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    Anyone who is familiar with computational complexity and algorithms please leave a comment or reach me out.

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    Technical mentorship in the field of computer vision for a computational artist

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    organic chemist 4 dage left

    ...composed of 18-25 year old students studying in top England and Ireland universities as well as European Union Member countries. The work will be assigned upon receiving it from the is generally proof-reading however we have very high volume of work to be completed from scratch given the data. Our team is made up of myself,Abbey and organic chemist ,inorganic chemist,physical and computational chemist experts who will be checking the quality of the work to ensure it is exceptional. Due to previous contracts with freelancers and lack of quality received. We now have a pre-requisite sample question to be answered by the is a very short question should not take more than 10 minutes. The job is ideal for experts and professionals who will be working with an agency on an

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    I am a London-based computational artist. I am looking for computer vision mentorship for a project in which I am painting whilst a programme analyses the location of paint marks as I paint. Specifics: - Guidance on traditional computer vision techniques to differentiate and locate individual paint marks via live video feed. - Technical mentorship to implement an appropriate technique to do this i.e. contour detection - 5 days of up to 7 hours Please get in touch if you are interested

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    MA in English / TESOL / Linguistics Hello greetings We are two professionals with extensive business background in international education . We have been working for 3 years on a business that has been of interest to American and British universities . We need a group of ten professionals highly qualified to review our project and possibly be part of it long term . We require 2 hours of your time , and need your professional anayliss on our project . Candidates should have master or above in one of the following fields or related: - English - TESOL- Linguistics - Creative Writing - Education

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    binary heap Udløbet left

    Develop an array implementation of a binary search tree using the computational strategy to locate the children of a node. (2* n +1) for left child and 2 * (n + 1) for right child. Note the binary search tree of integers will not be a true binary search tree as define in chapter 20 of the text book. The binaryArrayTree will support the following operations: 1. Default constructor 2. toString in level order 3. Insert(int item)

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    I need help with Logic expressions and lambda calculus (write expressions in formal form) Linguistics Job. I will share more details in chat.

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    Hi there! I'm Natalie :) I grew up in South Africa and now live in Cape Town. I studied Chemistry at UCT and started my Masters in Computational Chemistry last year, but I eventually quit to do onlyfans instead (less effort + more money + more time to work on myself). So basically I want a site like this--- (Throne) except it will be catered to South African OnlyFans creators like myself. It's pretty much just a middle-man between the Onlyfans creator and the store (like Amazon). So I can choose which gift I would like to send to my favourite creator. But it protects the creator's home address and all their other personal info. The reason there's a demand for this is because there are thousands of onlyfans girls in South Africa and people want to send us gifts

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    Looking to have my dissertation in computational biology proof-read. 12,000 words need proofreading

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    I need help with IPA sounds and sentences (Linguistics Expert Needed). I will share more details in chat.

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    Youdao (NYSE: DAO), Netease, which focuses on game production and localization, is currently looking for freelance Chinese→Thai Game Translators. Here at Youdao, translators have the chance to j...freelance Chinese→Thai Game Translators. Here at Youdao, translators have the chance to join large game translation projects. You will receive competitive salaries, get constructive feedback, and collaborate with excellent translators around the world. Translators could work remotely from your living location. Requirements: 1. Diploma or University Degree, preferably Translation & Interpreting, Linguistics or related degree; 2. Native Thai Speaker, fluent in Chinese; 3. You have GAME translation experience with CAT tools. Trados and Memsource are preferred; 4. Proactive...

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    I need short write-ups on 10 careers. Talk briefly about the career and what a student can do in that area. Word count 125 - 150 words each. A sample with 2 careers has been shared. It should be interesting to read for students and parent. These are the careers -- Data Science - Management - Journalism - Linguistics - Pharmacology - Environmental Science - Civil Services - Aviation - Forensic Science - Archaeology

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    I Need AI programmer familiar with CTL (computational tree logic programing) or logical maths. I will share more details in chat.

