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    Looking for assistance with: - NodeJS web chatroom widget troubleshooting - ReactJS webform integration - JS progress bar integration Ideally requirements can be discussed directly with engineers and we can start with smaller projects proceeding to larger projects. Thank you, Patrick

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    I have to add an iframe inside a web form. I have to get the url from API call to a third party service which a payment service and display the iframe. I am using ASP.NET 4.5 and C# 6.0 version. This needs to be 1 to 1 live session, where I share my screen. I cannot share project files.

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    I Have A DropDownList return Data from a 1st table and insert to 2nd table we are inserting Name, Age and position to the 2nd table which the position is returning data from 1st table. the question is where there was a new record we will first add in the 1st table then refresh the page to be able to get the new record. is there is a way when click on dropdownlist at the end of the existing...

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    I´m gonna build a solution for deliver of gasoline coupons for my workers. It should be developed with visual basic and a SqlServer database. We need 8 CRUDS for catalog tables, such as workers, types of coupons, places they visit as part of their job and others. I need a master detail webform for the input of coupons. One worker can receive several coupons each time. After all the input p...

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    I have 2 visual studio projects: Current project is a visual studio webform as per image FL02 I want to add to the current project the webApi feature, something line [log ind for at se URL] but it must be something inside the current project. There are multiple configuration has to be done on the current project such that the current project will accept webApi requests. If you can walk me t...

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    I need some changes to my existing website. My main quote form is not working so I need created a new html formidable forms quote calculator web form which I would like styled and embedded in the place of the existing webform. I need this done urgently. I do not want formidable form to be altered, just removed from the home page and a new html form using created so that it can inject data into i...

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    I need some changes to my existing website. My main quote form is not working so I have created a new infusionsoft html web form which I would like styled and embedded in th place of the existing webform. I need this done urgently. I do not want formidable form to be altered, just removed from the home page as it’s being repaired. I would also like website home page to look neater redesigne...

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    We need to build a microservice to qualify customer base. This microservice will ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Upload basic tables -these may be updated with a tradidional DB admin tool ATECO codes ADRESS Country, Region, Province ROLES CATEGORY INDUSTRIES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- FLOW 1: INGEST COMPA...

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    We are running Odoo12 community edition over AWS EC2 just 1 DB multicompanies/multisite - We need are building an external microservice to qualify leads and contacts (companies and individuals) - This microservice needs to be alligned with Odoo then it must have same fields and above all primary keys Therfore we need to: - map, download, upload (to update) following fields: - Companies all in...

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    I own a telemarketing lead generation business and considered one of the largest producers of solar live transfer leads in the business. I have a very high demand for other sources of leads not only for residential solar, but for other verticals like life insurance, debt settlement, refinance, and others. Im looking for someone with experience in generating landing pages, forms, data mining, SEO, ...

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    Hi Guys, Our website is built on .NET and we are having issue with checkout page where shipping details is not getting populated. Need someone expert with asp .net webform to dive into the code and fix quickly. If you go to the checkout page on any product , when you enter the zipcode . it starts to populate the shipping companies like Fedex , DHL , UPS , etc etc which was working fine till 2 da...

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    Hi Guys, Our website is built on .NET and we are having issue with checkout page where shipping details is not getting populated. Need someone expert with asp .net webform to dive into the code and fix quickly. Must be able to start right a way and fix it. Thanks,

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    Need to create an interface for end user to retrieve and download database in an excel file. The end user should be able to • download the listings in between 2 dates and • search for a specific entry with either <Mobile> or <name> field The interface should also have a log in page for • Username • Password For the Master user account, it can • Create new...

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    CHECKOUT WEB FORM Udløbet left

    I need a checkout webform the is integrated all together. For seamless and user friendly checkout for my customers. Webhost: Wix Merchant Gateway: Billsby Business Software: Credit Repair Cloud Enter Client Information on web form that is Inserted in my Wix website>Choose or have preselected subscription plan>Enter payment details>Imports clients info to Credit Repair Cloud>Processes ...

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    Hello - we are a tour business and have about 10 webforms for our various tours for potential clients to request mailed brochures. I'd like an intake process that results in a "dashboard" of copy/pasteable mailing addresses to make brochure fulfillment easy. I need a fast way to see at a glance what brochures need to be mailed. Dashboard could be a nicely formatted google form (from...

