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    ...Conceptual project of electrical installation of charging stations (choosing charging stations for different electric cars (already specified) , power balance, preliminary choosing transformers’ powers, design and choosing wirjacking, design of switchgear, choosing the place of connection to AC grid). Conceptual project of auxiliary electrical installations (design of lighting system, sockets, fire detection system). Lease remember it is simply a student conceptual project, with your knowledge and expertise it shouldnt take much time for you. Please ask me for any details regarding this, and please propose me your own idea on how to approach this. Please find attached the following: 1- dwg file of the choosed petrol station and a dedicated place for electrical chargers. ...

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    I want to make a system for animal detection via pytorch and yolo v4 or v5. I have many samples and i can do the training under your directions. We use linux systems with nvidia cards. The detections is with ip cameras and also with raw video files

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    ...employee or trusted contractor, or neglected operator. It could be done also by any malicious action. This change could be intentionally or unintentionally. This change could be with malicious intent or without. but in the end, this change could have unwanted consequences. I also built a tool by using python language, which simulates the work to my suggested model and tests it and its success in detection. I tried to find previous review papers for the trial works to solve the problem of insiders; Compared with those previous studies, The previous studies follow many other ways to solve the problem of insider threats. some research by using a machine learning approach and other approaches which depend on monitoring internal logs and system commands. On the other hand, there are...

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    ...Retrieving source code to /workspace [2022-08-08 06:52:36] => Selecting branch "main" [2022-08-08 06:52:37] => Checking out commit "d8e8414480c40a6bfba0c41f580228c5824001be" [2022-08-08 06:52:37] => Got source_dir: / [2022-08-08 06:52:37] => Using workspace root /workspace [2022-08-08 06:52:37] [2022-08-08 06:52:37] => Building app using buildpacks [2022-08-08 06:52:38] => Running buildpack detection [2022-08-08 06:52:38] [2022-08-08 06:52:39] heroku/nodejs-engine v0.5.1 [2022-08-08 06:52:39] digitalocean/node v0.3.4 (Node.js) [2022-08-08 06:52:39] digitalocean/procfile v0.0.3 (Procfile) [2022-08-08 06:52:39] digitalocean/custom v0.1.1 (Custom Build Command) [2022-08-08 06:52:39] [2022-08-08 06:52:39] For docume...

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    I’m branding my shop with my last name which is Cook. I’m looking for a Logo with Cook Collison. My colors are blue and black

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    Ali Abdulaziz 5 dage left

    I have technology of leak detection of industrial heat exchangers tubes ( mechanical testing with pressure gage) i am looking for software that can be connected to the laptop with our testing equipment to give us the leaked tubes pulses and numbering the tubes.

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    Ethical Hacker 5 dage left

    We are a cyber security agency and looking for 3 ethical hackers who have experience in cyber security, malware detection, IP tracking, phone number tracking, email tracking, and so on. Note: we are looking for a long-term partner not only a one-time project, if you are looking for a regular job this is for you. Please read the requirements before bidding thanks

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    I would need someone to typescript code that can convert hand-drawn shapes to machine-drawn shapes. I already found

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    Shape Detection for Note Taking 4 dage left

    I would need someone to make a list and find javascript code (or any kind of language) that can convert hand-drawn shapes to smooth shapes. I already found

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    I'm currently using a machine learning model called YOLOP to do some robotics-related tasks. This model detects objects, segments drivable areas and detects roadside lines. For my task, I only need to retrain YOLOP for object detection and drivable area segmentation on the dataset I have already collected. I will provide unlabeled datasets for learning that only contain a cycling path class that the model doesn't segment. moreover, I want to reduce the detection classes of YOLOP to 2. please have a look on the link below for YOLOP before contacting.

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    ...files, or feel free to come up with better solutions we will discuss and conclude the methodology. Project has two main phases. 1. Vulnerable code segment detection and 2. Correct the detected vulnerable code segments / suggest the corrected code. 1. Vulnerable code segment detection These vulnerable code segments should be related to the information security. For example, code segments which helps to make Cross site scripting attacks, Buffer overflows, SQL Injection etc. I have found an existing data set from this project GitHub - SySeVR/SySeVR. Better to use this or feel free to come up with better data set if you have. This detection should be done syntactically and semantically. Then only we can come up with good results. So, once the vectors are created, we ha...

