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    web based datalogger management software which basically is a database with some special communication routines It shall run on a windows based http server with a mysql database. It will manage more than 1000 dataloggers. The application has three parts: Part 1:Interface to the dataloggers (main tasks: schedule data transfers; support different commication

    €26 - €4410
    €26 - €4410
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    ...exciting user interface onto our C++ application (currently in Borland C++ but you can convert if required). We have created the code for a secure deletion application. However the program needs a bright Windows XP-style user interface. This bid request is to create that user interface. When launched, the application will display an XP style screen

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    ...for someone who knows how to create desktop applications for automating web tasks. Convert Visual Basic Application to Visual [log ind for at se URL] I need a windows application created to automate the task of going through a website account and inputting new account data. The application was previously created in Visual Basic, but was not reliable....

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    You need to create a website software, which consists of a installation of a cctv website that you will design. The JAVA application must act like a web server, and allow the software to connect to web cameras and ip web cameras, based on the ip address, port number, and username / password. There can be multiple cameras, and user accounts. With the admin

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    This project is to convert a paper Building Permit Application Form into an online form. As it is now, applicants print out the current form, fill it out, and either mail or fax it to us. We then put it into the database through a back end app. What we want to do is cut down the time it takes to do that last step by allowing applicants to fill out the

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    delphi homeworks Udløbet left

    ...this is kinda rush here the first batch: 1. create an application that will write a function that takes an array of 10 real numbers and returns the maximum 2. create an application that will write a function that takes an array of 10 real numbers and returns the minimum 3. create an application that will write a function that takes an array of 10 real

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    €26 - €4410
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    Require a Web based application based on Progress 4GL (Progress V9.1D) Aim Convert existing Progress 4GL CHUI (Character User Interface) to Web based (xhtml). Project will cover: 1) Sales Order Processing (SOP) 2) B2B extranet (Sales Order with limited options compared to full fledge SOP) 3) Purchase Ordering (POP) 4) Financial

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    ...small the file size could be without sacraficing quality until we started using the brooktrout fax card with windows2003. I think based on all of the suggestions that a vb program to loop through the db and convert the images to tiff or to shrink the bit size of the current jpeg image is the way to go. I am attaching a sample set of records to work

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    ...worldwide. The workflow will cover conversion from DV files to H.264 as well as windows media for browsing. Files shall be uploaded to ftp server (H264) and windows media server and metadata will be written to a web database after being entered in the upload/register clinet . The web client covers browsing, previewing and management of the accounts. Highres

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    €441 - €3528
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    ...Japanese. Specifically, I need an application that will allow me to use my English keyboard and convert to Japanese characters. All English writing-related deliverables MUST be of grammatical, structural and logical quality commensurate with written English in a professional journal. Also would like an application that gives ability to type in English

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    €84 - €88
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    Interface For R Udløbet left

    ...**Evaluate ( )**. The arguments accepted by **Evaluate ( )** are of type String. To do calculations, this function takes time and delays the complete process as it has to convert the arguments passed to proper format which are understood by **R.** Our requirement is to bypass the function **Evaluate ( ).** In other words, an interface with **R** is

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    I have a working Helpdesk application written in ASP and VB6 ([log ind for at se URL]) writting to a MS SQL database with views and a few stored procedures. The program is almost 5 years old and in need of a facelift (more visually appealing). I want to convert this to an application and retain ALL functionality (you will be responsible for your own testing)

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    I would like to have a Desktop application for - convert HTML, doc, txt and excel into JAR or JAD format(support color). also, this application can allow user select their image and create their Image gallary (the system will resize the image and convert to JAR&JAD format.) Happy bidding ! (more informaion: actually, I outsource the development

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    ...developer to complete the implementation of our mobile phone product delivery system. This involves 2 items: 1. Migrate our current Microsoft SQL Server-based ordering page to our new MySQL-based system. This involves creating some new tables in the MySQL database that map to the current SQL server tables, then updating the ASP.Net component code to

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    Stock Conversion Udløbet left

    Convert an existing Access 2002 Project (.adp) frontend (with SQL Server backend), to a web based C#.Net frontend (and keep the same SQL Server backend). The existing Access 2002 Project (.adp) has: 45 forms (including subforms) 75 reports (including subreports) The existing SQL Server database has: 45 tables 250 views/stored procedures

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    ...developer to complete the implementation of our mobile phone product delivery system. This involves 2 items: 1. Migrate our current Microsoft SQL Server-based ordering page to our new MySQL-based system. This involves creating some new tables in the MySQL database that map to the current SQL server tables, then updating the ASP.Net component code to

