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    ...characters from the source code. Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate for this job will be highly skilled in handling Magento 2 platforms and has extensive experience in reducing page loading times by focusing on the aspects above. Expertise in handling image compression, implementing effective caching methods, and excellent code minification skills are a must. Tooling available : New Relic & Cloudflare...

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    Having a significant issue with my Outlook and Microsoft Business account. When I create a new users in our system they are UNABLE to send outgoing emails to external parties. To help solve the issue, I'm looking for a skilled individual with: -We use Proofpoint, microsoft office, and cloudflare -Domain knowledge, cloud flare, - Expertise in troubleshooting Outlook email - Knowledge about the ins and outs of email settings - Prior experience in dealing with similar issues Your task will be to resolve this issue so I can seamlessly send and receive emails across all our devices for all our employees

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    ...MagentoFrameworkLoggerMonolog->addRecord() #9 /var/www/html/vendor/magento/framework/App/(268): MonologLogger->error() #10 /var/www/html/(39): MagentoFrameworkAppBootstrap->run() #11 {main}" Another developer the .com Cloudflare instance and now its also down. Needs to be re-instated. If the zone was deleted by mistake, it can be re-added to reinstate existing configuration of the zone. To learn more, read Why was my domain deleted from Cloudflare? [] - The issue seems to be urgent and I require a freelancer with a good experience in Magento to promptly troubleshoot. - I will require a detailed proposal outlining your experience with similar issues and how you plan to address

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    I'm urgently seeking a Cloudflare expert to address and fix recurring downtime issues with my website, which has been experiencing downtime for the past 10 days. I have a Pro account with 2FA enabled for access through Apple. Requirements: - Proven expertise in Cloudflare - Demonstrable experience in web troubleshooting and resolving downtime issues. - Ability to start immediately and work competently under tight deadlines The candidate should deliver a more reliable, accessible website with reduced downtime. Please share your proposed method of approach and previous related work in your bids. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    I'm currently seeking an adept Python developer capable of crafting a bot designed to circumvent the Cloudflare protection of a specific website (details will be disclosed privately to the chosen freelancer). The bot should reliably bypass the protection consistently, as my attempts have yielded varied results, occasionally succeeding but often encountering 'Failure!' from Cloudflare. Efficiency in handling a large volume of attempts is crucial. If you possess the necessary skills and are up for the challenge, please get in touch. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Python, with experience in bot development - Familiar with CloudFlare's security measures and how to bypass them - Experienced in automated testing and website monitoring - Strong problem-solving...

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    I need a script that can bypass security measures on my website which uses Cloudflare. This is not for any malicious intent, but for testing and troubleshooting purposes. Key Points: - The script should be specifically designed for websites - The main purpose is to bypass Cloudflare security measures - I didn't specify the customization level, as I'm open to options that might suit my needs better Ideal Skills: - Familiarity with Cloudflare security measures and how to bypass them - Ability to create a script that can seamlessly integrate with any website - Experience working with security testing tools or scripts Please provide a proposal that outlines your experience in this area and how you plan to approach this particular project.

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    I'm currently experiencing a problem where my emails are being marked as spam. I'm looking for a professional who can help me fix my rDNS DNS record in Cloudflare. Example :

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    ...characters from the source code. Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate for this job will be highly skilled in handling Magento 2 platforms and has extensive experience in reducing page loading times by focusing on the aspects above. Expertise in handling image compression, implementing effective caching methods, and excellent code minification skills are a must. Tooling available : New Relic & Cloudflare...

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    ...settings for my 6 Blue Host domains and connecting them to my Estage hub via Cloudflare. Currently, all domains show as active on both Blue Host and Cloudflare, but they are not successfully connecting on Estage. Essential tasks include: - Verifying that DNS settings are correctly configured for all 6 Blue Host domains - Investigating the reason why the domains are not connecting to Estage - Ensuring that the domains are successfully connected to Estage by resolving the issue As this is my first attempt at connecting domains to Estage, I'm looking for an experienced professional who can efficiently troubleshoot and resolve this issue. Ideal Skills: - Proficient with DNS configuration - Experienced with Cloudflare and Estage - Skilled in troubleshooting dom...

