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    The project consists in proofreading the abstract, introduction and conclusion of a PhD dissertation in the field of electrical engineering/optimization/machine learning. The style and structure of the text are the only things to be reviewed and the reviewer does not have to give a feedback on the scientific material. Word count: 2577

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    Hi i would like to ask if you could write me a 1000 word essay regarding the impact and future implications of Islamic Militan...would like to ask if you could write me a 1000 word essay regarding the impact and future implications of Islamic Militancy in Pakistan. I don't need an introduction or a conclusion. Just go straight to the main body points.

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    Hi i would like to ask if you could write me a 1000 word essay regarding the impact and future implications of Islamic Militan...would like to ask if you could write me a 1000 word essay regarding the impact and future implications of Islamic Militancy in Pakistan. I don't need an introduction or a conclusion. Just go straight to the main body points.

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    I have a WordPress theme and I need someone to make some changes on this theme to better adapt to my project (website) and my country, that I will explain detail. OBS: I will release the payment only after to put online the website/theme and make intense tests with the modified theme, without errors. Thanks!

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    You are required to write an article of 1000 - 1500 words . Include an introduction, main body and conclusion as well as a list of references/Bibliography. Reflection on how the concept of entrepreneurship has evolved including examples of historial and modern entrepreneurship. To complete the article we will provide a draft of the article as well as

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    I need 12 articles to be re-written properly...12 articles to be re-written properly. You need to add something into the articles to make it more unique. All articles should start with an INTRODUCTION and finish with a CONCLUSION. I will give $15 for this project. All newbies are allowed to bid. And, This is a great chance to get a 5* review :)

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    ...supporter of Trump, I am looking for an unbiased writer). The report is already written, the requirement is to just read it and to write the remaining 550 words. 150 words for Conclusion 150 words for Recommendations 250 words for Executive Summary Unfortunately this must be done within 12 hrs so please only apply if you can start work right away.

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    ...especially at first. Meeting with a consultant at the Writing Center can be very helpful at this stage. What is the significance of the passage? This should be the conclusion of your paper. Think about why this passage is important. What does it say about the text as a whole? What might it indicate about identity or culture or performance -- about

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    Hello Freelancers, I need a conclusion section to be written on urgent basis. It should have only 500 words. It should be well written and no gramatical mistake will be tolerated.

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    I require a 15 pages logically developed article on a local theme of education in Pakistan. Creative writing skills are needed and dead...Why It suits as the Model . . Abovementioned points are the guidelines to logically develop the article and add headings Recommendations - 10 Points Bullet wise Conclusion (Single Paragraph max 10 lines)

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    ...Wiki’s or Pedia’s). Some of the bibliography and references will most likely come from the firm you have chosen: source documents, e.g., annual reports, and financial statements. As such this reduces the need for peer reviewed sources. However, peer reviewed sources are still important and should be listed in the

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    Writing of a conclusion about 1,000 words and a recommendation about 1,000 words. I do have the problem that I'm mixing up these 2 parts. I'm not sure what need to be written in the conclusion and what in the recommendation. UK English. Time to finish 1-2 days.

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    Hello, I need to help to write a conclusion for my thesis.I already wrote my thesis and now I need someone to write half page (250 words) conclusion for my thesis. I will send my work ( it is just 16 pages). I am working and I dont have time to write it. I need it asap.

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    Hello, ...trying to say. Then look at what I wrote fill in where they feel something is missing. With a brief Introduction of the book (1page or less), conclusion and Synopsis. so 3 things: 1-Write 3 pages Intro, Conclusion and Synopsis. 2-Look over what I wrote and feel free to change wordings and add to explanation. 3-Proofread Thank you

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    ...conveys authority and experience. We’d like the articles to feel conversational so readers can begin an internal dialogue; we would also like to see a call to action with your conclusion that continues the dialogue and inspires readers to comment/converse. Lighthearted quips, real world examples & a ‘take the knowledge & run with it’ vibe are all welcome

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    ...Introduction - The X rosé wines - Information for each wine with name, listed price, vineyard, type, taste, food pairings etc. - Round-up; one or more things, could be: Conclusion/interesting knowledge/speciality/extra info ...