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    I have to write a deep learning face detection paper to resume my work done.

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    Unity 3d developer 3 dage left

    i want that work when user click on lipstick so camera screen open with lipstick features and shades my App is android base using unity3d makup try on App and some editing on add to cart feature face detection, lip detection , shades Ui work is completed App is created just need this basic screen setting.

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    I have a Android app that works perfectly well but I want to add just one more feature to it. It was developed using Java but the developer relocated and is no longer available to maintain it. The required feature is facial detection and recognition

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    Hello, I am trying to compile a public Live-Charts source on GitHub. After compiling it said a virus was detected. WinFormsView Line 37: <file src="binnet403" target="libnet40" /> Malware is blocked. Trojan.PWS.StealerNET.69 Line 37: <file src="binnet403" target="libnet40" /> Malware is blocked. Trojan.PWS.StealerNET.69 There isn't in source code, but after compiled, it's added to the debug or release. How can we get rid of or avoid this malware? So we can install the exe on other devices without virus detection. Please include a link to your GitHub profile when submit a proposal. Thank you

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    Convert python script to C++ 3 dage left

    Python Script is about the visualization of real-time video detection data using yolov4. Bar graph and a line graph to show the results. I want to write the same python code in c++.

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    An algorithm was created to detect Brain Metastasis in mRI images. I have attached a powerpoint to better describe the current research project and challenges . Last year accuracy of detection was 85% now accuracy dropped to 50%. Need an expert in AI/ML, data science and medical image expert ( MS or PhD in data science) to look at the algorithm to optimize it and solve few other issues . Must have prior work experience with AI/ML, MRI images, need familiarity with DICOM meta data, DICOM viewer

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    There's a kaggle dataset for 50+ sensors. Using this data, have to generate a ML model to predict the anomalies or outliers. Python is the preferred language. I'm attaching the kaggle dataset link:

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    Hi Muhammad H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Hand-Object Interaction Detection with Fully Convolutional Networks

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    Make a report for a project based on object detection using YOLO version 3. Working project code and format of the report will be provided. For further details apply.

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    A game like this: Requirements: 1. The player's spaceship can move along the lower edg...over. • There are several types of enemies in the game, these have different movement patterns and projectiles. • Alternative to point 3: Some enemies should be a little smart, as if they are actually aiming the player or the like. • There should be a file that defines where and when enemies enter the game. • The game should count and show points based on how many enemies the player has hit. • Collision checks must be parallelized. • Two players must be able to play at the same time. There are two spaceships fighting the enemies on the same screen and they can run through each other. This can be done locally or over nett. • Sensible use of sound

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    Project aims to incorporate facial expressions recognition needs and applications. This is a technology which use biometric marks and detect emotions of a human face and mental state, where human expression is displayed by face and felt by brain is detected by the system.

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    ...criteria. • ideally the system will then place the surebets on the exchanges/bookmakers as fully automated as possible, all the way to clicking bet & confirm • We are aware of issues with soft sportsbook based book makers trying to stop automation and not proving public APIs, so we may need Java based browser scripts that automated the last click bets on the Soft bookies websites, without risk of detection. The system can be written in your preferred languages as long as its scalable and fast. ...

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    Purely contactless vitals screening – No external device or hardware required. Our AI solutions are available to use whenever and wherever they are needed. It can run on a web browser or any application and is designed to connect with existing technical infrastructure. Preventive screenings and early detection of various health parameters augmented with Careplix health risk classification are enabling organizations to make informed decisions. Careplix's concept is to make remote healthcare accessible to everyone. The Demand for Video-based Health and Wellness Monitoring is Growing. With the primary goal of making people healthier.

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    Hi, Looking to create a python project to identify image forgery. The model should be able to identify if the given image tampered or not.

