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    Trophy icon Boutique Bitters Logo Udløbet left

    Looking for logo based off below image for a boutique cocktail bitters company. the name of the company is Double Crossed: A Bitter Company. We like fonts like Chopin Script or similar. We are looking for something antique and romantic in a logo.

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    From “The Storm,” Kate Chopin, present an argument regarding at what point the main symbol of the story’s meaning becomes clearer. You will want to be specify what the main symbol represents while you present this argument and indicate in your supporting reasons what in the story indicates the larger importance of that symbol? Be sure to provide supporting reasons to your positi...

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    I recently made modifications to the structure of our website which resulted in a drop in traffic. I need someone to help identify the specific causes for the drop in traffic, and suggest options to make improvements. Let me tell you more about the issue: The website is: [log ind for at se URL] its like wikipedia for music, we host music recordings and sheet music Previously we had two main way...

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    Hi, I am building a new startup based on the idea of onboarding employees through tech-based solutions. I'm looking for a sharp, simple tech logo for a company called RampUP. We are thinking that a rocket launched towards the right, with the logo name on the right or underneath would be interesting. Maybe something more conceptual / geometric (like the contours) than an actual solid roc...

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    Hi, I need someone to set up Kaltura's nginx-vod-module ([log ind for at se URL]). You will need to: 1. Set up nginx-vod-module (github link above) on Ubuntu 14.04. 2. Write a simple [log ind for at se URL] page showing a small mp4 video playing on a video player using that module. 3. Document installation steps and any configurations done. Please include the word "chopin"...

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    I need an Annotated Bibliography on 5 articles *In the article by Kate Chopin “ A Story of an Hour” *In the article by John Coleman “Take ownership * In the article by Apfed “Should we make our children say sorry?” * In the article by Priestly * In the article by Ray Bradbury “The Last Night of the World” they should be MLA format, it will b...

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    Hi Gaby. I would like to get started on the other composers. I'm setting up this project at the same rate ($7 each one). The other composers I need are: Haydn Schubert Mendelssohn Chopin Schumann Liszt Wagner Verdi Strauss (Johann Strauss I) Brahms Saint-Saens Bizet Mussorgsky Tchaikovsky Dvorak Grieg Debussy Stravinsky Prokofiev Gershwin

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    Trophy icon Logo design for a band Udløbet left

    I’m looking for a logo that communicates what my music is about and who it is for- adults who’ve “lived life” and experienced life’s ups and downs and come out the other side stronger for it. I want my music to make people think and help them Live Life!   I was in a band in my 20’s and co-owned a recording studio. Since then I’ve raised a bunch ...

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    I need someone to write a simple php-cURL script that get the redirected URL and store it inside a variable. (I will provide a URL for you to test) Example: Entering: "[log ind for at se URL]" into a browser will get redirected to "[log ind for at se URL]" Please compare the format of the final URL you get in the browser with the URL you get back from the script and m...

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    I need someone to make a PHP script (most likely with cURL) that takes in a Youtube's video ID as a parameter, and then grab all of the video links (ie. 360, 480, 720, etc) and output them in order for me to download them. This script needs to work with ALL Youtube videos. When I said all, I mean there are videos on YouTube (such as VEVO music videos or videos with copyrighted contents) that ...

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    Design a Logo Udløbet left

    The web site name is Shopen , I would like a logo with a picture and the name of Shopen on theside. You must be able to create a logo with the image of Chopin the musician with a pair of tinted sunglasses .

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    I got php5-mcrypt module installed but it's not working (probably installed it wrongly). This is on a LEMP stack running Ubuntu 14.04. I need a fix on this as soon as possible. Please include the word "chopin" in your bid so I know you've read the description.

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    I got php5-mcrypt installed but it's not working (probably installed it wrongly). This is on a LEMP stack running Ubuntu 14.04. I need a fix on this as soon as possible. Please include the word "chopin" in your bid so I know you've read the description.