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    I need a CDN expert who can specifically work with Cloudflare for image acceleration. The project involves ensuring my images load instantly on my site. This is a crucial requirement for me. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in working with Cloudflare for CDN acceleration, specifically for image optimization. - Ability to guarantee instant image loading on the site. Ideal Candidate: - Experience with Cloudflare CDN, especially in an e-commerce or image-heavy website. - Proven track record in optimizing images for high-speed delivery. - Able to work on a tight timeline and deliver results promptly.

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    I am currently using Cloudflare as my domain registrar. The primary reason for this project is to transfer DNS services to Namecheap as I need to have email services on Namecheap. Key Project Requirements: - Transfer DNS from Cloudflare to Namecheap. Ok now the non ai: Check out the attached. It basically explains the parameters (which I don't understand). Namecheap has good helpdesk tho, but I think cloudflare does not, or I would have already handled it.

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    As an e-commerce business, we're looking to locate and fix an ongoing error in our Wordpress site where products, once added to the cart, are g...have experience integrating Google’s secure login system. - Offer/Coupon Setup: We're looking to introduce special offers such as 'buy 2 get 1 free'. Previous experience working with coupon logic will be an advantage. - Cloudflare Setup: Integration of our site with Cloudflare for improved security and faster content delivery. - Marketing automation using plugin Ideal candidates for this job should have advanced Wordpress development skills, a knack for problem-solving, and experience with e-commerce sites would be beneficial. Knowledge of cloud servers, particularly Cloudflare and knowledge of APIs...

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    We use at this moment Open VPN server for: 1. user class I wich can acces all internal network resurces, through open vpn tunnel (domain admin) 2. user class II wich can acces limited resources on internal network, through open vpn tunnel (domain usser) 3. user class III, its company clients wich connect to a server in the internal network, limited to an acounting application, wich are working as client-server. Basically we have on internal network a virtual windows server wich are hosting this accounting application in server mode, and the clients have a desktop accounting application (acting as a client) wich are connecting through open vpn tunnel to the virtual windows server IP. The important is that the desktop application acting as a client, in the connection setting ask the IP and...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can help me to migrate my website currently hosted on to Cloudflare. The site is built on WordPress. Key Requirements: - Familiarity with and Cloudflare platforms - Proficient with WordPress migration process - Understanding of website performance enhancement The primary goal for this migration is to enhance the performance of the website. I'd appreciate if you could provide insights and suggestions on how to optimize the site's performance during the migration process. Please share relevant experience you have in similar migrations and any additional expertise that would be beneficial for this task. Looking forward to working with you!

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    I'm looking for a Python expert to develop a desktop application that can access visa slots availability on VFS Global. The script should have the capability to handle login and effectively bypass cloudflare CAPTCHA challenges. Key project requirements: - Develop a Python-based desktop application to access visa slots on VFS Global - Implement a robust login mechanism - Integrate a reliable method to bypass cloudflare CAPTCHA challenges - Prior experience with web scraping and automation would be advantageous - An understanding of cloudflare CAPTCHA mechanisms is desirable Your primary goal is to create a user-friendly and efficient tool that automates the process of checking visa slots on VFS Global. The user interface should be simple and easy to navigate, yet...

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    I require a script that can effectively access visa slot availability on VFS Global. The script should be able to handle login and bypass Cloudflare CAPTCHA challenges. Key Requirements: - The script should be written in Python. - The script should be designed to run on a Windows server. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python programming. - Experience in web scraping and automating tasks. - Familiarity with handling Cloudflare CAPTCHA challenges. - Knowledge of server-side scripting and executing scripts on Windows servers. - Strong problem-solving skills to ensure consistent performance of the script.

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    I am seeking a skilled network administrator to help me with a specific firewall configuration on my Asus Dr 68-R router. This configuration includes the following specific requirements: - Set up a firewall rule that blocks all incoming DNS requests except for those from the Cloudflare DNS servers. This is to ensure that my internet filtering remains effective, despite efforts by my kids to bypass it by changing their DNS servers. - Implement content filtering in the configuration to ensure that the internet access is still secure and appropriate for my children. These configurations need to be implemented at the router level, as this is where the issue is originating. The ideal candidate for this job will have: - Profound experience in working with Asus routers, particularly the...

