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    Jeg har brug for en ny hjemmeside Designe og bygge den Lille virksomhedshjemmeside Tænkte at begynde sum Zoneterapeut, i fritiden :)

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    Jeg har brug for en ny hjemmeside Designe og bygge den Lille virksomhedshjemmeside Tænkte at begynde sum Zoneterapeut, i fritiden :)

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    L15 is updated by the game every GW and the sum of the 5 cannot exceed 240.

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    ...analysis of LDPC coded M-APSK using the DVBS-2 standard and write the report. I have a Matlab code and a Simulink model that can be used for this purpose. The specific tasks that I need assistance with are: - LDPC Encoding: I require help in implementing LDPC encoding using the Tanner graph approach. - LDPC Decoding: I need assistance in implementing LDPC decoding using the Bit-flipping method or the Sum algorithm. The report for this project needs to be written in a specific format that I will provide. I am open to guidance on the structure and content of the report, but I do have a preferred format in mind. The deadline for the report is within 1 week. Therefore, I am seeking a freelancer who can work efficiently and deliver high-quality work within this timeframe. Ideal sk...

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    ...current position to the destination.  There is a case where a safe route may be selected as the route along which the ride-sharing vehicle travels. The problem in the case is that the probability of picking up a user on the safe route is low, and efficient operation may not be possible.  To solve this problem, in this technology, routes with a high probability of picking up users is selected when the sum of the recognition level values of each sensor (ex. camera, millimeter wave radar and LiDAR) mounted on the vehicle is higher than the reference value. This increases the likelihood that the ride-sharing vehicle will pick up many users. Furthermore, since the sensor's recognition level is also higher than the reference level, safety is ensured during the ride. Please search ...

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    Hi, This Wix website needs to be improved: Mural List of tasks: needs to be improved: Mural List of tasks: A PPT where you can get the graphics from: I sum up the job: - Do all the tasks listed on Mural (see link above) - Improve the design of the website based on the example of the PPT (same design, fonts, colors) - Make a clean mobile version of the website on Wix

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    11 bud sushi, koi, spam, etc in a modern style and element to it. They take a simple cultural symbol and turn it into an art inspired design. An example of this might be a Chinese take out box, use of a Dragon, the Chinese Lunar New Year calendar, dim sum or an icon like Bruce Lee. In the end, I am looking for this formula. One focus/cultural element that is designed/expressed in a modern way. I would like to connect with a designer that can create a brand look and identity that plays off of the Chinese Zodiac calendar, dragon symbols, dim sum, etc. My goal is to build with initially Asian: Chinese designs but expand to other Asian traits I have in my family…Filipino, Hawaiian, etc. The designs will be professionally printed on T-shirts and sweatshirts. The...

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    ...outliers. C. Analyze Data Imbalance: Data imbalance can affect the accuracy of the analysis, especially for binary classification problems. Understanding the data distribution is crucial for building reliable models. Task: Determine if there is data imbalance in the loan application dataset and calculate the ratio of data imbalance using Excel functions. Hint: Utilize Excel functions like COUNTIF and SUM to calculate the proportions of each class. Compare the class frequencies to assess data imbalance. Graph suggestion: Create a pie chart or bar chart to visualize the distribution of the target variable and highlight the class imbalance. D. Perform Univariate, Segmented Univariate, and Bivariate Analysis: To gain insights into the driving factors of loan default, it is important...

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    22 bud and target audience - Ability to create engaging content that resonates with the target audience - Strong understanding of brand awareness tactics - Proven track record of successful LinkedIn marketing campaigns. This is a long term role for someone who is interested in a small level of work checking LinkedIn, posting once per week, and a review end of each year. Please bid for a lump sum for one year and we will renegotiate for second year ifnboth parties want to continue. The logo will be provided but role requires person to design the post to look professional with website link, logo, and the post content. If you have more than one person in a team of two or more willing to each do steps 1,2 and 3 we are willing to consider this as well and please advise the number ...

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    ...FILTER( ALL(Data), Data[Week] <= CurrentWeek ) ) ) 2. Created a measure to calculate the opening stock for Current Week Osoh CurWk:=CALCULATE( SUM(Data[Closing Stock]), FILTER( Data, Data[Week] = MAX(Wk[Week]) && Data[Current Week] = "Prev" ) ) 3. Another version of opening stock for Current Week Cur Wk Osoh:=VAR CurrentWeek = MAX(Data[Week]) VAR CurrentCountry = MAX(Data[Country]) RETURN IF( MAX(Data[Current Week]) = "Yes", SUM(Data[Opening Stock]) ) 4. Another version of Opening Stock OSoh 2:=VAR CurrentWeek = MAX(Data[Week]) VAR CurrentCountry = MAX(Data[Country]) RETURN IF( MAX(Data[Current Week]) = "Unelapsed", CALCULATE( SUM(Data[Opening Stock]), FILTER( ALL(Data), Data[Country] = CurrentCountry...

