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    ...herunder titler, beskrivelser, og billeder, direkte ind i vores online shop. Dette projekt kræver en særlig tilgang, hvor produktinformation genereres ud fra billeder ved hjælp af en AI-generator (tilvejebragt gennem en API vi stiller til rådighed), med fokus på følgende nøgleelementer: Automatisk Titel og Beskrivelsesgenerering: For hvert produkt, et billede uploades, hvorfra AI-generatoren (ChatGPT eller tilsvarende) skal udlede en produkttitel og en detaljeret beskrivelse. Billedet vil indeholde et produktnummer, som er essentielt for vores produktkatalogisering. Målet er at automatisere denne proces, så manuel upload til AI-generatoren minimeres eller elimineres. Produktoprettelse med Variabler: Produkterne skal opret...

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    I am looking for a wizard who can integrate my Wordpress site with and chatgpt etc, to automate a once-daily cross-posting of content to multiple social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from posts created on and auto post to Wordpress draft for review Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in working with Wordpress and - Proven expertise in social media integrations - Ability to create custom solutions if needed Application Requirements: - Please share specific past work where you have done similar social media integration tasks Deliverables: - A fully tested and working integration with - Auto-posting setup to push content to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram once a day.

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    ...and include a brief explanation as why you gave yourself that rating: 1. Wordpress plugins 2. SEO experience 3. Javascript 4. Node.js 5. Angular 16 6. API development 7. HTML / CSS 8. PHP 9. Python 10. ERP systems 11. Tailwind 12. TaigaUI 13. Chrome Extensions (please rate yourself and provide any examples you might have) 14. Google Add-on 15. Keyword research tool 16. Web scripts 17. AI / ChatGPT experience 18. Web scraping Next, please answer these "get to know you" questions: Why are you interested in this job/project? What's your favorite stack? How many & what other projects are you currently working on? Do you work with a team, agency, or as an individual? Why should I choose you? How can you make it better or different than keywords research to...

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    ...intermediate-level course material covering C programming, OS internals, and computer networking. - Ensure the materials are engaging and easy to comprehend. - Continual refinement of materials based on input and performance. Note: We provide complete guidance on every step of this journey, as we are looking for a helping hand to completely own the material writing. Note: We can provide premium subscription ChatGPT as well so that the process can go more smoother and quicker. But We need to complete this in a strict time duration....

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    9 bud of the cover. While the final cover should be shared on Canva (it must contain all the images layers and they should be exchangeable), the freelancer can use any tool of it preference, no ChatGPT or any other IA tool will be allowed. If the covers has good design there is a possibility that you may be assigned additional covers in the future If you have read my project description please, start your proposal with the word toddler and please include your digital illustration portfolio in your proposal. - Style: I'm looking for crisp, high-quality digital illustrations, no ChatGPT. Your art should convey fun and playfulness while being visually appealing to toddlers aged 1-3 years. - Mood: The cover should extract joy, playfulness, and fun to resonat...

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    Tengo 10 dólares lo que necesito es corregir una tesis la cuál me enviaron unos informes de algunas parte que tienen plagio se deben buscar esos parrafo o página y corregirla usando chatgpt pero debe tener coherencia sin salirse de lo que se está hablando en la tesis luego de eso de corregir los errores de plagio se debe pasar por antiplagios software y no debe contener

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    Bitcoin Mempool Data Scraper 5 dage left

    I'm seeking an expert in data scraping and Bitcoin to develop a comprehensive solution that can retrieve specific information from the Bitcoin mempool regularly. Key Project Requirements: - Able to retrieve all unconf...mempool - scanning the mempool every minute and retrieving updated information. - sort and order retrieved information Ideal Skills: - Expertise in data scraping - Knowledge of Bitcoin transactions & mempool - Understanding of database management - Ability to work quickly and meet strict timelines - Open communication style and ability to suggest efficient solutions. I'm not interested in what chatGPT can say in the response, nor am i Interested in fake lowball offers. This is stage one of a 5 part project. Ideally i would love to use the same per...

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    I've got a listing of car dealers in two different excel sheets The file 1 is about 6000 rows from 6 countries , it has country code, name, address, zip code and region. This info is not standardized I have file 2 with a official dealers list with similar information fro...rows from 6 countries , it has country code, name, address, zip code and region. This info is not standardized I have file 2 with a official dealers list with similar information from my customer I should automate the process to check if each dealer of file 1 is listed in the second file. Then I would tag that dealer as official in a new column. Else I would tag the dealer as non official ChatGPT could be useful to complete this task successfully but not to classify the information as it invents the o...