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    25 bud compare between different service provider for example (amazon ,google ) what is the techniques and policies that they use and how they differ from each other ..lastly ,conclusion ..the most important thing is that the percent of plagiarism is 20%at max . i have already write 7 pages and remain 23 page also its important to use many papers and have

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    Hi, I have a complete thesis for master's degree in Biology.I need only abstract,discussion and conclusion contents to be added in this [log ind for at se URL] I need this complete thesis to be arranged in (MLA) academic writing format. I attached the complete Thesis with this [log ind for at se URL] find out and we can negotiate for the deal.

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    Form of a management report and include a contents page, introduction, separate sections, a conclusion, a bibliography and APA6 Referencing

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    Read selected non confidential scie...(depending on the content) write a detailed identification and a short summary of the article (either on a specific form or in a specific software) Write analysis, criticism and conclusion about the article. Select and record appropriate key words and also a quote for this article. ~1'000 pages to be reviewed.

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    18 bud mediation law I already have the proposal in 10 pages and all of these pages are my personal writing- my opinion an plan- there are 5 main ideas and introduction and conclusion. What I am looking for is some resources and quotations that support these ideas and it should be a three or four different resources for each idea. Also, the resources

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    ...Length: 2000 - 3000 words not including figures, graphs and data charts. Formatting: Introduction --> 4 Parts answering the questions and listing figures and data --> conclusion. Note: A second project will be done after the first is completed explaining the relationship between staying healthy, water consumption and minerals within the water

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    I need some one to write two chapters Results and analysis (4000 words) conclusion(2100 words) sample and data available you should know how to write proper academic dissertation chapters with referencing Budget $80

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    ...part is an label who makes count (from an existing working excel with more sheet were the date are been used from a sheet to another ) to the gas and energy bills. IN CONCLUSION , i have already prepare the content and the label in excel for the mathematical count , and i want: 1 . to create to site in wordpress (for seo) and i want to have an

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    Need somebody to write a paper on one of the following topics 1. Write a paper about the I LOVEYOU worm, including an analysis of ...of references from textbooks, journal articles and the internet would be well regarded. There should be headings, an introduction (not more than 10% of the total) and a conclusion (not more than 10% of the total).

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    I am looking for a writer to write ...enveloped in an overall step-by-step strategy. The article should explain why certain colors work during certain conditions. The article should have some sort of introduction and conclusion. No specific keyword density is needed; just use it naturally. I would like the article to be 1000+ words with minimal fluff.

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    Greetings, We need to write a Conclusion(half page)For a research [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] people will be given more details.

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    My project is about Introduction to Management assignment. It is a report on opening up Nike in Singapore. I'm halfway done already. I just need someone to continue from PESTEL ANALYSIS, Porter's 5 forces, recommendations and conclusion. it has to be plus minus 2000 words and also with a plagiarism rate of below 10%.

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    ...Enterprise Messaging & Hosting Solutions and Domain name registration. Given that the face of the business is driven by its online presence, the company has come to the conclusion that a much needed modernisation and alignment is in order. Currently the sales, marketing and service pages are considered not only looking somewhat dated, but appear to

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    this project not than 60 pages, chapter 3. overview of policies on poverty reduction and implications. chapt. 4 prospects of poverty reduction strategies. chapt 5 recommendations and implementation strategies

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    2 bud Table Of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Standing & General Posture 3. Non-Verbal Assessments 4. Creating Confidence From Body Language 5. Power Poses 6. Conclusion eBOOK #2: The Resource Guide For Becoming A Better Human Subtitle: A Bank of Tools, Products, & Services for Dominating Life (See attached cover photo) Link to Content:

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    want to summarize a non-fiction book written in english, it has around 200 pages - summary ...within 900-1200 words over 6-10 pages or main ideas based on the book topics. - two of the pages would be an intro (whats the book for, a brief into) and another one like a conclusion (skimming over the main ideas and some useful actions thats can be done)

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    ...Boeing/McDonnell Douglas Merger. The paper needs to be no shorter than 1300 words. Excel file also needed with data for part I. No intro or conclusion needed. References needed. Needed in 4-5 Days. Financial: Part I-- liquidity, pricing, debt, credit policies, compensation, retirement Part II--Determine financing instruments used for the M&A

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    I have a report that I need to add a CONCLUSION to it and REFERENCES. The conclusion is 500 words only. Deadline is today 3 hours from now.