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    design a machine learning model 2 dage left

    Detection of attack using Reinforcement learning

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    Unity3D project 1 dag left

    check from 30sec i want that work when user click on lipstick so camera screen open with lipstick features and shades my App is android base using unity3d makup try on App and some editing on add to cart feature face detection, lip detection , shades Ui work is completed App is created just need this basic screen setting.

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    I do have some GitHub links that I need to run on my dataset (RGB and thermal-based dataset). Evaluate the performance of my dataset. I'll share the dataset after assigning the project Real-time Glasses Detection Alcohol Detection

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    Deep Learning 1 dag left

    Object Detection using Deep Learning

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    Scope of work: Primary: Need expertise in detecting the outer boundaries of a human hand (palm and forearm) using a regular camera, the hand would be placed at a constant distance from the camera and against a contrasting background. The developer should be able to: 1. Map the exact outer contour of the palm and forearm 2. Measure the dimensions of the hand in cms and provide a bounding box showing the length and width. 3. Provide a vector image of the outer boundary/contour in a 1:1 scale as output for each scan/picture. 4. Provide source code/know-how for integration with other software and code. Secondary: 1. Using a depth-sensing camera, scan the hand (palm and forearm) and provide the data in a format easily readable by 3d software - STEP, IGES, SLDPRT, 3DM, IPT, SAT, X_T on a 1:1 s...

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    ROS2 based Automated Mobile Robot 10 timer left

    Candidate having prior working experience in ROS2 can apply. Candidate would have to develop an AMR robot SLAM application which does mapping and localization (using lidar) and navigation based on the start / end coordinate provided. Robots would also talk to each other for collision avoidance among themselves and move in the path accordingly. we should be able to setup different zones in map once created where we restrict free robot movement.

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    I need a python developer, MATLAB expert from Pakistan I need a person who may write coding for Speech detection I need simple and easy coding and at very low budget

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    Project To be completed in next 1-2 days: We have Lidar and Radar ...rosbag file (db3 format) 3. file will be uploaded here provides information about the coordinate frames and transforms between the sensor and the vehicle 4. Location of Rosbag file: Will be provided one agreed with the project Perform the required Sensor Processing and use the best appropriate algorithms for Object Detection. Explain the purpose of each technique of Sensor processing and why particular algorithm was selected for Obejct Detection in comparison to other algorithms existing. The output location of each Lidar and Radar object detected should be seen on screen. It can be published out of a ROS topic each for Lidar and Radar. The code should be in python and executable in ROS Noetic environmen...

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    7 bud it is. - Duplicate your website to a development server (gladly at your place) - Fix of the English translation o Correct setup of a suitable Multi-Language-Plugin o Forwarding of the respective page by the Language Switcher (currently the Language Switcher always forwards to the start page of the respective language - then to the corresponding subpage of the desired language) o Automatic detection of the browser language and redirection to this language o Correct href long links in source code (important for SEO) - Setup of the Austrian version o Extend the website with an Austrian version o Language tag "de-at" in the source code (so that we don't get a duplicate content problem and Google knows immediately that it is the Austrian version of the website) o C...

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    The project is to adapt this model from GitHub (), which is an active learning for hate speech recognition on social media, to work with this dataset from Kaggle (). The big problem is that the code was originally written to work with text, and the script uses text tokenizer. However, I want the code to be adapted to work with the Credit Card dataset, which consists of the features Time, Amount, and V1 - V28 (PCA transformed variables). When looking at the current code in GitHub, you can see that in [5], there is an iterative for loop. This loop is essential but can be reduced to fewer loops to reduce the processing time.

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    Purpose Appointment of a service provider to professionally design a S...the intranet. • Hand over and training • The service provider will be contracted for 24 months for maintenance, repair, and provide technical support as and when required. Ticketing system Component Minimum Specification Ticketing System • Dashboard Report • Ticket filtering • Configurable Help Topics • Customer Support Portal • Service Level Agreements • Agent authentication • Agent Collision Avoidance • Assign, Transfer, & Referral • Auto-Responder • Thread Action • Advanced Search • Tasks Scoring Category Criteria Weight 1 TECHNICAL COMPATIBILITY 35 2 IMPLEMENTATION PLAN AND TIME SCALES 5 3 BIDDER PROVIDED SIMILAR SER...