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    Project Manager Udløbet left

    We are looking to convert a database driven 3D visualization program developed in Macromedia Director to a web-based Flash application. The current Director application is CD ROM based. The developer(s) would have a documented and verifiable portfolio of similar projects and possess the following skills: -Flash (general) -Actionscript (advanced) -PHP

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    A Delphi-based application to convert from MP3 to WMA format. Ideally, it would also convert from WAV & AAC to WMA, but the MP3 to WMA is most important. The UI can be very simple, maybe a progress bar and a filename, but not much else. :) Ideally, the entire app would be written in Delphi, though I'm open to some of the encoding logic being broken

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    ...development of an application that will 1. Use a desktop scanner to scan documents (Must be compatable with most scanners so using twain is a must) 2. Evaluate scanned document (Comparing image characteristics) 3. Place image in folder based on evaluation in #2 and information in database (from # 5). 4. Use OCR to convert areas of image

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    ScreenSaver Maker Udløbet left

    We require a screensaver maker program be written for MS Windows. The application will be made in either .net/VB. 1) Program will be made so that it can be called both from a desktop with its GUI, and also from a web page by accepting arguments from a command line / script. i.e. the program doesn't need the GUI to make the screensaver, the user

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    ...all VB Coders - I would like an application to convert data from multiple text documents (up to 1,000 .txt files in a folder at a time) to a single XL spreadsheet. The app should allow the user to select a folder or grouping of text documents that are formatted alike. The user would then select user-defined fields based on common components of the document

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    ...PROJECT: I have a Synergex application (contact manager with about 150 routines) running on UNIX that I want converted to run on a PC under Windows. It is now cell based DBL v. 4.4. Synergex is now on v. 8.1.7. I think the conversion should be done in steps and bid appropriately to match those steps: 1. Convert to Windows XP Pro with program still

    €441 - €2205
    €441 - €2205
    0 bud our company server. I would like to convert the code in VB to access SQL server. I will upsize the database to our SQL server. For now I will use local host in my local computer. The current Access ??"VB application includes an ini file, which the database path will be picked up from it when the application is executed. This way I can point myself

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    I currently have an app that resides on both the web (PHP) and as a downloadable software (coded source in Delphi 7). I need to convert this US-based [log ind for at se URL] project to a UK-based project. It will consist of these things: 1) Create a new MySQL database (copy old one ok). 2) Convert all PHP pages from [log ind for at se URL] to [log ind for at se U...

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    Win2k and MAC OSX application that will take TIFF image files, convert them to JPG, and resize them to a specific resolution and pixel dimension. Coverted file then gets posted to a secure ssl web site via HTTP post over SSL. Initial Specs (suject to change): 1: Must support "Drag and Drop" from OS to application. 2: Must support "Hot

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    VB6.0 based application to convert sql2000 based trade/order information to SWIFT (for trades) and FIX messages for Orders. It should be a user friendly screen used to do these translations (GUI to accomplish this). Coders with prior experience with SWIFT/FIX will only be considered. It is a medium to large sized project and price is negotiable

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    We currently have Clipper application for a hotel operating system, we are looking to convert to VB front end with database backend maybe Access . We will provide Clipper source code with company criteria to have it converted to a windows based system. There are 3 aspects of Menus, Forms and Reports to be converted. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    We currently have an OLD Dbase III application we are looking to convert to VB front end with database backend maybe Access or MySQL? I will provide DBase III application and all DBase III source code with company criteria to have it converted to a windows based system. There are 3 aspects of Menus, Forms and Reports to be converted. I am looking for

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    Usage Database Udløbet left

    We give access to the internet to our customers. This is done on a usage based access. Every month we get the usage for those custumers, we convert this to excel and then we import this into access, and we start billing to those customers. I would like to have a web application which includes the following: The user logs in with the username and password

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    Formwhiz Udløbet left

    These days, more and more business is conducted on the Web, making Web-based forms increasingly common. How many times during the last month have you entered your first name, last name, address, e-mail ID, and telephone number? This issue's utility, FormWhiz, does the work for you. You only enter the data once, when configuring FormWhiz. Then, whenever

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    We are currently converting a VB application to asp (intranet) This application is based on Sqlserver (client server) The application contains a number of reports writen with active report (AR) Some reports are pretty sophisticated with multiple sub reports and relatively complex column span. They intend to be customer oriented reports, not drafts.