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    Note to Applicants: We will disregard any proposals appearing to be auto-generated by AI tools like ChatGPT, as this suggests the applicant has not fully understood our specific requirements. Objective: The primary goal of this project is to develop a system that allows for the management of over 200 Telegram accounts to simulate an active and engaging chat environment within a Telegram group. This system is not a Telegram bot but a sophisticated account management tool designed to manually assign specific texts to each account, which I will prepare, and then deploy these texts in the chat in various, strategically timed ways. The aim is to make it appear to outsiders that the Telegram group chat is bustling with real, active participants. Key Features Required: - Efficient Accou...

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    ...technologies, such as GPT-3, to create a custom piece of software. The primary function of this software is AI-powered decision making. The specific task of the software is to have the ability to use AI / ChatGPT to select tests based on change points. As the client, I haven't specified a preferred programming language so you have the freedom and flexibility to use any language that you think is best suited for this project including but not limited to Python, Java, and C#. Ideal candidates for this project should: - Have profound knowledge and experience in AI, preferably also with ChatGPT - Have a solid background in software development - Be capable of providing a detailed project proposal outlining how they plan to tackle this project before commen...

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    ChatGPT Prompt Builder WebApp 5 dage left

    I'm seeking to develop a web-based prompt builder specifically geared toward the latest ChatGPT model. This tool aims to enable users to efficiently generate prompts, enhancing their interaction with GPT technologies through a user-friendly online platform. **Requirements:** - **Programming Language:** The project should be developed in Python, leveraging its robust ecosystem and libraries for web development and AI integration. - **Model Support:** Focused exclusively on the most current ChatGPT model. This specificity ensures the tool remains up-to-date with the latest advancements, providing users with a cutting-edge experience. - **Interface:** A web-based interface is envisioned. The GUI should be intuitive, facilitating seamless creation, customization, and testin...

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    Tengo 10 dólares lo que necesito es corregir una tesis la cuál me enviaron unos informes de algunas parte que tienen plagio se deben buscar esos parrafo o página y corregirla usando chatgpt pero debe tener coherencia sin salirse de lo que se está hablando en la tesis luego de eso de corregir los errores de plagio se debe pasar por antiplagios software y no debe contener

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    Trophy icon Realistic Sci-Fi Book Illustrations 28 dage left

    I'm seeking an experienced illustrator to create the frontispiece for a science fiction novel, STAR ENVOYS Selection, the first novel in the STAR ENVOYS trilogy. - Style: The illustration needs to be realistic, detailed and faithful to the characters and settings in the novel. - Quantity: The book will contain between 20-50 illustrations. This con...for additional reference materials as well as information provided for a USD$1,000+ contest for additional illustrations for the book. - Format: The illustration must be in color, .PNG, with an aspect ratio of 2:3 (w:h). Ideal candidate should have experience in science fiction and fantasy illustrations, expert in traditional media as well as generative artificial intelligence (Midjourney or ChatGPT/DALL-E) and photo editing (Ad...

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    ...establishments. The dashboard needs to integrate with the ChatGPT API, allowing our software to offer suggestions for responses. Additionally, it should have the capability to handle responses to patient feedback emails. I have created Figma mockups for the dashboard design, and I also have a video showcasing a tool with some similar functionalities to what I envision. I'll share the video with you for a better understanding and the main views of my figma Mockups Client Dashboard: Google My Business Integration: Display and manage client establishment information and ratings via the Google My Business API. Review Management: Enable clients to respond directly to Google reviews from the dashboard. ChatGPT Integration: Use the ChatGPT API to provide response su...

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    More details: What is the main goal of the tool you would like to have developed? Website hijacking What specific features should the tool have for website hijacking? Ability to identify vulnerabilities, Ability to exploit vulnerabilities What type of websites do you plan to test using the tool? Corporate websites, Personal blogs

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    ...seeking a skilled and meticulous freelancer to undertake the translation of a set of user instructions into 11 different languages. This project demands high precision and a deep understanding of context, which is why we have chosen to use ChatGPT for translations instead of Google Translate. The nature of our instructions requires that each translation accurately captures the intended meaning, nuances, and technicalities of the original text. Key Responsibilities: Translation Execution: Translate the provided user instructions paragraph by paragraph using ChatGPT. This method ensures a better grasp of context and maintains the coherence and accuracy of the content across multiple languages. Languages Required: The instructions need to be translated into 11 specified la...