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    I Need AI programmer familiar with CTL (computational tree logic programing) or logical maths. I will share more details in chat.

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    Need to carry out CFD (computational fluid dynamics) testing on an ABS cover of an equipment installed on a helicopter. Need to be an expert in Ansys software. Carry out testing and provide test results on the designed part and suggest for corrections if required.

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    Spanish, Portugese and other European language copywriter, to make text for Instagram posts in the field of books and articles and story writing. Female, preferably European & South America background. Proofreaders also needed

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    Spanish language copywriter, to make text for Instagram posts in the field of books and articles and story writing. Female, preferably Spain & Mexico background. Proofreaders also needed

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    To work with this task, good knowledge in computational fluid dynamics, matlab and detailed report writing is required.

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    Write book review Udløbet left

    Write book review in the field of linguistics

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    ...plots. Model 1 Model 2 These models must be built using Space Claim. The Fluid is water, and the material of the pipe is galvanized iron pipe. The boundary condition is the inlet velocity is 1.99 m/s. the pipe is 0.2 meters diameter and 1 meter length. At the 0.5 meters another 0.5-meter length pipe is branched. Please provide the following: 1. Grid sensitivity analysis 2. Computational domain and plot. 3. Verification and/or validation 4. Flow characteristics for the baseline case including color plots of velocity vectors, pressure, temperature, and other necessary plots. 5. Parametric studies: a). three variables b). three conditions for each variable c). Line plots comparisons and other necessary color plots. The deadline is in two days, pleas...

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    Use a tree from a data set read in from a file.

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    it is necessary to make a summary of a book that contains 294 pages in Portuguese (PT-PT)

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    ...environment more specifically XAMPP 8.1. 6 (PHP 8.1.6 for Windows ) The application should use plain PHP (NOT use of any framework). All components (e.g. PHP CRUD) should be open source and not the result of any PHP generator. The UI should use Bootstrap (preferably the latest version 5.2). Short Description The online simulation application performs a simple computational process, which consists in: (a) The introduction and execution transfers Commands (“moves”) of “Power Units” from on region to another by participating students (players) or NPC. (b) The calculating results of such transfers commands (“moves”) in terms of superiority to define who will be the owner of the disputed region. The operation of the application relies on a simu...

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    ...finding alternatives not only to fossil fuels but also to facets of animal agriculture, particularly overfishing and factory farming. The cultivated meat modeling consortium ( - there's a short video there that will provide more context) is committed to accelerating progress in developing cultivated meat as one such alternative. The CMMC brings together diverse stakeholders to apply computational methods to help the nascent cultivated meat industry as it works to bring high-quality real meat products to market. We are looking for an experienced and strategic grant writer to help as we shift the cultivated meat modeling consortium from a for-profit subsidiary to a non-profit. The grant writer will need to identify and pursue opportunities for funding with help from the approx...

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    Greetings all, I am looking for a person whose mechanical engineer and has experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics. I am looking to have a project report that will contain a simulation using ANSYS. Please see the following criterial: 1. Fluent in English. 2. Perform a CFD simulation using Ansys 3. Write a concise report. 4. The report shall not be copied from different sources. I will do plagiarism check and if it is copied nothing will be paid. 5. Deliver both the report and the simulation file. 6. The topic shall be in the fluid dynamics and the specifics can be chosen between me and the freelancer. 7. All of these shall be delivered within 14 days. Regards

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    Proven work experience as a Translator, Interpreter or similar role Fluency in at least two languages in addition to your native language Excellent proofreading skills with the ability to identify grammar, spelling and punctuation errors Good knowledge of content editing tools Familiarity with translation software Time-management skills BSc in Translation, Interpreting or similar a Translator, Interpreter or similar role Fluency in at least two languages in addition to your native language Excellent proofreading skills with the ability to identify grammar, spelling and punctuation errors Good knowledge of content editing tools Familiarity with translation software Time-management skills BSc in Translation, Interpreting or similar field Additional certification in Linguistics...