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    I am looking for an Excel expert who can help me with a complex formula implementation. I need an alternative solution to using the INDIRECT function to pick up a specific sheet name from a tab and use it within a formula. Additionally, I want to use a named range containing the sheet names in a formula SUMPRODUCTS to sum across the selected sheet names. Skills and experience needed: - Advanced knowledge of Excel functions and formulas - Experience in finding alternative solutions to using the INDIRECT function - Familiarity with using named ranges in formulas - Ability to work with complex formulas and calculations Please note that I may need assistance with other Excel functions apart from SUMPRODUCTS and INDIRECT, but I am not sure at this time as it depends what you need to ...

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    Derivations in physics 1 dag left

    We need to understand the derivations using video escape velocity √2GMr potential energy -GMm/r Centripetal force Mechanical energy is sum of K.E and P.E. What is the basic meaning of this term? Another question - What is the basis meaning when we say potential energy increases leads to decrease in kinetic energy and decrease in potential energy leads to increase in kinetic energy

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create an Excel spreadsheet for me. The specific requirements for the project are as follows: Data inclusion: - The spreadsheet should include financial data. Calculations: - Basic calculations such as sum and average should be performed within the spreadsheet. Formatting and design: - Basic formatting is sufficient for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and experience with handling financial data. - Strong understanding of basic calculations in Excel. - Attention to detail to ensure accurate data entry and calculations. If you are interested in this project, please provide examples of previous work that demonstrate your skills and experience in creating Excel spreadsheets.

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    Hi, i need a shopware developer for a small problem in shipping. I have the following problem: My customer generally offers free delivery for purchases over 100 euros. We are currently running two discount campaigns (30% discount on product group X and 20% discount on product group Y). This discount means we can now offer items that would otherwise cost ov...running two discount campaigns (30% discount on product group X and 20% discount on product group Y). This discount means we can now offer items that would otherwise cost over 100 euros for <100 euros. Nevertheless, the customer is now not charged any shipping costs, even though the total amount is less than 100 euros. Can someone help me with this? You must be able to set it so that the total sum counts for the shopping ...

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    I have created a Post Type where the user can enter the data through a Form ...can enter the data through a Form (using JetFormBuilder) such - Top (yes/no), - Flash(yes/no), and - Tries (integer, e.g., 1,2,3,4,...) The information the user enters is shown in a Table (created through the Query and Tables Builder). A user can post information on several pages. All information the user enters is page- and user-name-specific. I want to create a table which shows (1) The sum of Tries as #Tries (2) The number of cases where there is at least one Top == yes appears on a page as #Top (3) The number of cases where there is at least one Flash == yes appears on a page as #Flash by user-name The resulting table should have the structure: user-name; #Tries; #Top; #Flash How can I ach...

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    I have one question which I need the answer and the method of calculation so I can replicate the same. Budget 2024 Revenue: 8,769.2 Production costs: 5,452.2 Gross margin: 3,317.0 (38%) Budget 2023 Revenue: 7,218.2 Production costs: 4,250.7 Gross margin: 2,967.5 (41%) Gross margin reduced by 3% How can I analyse my production costs to calculate the direct contribution to the 3% gro...(41%) Gross margin reduced by 3% How can I analyse my production costs to calculate the direct contribution to the 3% gross margin reduction, i.e. -1% attributed to 'Manufacturing cost' increase: Production costs: Budget 2024 Manufacturing costs: 4,723.4 Other Production costs: 728.8 Budget 2023 Manufacturing cost: 3,816.9 Other Production costs: 433.8 Answer in excel or Google sheet with ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can fix an Excel formula that involves the SUM function. The specific formula that needs to be fixed is unclear, as the client is not sure about the conditions or criteria for the formula. However, the desired outcome of the correct formula is to sum a specific range of cells. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Excel and advanced knowledge of formulas, particularly the SUM function - Experience troubleshooting and fixing formula errors in Excel - Attention to detail to accurately identify and correct any issues with the formula - Ability to communicate effectively with the client to gather more information and clarify requirements