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    WhatsApp ChatGPT Bot Creation 4 dage left

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a WhatsApp bot with ChatGPT-like functionalities for enhanced interaction and customer engagement. This project requires a deep understanding of natural language processing to offer users an experience reminiscent of chatting with a well-informed assistant. Although the specific capabilities were not selected, I'm open to integrating features that enhance the bot's utility and user experience. **Key Requirements:** - **WhatsApp Integration:** The bot must seamlessly integrate with WhatsApp, providing users with the ability to interact without leaving the platform. - **ChatGPT-like Abilities:** Harnessing advanced natural language processing techniques to understand and generate human-like responses. - **Customization:...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Python developer knowledgeable in Javascript for the development of a versatile chatbot via the Chatgpt API. Features: - Real-time chat, and optimise our scripts for NLP and NLTK analysis ( utilising github repos) - Customizable responses ( for backend scripts to create perfect SEO optimised articles) The design and implementation should be processed via the Flask, Django and FastAPI frameworks. It is vital that the freelancer have prior experience in these areas and can demonstrate a high level of understanding for each framework. The final product must be efficient, stable, and easily maintainable. It's a plus if you have experience developing chatbots or similar APIs.

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    Technical VA for Blog creation 4 dage left

    I require a virtual assistant with solid technical skills to assist in data entry tasks. In particular, the assistant will be tasked with: - Creating detailed spreadsheets - Building informative blogs The ideal candidate should be well-versed in using Chatgpt for these tasks. Prior expertise with data entry, an eye for detail, and the ability to handle tasks efficiently is much to be desired. A sound knowledge of working with programs and software like Chatgpt will be highly appreciated. This project requires accuracy, organization, and good time management skills.

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    Only respond with a complete blog sample: Review: Provide: 3 blog titles using chatgpt Provide: 1 blog sample from one of the titles (1000 words) Provide: 1 graphic at the beginning of the blog Total blogs per week : 12 blogs per week I am seeking a skilled freelancer to create a professional blog that highlights the unique aspects of a specific niche, aiming to promote products and services to a professional audience. **Key Aspects of the Project:** -**Affiliate.** - Include affiliate links and handle placement for maximum exposure for customers on blog page. - **Niche Focus:** The blog should be tailored to a specific sector, demonstrating deep industry understanding and relevance to professionals and customers - **Target Audience:** Content created must resonate

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    "I will not consider CHATGPT or fancy writing response" I am looking for a UI / UX , CSS and java script developer not just designer to enhance our social networking platform and fix few ui related errors. I am hiring to enhance the entire website experience so this contest just for shortlist the right freelancers. For navigation, I desire: - A more logical and improved menu structure - Clear and eye-catching call-to-action buttons - A simplified navigation flow to reduce user effort In terms of visual design, I'm looking to upgrade: - The typography to make the content more readable and engaging - The color scheme to better reflect the brand and improve the user experience - The use of images and graphics to make the website more visually appealing and to better ...

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    I'm searching for an experienced developer to produce an automation tool to link ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Canva. This will be to create pdfs Key tasks include: - The tool should be able to generate chatbot responses through ChatGPT. - An additional function would be to create images when integrated with Midjourney. Desired skills & experience: - Proficient in API integration. - Familiarity with platforms like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Canva. - Skill in creating automated processes with specified outputs. The right professional will turn these detailed requirements into a functioning, user-friendly tool, enhancing my business operations.

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    Boost SEO with 190 GPT Blogs 4 dage left

    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to embark on an exciting project that involves generating 190 blog articles aimed at elevating our website's traffic and improving our SEO rankings. This project is not just about writing; it's about leveraging AI to deliver content that resonates with our audience and adheres to our business goals. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in using ChatGPT 4 or similar AI content generation tools. - Strong background in SEO and understanding of algorithms. - Experience in content creation for e-commerce, particularly Shopify. - Ability to produce engaging, informative content within the 500-800 word range. - Excellent editorial skills for manual review and approval before publishing. Requirements: 1. Generate 190 articles, each fo...

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    Crear páginas web para diferentes servicios utilizando herramientas y plataformas proporcionadas por nuestra agencia. Generar contenido atrac...contenido atractivo y de calidad con el apoyo de inteligencia artificial. Optimizar el contenido y las páginas web utilizando nuestras herramientas especializadas para maximizar su rendimiento. Gestionar y actualizar información en Google Sheets de manera eficiente. Requisitos: Conocimiento medio de inglés, ya que el trabajo se desarrollará en este idioma. Experiencia o conocimiento en el uso de ChatGPT para la creación de contenido. Habilidad para trabajar con Google Sheets. Capacidad para seguir un horario diario y cumplir con las tareas asignadas de manera organizada. Persona autónoma, con ...