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    Bachelor's degree (preferably in linguistics, translation, communications, or a related field) with at least 8 years of related experience, including experience in project management or similar. Mastery of spoken and written English and at least one other language. Proven skills in project management, time management, interpersonal communication, coaching, problem solving and the ability to work under pressure.

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    We need Japanese talents with linguistics experience, we will give more details to shortlisted candidates, we need talents who can do a test. Welcome.

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    Looking for someone with great skills in data analysis using python scrips , making use of libraries like numpy, pandas, excel, data cleaning and computational analysis.

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    We have invented a new range-increasing jet modification similar in effect to winglets, but not winglets. Their effect is additive to winglets if present. Before we start to cut metal we'd like to model our modification using Computational Fluid Dynamics (software like ANSYS or OpenFOAM) to validate our approach and fine-tune it a bit. We already have an STL model of the aircraft and are finishing-up our mesh using Pointwise, so all we're looking for is the actual CFD analysis. We're want to analyze the model for speeds up to Mach 0.87 with and without our modification. If we are correct, our modification should result in a 15 percent range increase or a modest rise in max cruise. Further funding depends on these results so of course we are in a hurry. A second (di...

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    ...recognised mental health condition? Is BDD categorised as a mental health condition? Is BDD a classified mental health problem? Is BDD a recognised mental health problem? Is BDD a classified mental health condition? Is BDD real? Is BDD a real mental illness? Is body dysmorphic disorder a real mental illness? We have to this juncture, used various students studying English language and/or linguistics - the quality of variations have not met the QA required to train the algorithm. (Our original brief may well have contributed to that) We currently have 10+ students creating variations, however, we need to revisit each set with our developers to ensure the variations met the required spec (spec below) Would this be a project that you could assist JAAQ and our developers...

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    Lokal Haster NDA
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    I’m looking for someone to automate the editing of real estate photos via computer vision, machine learning and general computational photography techniques. We shoot the “flambient” technique. (Flash and Ambient layered) It will involve the laying of 2-4 raw DNG files at varying opacities with some auto masking determined by image segmentation. I have about 200,000 raw and final images that could be used for training if necessary

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    I am trying to create an automatized Anaphora Resolution model for English and Turkish. I have annotated data and I am trying to create a model that uses the linguistic data and does the process in an automatic way. If there is anyone who is good with NLP tasks, I need help with the coding.

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    Ui based Electricity consumption has been extensively studied in the computer architecture field for many years. While the acquisition of energy as a measure in machine learning is emerging, most of the experimentation is still primarily focused on obtaining hoisted levels of accuracy without any computational restrictions. We believe that one of the grounds for this shortage of interest is due to their absence of ease with access to evaluate energy consumption. The main objective of this study is come to evaluate useful regulations to the machine learning community that permits them the fundamental realization to use and build energy estimation methods for machine learning algorithms.

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    I am looking to make a 3d Cad model of a small Light Sport Plane. I would like it to be 4 seats Tri Landing Gear Fixed Standard Design I would need to do Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Ansys Simscale OpenFOAM

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    MATLAB Project -- 2 Udløbet left

    I am looking for a tutor who is deep knowledge on Particle Swarm Optimization, Genetic Algorithm, Self-adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization as well as has deep understating of using MATLAB. As I need their help to plot graphs for: Convergence rate vs the number of iteration (for all PSO,GE and SAPSO algorithms) As well as need help in plotting graph for the computational complexity of PSO, GE and SAPSO. I have past paper resources to take help from, but I want all these graphs on MATLAB.

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    If you are interested in exciting work with new product design and engineering we have an immediate opening for a mechanical engineer experienced with designing and building custom welded / fabricated structures, formed sheet metal, and molded composite panels. Experience using Solidworks or Siemens NX, FEA and CFD tools for structural and flow analysis is required.

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    These pages deal with Persian loanwords in Arabic. Arabic and Persian texts are not required to be translated.