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    I need expert in nginx web server configuration and cloud flare Our setup We have react application running in docker. Backend running in python. From react , we connect python using http for API calls. Current state : Our application is accessible using ip address of the server with port . Problem : We tried using DNS to access our application. We use cloudflare SSL and configured in the server but we are not successful. We are getting "invalid host header" and error code 521. Earlier we were getting mixed content type error. Please note this is troubleshooting task if you really have the experience this can be fixedbin no time. At the end , we want https should work end to end.

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    46 bud store user data, content metadata, and favorites. - CMS: Use a headless CMS like Contentful or Strapi for content management. - APIs: - RESTful APIs for content delivery, user management, and sharing functionalities. - Integration with social media APIs for sharing content. 3. Cloud Services: - Storage: Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage for storing media files. - CDN: Cloudflare or AWS CloudFront for content delivery. - Hosting: AWS or Google Cloud Platform for hosting the backend server. 4. Analytics and Monitoring: - Analytics: Google Analytics or Mixpanel for tracking user interactions. - Monitoring: Sentry or LogRocket for error tracking and performance monitoring. 5. Security: - Encryption: SSL/TLS for secure data transmission. - Da...

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    ...freelancer who can help me set up a Cloudflare tunnel on my self-hosted Windows server. I have a Cloudflare tunnel set up on my windows computer that I am looking to self host an application. I do have a domain through cloud flare, and when I run the tunnel that I set up, I get an error message in there that says “no ingress rules were defined in provided config (if any) nor from the cli, cloudflared will return 503 for all incoming HTT request.” The server traffic we will be routing through the tunnel is HTTP/HTTPS. The ideal freelancer for this project should: - Have experience with Cloudflare tunnel configuration, specifically on self-hosted servers. - Be proficient in Windows server management. - Have knowledge in HTTP/HTTPS traffic routing via ...

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    I have recently installed a new Wordpress site and set up SSL through Cloudflare. However, I'm currently experiencing issues where the SSL certificate is not being recognized by browsers.

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    Add 4 domain on server + 4 cloudflare Add 2 email accounts Fix the limit upload max limit And full cPanel of

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    I require assistance with my self-hosted domain's Cloudflare setup. Having confessed that I only have a beginner's knowledge in the field, skilled help would be greatly appreciated. The tasks will majorly revolve around: - DNS configuration - SSL certificate installation - Firewall rules configuration The ideal freelancer for this project needs to be well-versed in the above-mentioned areas and have prior experience with Cloudflare setups. My goal is to have my domain safely and correctly connected to Cloudflare.

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    Migration of sites to hestiacp panel and configuration of cloudflare dns.

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    Our woocommerce site has become slow, especially when the users are placing orders The admin page is also slow We need loading speed for utmost 3 seconds for the cached pages We're currently using cloudflare for caching. Our budget is fixed at 27$, if you're expensive than this please don't place a bid. Thanks.

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    ...deep understanding of nginx server setup - Skilled in VPS management - Comprehensive knowledge of SSL certificates with a preference for Wildcard SSL - Familiarity with Cloudflare's settings and a focus on the proxy service The successful completion of this project would result in a secure and well-configured VPS nginx server, operating with an integrated Wildcard SSL, and fully proxied through Cloudflare. This will enhance the security and efficiency of our server infrastructure....

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    Hi, today my live site using Ghost, a popular platform for blogging and media creators. This is a full stack application, with its own frontend and backend. the steps that need to be done. 1) Ghost Static Site Generator To generate the static content from the live Ghost site i alredy creators. This is a full stack application, with its own frontend and backend. the steps that need to be done. 1) Ghost Static Site Generator To generate the static content from the live Ghost site i alredy have. need to use Ghost Static Site Generator - 2) Create a GitHub repository and get the static exporter. 3) Link your repo to Cloudflare Pages and go live. this work is 1-2 hours . looking for a dev that understnad how to make it work .

