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    ...piece of land in a residential area in California. I am specifically looking for a builder who can work within a 3-month timeline from start to finish. Key Requirements: - Building a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home with traditional construction materials - Handling both exterior and interior work. I require a complete construction service. - Implementing standard layout designs, no need for fully customized designs Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience as a construction worker or home builder - Familiarity with traditional building materials and techniques - Excellent project management and time management skills - Ability to work efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards - Strong communication skills to understand and fulfill my requireme...

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    ...toward employees and professionals. TYPE OF CONTENT: - Your task includes developing engaging video-based tutorials and interactive quizzes. TARGET AUDIENCE: - The content should be designed keeping in mind the skills and knowledge level of employees and professionals in various industries. SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: Ideal candidates will need: - Prior experience creating SCORM-compliant eLearning materials. - A strong understanding of various teaching methods for different levels of professionals. - Demonstrated skills in developing both video content and interactive quizzes to engage the audience. - Respect for project deadlines. Get in touch if you can bring this project to life in a compelling and user-friendly manner. NOTE: freelancer will have to sign a confidentiality a...

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    I am in need of a logo that can be effectively used in my marketing materials. The logo should be appealing, professional and in line with my brand identity. Your deliverables will be a logo that can be utilized across a range of marketing materials, from brochures to online ads. Key requirements: - Attractive, professional and easily scalable - Suitable for use in print and online - Reflects my company's brand identity Skills required: - Graphic Design - Logo Design - Understanding of marketing requirements in design

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    ...current logo (attached). You can find the color codes in the attachment. Design Direction: We are open to creative ideas but would like the logo to convey professionalism, reliability, and innovation. The design should be clean, modern, and easily recognizable. Logo Sizes: We need the logo in various sizes suitable for different purposes, including website headers, social media profiles, and print materials. High-resolution versions are preferred. Additional Information: Feel free to experiment with different symbols or imagery that may relate to the POS industry. However, simplicity is key, and the logo should remain versatile for various applications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Graphic design experience: A designer with a strong portfolio of modern, minimalist and professi...

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    The objective of this assignment ...implementation and user training during the online hosting period. Offer ongoing support and maintenance services on a contractual basis, including updates and troubleshooting. Milestones: • Detailed database design documentation, including entity-relationship diagrams and system architecture. • Fully functional database system deployed on [specified platform] with user manuals and training materials. • Testing and quality assurance reports ensuring system performance and reliability. Data import functionality from Excel files and offline access capabilities based on user requirements. Timeline The project timeline is one month from the day of signing the contract. From the commencement date, with milestones and deliverables defin...

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    I'm seeking a designer who can translate my vision into comprehensive tech packs. I need 6 distinct packs. I need techpacks for two different trousers, a knit sweater, a jacket, a t shirt and socks. I will also include images of my logo and label designs which are to be included in the tech pack. * The packs should not be limited to sketch and design but should also lay out the materials needed, such as cotton, leather, denim, wool and others. The dimensions should be clearly listed and exact. * I require tech packs that meet all the industry standards. I have an example tech pack that I find satisfactory which I can supply for your reference. * The clothes are designed in a modern menswear aesthetic, similar to "work wear". The techpacks must reflect this. I will r...

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    Trophy icon Modern Food Packaging Design 6 dage left

    ...Requirements:** - Design packaging that reflects the creativity and uniqueness of the Spudster brand. - Ensure packaging is practical, durable, and suitable for takeaway food items. - Incorporate branding elements such as logo, colors, and imagery to create a cohesive look. - Include space for product descriptions, ingredients, and nutritional information. - Consider eco-friendly packaging options and materials. ****Additionally We need a creative concept for one packaging that have a place for the drink and place for the fries and place for the sauce so that the people can vary it n one hand and can fit the coffee holder inside the car.**** **Design Inspiration:** - Playful and vibrant designs that capture the essence of potato fun and excitement. - Incorporate potato-themed ill...