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    website development Udløbet left

    ...statistics, as well as the possibility to "close" registration on specific courses. All courses and exams are fixed but offered the same 4 days a week for the next 2 months. Each course and exam has a traffic light, when the number of registered students is maxed, "red" is displayed and registration is not possible anymore. Additional refinements might apply. Full requirements will be discussed. To sum up key functionalities: 1. the webpage shall have a nice design. 2. the webpage offers around 5 courses and 5 exams (could be 6 or 7). 3. all the mentioned courses and exams will have "unified" registration form, in which user add their details and pick up the courseexam and the date. Dates for only the next 2 months are offered. 4. Coursesexams a...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who is advanced in Excel functions, specifically VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, and MATCH. Tasks and Responsibilities: - Assist with applying these functions to a specific project or task (to be determined) - Provide general assistance and guidance with these functions Skills and Experience: - Advanced level of familiarity with Excel functions - Strong understanding of VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, and MATCH functions - Ability to provide clear explanations and guidance on how to use these functions effectively If you have experience with these functions and are confident in your ability to assist, please submit your proposal. Thank you.

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    I am in need of a Modbus RTU software for Raspberry Pi. The main purpose is to collect data from a number of Modbus slaves, calculate sum, check for alarms and present on .html page. Number of slaves can be 1-100 and they are all the same. I have the data for those devices and will provide it when the project is initiated. A successful freelancer candidate will have experience working with Modbus and Raspberry Pi.

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    For identification of a latent-variable model, I need to impose a sum-to-zero constraint on mu = X * gamma. X is a J * K full column rank design matrix and gamma is a K-length parameter vector to be estimated. To impose this constraint, a K*(K-1) matrix B is required as basis, so that gamma = B * gamma_raw, where gamma_raw is a K-1-length parameter vector, and the constraint then holds by construction. Here is what I tried so far in R: (123) # simulate X num_rows <- 20 num_columns <- 5 data <- (intercept = rep(1, num_rows)) for (i in 1:(num_columns - 1)) { col_name <- paste0("indicator", i) data[, col_name] <- sample(0:1, num_rows, replace = TRUE) } X <- (~ . - 1, data) print(X) rankMatrix(X) # use QR decomposition QR <- qr(t(X)) B <- qr.Q(QR)...

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    Hello, I was looking for a person who can create a website for my website creation agency So I would offer but service to people in France And the person who will accept his work for me will create websites We will share the sum in 50/50 With the developers But now I need a presentation site I am able to reach a large clientele in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium The site must be in English and French

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    retrieve owed money Udløbet left

    I'm looking for help with recovering a sum of money that I am owed, £5,000. I have only verbal agreements as evidence, so I'm looking for someone to help negotiate and settle this debt. I need someone skilled in recovering money for people in my situation, of people with differing nationalities (I am based in Brazil with British nationality and the person who owes me is Peruvian) who can help me get the repayment that I'm owed.

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    ...for each row. Formula: =SUM(D2:F2) (assuming D, E, F are the columns for quantities of Herconic360, Herconic Supplements, and Herconic Coaching, respectively). Action: Enter this formula in the first row of the 'Total Sale Amount' column, then drag the fill handle (a small square at the bottom-right corner of the cell) down to fill this formula for all rows. Monthly Sales Total: Where to Add: At the 'Monthly Sales Total' row under the 'Total Sale Amount' column. Formula: =SUM(G2:G31) (adjust the range according to the number of sales entries). Action: Enter this formula in the cell where the monthly total should appear. Overhead Expenses Section Monthly Expenses Total: Where to Add: At the 'Monthly Expenses Total' row under the ...

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    ...Design: We've priced it at 1500 Rs. 2. Second Kurta Design: The second design is also available for 1500 Rs. 3. Third Kurta Design: For a more budget-friendly option, the third design is priced at just 1000 Rs. (For better quality msg me I'll send you pdf) When you find a buyer for these designs, your role will be to add your margin to each design's base price. The total cost to the buyer will be the sum of the base price and your margin. You have the flexibility to set the price. Buyer price for single kurta design:- 1500/1000(my cut) + your margin= price of kurta design (in case if buyer wants to buy only one design) I can lower the price of my design If a buyer decides to purchase all three kurta designs, they can enjoy a bundled price of just 3000 Rs. "...