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    I'm looking for a skilled WordPress specialist capable of significantly optimizing the speed of my website. This project will involve: - Reducing the overall page loading time less than 3 seconds.. - Compressing images to ensure faster loading - Implementing effective caching strategies After all changes make sure website is working fine Use of WP Rocket and Cloudflare is essential, as they're currently utilized for speed optimization. The ideal freelancer would have proven experience with these tools, as well as a deep understanding of WordPress performance enhancement. Presently, the website's average page loading time exceeds 4 seconds... Let me know which things you can do for this.... Only bid if you have demonstrated expertise and success in similar proj...

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    I have small tasks for a Wordpress project: 1- When I create a new statement, the title doesn't show 2- I need to add icons 3- I need to change existing icons 4- Activate Cloudflare 5- Upgrade to Stellar Business If this is something you can do, please tell me why you think the first error is happening and make sure to start your message with pdg. If everything goes well, this will lead to a long-term collaboration.

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    I'm seeking a professional to conduct a smooth transition of my CDN services from StackPath to Cloudflare. The reason for this migration is not focusing on better performance, cost savings, or additional features, but, potentially, for multiple reasons or for reasons not listed here. This project doesn't have any specific requirements in regards to DDoS protection, global content delivery, or HTTPS support, however, having general experience with CDN migrations and infrastructures will be beneficial. Requirements: - Background in managing CDN services - Knowledge of StackPath and Cloudflare platforms - Mitigation plans for potential downtime during the migration Please include any relevant past work, experiences and detailed project proposals to boost your appl...

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    I am in need of an expert in any server-side language to review and fix my web scraping code, which recently stopped functioning since this morning, because the website implementing Cloudflare i think. I think the website implemented a bot-detector and may require a captcha solving. for NOW and must be fixed asap. Please don't use AI to respond to the bid, it's very noticable.

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    Our wordpress site has been a bit slow on the admin dashboard and when customers place orders. We need a skilled freelancer to optimize the overall site speed and improve woocommerce speeds. We would appreciate if the sites will score higher on page speed insights. 85+ needed for page speed insights. We're currently using cloudflare for caching and have a couple hundred images on the site.

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    ...developer to convert a straightforward Figma design into a clean HTML page. All styles must be embedded within the page, with no external references. This page is for customizing a Cloudflare challenge. Requirements: - Strong HTML and CSS proficiency - Experience translating Figma designs to HTML - Responsive web design expertise - Familiarity with SVG elements - Meticulous attention to detail - Ability to meet tight deadlines Project Details: - The straightforward page features a CSS gradient background, an adaptive SVG shape (no images), a logo (SVG), an h1 title, and a CSS container designated for a future Cloudflare widget implementation (by us). - No JavaScript, animations, or functionalities are required. - The page MUST be fully responsive for optimal viewing...

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    ...urgently need an expert in Cloudflare Authentication with a deep understanding of its various features. Although I missed out on defining specific requirements,. Your Application: While applying, exhibit a strong understanding and experience with these features. I'm particularly interested in: - Your past jobs involving Cloudflare authentication, its features, and respective outcomes. - Your precise experience with Cloudflare - how long and in what capacity. - Detailed project proposals that articulate your approach towards implementing these features. Completion Time: While I may not have stipulated a specific timeline, I need this project handled as soon as possible. Therefore, I need someone who can get on this project immediately. Your proven track reco...

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    Hello everyone, As a Web Scraping Expert at our company, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects, collaborate with a dynamic team, and contribute to the success of our data-driven initiatives. If you have a strong background in web scraping techniques and tools, and are passionate about extracting and analyzing data from various sources, we want to hear from you! Key Responsibilities: Develop web scraping scripts using Python, Beautiful Soup, Scrapy, and other relevant technologies Extract data from websites, APIs, and databases Transform data into structured formats for analysis and visualization Collaborate with stakeholders to understand requirements and deliver tailored solutions Lead and manage web scraping projects from inception to completion Qualifications:...