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    Kitchen Design 6 dage left

    I'm looking for a creative individual to draw designs for traditional styled cabinets made from wood. These cabinets would also contain built-in appliances. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in traditional furniture design - Comprehensive understanding of wood materials - Familiarity with built-in appliance integration Experience in similar projects is a big plus. Your task will be to come up with bespoke solutions that seamlessly blend design and functionality. For this purpose, clear comprehension of woodwork and appliance integration is essential. I anticipate beautiful drawings that would translate into functional top-notch cabinets.

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    I'm looking for a tal...product that is already in the prototyping stage. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing products for industrial use, with a preference for metal materials. Key Responsibilities: - Collaborate with me to refine the current prototype and transition it into a design that is ready for mass production - Ensure that the design is optimized for industrial use, taking into consideration factors such as durability, functionality, and ease of manufacturing Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in product design and development - Previous experience in designing industrial products - Familiarity with working with metal materials The final design should be the result of a collaborative effort, taking into consideration both your expertise and my v...

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    I'm looking for a tal...product that is already in the prototyping stage. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing products for industrial use, with a preference for metal materials. Key Responsibilities: - Collaborate with me to refine the current prototype and transition it into a design that is ready for mass production - Ensure that the design is optimized for industrial use, taking into consideration factors such as durability, functionality, and ease of manufacturing Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in product design and development - Previous experience in designing industrial products - Familiarity with working with metal materials The final design should be the result of a collaborative effort, taking into consideration both your expertise and my v...

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    ...The logos currently serve different products and services but need a harmonized look and feel that connects them visually. The core is the figure "1". We need one Logo "1" as base logo too. So that the company is "1" with the subbrands 1Hosting, 1Marketing, 1Tool, ... We are thinking on just using the 1 alone, too. Scope of Work: Analysis and Research: Review our current logos and brand materials to understand the different themes and elements in use. Concept Development: Generate several concepts that bring unity to the logo family while respecting the individuality of each logo. Design Iteration: Develop and refine selected concepts into final designs, incorporating feedback from our team. Final Deliverables: Provide high-resolution files of t...

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    I'm in need of a unique and captivating costume mask for an upcoming cosplay event. Key Requirements: - T...- The design is simple and based after a characted which I will describe in further detail after contact has been made. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Prior experience in designing costume masks, particularly for cosplay events, would be a huge advantage. - Strong creative and aesthetic sense to produce a unique and visually appealing design. - Proficiency in using lightweight and comfortable materials suitable for creating masks. Please note that while incorporating features like LED lighting, moving parts, or sound effects is optional, any innovative ideas in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to working with a creative mind who can bring t...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer who can create a professional and corporate cover page for my business proposal. Key Details: - Incorporate Company Name and Logo: The cover page should prominently feature my c...Frames: I prefer the inclusion of borders or frames for a polished, structured look. Expectations: - The design should be sleek and professional, aligning with the corporate nature of the proposal. - The final product should be delivered in a format that can be easily edited, as I may need to make small adjustments in the future. Ideal Candidate: - Experienced in creating corporate design materials. - Proficient in graphic design software with a keen eye for detail and aesthetics. - Able to deliver a high-quality, professional design that aligns with my company'...

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    Elegant Branded Letterhead Design 6 dage left

    I'm seeking an experienced designer to create an elegant letterhead that incorporates my company's logo, name, address, and contact information. The design should be cohesive with our brand, using colors from our existing logo. Ideal Skills: - Graphic Design - Branding - Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop Experience: - Creating letterheads - Designing brand-consistent materials - Using color schemes for branding The final design should not only look aesthetically pleasing but also communicate our brand's identity effectively. Looking forward to seeing your innovative approaches that can bring my vision to life.

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    I am in urgent need of a competent commercial photographer, having a knack for capturing all the fine details that make a structure uniquely appealing. The focus of this project is to generate engaging materials for branding purposes. The specific task involves the following: - Taking high-resolution photos of renovated units within a multi-unit property. - Highlighting the unique, appealing architectural and design elements of the structures. The ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in commercial photography. - A keen eye for details. - Experience in structural or architectural photography would be a plus. - The ability to interpret and work within the project's vision.