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    Im looking for an expert to help with a practice work related to computational theory, NFA, DFA,GNFA and pumping lemma

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    The project is an AI computational vision , it need to be transferred from CPU pipe line C++ program to GPU parallel programing code , in order to be able to distribute the computational load of multicamera streams such that have min frame rate per second not less than 30 fps. Thus we can determine the limitation of each GPU device towards number of streams within corresponding AI processing features.

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    academic academic Udløbet left

    -Do NOT apply if you were not a post-graduate who is experienced in the field of translation, linguistics, or American/British/Arab literature. -Do not bid for a sum and ask for something else. You and I do not have time to waste. NB: NO candidate is supposed to Translate You will be provided with details over chat....

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    Statistician / ML expert is required for basic project that requires computational work. Overview: You are to try to determine who will win an upcoming election. You're going to poll some n number of people to estimate the probability a given voter supports Candidate A over Candidate B (we will assume no one is indifferent between them). Deadline: 1 week.

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    ...process Work with a wide range of media and translation software Resolve issues associated with translation, localization, and culture Engage with other departments to provide translation services Implement feedback and changes whenever possible Job Qualifications and Skill Sets Below are the qualifications expected of a translator: Bachelor's degree in communications or linguistics Minimum five years experience in the translation field Proficiency in translation tools and software such as Déjà Vu, memoQ, Wordfast, and Trados Knowledge of the translation process, terminology, and localization techniques Familiarity with localization guidelines and standards Ability to convert written materials into a second langua...

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    Linguistics research data with test scores

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    ...the A15's 5-nanometer. Aside from the additional semiconductor count the new assembling process, the leap in computational power probably won't be as critical from the 13 Expert to the 14 Genius as it was from the 12 Star to 13 Ace. It's additionally unsure the amount of Smash the iPhone 14 Expert will possess as Apple generally doesn't share the amount Slam is in the iPhone. The GPU considers a move up to be well, with half more memory transfer speed. The showcase motor on the A16 Bionic chip assists power the LTPO with showing as well as the Unique Island. Apple says the A16 Bionic's brain motor is equipped for 17 trillion activities each second, which is required for computational photography. In my couple of moments with the iPhone 14 Ace and...

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    Looking for tutor who can help out on programming, master level 700 Information retrieval course. Deal with creating dictionary (using raw text), search text, search engine. Topics include automatic index construction, formal models of retrieval, Internet search, text classification, multilingual retrieval, question answering, and related topics in NLP and computational linguistics. Weekly 8-10 hours of works needed for 3 months.

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    You will need to: - Adapt existing AWS lambda endpoints implemented in python, harmonizing signature and response of answers with front-end data representation - Implement new API endpoints utilizing AWS Lambda with python, AWS API Gateway and Elasticsearch - Work with front-end developer representation - Implement new API endpoints utilizing AWS Lambda with python, AWS API Gateway and Elasticsearch - Work with front-end developer to harmonize API authentication user-flows - Pay special attention to security concerns, including developing API design that prevents unauthorized access or script injection - Develop adequate usage profiles to efficiently prevent depletion of computational resources - Integrate existing and newly developed API endpoints with metering and invoic...

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    I want to calcualte capicatance per unit length using Method of moments (MoM) . Lets discuss about the proposal shortly In meanwhile please Open the file in Jupyter notebook for some understanding. Project proposal can be negotiated you should have following skills: strong electromagnetics background would be able to solve Method of Moments problem by coding Should be familar with Julia langauge

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    ...Medical Translators and Editors (Czech into English) to join our growing team. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with a firm knowledge of Czech and English languages & extensive experience in the Medicine/Health and Life Sciences fields. Mentioned below are the requirements in detail for this project: ?Required Qualification & Work experience - Bachelor's Degree in Translations, Linguistics, Health Sciences, or any related field - 5+ years of translation experience in life sciences fields - Native fluency in the target language - Broad medical vocabulary If you are interested please share your resume with the following information; - Per word rate for Translation Services - Per word rate for Editing Services. - What is your daily output? On average, how...

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