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    I am looking for assistance in editing Google sheet formulas. Specifically, I need help editing Sum formulas, Average formulas, and Vlookup formulas. The formula I would like to be edited is =IMPORTRANGE(""," Back-up'!B36"). I am open to suggestions on changes to the formula, so creativity is encouraged. I need this task to be completed within a week. If you feel you fit the criteria then I am interested in hearing from you.

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    ...ensure that the segments defined between consecutive points are as long as possible, not falling below a defined minimum (e.g., 2.5 meters). In other words, the angles defined at each vertex of the contour polylines should be as wide as possible, respecting the minimum length defined for the segments and also adhering to the specified altitude error margin. It may be possible to maximize the sum of the angles at each vertex of a polyline and, as a preliminary step, incorporate a Kriging process, which inherently smooths contour lines obtained from a discrete point sample without losing coherence with reality. If the angle at some vertices falls below a user-defined value, it should be highlighted in some way for manual resolution. Point 2 – Regarding Clipping: Furthe...

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    How do I get dynamic set of rows that sum up the relevant items (even if I add new rows e.g. between 42 & 43).

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    ...of customer data, including name, e-mail, social security number, telephone number and address. 9. Generation of sales reports over different time periods. 10. Linking sales, returns and discounts to different accounting accounts. 11. Support for discounts at the checkout and handling of gift cards. 12. API integration with our MySQL database on our server. 13. Management of the exchange fund's sum and reporting. 14. Approval by the Swedish Tax Agency. If you have experience developing POS apps and are confident that you can handle these requirements, I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me with your portfolio and an estimate of the project cost and timeline. Thanks! We have built this today as a web app / website but want it as a mobile and desktop app. The ...

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    I need to learn about these topics. Ususally I m using MS Access for design. Please check my previous work but stuck at data normalization. Task 1: Da...query in your report as a proof that it worked and produced the desired result. Queries should include these if/when possible: • Conditions using various operators on numbers, text and date columns with results sorted • Conditions applied to more than one column (AND/OR in the WHERE clause) • Arithmetic calculations and concatenated columns • Column aliases where required • Aggregate functions. (SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, COUNT etc.) • Queries displaying results from more than one table (joins) • Queries including GROUP BY and HAVING Task 3: Views / Reports At least three useful and well designed data ...

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    ...Deliverables: - A fully functional back-office communication tool. - Documentation detailing the architecture and codebase. Selection Criteria: - Previous experience with similar projects. - Portfolio of past work that includes web tools or communication platforms. - Client testimonials or references. Important - read this!!! To avoid automated responses only those entries will be read that state the sum of 5 plus four at the beginning!!! Please provide links and/or screenshots of back-offices and/or messaging-platforms you have been completed before. Do NOT post commonly known templates as this will result in blocking to further conversation. Thank you for your understanding. We are seeking for a long term relationship. We love what we to and we look for someone (or team)...

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    I am looking for an experienced video editor to work on a series of YouTube videos. The videos will be 5-10 minutes long and I am looking for an editor with experience in creating gaming and vlog style content. I will need the editor to put text overlays in the videos. If you have experience in creating a cinematic, documentary or any other style, that would be a plus. To sum up, I am looking for a skilled editor with knowledge in gaming and vlog style editing, coupled with the ability to add text overlays. If you think you're the perfect fit for this project, please get in touch!

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    Handbook Project Udløbet left

    ...Afternoon, I need to adjust the Handbook in a modern key, less words and more reference to links for fair trading Australia. Section Harassment: please make it brief and short and attach link without going into details with behaviors Parental Leave: add a section that Pini company will offer as benefits $500 for each child born and that for not Australian citizenship and permanent we offer a sum payment Please make it more modern, short and more organic for an engneer company and also from the Switzerland one that I have attached as reference copy and paste the ABC rules Please use this sample as suggestion:

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    I'm looking for skilled freelance...optimization processes. Overall, I'm looking for someone who has extensive experience in the field of web scraping and who is well-versed in web development technologies, data engineering, cloud computing, distributed systems, data-intensive application design, predictive modeling, and machine learning. Some knowledge with open source software frameworks to aid in automation is appreciated. In sum, I'm after an experienced freelancer who can develop a robust system for collecting and compiling data from a specific website into a readable and organized format for an Excel spreadsheet. The right person for the job should have the knowledge and ability to use web, network and software services to carry out this request in a professio...