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    I'm a beginner looking for an experienced tutor to guide me through the concepts of information theory and coding. I prefer learning online, with a focus on interactive sessions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with information theory and coding - Prior tutoring/teaching experience, especially online - Ability to create engaging and interactive learning materials - Patience and willingness to work with a beginner in the field

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled photo editor who's proficient in advanced editing techniques. The ideal candidate should be able to perform the following tasks: - **Color Adjustments:** The ability to adjust adjust colors in a way that enhances the overall aesthetic of the pictures. - **Object Removal:** The capacity to seamlessly remove subjects from the images without leaving any noticeable traces. - **Retouching and Manipulation:** Advanced retouching skills and the ability to manipulate images in a sophisticated manner. The edited photos will be used for both social media posts and print materials, so attention to detail and quality is of utmost importance. If you have a keen eye for detail, a creative mindset, and a strong background in photo editing, I'...

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    I'm looking for a skilled graphic designer who can create a 3D rendering for a real estate project. This rendering will be used for marketing materials. I need these renderings to be update to appear to be in a more rural area. Please see pictures of the actual lot in the attachment. These pictures will be used to presell this new construction home. Therefore I want these rendering to represent the area this home will be built in more accurately. Key Requirements: - The 3D rendering should primarily focus on the exterior view. - It should also include a detailed representation of the landscaping. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in creating high-quality 3D renderings for real estate projects. - Strong understanding of design principles, particularly in the...

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    I'm searching for the support of a qualified chemical engineer to: - Formulate an alkyd resin - Undertake process simulations in Aspen Plus - Model chemical reactions The outcomes I look forward in this project are: -...- A model of the chemical reactions involved, with results - A Process flow diagram The resin must have these key characteristics: - The required viscosity - A specified curing time - Optimal adhesion properties Expertise in chemical engineering, familiarity with Aspen Plus and experience in modeling chemical reactions are the key skills required for this task. A background with polymeric materials, particularly alkyd resin, would be beneficial. Your innovative thinking, problem-solving ability, and attention to tiny details will be highly prized throughou...

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    We are currently working on an exciting project and are in need of a freelance service ...LoRaWan and Dataloggers - Proven track record in energy and environmental management - Ability to deliver accurate, property-level data precision. - Full PCB layout, design and development Your advanced skills and experience in IoT developments will be pivotal in the success of this project. Let's revolutionize industrial process control together! To start the project and share the confidential materials we have, we require the signing of an NDA and we need proof of identity. Therefore, we would appreciate, if you please provide a photo ID and If representing a corporate entity, a company registration certificate would be enough, as part of the project commencement process.. Let me kno...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create a poster that resonates with young adults (aged 18-40) and effectively communicates the message of effortless weight loss. The poster should be bright and colorful, and needs to incl... The poster should be bright and colorful, and needs to include the following elements: - A visually appealing design that can attract the attention of the target audience - Clear and concise message emphasizing the ease of weight loss - Relevant graphics or imagery that reinforces the theme of weight management The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in creating marketing materials for health or wellness products, and an understanding of effective design principles for younger demographics. Please provide samples of your previous wo...

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    We have partially designed the website and dashboard on Figma already, nearing c...Understanding of robust system designs to create Super Admin, Admin, Client panels efficiently. The developed platform should facilitate effective monitoring, control, and management of IoT devices while also allowing easy viewing of important data representations. The design should exhibit flexibility and personalization for an enhanced user experience. To start the project and share the confidential materials we have, we require the signing of an NDA and we need proof of identity. Therefore, we would appreciate, if you please provide a photo ID and If representing a corporate entity, a company registration certificate would be enough, as part of the project commencement process.. Let me know if ...