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    The Project is about developing an e-Commerce Website using C# Asp.Net in Visual Studio. The Project consists of 2 Parts: 1. User Interface and Design 2. Database and functionality

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    Style a webform Udløbet left

    I have an image of how I want the form to look. I have the Styled and Unstyled code that my CRM has given me. Looking for someone that can style the code so that the form looks like my image. I only have PDF version of the image and the form code is from Infusionsoft.

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    We need a webform/database where we can log the dives performed by our divers. Every form shall be given an automatic running number when the form is saved and sent (submit) The form shall be saved as a PDF and sent to a defined email address when submitted. In addition, the form should also be emailed to personnel involved (chosen from a drop-down list) In addition to creating the PDF, all d...

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    I need to fix an issue with a drupal custom module that is integrated with the webform module.

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    Looking to build a hosted webform to link from a Wordpress website that will have the Plaid API integrated to pull and attach the Plaid "Assets" report with other data as required on the webform. Please do not submit a proposal with out knowledge of the Plaid software. [log ind for at se URL] Please message for an example of the current webform. Thank you.

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    Webform Design Udløbet left

    I am looking for a simple webform based on existing website (logo, colors etc are provided) and need the form to confirm receipt when user fills out and submits, and then send a simple email to a defined address. A captcha is needed as well.

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    I need someone who do the configuration of civicrm, cron jobs, civimobile api, civimail and an error in db.

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    I have signed up with Matomo for analytics. I am not sure how to get it working. I have installed a plug in but it still is not active. Also I have 1 webform that is not sending email to my email address. I have another webform on the website that works perfectly. So not sure what's going on.

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    Excel Webform Udløbet left

    Upload Excel worksheet to my website to be used as a form. When the customer clicks submit the form is emailed to me in .csv format. I can select cells C2:C12 and copy from the webform to another worksheet. See attached file.

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    I am using Safari Version 14.0.3. Fix needed for Wordpress Elementor website - get datepicker field working on Safari desktop browser (it works on mobile and in other browsers). it is a known issue ([log ind for at se URL]). After spending a few hours on this including trying to use using jQuery UI datepicker our own developer cannot find a solution. Hoping for some Upwork expertise to resolve th...

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    We want an online webform (with a url) that when filled will populate our salesforce leads object. Our form which is quite long is attached so that you can see the type of entries expected PLS NOTE THAT WE'RE NOT LOOKING FOR THE LOWEST BID Please see attached document Our criteria are 1 .Reliability and Ease of implementation (not really for me but for you so as not to have errors. A finish...

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    Reading_SAMLtoken Udløbet left

    I am trying to implement the SSO on my project. This is a Webform application written in VB.NET I do have the SAML response from the IDP and just wanted to implement the the code in my [log ind for at se URL] page

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    Hi I am looking for a developer who can finish the quick issues in the WordPress website. Issues are very small and should be fixed within 24hours. Here is the list of issues. 1. Perform general security updates to remove "Not Secure" at url (NEED to implement Free SSL) 2. Perform SEO updates using plug-in (This needs to clarify like what types of updates you need). 3. Fix Infusionsof...

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    we need a chat tool to work between our agents and our customers. Following will be deliverable 1. webpage & Android/Iphone APP For customer ( where Customer can initiate chat and choose department and will be connected to online user of that department) 2. webpage & Android APP for Agents ( where they can chat with multiple customers) All Source code will be validated with everyupda...

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    I am looking for some to update an existing custom WP plugin. The plugin is for a webform which has a data validation code added, then sends all the data via API to a 3rd party lead management tool. The site has been updated along with the existing form. I have FTP Access available once we discuss. All I am looking for someone to do right now is have the form data on the webstie work as it wa...

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    Existing System - Web Form Project in VS2008 - Microsoft SQL Existing Demo Website [log ind for at se URL] Login: admin Password: sa New Platform (Targets VS2019) Backend WebAPI - Web API with Core - Bearer Token Authentication based on Application Login - Microsoft SQL - Common WebAPI for future expansion to mobile app Frontend WebApp - Responsive WebUI - ASP.Net Core MVC - Multi Lang...

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    ASP.Net Webform Udløbet left

    Only Delhi/Noida based individual freelancers. We are looking to take services of a software developer having hands on experience on ASP.Net WebForms. Primary task is relating to pdf and Excel reporting in the the existing project.