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    This a research paper about 3 Sch's of Early Romantic Music: Schubert, Schumann, Chopin for Music Appreciation class.

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    I need someone to create an HTML page as closely to the picture as possible; the picture contains mostly form fields and tables, (see attachment for picture) Sidebar in picture can be ignored, as I will provide my own template page with sidebar already made. Just need to focus on the stuffs on the right (area within purple box). Please include the word "Chopin" in your post so that I k...

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    A friend's wordpress site was not loading this morning. First time this has happened in a year. Restart php5-fpm brought it back up, but only for 1-2 hours before it goes down and does not load again. Error log shows only notices and warnings, but no critical errors or anything out of the ordinary. These crashes probably has something to do with php but we're not not sure what. I need...

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    I need someone to write a simple cURL script to login to this site "[log ind for at se URL]" (I will provide login info) . Upon login, write the page source (of the page that follow after successfully login) to a txt file. Next, while stay logged in, go to this page "[log ind for at se URL]", and write the page source of that page to another txt file. This shouldn't be...

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    Extended essay Udløbet left

    Suptopics for an extended essay on femenism according to The awakening by Kate Chopin responding issue liske women self identity and discovery as oppose to restrictions in the victoria era.

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    Academic Writing Udløbet left

    Upload to Seminar Shell in Canvas due by 17:00 on 30 Sept 2015 Objectives: Students will • interpret and analyze primary texts and evidence • synthesize multiple texts to create an original, coherent argument about a major theme from Gilded Age & Progressive Era America Instructions: • Choose one (1) of the following essay prompts. Read each topic carefully before choosing....

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    Trophy icon Wedding photo montage Udløbet left

    I have a set of photos from a wedding which I wish to compile into a photo montage. There will be an album of about 60 high resolution photos to choose from. The soundtrack I would want to be choosen is Frederic Chopin - Nocturne In E Flat Major, Op 9 No 2. As the soundtrack/video will be about 4 Minute , you will decided how many photos and how long each photo frame will [log ind for at se ...

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    I need an essay as soon as possible about the treatment and role of women according to Kate Chopin. I has to be an essay format divided in 5 parts, introduction, 3 topic sentences and conclusion, it has to be 500 word or more and very important 8 sentences per paragraph in the topic sentences and introduction, the conclusion 4-5 sentences. Thank you

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    I'm trying to convert a simple recursive program written in C into MIPS32. The program basically prints all the possible anagrams of a given string to the screen, i.e 'abcd', 'abdc' 'acbd', etc.. . I have most of it written but it is not working. I need someone to help debug my MIPS code. Attached is the recursive written in C, and the MIPS code I've written...

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    Hi, Can you create this logo in illustrator for me. It should be a fairly simple one. I have attached the psd The top symbol is just the letter "C" cut out from the square box. Used font"Chopin Script Regular" Can you send me a green and a white version. Thanks

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    looking for someone to write an essay on either the compare and contrast the theme of love and marriage in the necklace by guy de Maupassant and story of an hour by kate chopin giving attention to the setting and conflict

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    RESEARCH PAPER Students will write an in-depth analysis of one or two works of literature of their choosing from our assigned readings (or bonus unit). This paper will be 6-pages minimum and will utilize MLA format and documentation. In addition to the primary source(s), at least four, reputable, academic secondary sources are required. If focusing on poetry, students may request permission to co...

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    Proofread an essay Udløbet left

    I have written a five page essay discussing the effective use of words, sentences, paragraphs and narration in the short story "The Story of an Hour " by Kate Chopin. I would like you to read the short story and my essay, as well as my assignment guidelines and ensure that my points are clearly proven and are not arbitrary. Furthermore, if you could double check that I have followed MLA ...