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    I have a PNG image that needs to be converted into high-quality AI and EPS formats. The primary use of this image will be for print materials, so it needs to be scalable without loss of quality. Additionally, I would like the colors of the original image to be enhanced for better vibrancy. Key requirements: - Convert a PNG image into high-resolution AI and EPS formats - Image should be scalable without quality loss - Enhance colors for better vibrancy Ideal skills: - Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop - Experience in image conversion and color enhancement - Understanding of print materials' requirements Please include some samples of your previous work in similar projects when applying.

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    ...modern and clean catalog to showcase my services for business clients. The catalog should boast a sleek, professional feel and consistent brand identity. Key skills and experience should include, but is not limited to: • Graphic design competency, specifically in creating engaging and informative catalogs. • Aesthetic sense aligns with a modern and clean style. • Proven track record in creating materials for a business-focused audience. • Understands how to convey information about services in a compelling and concise manner. Your task, should you choose to accept it, involves not only designing the catalog but also suggesting ways to present the service information to best engage and inform our clients. Despite the professional audience, the catalog should...

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    ...talented 3D artist capable of producing captivating photorealistic renders and videos for a range of products. The ideal candidate must excel in rendering techniques, possess meticulous attention to detail, and have the ability to breathe life into products through stunning visual representations. Responsibilities: Create photorealistic 3D models of products. Develop high-quality textures and materials. Render product images and videos using industry-standard software. Collaborate closely with the creative team to ensure alignment with brand guidelines. Optimize renders and videos for various platforms. Requirements: Demonstrated expertise in 3D rendering, modeling, texturing, and lighting. Proficiency in industry-standard 3D software. A strong portfolio showcasing past produ...

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    ...customizable and integrate well with LMS plugins. Stage 2: Development and Integration (2-4 weeks) Course Creation: Develop your course content (video lectures, quizzes, downloadable resources) and structure it using your LMS plugin. User Dashboard & Profiles: Utilize the built-in user management features of WordPress to create user dashboards where learners can track their progress, access course materials, and update profiles. AI Application Integration: Explore cost-effective AI chatbots or virtual assistants (VAs) to integrate basic functionalities like answering FAQs or offering course recommendations. Consider free trials or open-source solutions. Variant language models required. Security and Backups: Implement essential security measures like strong passwords, ...

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    ...developer to create an AI platform that can translate educational content into various Nigerian local languages. The primary aim is to cater to a diverse audience, including students, educators, and the general public. Key Project Details: - The platform should provide seamless translations for various types of educational content, including textbooks, lecture notes, online courses, and video materials. Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in natural language processing and AI development - Strong background in building scalable and efficient translation systems - Familiarity with Nigerian local languages and educational content would be a huge plus - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for the platform This project offers a unique opportunity to contribute to ...

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    I'm in need of 4 consumers based in Berlin, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, and Stuttgart to visit 8 stores per city. Your task will be to gather data specifically on the promotional displays and materials used for a well-known dairy brand. Project outline: - 20 SKUS (Products) need to be assessed for the following: -Tidiness of shelves, package quality, time to find product and etc. -3-4 samples per a product to be assessed. eg. Product is water: 4 of these will need to be assessed. -Consumer will assess 31 samples per a product in total. -No purchases required -Products include water, plant based and diary. -All data will be captured via an App thus good quality photos are needed. --Answer questions related to the product via the APP. -Full training provided. This data...

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    I am in need of 4 consumers based in Berlin, Hamburg, Karlshue and Stuttgart to visit 8 stores per city, for a well-known dairy brand. Your role will be to gather market data, particularly focusing on promotional displays and materials. - Project outline: - 20 SKUS (Products) need to be assessed for the following: -Tidiness of shelves, package quality, time to find product and etc. -3-4 samples per a product to be assessed. eg. Product is water: 4 of these will need to be assessed. -Consumer will assess 31 samples per a product in total. -No purchases required -Products include water, plant based and diary. -All data will be captured via an App thus good quality photos are needed. --Answer questions related to the product via the APP. -Full training provided. ...