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    Need editing of macro enabled work sheets. Need fields to populate properly when done manually and in some cases self populate with webform based information.

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    I'm trying to get a new website design, integrate emails with a domain name, and get a CRM that will capture responses from a webform. There will likely be more to do as time goes on. It's for my small-scale start-up and we're trying to get our landing page and everything set up to run smoothly as we attract our customers.

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    Simple one multiline field webform with one "Send Message" button form to send message to pre-set static e-mail address. Must use AWS Amplify (simple REST or GraphQL endpoint in AppSync), and Amplify hosting. Deliverable is working demo, instruction on amplify config (amplify add <service>) and any other code (i.e. Lambda). Languages are Python or JavaScript, either works. VS ...

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    website copy Udløbet left

    I need a content for 1 page of my website.. Some research required. A youtube video will be provided for reference. for reference: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] I am the owner of a real estate investment company, Virtue Property Ventures. I am looking to co-wholesale with other wholesalers. I bring buyers to their deals. I want them to learn the benefits of working with me a...

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    We're looking to reach out to over 10k businesses per week via a series of promotional emails to be delivered by a suitable web-form marketing tool . LMBD We're looking to hire someone with access to a powerful webform automation tool or script that can enable us to target 10k businesses per day at a minimum . Please reach out to us for more details on this project. Be sure to quote the ...

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    Hello We need a CRM ( Lead Management Software ) for our Educational Institutions with multi user facility. Features We need [log ind for at se URL] User 2. User Dashboard with Stats & Recent Leads 3. Leads Section with all details & search bar 4. Leads Bucket ( Multiple Channel Management) auto sms & email body configuration [log ind for at se URL] Leads Integration 6. Webform Cr...

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    We need to setup an identity provider on ASP.NET WebForm and validate a client against one of our suppliers. We will be using ComponentSpace for this purpose.

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    php to Udløbet left

    i have a simple one php form that you comvert to webform. its half hours work for any expert person. i want this in only 1 hours pls bid only expert person.

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    Compro codigo fuente de un sistema de ventas desarrollado con C#, manejo de clientes, proveedores, compras, cotizaciones y ventas. Además debe contar con reportes de ventas, compras e inventarios.

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    we are an Amazon service provider for Amazon sellers We like to implement a simple software that collects data in a webform and validate those data with the Amazon provided data (thru API). If validated, the page will display a new form and will forward the new data to a service provider who offers its own API to connect (Tango). Tango will provide a link that will be sent by email to the page vis...

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    I would like to have a simple website that is responsive to different screen sizes (mobile & pc) Basically, it is a webform that reads/write data from Azure SQL and Blob (for images). Preferably to have the solution in ASP.NET Web Forms With C#. Solution should include comments and flexibility to change database source and modify columns. You may refer to the demo file for sample output.

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    Fix Drupal 7 module Udløbet left

    I need someone to fix issues with a contributed Drupal 7 module that works with Webform

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    Build drupal module to integrate webform with Flutterwave

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    Email Marketing Udløbet left

    I have a list of 20k+ contacts that I would like to market to through email. I have a hosted webform on my website where I would like to direct the traffic. Ideally looking for someone with the capability to send the emails and also create the content to be sent.

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    Project for Ravi S. Udløbet left

    Test webform ASP.NET C# Application with Google Re Captcha V3

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    1. Stray animal capture location must be geo-tagged with a unique ID, photograph and description in a web-form 2. After capturing, animals are brought to the shelter for health check-up. Web form will be marked by the veterinary doctor for possible medical procedures with the dates for surgery and release 3. After due medical procedures, release date is scheduled in the specific web form. 4...

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    Scriptcase Developer Must have Scriptcase 9.0+ experience.. Looking for an experienced Scriptcase Developer (latest version) to build an application from scratch using MySQL that will track projects in detail. Will have these segments and possibly more: Customer actual and estimate billing, third party vendors, inventory, shipping, departments within divisions, employee, tasks and subtasks. Will...

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    Seeking ECommerce System Recommendations for Plugin and/or Custom Coding Have a site that produces a filled PDF from a webform. Needs: 1) Charge BUYER-A $X per form (1 Payment = 1 Form Access). 2) Sends Email for Form Access (With Code) to BUYER-A's Client to Complete Form. 3) Track when Form is "Completed and PDF Sent". 4) BUYER-A can purchase multiple Web Form Access's/US...

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