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    I am looking for someone to design a bespoke order management system for my UK based online condom store At present I just use a simple cheap shopping cart provided by. I can then log in using a simple application also supplied by mals-e (mOrders) and download the orders for processing. All mOrders does is enable me to process

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    ...schedule/order application (approx. 3 modules, 30-40 mall programs... some programs only create a report for example) is written in Micro Focus Object Cobol 4.0 . This application runs in the Micro Focus run-time environment, dos-based. As this is outdated and because i have also some problems with new OS like Windows 2000/XP, I need to convert this appli...

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    ...coded an Excel VBA application that runs a small dating quiz (this file is attached). It is set to run as soon as the Excel file is opened, and the purpose is to advertise our company. The problem is that the file is too large to be effective as a means of mass e-mail, and many people just won't open it. So we want to convert it from the Excel

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    ...outputs courses to a visual basic 6 application with a browser component. I use this as an interface to the courses that users take. I would like to convert the App over to Flash/Director and add a very professional splash to catch the users eye and dazzle them. The Flash/Director interface will be web based and CD-R based The programmer will need to create

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    ASP Spreadsheet Udløbet left

    This will be based on the ASP version of exceleverywhere. I am a newbie, so please excuse my ignorance. There are 4 main components: the password access system, the user input page, the output page and the hidden calculations (the spreadsheet). If you are interested, I will send a copy of the excel spreadsheet I wish to convert. [log ind for at se URL] "spreadsheet"

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    ...with the ability to convert an existing program that has a Windows front-end which interfaces to a DOS-based batch application. Adding a little extra functionality may also be necessary. The converted application will be a web-based interface that will supply all the same information currently supplied to the batch application. In other ...

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    Access conversion Udløbet left

    **There are 3 parts to this project **1. Convert Access db to APD linking to upsized SQL backend 2. Create a webstore based on SQL backend 3. Create a web-app which will mimic the Access ADP. **_Part 1_:** We have completed an extensive Access database which we would like to have converted: -to SQL backend -update code to reflect updated

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    SWB Cold Fusion Udløbet left

    Convert existing VFP project into Web based Cold Fusion application with a SQl server 2000 or 2003 backend. Approximately 5 data entry screen, login screen, splash screen. Approx 10-15 Reports, that we could develop in Crystal for the consultant. Approx 15 tables involved. Table design is completed. Screen shots (or actual VFP forms available, as well

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    Web Site Crawler Udløbet left

    This application will give access to the web site content, extract specific data, insert the data into a database and download images after renaming them. This application will be developped in VB6 (Activex Components) and ASP scripts. An other alternative could be a Desktop VB6 application. The parser must be dynamic in order to use the same application

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    GUI for T27 Unisys Udløbet left

    ...use Attachmate InfoConnect for terminal emulation and e-Vantage for web enabled environment. New graphic interface should also be web enabled, fast loading, with features similar to InfoConnect (multiple environments possible, multiple pages/programs). Situation: Cobol application (financial administrative, warehouse management, etc) runs on both A-series

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    ...looking to convert our current Access 2000 application to an ASP based web version. Currently the system is setup with the backend on a central server and each client (max 5) have the frontend on their computer. W have decided to try and get some bids using screen shots of the application. We will send selected coders the MS Access 2K application after ...

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    I’m running a VB 6 desktop application that gathers data from several websites, parses through and extract various items and saves it to a plain text file. I’ve got it set up so that Windows launches it M-F at 7:30 AM CST, and the application turns itself off at 7:30 PM. This is the period I need to gather the data. I’d like to know if this process

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    Enhance existing web-based database application for standalone use without requiring user to have a particular program. PC Windows environment initially. Need a high quality "web type" appearance; OK to rely upon a web browser for user interface. Add features and reports not currently available in the online version. Current backend database is A...

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    SMS Message Server Udløbet left

    ...Software. BIDDERS WITHOUT READY-TO-USE SMS MESSAGE PROGRAM ON-HAND SIMILAR TO THE BELOW FEATURES, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO MY BID. We are looking for top quality application, Bidders with quality programs handy, please provide evaluation copy, screen shots and specifications, datasheet to shorten the preview process. The programs must be bug

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    23 bud parse/scrape the HTML, like DIHtmlParser, is OK. The purpose of this application is to hide/scramble/encode portions of a web page -either HTML and/or embedded javascript - so most people can't read it or copy it and change it easily. The application will read and modify web pages, outputting the changed page, saving the original as a backup. It

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    I've been making my new website with ASP based on Aleza Portal 1.5 which I bought serveral months ago. See more info about it at: [log ind for at se URL] I've been modifying it to meet my business need for several months now, but I don't have enough time and programming ability to completed my work yet. However, it's nearly finished, only a few

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