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    ...concepts within the socio-cultural landscape of Spanish-speaking regions. Translators draw upon local idioms, customs, and socio-economic realities to convey the nuances of capitalist narratives in a manner resonant with Spanish-speaking Discourse Facilitation:In addition to translation, the project facilitates critical discourse surrounding capitalist themes through supplementary materials, discussions, and engagements. By providing platforms for reflection and dialogue, we aim to encourage deeper engagement with the implications of capitalist ideologies across linguistic and cultural : The "Capitalist Translation Venture" represents a dynamic intersection of literature, economics, and cross-cultural communication. Through the translation of English literary

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    I'm in need of an experienced 3D steel designer to bring my architectural ...into detailed, high-quality 3D designs. - Ensuring designs are structurally sound and meet all relevant industry standards. - Creating realistic visualisations for presentation purposes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in 3D steel design, particularly in architectural and decorative projects. - Proficiency in using industry-standard design software. - Strong understanding of materials and construction techniques. - Excellent attention to detail and ability to work to specific guidelines. - Ability to create realistic and visually appealing 3D visualisations. Aesthetic Sense: - While I have a photo of a sculpture to be drawn, a keen eye for modern, industrial, and traditional styles i...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create a modern, wood and glass cupboard for a space measuring 6.5 feet x 7.2 feet. Key Requirements: - Material Choice: The c...functionality. - Style: The design should be distinctly modern, incorporating clean lines and minimalistic features. - Dimensions: The cupboard must fit within a space measuring 6.5 feet x 7.2 feet. Ideal Skills: - Experience in interior or furniture design, with a strong portfolio of modern designs. - Proficiency in design software to provide detailed, realistic renders. - Understanding of materials and their applications in furniture design. - Ability to factor in space constraints while maintaining a modern aesthetic. I'm looking for a designer who can bring creativity, practicality, and a modern to...

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    I'm looking for a talented Blender artist who can help me create realistic 3D animation and texturing for my project. Requirements: - Expertise in 3D animation and texturing using Blender - Ability to bring a realistic style to the project - Strong understanding of lighting and materials Please provide samples of your previous work that demonstrate your experience in creating realistic 3D animation and texturing.

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual who can transform our existing images, videos, and marketing materials into dynamic Instagram and Facebook reels. The key purpose of these reels is to heighten our brand awareness, so they need to pack a punch, and irresistibly draw viewers in. Understood, you'll be using a minimalistic style to keep the reels clean, straightforward yet eye-catching. I'll take the reins on the textual content, providing you with all the specific copy for each reel. Keeping the brand tone consistent is key. Key Skills: - Strong video editing abilities - Solid understanding of the Instagram and Facebook platforms - Previous experience creating reels or short videos - Excellent attention to detail - Ability to incorporate text into videos in ...

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    ...conveys my brand identity. We are looking for a packaging idea. Not finalized design. Our expectation is to get the rough idea of how elements should be present on the package. How much text and where it should be situated. Ideas on backgroung, colors and schematics. We are looking for 2-3 ideas from designer. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in packaging design, specifically with cardboard materials. - Strong comprehension of brand identity elements and how to incorporate them into design. - Ability to produce creative, visually engaging designs that are impactful and represent the brand accurately. The ideal professional for this job is adept at leveraging the flexibility and adaptability of cardboard. Furthermore, they must recognize the importance of brand identity in...

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    The principal objective of this assignment is to focus on quality control, specifically checking of final products in the proc...focus on quality control, specifically checking of final products in the process. To effectively execute this project, you should be able to: - Conduct a comprehensive final product check, primarily with machinery parts. - Leverage your analytical skills and use best-practice quality control methods to ensure the machinery parts adhere to the strictest performance standards. - As an expert in materials testing, your analysis of machinery parts will inform process improvements. For this project, experience in quality control and a deep understanding of machinery parts are the ideal skills. Familiarity with CMM cosmos is a bonus though is not a strict re...

