair with compundingand interest rates, financial programs as well. must know excel very well. no data entry this is building a program in excel. must be able to use team viwever to view the exe original file . some files are in ms access database 2007.

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    matching classes between two database using pyspark,tf-idf,cosine similarity

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    I have a table in Adobe, and I am creating a math formula in javascript...I have 3 values that I will be entering into the table and I need to do the following (a+b)*c=d...where we take the values from the table...I tried this and it does not work. var a = [log ind for at se URL]("CostFurnace1").value; var b = [log ind for at se URL]("InstallFurance1").value; var c = [log ind ...

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    need someone to do that or convert these files into excel calculations must know excel coding and formula to replicate.

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    Hello I need a formula or script to remove duplicates form the same string in excel . please dont bid if you cant do this.

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    Creating an HR leave tracker system in excel. Need to convert free excel template from days to hours to track in 15 min increments for an employee. Need hours portion built into sheet asap. Would like to have a separate excel document connected to the master excel document showing relevant data to the end-users. There may be additional requests as the development of the excel sheet takes place.

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    To find the different gravitational clustering algorithm and apply their distance method in K-means clustering using the WEKA software.

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    Represent 5 normal sentences to be in the first-order logic formula.

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    Please check excel sheet attached. Need to extract numbers only without letters. And currecny in seperate column.

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    Looking For an Excel Expert 4 dage left

    Looking For an Excel Expert To Help me with a Function or Formula To Create email by Increment Number With Or Inside Text In Excel. For Example (12sadli@example. com) Now I want to do this like this - 13sadli@example. com 14sadli@example. com 15sadli@example. com to be continue. ( Just want to Increment Number With Or Inside Text In Excel serially only the number.)

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    We are building a website that will shortlist and estimate the quantities of food grains in the monthly groceries for achieving the health goals of the family. The user of this website would enter a few simple details about his/her family to create a list of cereals, pulses, millets, nuts, and flour along with quantities. This list is intended to be the monthly grocery list that will help in achie...

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    Help With GoogleSheets 4 dage left

    Hello, I need some help with a Google Sheets script which will force updates of both an "IMPORTDATA" and "IMPORTHTML" script to execute every 1 minute where it will always pull fresh data from the content sources instead of the cached data that Google only updates every hour. Within the same sheet, I have two items... =IMPORTDATA("[log ind for at se URL]") =IMPORTH...

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    COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS PLAN EXPERT – Must have 10 YEARS PLUS EXPERIENCE. We are looking for someone with extensive knowledge, experience, and the ability in providing us with an outstanding and comprehensive business plan with a great deal of creditworthiness. The business plan and must be able to stand any scrutiny from banks or any lender giving the current market and environment. The bu...

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    Project scope: Implement mobile games both IOS and Android for spectrum games platform Description: The platform operates online via facebook([log ind for at se URL]) and website ([log ind for at se URL]) and offers multiplayer (Turn-based) [log ind for at se URL] the current moment 3 games are provided. Game 1: Mpirimpa with 2 variatation an 80% similarity on game rules Game 2: Tichu Game 3...

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    Looking for an Excel expert to develop a formula to automatically calculate player statistics and player points like fantasy football

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    Need a basic website that can allow for item price to be displayed in a similar manner to that of the New York Stock Exchange, with a stock symbol ticker, and ability to update the price of a figure each day based on the proprietary formula we use to accurately value an item. The site should have the look and feel of a stock trading platform, but with an overall tone of the greater action figure ...

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    Hi, I wanna have a form like this: [log ind for at se URL] Task: Calculate the amount of money you get when you where dismissed by your employer. Field 1 ("Beschäftigt seit"): Enter date since you started working for an employer Field 2 ("Bruttomonatsgehalt"): Amount of money you get per month Result (calculation): (Number of days working for employer until current da...

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    If I have used C# and EPPLus to insert a formula into cells in Excel. How can I "Drag" those formulas to the last column with data in Excel?

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    I have a foam formula Which in theory would make flexible foam for mattresses chairs upholstery etc .not sure if it would work also how could I modify it to create or increase the density of the foam eg my formula creates 28 density flexible foam I also want 30 and 33 density what values need to be increased in chemicals also can any Annalise chemicals and the cheapest option also the quickest

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    Excel expert : timesheets 2 dage left

    Hello, I need an expert to write a formula to help me analyze and extract workers hours from a data base. (We add hours on a sheet every day for workers working on tasks and at the end of the month I need to check it’s correct and extract certain info for payments)

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    I have an Excel sheet with an existing formula that requires updating. Or you may need to create a new formula. This is my current formula in Excel - =SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(B2&IF(C2="",C2," "&C2)&IF(D2="",D2," "&VLOOKUP(D2,Answers!$C$5:$D$6,2,FALSE))&IF(E2="",E2," "&VLOOKUP(E2,Answers!$C$7:$D$8,2,FALSE))&IF(...

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    I would like to have created a formula for a calculator on my web page. It is about the increased value to your home after you have staged it. Staged homes sell faster and for up to 20% more. I need a “calculator” on my page so that people can see what their house can be worth after they have staged it! There should be a field where they register the value of their house, e.g. 500k. On...

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    Algorithm for truck loading 2 dage left

    A spreadsheet which uses a data sheet to calculate the most cost effective way of loading trucks- taking in to account Number of pallets per order Kgs per order Cost per truck type (price varies dependent on truck size and number of stops) In essence, I need a way of automating the decision on how best to fill a truck based on the parameters mentioned in the brief this is not data entry, but for...