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    BUDGET $60 ==>> ALL TASKS ARE STATED HERE, IF YOU BID AND INCREASE YOUR FEE AFTER WE TALK, I WILL SAY GOODBYE TO YOU!!! <<==  I need a true expert in Nbuntu 22.04 NEW Server and MAGENTO RESTORE.  LINUX DEDICATED SERVER Dual Xeon E5-2670 | 2.60GHz / 3.3GHz Turbo 16 Cores / 32 threads | 96GB DDR3 | 960GB SSDWORK SCOPE - REVIEW ALL ATTACHMENTS  1.  Using Cloudflare self renewing certificate, configure properly for all domains.     -  All domains must show as https - secure 2.  Install WHM / Cpanel and configure properly.    -  Grant Access to Cpanel Support must work 3.  Install PHP 7.2 to 8          - ONE site uses Magento 1.9 - uses PHP 7.2 - TWO Sites are...

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    We are seeking a server support professional with 20+ years of extensive knowledge in configuring and maintaining servers and domains. Ideal skills and experiences: - Proven experience in server and domain management in PLESK, AWS SERVER, CLOUDFLARE, CONTABO - Expertise in both Windows and Linux server environments - Ability to provide services such as server configuration, server maintenance, and domain registration - Excellent problem-solving skills and commitment to tackling any server or domain issues This project is open-ended and could potentially require varied services. please mention in your bid what are your other strengths and why I should choose you over other freelancers?

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    I have set up a domain with Cloudflare and keen on redirecting this domain to a QNAP container application that is running Nextcloud. Your responsibilities will include: - Work on my Cloudflare account for domain redirection - Handle all the configurations needed to run the Nextcloud application smoothly - Implement the necessary SSL for security measures To bid: - You should have extensive knowledge about domain redirection and Nextcloud and their configurations. - Understanding of Cloudflare and its DNS settings is a prerequisite. - Practical experience in working with QNAP containers is also preferred. You have to work on Remote basis.

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    ==>> ALL TASKS ARE STATED HERE, IF YOU BID AND INCREASE YOUR FEE AFTER WE TALK, I WILL SAY GOODBYE TO YOU!!! <<== Linux Dedicated Server - I think it is nbuntu Dual Xeon E5-2670 | 2.60GHz / 3.3GHz Turbo 16 Cores / 32 threads | 96GB DDR3 | 960GB SSD WORK SCOPE - REVIEW ALL ATTACHMENTS 1.  Using Cloudflare self renewing certificate, configure properly for all domains.-  All ips must show as https - secure 2.  Access all cpanel via WHM - see attachment 3.  Fix Grant Access to Cpanel Support - see attachment 4.  Install and configure firewall 5.  Change port number 6.  Check libosodium install, reinstall if needed and configure correctly for all cpanels 7.  Optimize Server - Clean and increase speed. Magento ...

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    I have a small website running on Zencart that apparently suffered a DDoS attack 3 days ago and the website is still down. Now my clients can't visit the site, I've contacted Hostgator (I have a shared server account there) and I've been told I have "web bots crawling my site at unmanaged speeds"... I tried to set longer crawl delays and installed the CloudFlare but the website is still down... Any ideas how to bring the website up and running again?

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    I'm in need of an experienced Serverless JavaScript developer to help remedy functionality in my application'. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in debugging and problem resolution - Expertise in serverless JS application - Ideally using Cloudflare Service workers - Knowledge of data processing and retrieval systems Your main task will involve implementing this solution to resolve the functionality error. Past experience with similar problems would be valuable.

    €2 - €7 / hr
    €2 - €7 / hr
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    Hello, looking guy who can setup zero trust for admin login page (website), cpanel and whm page (have problem with 2fa so i want zero trust from cf)

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    ...collect web data, manage databases, handle basic computer systems, integrate Cloudflare services, work with OpenResty, understand video encoding using tools like FFmpeg, and perform scraping tasks. Your Responsibilities: 1. Build and maintain websites using and Node.js. 2. Collect data from websites. 3. Manage databases. 4. Handle basic computer systems. 5. Use OpenResty for additional functionality. 6. Understand video encoding with tools like FFmpeg. 7. Perform scraping tasks to gather data. What You Need: 1. Proficiency in and Node.js. 2. Ability to collect web data. 3. Understanding of databases. 4. Familiarity with Linux administration, server setup, and configuration. 5. Knowledge of Cloudflare services. 6. Experience in long-term projects. 7. Good communication ...