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    Looking for an artist to create abstract paintings in a medium size range of 12-24 inches. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating abstract art and be able to use a variety of techniques to create unique pieces. The paintings should be vibrant and eye-catching, with a modern feel. The artist should be able to work with different materials and mediums to create a variety of textures and effects. The final pieces should be high-quality and ready to be displayed in a gallery or home.

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    I need a highly artistic and skilled freelancer to transform my autocad file into a modern 3D exterior design. Key Requirements: - Emphasize on landscaping elements, architectural aspects, color palette and materials in the design. - Thoughtful use of color and materials that complement a modern aesthetic. Ideal Skillset: - Strong understanding and experience in 3D modeling and design. - Expertise in architectural design, with a keen eye for detail. - Proficient in creating exterior house designs with a modern style.

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    I'm in need of a playful and whimsical icon animation intended for use in marketing materials. - Style: The animation should be whimsical and playful, standing out in marketing collaterals as engaging and dynamic. Creativity and cleverness are highly valued. - Intended Use: This animation will be primarily used in a marketing presentation slideshow. It needs to be attractive and capable of grabbing viewers' attention. - Duration: The required length for the animation is between 10 and 30 seconds. - The animation should start of with a male icon (like you would see on a toilet door). After a period of time the male icon will start to suffer from back pain (eg: start reaching around to hold his back, etc) until the point where he can no longer walk. He should then crawl...

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    I need a configurator for solar car ports, similar to the provided example. The main focus of the tool should be on providing users with customizable design options. Key Requirements: - **Customizable Design Options**: The configurator should allow users to make moderate changes to the design. This includes selecting different materials and accessories for the solar car ports. Intended Users: - The configurator should cater to both individual homeowners and business clients. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web development, specifically in building configurator tools. - Previous experience in integrating payment gateways into similar tools is a plus. - Understanding of UI/UX design principles to ensure a seamless

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    Trophy icon Modern Logo for Branding 6 dage left

    I need a modern, minimalist logo that combines both text and symbols/icons. I would like to use the logo on a variety of surfaces, including my website, digital platforms, printed materials such as business cards and flyers, and even on product packaging. I would like to design a logo for a garden center in Transylvania. The name of the garden center is Székelyföldi Kertészeti Központ. The logo should contain the acronyms of the name, without the .ro ending and separately with the .ro ending. Colours: combination of red and green. On the left side of the logo is a tulip symbol, which is partially visible. The letter S can be a continuation of the flower's leaf. Inspired by the attached JYSK logo - can be designed in a similar way.

    €9 (Avg Bid)
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    3D Go-Kart Track Planning Mockup 6 dage left

    ...defined and distinguishable. - Surrounding Landscape and Buildings: The context of the track, including any structures or topographical elements, should be included to provide a comprehensive view. Level of Detail: - Basic Shape and Dimensions: The 3D mockup should accurately reflect the scale and proportions of the track and surrounding elements. - Surface Textures and Materials: The visualization should show different materials and textures that might be used in the real construction of the track and surrounding structures. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D design software - Experience in creating detailed 3D visualizations - Knowledge of go-kart tracks or similar racing environments would be advantageous The ideal deliverable will be a high-quality, realisti...

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    41 bud courses aimed at achieving accreditation. This role requires a deep understanding of accreditation standards and the ability to produce a wide range of educational materials. Responsibilities: -Develop and write curriculum, student manuals, workbooks, PPT slides and workplace logbooks tailored to fitness courses. -Create a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate practical competencies and learning outcomes. -Using bloom Taxonomy -Design the course using illustrations, charts, pictures, graph and course format and implement assessments and quizzes that align with accreditation requirements. -Ensure all course materials adhere strictly to the standards set by the accreditation body. -Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure content accuracy and relevance. -U...