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    Hello, I already have a logo (attached) and a Facebook page. I need an updated design for my Facebook landing page that adds pictures of jewelry to the butterfly logo. I want something that is elegant, and classy. I would also like to use the same graphics for a Shopify or Ebay Store home page. I will need two editable files delivered, one in format for Facebook landing page and one in format f...

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    I have an small ADULT website on Wordpress that run completely on a single plugin. I need to have a PSD conversion done to the theme. PSD has 1 front page and 1 simple subpage (preview attached). This conversion will be done LIVE on the website, so it has to be finish quickly. The site layout is 90% similar to what is already on the PSD, basically just need to work on the background/color and some...

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    Music Presentation Udløbet left

    Prepare and present a commentary relating to one of the works on the presentation work list. Your presentation should last no more than 15 minutes and should include at least one music example (lasting no more than 90 seconds) from a recording of the work. The introduction to your presentation should briefly set the work in its historical context – who created it, when, for whom...

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    What I need is this: Edit the PSD right now !! Colors: Green and White Put the names in the rings: Enser Stanley en Fernandes Daniella 1x Invitation 7” x 5” Color mode: CMYK Resolution: 300 DPI Total Dimensions: 2175×1575px PRINT READY 1x Save The Date 7” x 3” Color mode: CMYK Resolution: 300 DPI Total Dimensions: 2100×900px PRINT READY 1x...

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    the purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to analyze and criticize literature, in this case short stories. you must answer if the author is using the specific literary device in a similar or different way when comparing the stories. 3-5 pages max * Must use direct quotes from the stories to prove your point and must be in MLA format. i want the essay to be about how...

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    I need 14 PSD graphics tableau of marriage. The tableau must be of the following themes: - Pets - Capital of the World - Football Teams Italy - Cute Dogs - Sports Cars - Cartoon - Travel - Sports - Flowers - Famous People (Singers, Presidents, Historical etc ...) - Writers Famous (Dante, Shakespeare, etc ...) - Sweets and Food - Music Composers (chopin, beethoven, etc ...) - Coc...

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    Simple app Udløbet left

    We need someone to create a simple iphone, ipad and android app that would focus on the brand an other details about the product. Please refer to this app: [log ind for at se URL] The app should have facebook/twitter integration. This should also have a maps integration to direct the user to the nearest store where they can purchase the product.

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    Scraping Websites Udløbet left

    I would like to scrape all the artists from: [log ind for at se URL] as well as all the films from [log ind for at se URL] within 7 days. From allmusic, I would like the following fields for every artist on the site: 1. Artists Name 2. Years Active 3. Genres 4. Instrument 5. Moods 6. Similar Artists 7. See Also 8. Influenced By 9. Followed From Allrovi, I would like the follow...

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    Topic : Compare several works by an author Choose any author from the list below Hughes Langston Chopin Kate Silvia Plath Emily Dickinson Baldwin James Select his three works and compare those works from a common point of [log ind for at se URL] as a. Biographical Information: upbringing, social background, lifestyle, adventures b Historical context : World and local events the...

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    Site: [log ind for at se URL] Zen Cart Expert Needed to: -fix hack- it's some phishing hack view contact page here: ([log ind for at se URL]) -move website from Ehostone to Hostgator, note Hostgator has a free transfer to utilize. both hosts have cpanel. -upgrade to the latest version of zen cart -Change the font on the side menu to Chopin Script and add a little bit more ...

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    Small Piano Concert Program Degsine (brilliant, music, piano like) I'm going to hold a salon piano concert on July. 7-8 armature pianists play one classical piece (detail will be distributed later) A4 - two side (4 page of A5) Contents p.1 - illustration, date, time, place July 10th 2011 (Sunday) Opens 14:00 / Starts 14:30 Nagahama Hall p.2 -3 names of pianist and ...

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    Replicate a simple Inkscape object to create 103 variations, each variation differing in having 5 variable text elements. The object is a tile or cell that will be used to create a Periodic Table of the elements, 103 different variations will be required, one for each element. The units used shall be inches, the height of each tile/cell is 2 inches and the width of the tile/cell is 1.75 inch...