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    I'm looking for an expert proficient in setting up and configuring DNS records for a Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS). My email provider is running on a VPS, and I specifically prefer managing my email server with cPanel. Using Cloudflare. Primary responsibilities: - Set up a stable, secure and efficient email server environment on a Linux VPS. - Fluent in managing the server using cPanel. Ideal skills: - Strong knowledge of Linux VPS. - Extensive experience with cPanel. - Understanding of DNS records. - Experience in server setup and email configuration. Please note, successful project completion may lead to further opportunities in server management and maintenance. Your bid should reflect these requirements.

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    I'm seeking an expert well-versed with Windows IIS server, Node.js application, and domain management through Cloudflare. Here's what I need help with: - Establish a set up where accessing wss:// would lead to localhost:1383. This is where my Node.js application (version 21.6.2) is currently running. - Note, my server operates on a Windows system and I'd need this done urgently. Ideal freelancer skills are solid understanding of IIS servers, Node.js applications, Windows operations, and Cloudflare management. Prompt communication and availability for immediate start is key.

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    I have a custom plugin in WordPress that includes a custom template for displaying match details. For example: The page is loading very slowly, taking about 4-6 seconds to fully load, and there is a significant need for optimization (try to analyze). There are no general issues with the server, and both Cloudflare, cache and CDN are in use. A solid understanding of coding is required to examine the template and identify potential areas for optimization. There are two templates, one for mobile and one for desktop, but the code is largely the same in both. The code is PHP, CSS, HTML and Javascript.

    €24 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...this LCP value to less than 2 seconds, enhancing not just the page load time, but also the overall customer experience. - Image and File Optimization: Currently, I'm using imagify, wprocket, enterprise cloudflare and prefmatters for image, file optimization and caching and i don't want to use any other plugins at all. type lcp as first word in your response. Ideal candidate: - Proficient in website optimization, particularly for e-commerce platforms. - Expertise in optimizing the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) values. - Strong experience in using tools like imagify, wprocket and cloudflare. - Excellent problem-solving abilities to find innovative solutions for performance-related issues. By improving the LCP value, I believe I can enhance my website’s...

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    Hi, I have an xml file that contain jobs, based on the location of the visitors you redirect to one that has the same city and state. 1st get visiter's location 2nd track information from xml 3rd compare and retrieve specified job info for user's location 4th, randomize jobs and redirect to one link of job 5-If ISP or AS organization is :/amazon/i, /Cloudflare/i, /google/i do not run the code

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    3 bud

    I require someone h...experienced in VPN technologies for setup, configuration, troubleshooting, and management. The expert needs to be adept at handling major VPN platforms such as Pritunl, Cloudflare, and Vultr. Key responsibilities will include: Needing someone to set up 2 static VPNs, on set to Los Angeles and one set to Sydney. Have URLs ready to go. - Configuring and managing our Pritunl VPN servers - Carrying out routine troubleshooting and maintenance - Managing our Cloudflare and Vultr setups The ideal expert for this project should have: - Proven experience in setting up, managing, and troubleshooting Pritunl, Cloudflare, and Vultr VPN servers - An excellent understanding of VPN principles and technologies - Strong problem-solving skills a...

    €31 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    17 bud

    I'...Proxy(Username:password@ip:port format), the proxy should be loaded via a txt and it should rotate through all proxys inside the txt 6. I prefer the bot written in nodejs, so that I can run it on linux(debian) 7. Every thread should simulate an complete browser, every new thread should create an new browser 8. The Script should be optimized to reduce the proxy usage 9. You need a way to bypass cloudflare turnstile captcha challenge 10. The script needs ether capsolver/capmonster or 2captcha built in to solve recaptcha(I prefer capmonster or capsolver) 11. I provide Proxy, Capsolver/Capmonster/2captcha for testing purposes Payment after the bot has been tested if its working + if the toplist isn´t reseting the votes after 1200 votes.(they do resets if to many votes g...

    €237 (Avg Bid)
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