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    29 bud help with a variety of marketing materials. Key Responsibilities: - Designing Brochures: I need professional, compelling brochures that will engage and inform my target audience. - Crafting Flyers: I need visually appealing flyers, optimized for marketing to adults, that will grab attention and drive interest. - Creating Social Media Graphics: My social media presence is crucial, I need stand-out graphics to boost brand awareness online. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Graphic Design: I need someone who can create visually appealing designs for a variety of marketing materials. - Marketing Experience: Understanding of effective marketing techniques, particularly in relation to brand awareness. - Audience Targeting: Expertise in creating materials that will r...

    €15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Project Title: Agent to sale our eCommerce Platform Target Market: Medium-sized businesses Main Feature: User-friendly interface, Advanced Security Feature Su...user-friendly interface and highlight its benefits - Generate leads and follow up on sales opportunities - Meet or exceed sales targets on a regular basis We offer: - Competitive commission structure and potential for high earnings - Minimal training and resources for independent work - Opportunity to work with a growing and innovative eCommerce platform - Support from our team and access to marketing materials If you have a proven track record in sales, a passion for eCommerce, and the drive to succeed, we want to hear from you. Apply now to become our sales agent and help us expand our reach in the medium-sized busine...

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    ...opportunities based on quiz results and profile data. Subscription and Payment Processing: Integrating Stripe for handling subscriptions and payments, including setting up different access levels and monitoring usage. Testing and Quality Assurance: Ensuring all features operate seamlessly and meet user expectations. Documentation and User Support: Creating comprehensive guides and support materials for end-users and administrators. Technologies Used: Bubble Platform: Main development platform for building and hosting the web application. OpenAI’s ChatGPT API: Powers the interactive AI features. Stripe: Manages subscriptions and payment processing. Airtable: Hosts the external database of funding opportunities. Expected Outcomes: A functional MVP that simplifies the gra...

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    I am looking for professionals to provide an acoustic report for my house which is currently in the construction phase. Primarily, your focus will be on assessing the potential for further acoustic requirements, particularly for the wall...walls and ceilings. This is an opportunity to assist in long-term noise insulation plans. Key deliverables should include; - Detailed report identifying soundproofing requirements. - Specific focus on walls and ceilings. - Suggestions for enhancing room acoustics. Potential bidders should have demonstrable experience in building acoustics with excellent knowledge in construction processes, materials, and soundproofing techniques. Practical experience of acoustic testing in residential settings and strong technical writing skills will be viewed ...

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    I'm in need of a professional...two-wheeler loans and the appointment of Direct Selling Agents (DSA). - The design should be informative and persuasive, encouraging potential clients to reach out to us. Ideal Skills: - Prior experience in designing marketing materials for financial services or B2B companies would be highly beneficial. - A keen understanding of the target market and the ability to create a design suited for small business owners. - Excellent graphic design skills and a strong portfolio of previous flyer/brochure designs. If you have experience in creating finance-related marketing materials and believe you can deliver a compelling, effective design for our target audience, I would love to hear from you. Our budget is very low, so is the requirement. W...

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    26 bud --- If relevant to renewable energy research, incorporate stylized representations of Uruguay's natural resources, like native plants or landscapes. --- These specific suggestions will guide designers in creatively and meaningfully integrating Uruguayan references into the REFOSYN logo design, ensuring they complement the overall visual identity of the project. Attached are references and materials that may be useful for the design. === Here are some examples of logos that subtly incorporate Uruguayan elements, including the colors of the Uruguayan flag: Aerolíneas Argentinas: The Aerolíneas Argentinas logo, although it's an Argentine company, uses light blue and white colors in its design, which are the colors of the Argentine flag. This type ...

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    I'm in need of a creative graphic designer who can help me out with daily social media posts and social media videos - t...can be a need of creating a Brochure for the company but that will be on need basis. - The social media graphics are intended to enhance and promote brand awareness The design of the social media posts to be versatile, appealing to a broad range of people. Ideal skills for this job include a strong understanding of branding and marketing, as well as experience in creating effective visual materials that drive engagement and sales. A portfolio showcasing similar work would be a big plus. Our budget for the Social Media Post range from Rs 80 to Rs 100 per post. The post order will be given in bulk and before the starting of week, we need posts for that...

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