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    Zlecę napisanie tekstów pod zaplecze. Tematyka tekstów to Fryderyk Chopin i wszystko co z nim związane. Pojedynczy tekst powinien zawierać około 2000 znaków. Do napisania jest 15 tekstów. Teksty powinny być sensowne i poprawne stylistycznie oraz spójne gdyż będą umieszczone na jednej stronie internetowej. Muszą być także unikalne. Chodzi o teksty pod zaple...

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    Witam serdecznie Zlecę wykonanie profesjonalnej PREZENTACJI O FRYDERYKU CHOPINIE! W programie POWER POINT Ilość slajdów 10-22, w tle ma być muzyka, o jego życie TYLKO POWAŻNE OFERTY! Termin wykonania: MAX DO 23 Września Proszę nie pisać na GG ani e-mail, odezwę sie do wybranej osoby.

    min €2
    min €2
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    I need to get the image posted below in a Vector AI and PDF format so I can send it to the printer. Script is Chopin Script, need it vectored ASAP today if possible quick turnaound. I can supply the PSD and the font, the image is sampled below. Want the finished item delivered in PDF and AI to send straight to printer. Thanks, any questions PM me.

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    Dear Members, The task is high-quality English to German medical translation of 127 medical equipment catalogs, check the attached samples. The translation should be provided in seven corresponding Word documents matching page-by-page the catalogs so that the designer can easily implement the translation into the catalog PDF. I am looking for your bid for the total work but please note that ...

    €220 - €660
    €220 - €660
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    Hi, We are currently working on redesigning our site and rebranding ourselves, changing our name from ANPF to Virtual Enterprise Australia (VEA). Within our system we have a number of mini-homepages for some of our clients. We need you to take all these mini homepages: 1) Put their names on an excel spreadsheet. Tell me whether or not the following changes have been made for eac...

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    logo Udløbet left

    Wanted: Logo for new business startup. Two stylised S’s like that from Chopin Script Found here [log ind for at se URL] form the basis of the design. I would like to think that a Graphice artist could creat a mockup quickly. Therefore I will ONLY ACCEPT MOCKUPS to ensure you and I are on the same page with what I am looking for. The designer of the best one will be chosen as project wi...

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    I need a person for translating from Spanish to English text inside a SQL database dump. A text sample is: #INSERT INTO dl1_cat (catid, titel, cat_desc, download_count, subcat, startorder, catorder, direct_upload, cat_style) VALUES (1, 'Partituras para piano', 'Sección de partituras para piano de autores clásicos en dominio público entre los que se encuentra...

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    Hey, I would like a batch of 10 Exceptionally high quality Essays pertaining to English Literature. Willing to pay $5 per article or more for the right person. Please do not bid or submit your test articles if you havent done anysort of literature work before. Requirements: -Minimum words: 750 -100% original. No copypasting or rewritten stuff. -No spelling or other errors -An insigh...

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    Musopen Work Udløbet left

    I need some bug fixes from the last project. - MO General - 1. Cant save html info for performer, seems only short text works [log ind for at se URL] 2. Remove “Performer: “ etc. and leave just the name of the instrument, performer etc. 3. Add link on Browsing sheets with composer “Frédéric Chopin??. Back to Sheet Music <same for music> <not browsi...

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    zlecę przetłumaczenie poniższego tekstu na niemiecki: HISTORIA Malowniczo położony w Kotlinie Kłodzkiej tuż obok parku zdrojowego gdzie niegdyś koncertował Fryderyk Chopin niezmiennie od blisko 150 lat przyjmuje swych gości Hotel Fryderyk dawniej zwany Villą Schmidt. Ten niezwykły hotel o pieknej architekturze, został w 2003 roku wpisany do rejestru zabytków wojewódz...

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