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    Excel Formula Worksheet for Data Analysis I am looking for someone who can assist me with specific formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE, and IF in Excel. The purpose of the worksheet is for data analysis. I need assistance with 1-3 worksheets. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and knowledge of advanced formulas - Strong understanding of data analysis techniques - Attention to detail and accuracy in calculations - Ability to organize and present data effectively

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    I need a Powerapp built in our tenant. User will drag and drop (2) PDF files. First one is an invoice. Powerapps will parse the invoice and extract the Customer information, email address and $amount. Powerapps will email the customer, process the payment then email the customer the seco...invoice. Powerapps will parse the invoice and extract the Customer information, email address and $amount. Powerapps will email the customer, process the payment then email the customer the second PDF file (The plans) About 30 invoices per month Will need working knowledge of AIBUILDER to parse invoices and working knowledge of payment APIs such as PAYPAL, STRIPE, etc. Please quote a lump sum for building the app including your lead time. Hourly or blank place holder bids will ge...

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    I am looking for an experienced Photoshop expert to help me with enhancing the exterior of my home. In particular, I want the freelancer to add/remove objects to my photo as per my specifications. As per my reference images, I want the project to be done using high-quality results. Additionally,... In particular, I want the freelancer to add/remove objects to my photo as per my specifications. As per my reference images, I want the project to be done using high-quality results. Additionally, I will provide the necessary high-resolution images, which the freelancer will use to complete the project. With that, I am confident that the freelancer will be able to create a stunning outcome. In sum, I am looking for a competent Photoshop expert to make my vision real with the images I have...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can modify an Excel formula without using VBA. The specific formula that needs to be modified is the SUMIF formula. The modification needed is to change the range and sum range of the formula. The new range and sum range need to be dynamic based on data from a different worksheet. The purpose of the formula is to find the criteria in a range of rows that starts with the beginning date for a specified quarter of the year, and ends with the last date for the same quarter. In the attached example, the 3rd quarter is used, but any quarter could be used. The exact dates the range begins/ends will not be the exact dates the quarter begins/ends on, but instead a specified date that falls within the range. In the attached example, the first date fo...

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    ...CurrentBars[0], openingRangeLow, , , 2); } // Plot the naked VPOC directly on the price chart double nakedVPOC = (Highs[0][0] + Lows[0][0]) / 2.0; (this, "NakedVPOC", 0, nakedVPOC, CurrentBars[0], nakedVPOC, , , 2); // Calculate VWAP vwap = SUM(Close * Volume, 5) / SUM(Volume, 5); // Calculate VWAP standard deviations double vwapSum = 0; for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { vwapSum += ((Close[i] * Volume[i]) - vwap, 2); } double vwapVariance = vwapSum / 5; double vwapStdDev = (vwapVariance); // Plot 1 standard deviation VWAP directly

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    Hire a paralegal Udløbet left

    ...of these. 2. Going to or calling the Dean of Students office to gather files/data/evidence 3. Going to or calling the Center for Students with Disabilities to gather data, contact the Director 4. Taking photographs at incident scenes (I will provide digital camera and locations 5. Doing case research searching for other cases of racial discrimination by DePaul University. I can pay a lump sum payment upon task completion I can meet with the paralegal at the Cook County Law Library on the 29th floor of the Daley Center Thank you kindly David (773) 949-1728...

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    ...panel with two text boxes where i can insert 2 numbers (double) and one "Submit" button to send the data to the Model part. Every text box has its text label ("val 1" and "val 2") 2) A panel for output: a text block where is displayed a number coming from the Model part (sumVal), and a very basic plot to show the points calculated in the Model part. - Model: 1) One class to compute the sum between the 2 input values, called sumVal 2) One class to generate 10 datapoints (x, y) from the sine function, between x=0 and x=10 and using as argument of the sine the quantity (x*sumVal) 3) One class to plot in the GUI the datapoints computed in the previous class If you accept the job, i need a quick call on Google Meet so we can discuss abou...

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    ...checkbox, 0/1, or True/False. -toggle button to reorder the columns in alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order, or original datasource order. -States Grid SEE SAMPLE ATTACHED: Based on the data and user selected cells. Read only (user can copy out). If the calc does not apply, it should be blank. COUNT ALL: rows, columns, cells. (total). COUNT SELECT: rows, columns, cells. (selection). SUM: (if numeric type) on the selected cells. MULTIPLY: (if numeric type) multiply all on the selected cells. DIFF: (if 2 numeric or date cells selected). Preferrably in first cell minus second cell. DIFF REVERSE: (if 2 numeric or date cells selected). DIVIDE: (if 2 numeric or date cells selected-first divided by second). DIVIDE REVERSE: (if 2 numeric or date cells selecte...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with my Vtiger CRM project. I need to automate the calculation of a custom field, specifically a currency field that requires summation. The custom field is located in Organization module. The custom field should sum the total value of related invoices with various status values. Please note: This custom work needs to be implemented on two different vtiger instances. The invoice status values will not be the same on the two instances, so a small amount of tweaking to the customazation needs to be made, to reuse the customization ond the 2nd vtiger instance.