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    He...Israel,Egypt,Jordan,USSR and USA It will be around 2500word: starting with an historical overview, then analyzing the role and motives of these 5 countries. lastly, a conclusion. The project needs to have MLA referencing - with at least 8 resources to be used in the project. It also needs a works cited page at the end. Thats about it.

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    Comparative Politics Course Assignment For this assignment, choose one of the following topics: • €The different ideologies of political economy (liberalism, social democracy, communism, 
and mercantilism) and what they say is the best way to organize a society’s economy and 
 • €The different ideologies (anarchism, communism,

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    Hello, my project is about "Most Efficient Way of Advertising a Smart phone through Social Media" and I have done literature review and methodology, but they have to be edited a little bit because I am not satisfied with them. Also, I will provide all the necessary information about the quantitative analysis chapter( 93 online surveys), so you can easily write down the chapter. I need...

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    Im going to need you to write and compare(in depth analysis no less than 4000 words) of other methodologies used in particle separation of liquid and solid particles. I will send you a few journals to look at and also am going to send you what I have done already. I am going to need the document to be more than 10000 words you I have already done nearly 6000 words. All thats need to be done is l...

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    PERSUASIVE SPEECH Udløbet left

    ...technique of persuasive . outline two pages include 1- introduction (attention getter) 3- these statement . 4- three main points with support sentence with evidence 5- conclusion with good massage of this presentation. 6- 5 source citation APA my presentation is similar to this take the information from her and write it down as outline . https://www

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    Write an extended, 2,500 word analysis of ETHICAL and POLITICAL issues related to your topic...person (I, personally, in my opinion ETC.) Use a lot of in text references Make sure that you are making an argument (it is an essay not a research) Make sure to draw a conclusion All quotes must be referenced in text and also at the end of text.

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    ...values and limitations) Part D: Analysis: - an analysis that uses the other parts of the assignment to break down complex issues, bring out essential elements, an understanding of the issue in its historical context, etc. Part E: Conclusion: - consistent and relevant to the research question Part F: Sources and word limit:

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    Need a professional freelancer to write a scientific abstract and conclusion. Must have background in microbiology or biological science or animal science; we will explain in detail to awarded freelancer.

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    ...Graph the data and comment on any patterns that you observe 2- Estimate the liner regression model 3- analyse the output produced providing appropriate explanation and conclusion 4- Construct a 95 % confidence interval for the variable . explain your answer 5- Explain the term TSS,ESS, and RSS. Using appropriate formula estimate the value for

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    Écrire une introduction et une conclusion

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    ASSESSMENT 1: RECOMMENDING AN OVERSEAS MARKET BRIEFING The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to utilise your skills and knowledge of international business to undertake an analysis of a new overseas market or an existing overseas market where significant expansion should be implemented. You are required to develop a report

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    ...Composition Temperature Speed Rotation Rate Properties of Stars in the HR Diagram Life Cycle of the Sun and its Current Status Conclusion ...

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    ...introduction with a thesis statement, a definition of plagiarism and its causes, a brief discussion of kinds of plagiarism, a famous example of plagiarism and its outcome, a conclusion, a footnote, an in text citation, a separate bibliography page in proper format with a minimum of two outside resources. page numbers Remember that spelling, punctuation

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    ********** No COPY/PASTE Please********** I have software to detect plagiarism I have a small college assignment to finish by 5th march Contents: 4-5 pages. Topic is: ***Strategic information system planning in Saudi Arabia educational institution**** You have to write following 2-Rationale for selection (Why you have selected this topic?)

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    ...Formatting Academic Writing Each dissertation order is carefully researched and written developed by our dissertation writers so that an argument always reaches a successful conclusion aptly formatted (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard or others) authentic customized contains bibliography and reference A sample of work to send the mail: aleksey943

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