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    Data Logger Udløbet left

    ...pull data from a serial port and automatically store the data on another MS SQL database server. We would like some amenities that could be negotiated now or later such as email if the service or serial port stops receiving data or if errors occur such as can not connect to the SQL server and such and be able to data verification checking. At a minimum

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    Complete e-commerce Udløbet left

    A complete e-commerce solution we need: The shopping cart Admin or bacck office section Utilities Payment Methods Security Database of the solution in Access Cripts to convert to SQL server Look [log ind for at se URL], something similar ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    A small project Udløbet left

    Hello Every body I have a project with sql server,visual basic RDO. and crystal report 8.5,(relational database) Most of it, is working but some insert and delete need to updated as per the relational database and some crystal reports also need to be done. but need to be done immeidiately in a two or three days. Only serious and experienced people /

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    ...currently have multiple locations that are using a Visual Foxpro 6.0 database. We are looking at rewriting this program and using MS SQL as a back-end. What would it entail to write a program to convert these Foxpro databases to MS SQL? The front end to this program is probably going to be ASP. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    Task description: online shop database (MS Access to be able to size up to sql server) user administration interface The web page layout is not part of this inquiry. Shop (on the web): The shop will sell personalized photos. These photos are personal pictures and should not be viewed by other users. After logging in with a personal user number and email

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    I need a program which will auto-convert .sql scripts generated by Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to a format usable by Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio. This means removing all the MS-specific tags aswell as changing the MS-specific datatypes into sql-standard types. The program must be able to handle tables, views, stored procedures and triggers, data-migration

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    3 bud catalog web site should be similar to a basic database drive Shopping Cart. The application should be written in ASP (active server page) with MS Access to be size up to SQL server or MSDE engine. The database must be able to support 5000+ product records and 3000 client login and profile. The online catalog application should have this functionalities

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    Migrate Access Udløbet left

    I need a coder to take a small business database created in access and convert it to SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000. The database contains 6 tables and 15 views. I would also like the coder to move the access information into the new SQL database. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    I need a competent coder to work alongside our existing developers to convert our current existing access business management system querys to sql server format. Please only capable coders with experience an the above reply ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    Tracking Log Udløbet left

    We are needing to convert this to a more robust system vb sql something along those lines The attached zip file should contain the following files: [log ind for at se URL] -- Current Invoice Tracking Database (Access 2000). Tracking System [log ind for at se URL] -- Most recent scope document I could find. (Word 2000). User [log ind for at se URL] -- Most recent user guide I could fi...

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    ...end and Oracle 7 as Back end. we want to Convert Oracle 7 Triggers and Stored Procedures to Microsoft SQL server 2000. it has Finance,Inventory,Sales and Payroll Modules. there are 35 stored procedures and 10 triggers in financial modules and we want to convert this module's triggers and stored procedures to sql server [log ind for at se URL] other modules we wi...

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    ...files. I have the complete source code, but you would have to have your own version of Clarion Dos. I could send the source code, and the application but you would need to convert it to something else. The application has a program tree that emulates the menu system. And there is special logic for calculating bonuses and other issues. I would prefer

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    ...attached vb project, at the moment it uses dAO and access and sends mail through outlook 2000, i need to amend to use a sql 7 database and when i convert to ado i can not get the mailsend to work small project to donvert to ado sql table and still have the mailsend work. THIS IS URGENT ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    INPUTS: access 2000 database location, sql server 2000 database location. PROCESSES: be presented with list of fields from both databases, allow mapping to occur to distinct tables using an id reference (un-normalised structure to normalised table structure) Must convert dates and all other data successfully. Must be able to save the mapping schema

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    9 bud that the databases works, I need this: 1) create one form for each table. 2) Add text fields and buttons for these functions: * New * Edit * Cancel * Save * Search - Some SQL statements showing search on different fields. * Search Next * First Record * Last Record * Next Record * Prev Record 3) Add code so all above functions / buttons works If you

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    ...ASP application. This do most of the website interface and interaction with website visitors. There are about 200 ASP pages. It's exactly the same with Aleza Portal 1.5. I use SQL Server 2000 for database. But I've added some more table and fields to the database, so it can be integrate with another part of the system. And also I've changed the way visitors

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    Use Excel VBA to generate UPDATE SQL statement from an excel spread sheet. The spreadsheet have 1st row as field names. 1) Open excel file, provide dialog box for database name, and table name. The database name can be blank if working with table only. This will be use to in the update clause. 2)Provide dialog box to select one or more columns for filter

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    ...desktop program it is Inventory module and it was written with visual basic 4.0 and SQL Server 6.5. Now it is working with visual basic 6.0 and sql server 2000, This program is using RDO to access the database from the SQL Server. How much time will it take to convert this program from single threaded application to multithreaded application approximately

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    I need to convert script from update to insert. There are a maximum of 2 scripts this will affect. Please find attached: Back up file Save- the file that has the original script File Save - the file that i have started to convert to insert, but isn't working EditHistory - a file that you may need for more information, script portion of web only History

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    Convert access tables to oracle tables. Write Oracle Scripts for all access tables and then write access database scripts to import Access database (data) tables into oracle tables. Table names should be same as MS Access tables. I should be able to run SQL Plus scripts in personal Oracle 8i. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working

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    ...databases. However, due to the difference in sql code between MS and Oracle, some of these queries take forever to run or don't run at all. ( I am not exactly sure why...). Since I can't write SQL statements directly, I was wondering if there is a tool to convert the MS sql code in my Access database to Oracle SQL and use that converted code to run t...

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    ...forms have code behind them. Must convert DAO to ADO on coding. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. Must sign a disclosure agreement. Must convert DAO code to ADO code. Must convert existing queries to stored procedures/

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    Database Conversion Udløbet left with the Apollo Engine in both Local and Remote Modes. I will provide licenced copies of the Integral Accounting Source code and the Apollo Database OLE DB component with SQL Engine and the Apollo Database Server. All licences and components must be returned at the conclusion of the project. The Integral Accounting for Visual Basic is a complete accounting

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    I have a batch Update script for an Access Database. I need to convert the script to work with MS SQL Server 2000. The file Name TO BE CONVERTED is: [log ind for at se URL] All files are attached (including full working access version program) DB Name: [log ind for at se URL] Contact me for additional info!! URL for live example using Access DB: [log ind for at se URL]

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    C# templates Udløbet left

    C# programmer needed to convert/create templates for my Code Generation software - LockwoodTech Proc-Blaster see ([log ind for at se URL]) The templates are created in either VBScript or JScript and are processed by Proc-Blaster to create code patterns in a variety of languages used with MS SQL Server 7 or 2000. The templates themselves are

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    ...p2p transfer and use of database on our server. Database is SQL. Program operates by having user complete form, select audio file, posting form and/or audio to our servers, and leaving audit-trail for problem solving. If possible, program should integrate with VB COM object I have to convert audio into desired format. FEATURES-- (helpful, not required)

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    4 bud I will convert the code to fit my own so I only need the desired functionality. I need to be able to pass in the name of a table in a given database and then allow my end users to build an visual sql query from that table. Query only has to be dynamic enough for one table, but must be flexible enough to allow a person who has NO sql experience to

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