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    I want the following 1. Read the attached paper. (Earlier stage for straggler detection and handling using combined CPU test and LATE methodology). a) Implement the methodology used in the paper. b) i) Write a program to detect/identify intermediate results (from the map phase) above 64Mb/128Mb and compare with (a) using same metrics to show which is a better method. OR ii) Improvement on the methodology used in (a) that will produce a better result. 2. Find a suitable paper on replication of data in hadoop mapreduce framework. a) Implement the methodology used in the paper b) i) Write a program to split identified intermediate results from (1 b(i)) appropriately into 64Mb/128Mb and compare with 2(a) using same metrics to show which is a better method. OR ii) Improvement on ...

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    Hello, I want to you build a virtual test environment and implement and test your proposed techniques. With this environment you should then be able to demonstrate the detection and mitigation of the vulnerability. Thank You

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    hi I want to debug my asterisk who have no ring back tone. It also not able to detect IVR like before. I want some one with more experience to debug it

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    Si no entiendes el ingles y te interesa hacer el video, contactame. I need a Short video to promote one product. Is an IoT product for insects detection. Video Duration will be between 2 and 5 minutes (we will define it based on the content) Video will contain animation, music and text, with copyright and royalty free for all content (content, images, music, etc). Video content: Company description, insect problems, our solution, call to action, contact. Only text, logotype, and some photos will be provided by me. Subtitles must be synchronized with the video content. Project output will be Video project files and 2 compiled Videos: one in English and another in Spanish. Project budget will not be increased.

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    The modification of the python code such that images can be added to the code in real time and the code can be designed into an app .

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    virtual machine Udløbet left

    Build a virtual test environment and implement and test your proposed techniques. With this environment you should then be able to demonstrate the detection and mitigation of the vulnerability.

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    I looking for ML/DeepL/Python3/FlasK and Bots detection Expert to build Build HTTP(S) Bad Bots detection model and sample REST Flask engine. Regards

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    Build a virtual test environment and implement and test your proposed techniques. With this environment you should then be able to demonstrate the detection and mitigation of the vulnerability.

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    POC AI NVR PROJECT Udløbet left

    We need a POC for AI NVR Project in python object detection model ready , face recegnation is needed. IP camera will be used.

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    Office 365 Setup Udløbet left

    ...information management. 14. Implement Anti-Phishing policies. 15. Implement URL filtering as part of acceptable use policy 16. Implement GDPR compliance policies for data in motion. 17. Screen lock policy to be implemented after 30 minutes of inactivity. 18. Physical security controls – Biometric entry, CCTV (cloud based) 19. Vulnerability scans on external environments to be implemented. 20. Intrusion detection and prevention systems required 21. End-point encryption and blocking of USB 22. Development of technical help guide documents 23. Half Yearly Cyber Security Awareness trainings on social engineering and phishing. 24. Mail Encryption for External Users 25. Company Branding on Desktops and Office 365 Apps 26. Alerts on - Receiving or Sending Mails outside Organizatio...

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    I need a python developer, MATLAB expert from Pakistan I need a person who may write coding for Speech detection I need simple and easy coding

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    Hi Muhammad. I would like to offer you anomaly detection from up to 300 thermal images and 300 rgb images of healthy foot. The model (maybe CNN) should be trained on part of these images and tested on the ability to detect if the foot is healthy or not, from another set of mutated images and the other part of the healthy images. Are you interested?

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    Write a script that pulls statistical information that a printer keeps about itself, like Printed Count, Home Error Count, Number of Cuts. Script can be communicate directly to printer or use JPOS drivers. Script must support USB and COM interfaces, detection should be automatic. Preferably be written in Python or C++, but can be delivered as Java application. Executable script and source code must be provided. Handover session and documented code must be provided with delivery. Potential for many other projects on successful delivery. NDA must be signed.

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