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    illustrations Udløbet left

    I am looking for 8 full page illustrations 1080 - for a lump sum price less than $1000. I need a talented artist who can create Disney-realistic illustrations for a Christian children's book I am writing. I have specific colors in mind, so I need someone who is capable of meeting my vision while paying close attention to detail. This project requires creativity and knowledge of the most up-to-date illustration techniques. Looking for full color saturation, great character facial expressions (realistic, big eyes), and the ability to capture kinetic movement as well as detailed historical backgrounds (i.e. ancient Israel). You should be prepared to submit your portfolio and provide samples of your past work. The final product must be full-page 1080 pixels, high quality, bright s...

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    I am looking for someone to create a brochure and sales folder for my company to attract new customers. I want the design and presentation to portray a corporate, professional style. I do not have any images or text ...showcase my company's products and services and provide potential customers with information about my company. I am looking for someone creative and experienced in creating professional printed marketing materials. I expect the design to be attractive and eye-catching, as well taking into consideration the company branding. This project requires a high level of attention to detail and accuracy. In sum, I need a freelancer to generate a stunning brochure and sales folder design with appropriate text and images to attract new customers and further the success ...

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    Website for lottery Udløbet left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a lottery website with a specific focus on seamless user experience and minimalist design. The website must provide the users with the ability to purchase tickets online, access results conveniently and ...interactive and engaging website with content which is easy to understand. Moreover, I am looking for a simple, clean and minimalist design to emphasize the features and make sure that there are no distractions on the website. The desired website should minimize navigation time and provide users with the ability to easily search and access the information they need in the shortest possible time frame. To sum up, the website must offer a user experience which is interactive, engaging, informative, straightforward, and with a minimali...

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    ...CSS, MySQL website to run on my Xampp server. Front-end - 1 page only - List data from database in simple rows of 4-5 colums. With customisable categories and sections. - Automated index function to be able to output if previously inputed number is higher/lower and then indicate outcome with green arrows up or red arrows down and red and green font-color over specific part of data. - Sum index function to sum all listed data if upgoing/downgoing trend with same indicator functions as explained above. - Fully responsive ( 6” screen ) - Design requirements will be provided Back-end - Admin panel to configure list - Fully responsive ( 6” screen ) - Easy to configure - Functionality and layout requirements will be provided. Overall criteria’s from us is: ...

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    I need an experienced lobbyist to help support my cause in the technology space. My goal with this campaign is to shift public perception of what I am doing in the technology space. To do this, I want to target corporations and focus on i...with multiple stakeholders such as government officials, public opinion and business leaders. The lobbyist I hire for this project will need to be an outstanding communicator and strategist to ensure my message is heard by the right people. Furthermore, the lobbyist must have the skill to create targeted campaigns that efficiently generate the desired effect of influencing public opinion. In sum, I'm looking for someone to help convey my message in the technology space, specifically to corporations, that will have a lasting impact on pub...

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    ...settlements = {0: [750, 500, 250, 250, 250, 250], 1: [100, 250,250,250,250,250], 2: [500, 250, 250, 250], 3: [350, 350,350,350]} Running Balance: The solution must keep track of a daily running balance of the bank account. The first day of the project is the first day of the balance adjustments. The daily balance should be calculated as the balance_adjustments element for that day minus the sum of the daily costs for the tasks scheduled for that day. Any remaining budget for the day carries over to the next day. The daily balance can never go below zero. Optimized Result: The optimized result should be the shortest possible number of days to complete all tasks while never going below 0 in the 'bank'. You will include test data and the function call at the e...

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    I need a .h and a .cpp with a function that takes two values and returns the sum. This function must be called in App.tsx. Very simple, just to validate this call from react native for windows to a c++ module. It's just a function to calculate two values in C++ and call in react. Example calling the function passing 2 and 2 then it returns 4. The calculation must occur in C++ and returned to react native to render a simple text there. Please check the attach screenshot also. PS: Please add "cpp" at the beginning of your proposal to decline bo-t bid. THanks

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