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    The plagiarism score for my manuscript was deemed to be high, more than or equal to 20% (Plagiarism Rate 28%). Due to this reason, based on journal policies, my paper was rejected. I plan to resubmit a revised paper and make sufficient changes (word changing and paraphrasing) to the highlighted lines.

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    Trophy icon Catch phrase / description 2 dage left

    Our website (CleverFox) makes recommendations for the best credit card for the user. To do so, it converts all transactions(miles/points/cash, whatever), sign-on bonuses and additional statement credits into a cash equivalent score/number. This is the number that drives the recommendation. We are looking to help into what to name this score/number. Example: What is [CONTEST EXAMPLE]? Our for...

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    Necesitariamos alguna formula o modulo a medida para sincronizar automaticamente el stock de mi tienda hecha con prestashop con la tienda de mi proveedor hecha con woocommerce: No tenemos acceso a ftp del proveedor ni cvs, sólo acceso web mediante login para poder ver stock y precio de los productos. Hemos pensado que en la ficha del producto al crearlo poner una URL de la ficha y usuario...

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    1) I need to develop an application similar to Zomato (atleast 90% similarity) from the interfaces and modules. 2) I would need the merchant app, consumer app & the admin portal. 3) I dont need the delivery module. 4) I need it to be integrated with Cashfree payment gateway & marketplace. 5) Team of developers preferred over individual freelancers (due to lack of backup resources) 6) Need ...

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    Madz gym wear 1 dag left

    Gym wear fashion brand logo. Elegant, modern feel. Easy to use/print on the textile, The logo must resemble simplicity and modern feel, the emblem and text must be in similarity, no fancy colors.

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    Aged care facility: Our Organisation has engaged a developer to complete a new web site, however the developer is unable to develop one of the elements for us. We need an Interactive fee calculator that links room type (4 x room types), RAD fee (4 x based on room type) and calculates an equivalent Daily fee based on amount of RAD paid and a specified interest rate/MPIR. Once completed I will nee...

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    Instruction: The stlye, content and language of your paper must be academic. You are supposed to use at least five academic sources in your paper Similarity rate - %20 // excluding bibliography You are supposed to write at least 2.000 words. You are supposed to have an argument/thesis in your paper. You are expected to reinforce your argument/thesis in a theoretical way. Deadline: 12.01.2021 23...

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    I am looking for someone who knows to use Google Spreadsheets which is like Excel to complete a simple task. I have about 1100 rows of colors. You need to identify the color in the cell and assign the correct color name and id to the color of the cell based on a reference table. It is a very simple task so I am looking for someone free now and can do it in the next 1-2 hours. You need to be goo...

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    Objectives: 1. Create a developer org from [log ind for at se URL] for your fictitious company. 2. Create a Welcome Message on the home page and/or sidebar. 3. For each of the Objects: Account, Contact, Opportunity a. Create two new fields: of the 6 fields (in total) you create one must be a lookup relationship, one must be a picklist with multiple values, and one must be a formula field. b. S...

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    Need to modify the [log ind for at se URL] to include my own commission calculation formula as against the default set by wc vendors.

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    Hello We need a formula or PHP code Or Mathematical equation so we can calculate the prize for a tournament. For example: Entry fee is 49 and total number of participant or entrant to the contest is 500 then automatically price will be distribute in the participant. If 500 participant then we will distribute 70% winning into 70% participant. Please reply if you can do. I also have video if...

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    Leave Planner Udløbet left

    Hi my name is Nelson Mwaura, I work for a HR Consultancy where we provide HR Partnered Service and Outsourcing to clients in multiple and different industries. Currently, I am developing a 2021 leave planner for one of our clients. However, I got stuck while trying to add some formulas that will ease the results I get. I have attached the excel file in which I would like your team's assistan...

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    The Project is about using WEKA code, using the Simple K-means Algorithm in it, and changing the distance metric to use others to increase the effectiveness of the Clustering Algorithm. We plan to use different gravitational clustering Algorithms distance metric or Similarity metric to find an effective similarity measure in K-means Clustering. Please contact me I can explain the Whole Project Com...

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    Website Required Udløbet left

    Website Required Same style as [log ind for at se URL] I suggest you look through their site. There is 1 or 2 calculation formula pages You MUST create from new, but we will follow their style and structure I would estimate 8-10 pages I will supply wording. I will supply clear instructions Then, when created and approved within the next 2 weeks or so you can upload to GoDaddy hosting etc e...

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    Hello,     I am looking for someone who can create dashboard and link Market data from yahoo finance to excel sheet in dashboard which has various tool for analysis, chart etc. - It should update for all stocks daily basis - it should include all 5000 stocks and very well categorize eg ETF, commodity stocks, retails, airline with daily, weekly, monthly ,3 months and year data. ...

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    our estimated cost or budget for this product is $600.00 (six hundred dollars) or more. This project in series modules. Each module are at a fixed price of $ 30.00 per moduls at the finishing of each module well pay $30.00, and the next module to add on to the previous module 1st of WEB orders. is built in excel and work good but have no faceplate We cal inventory control system 6t8 fields of Xl....

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    basically I want a script/formula that has up to 64 set of 4 bits in each possible states (16 options) each of the 64 sets or blocks should act as a group that can be any of the 16 positions at one time or at list reduced time. the 64 sets or blocks will combine with each other to create a match. for example if I am searching for a 256 bit problem it will utilise all 64 sets/blocks because each se...

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    Design a logo Udløbet left

    We would like a design for our start up company that will sell sport nutrition product. With our main focus on our special designed Pre-workout formula. Our company name will be Ascended labs. The Pre-workout will be called Ascended Pre-work and will have as theme "Ascending". We would like our logo to be same as the blue Ascending man but only the silhouet. We would like the silhouet to...

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