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    ...platforms provided by our agency. Generate attractive and high-quality content with the support of artificial intelligence. Optimize content and web pages using our specialized tools to maximize their performance. Manage and update information on Google Sheets efficiently. Requirements: Intermediate knowledge of English, as the work will be conducted in this language. Experience or knowledge in using ChatGPT for content creation. Ability to work with Google Sheets. Ability to follow a daily schedule and complete assigned tasks in an organized manner. Autonomous person, with initiative and good problem-solving capacity. We offer: 8-hour workday, Monday to Friday. Immediate start. Opportunity to work with a team of professionals passionate about digital marketing. Access to cutti...

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    We are seeking a skilled freelancer to develop a simple PHP script focused on data visualization, specifically catering to planetary hours. While the script's core functionality can be achieved through ChatGPT, we believe an experienced individual can deliver efficient results promptly. Description: We require a straightforward script to display planetary hours based on location and date input. Key Functions: The script will closely resemble the functionality of this sample site, with additional features: - Integration of Islamic (Hijri Date) display alongside the conventional calendar. - Option for users to select their location, with the flexibility to change it as needed. - Enhanced visualization by displaying the names of planetary rulers alongside logos. - Addition of ...

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    As I strive to grow my business in a digitally-focused world, I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to create 100 comprehensive business profiles across a variety of platforms. The purpose of these profiles is threefold: - Increase brand visibility - Improve search engine ranking - Create Backlinks Each profile should include the following ...The profiles should be created on 100 different platforms to maximize outreach and impact. The ideal candidate is experienced in digital marketing and SEO, with strong attention to detail and written communication skills. They should also have knowledge of different platforms for business profile creation and their specific best practices. You need to share all the credentials. You can use chatGPT to create unique description fo...

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    ...Assistant (Only for Malaysians) Working Hours: 25 hours per week (3 hours between 1 pm and 6 pm, with flexibility for the rest) *Additional compensation for transportation and time if needed to travel to the Singapore office Responsibilities: -Administrative tasks, no experience required -Computer proficiency in Excel, Word, PDF, email, WhatsApp, etc. (Fluent in both English and Chinese, can use ChatGPT) -Remote work; you need a computer at home -Installation of a tracker on the computer to monitor work -One-year contract What we offer: -Non-sales position -Non-fraudulent work -Fixed monthly salary, not commission-based -Genuine administrative work -Welcoming recent graduates, housewives, all genders -Opportunities for promotion and salary adjustments If you are a Malaysian ...

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    Document extraction SaaS 3 dage left

    Build a SaaS app that uses ChatGPT technology to read documents and extract it in structured formats. We will first start off by being able to extract data from purchase orders. The data should be able to go into the Xero and Quickbooks API. The SaaS Model should have 3 plans depending on number of tokens. Here is a similar product You must not build software from scratch - use existing SaaS templates. The main technology is ChatGPT. You must have software and API experience using chatgpt. write proposal with "openai"

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    Perl Developer for web automation 3 dage left

    Greetings, I am seeking a proficient Perl developer well-versed in web automation using Perl for a specific task. The project involves enabling automated liking of YouTube comments through Perl. Based on my discussion with ChatGPT, this task is feasible by providing the necessary parameters: 'YOUR_COMMENT_ID', 'YOUR_SESSION_ID', 'YOUR_XSRF_TOKEN', and 'YOUR_YOUTUBE_COOKIE'. If you possess the expertise to accomplish this, kindly reach out. To secure this project, a demonstration of your capabilities is required. The script is available in ChatGPT, and I can provide it upon request. While this initial task is relatively small, successful completion may lead to more extensive projects in the future. Please bid on this project only if y...

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    Innovative SaaS Dev Needed 3 dage left

    ...aultilingual support, chat with AI and will allow to create persona & trained Ai, so can train the AI data like docs, links and text. The application should be 100% dynamic where. Ask for detailed requirements documentation and demo video **Required Expertise:** - Proficiency in web development - Familiarity with SaaS platforms - Ability to work with diverse technology stacks - Familiar with ChatGPT & OpenAI **Project Vision:** The idea is to develop a solution that not only addresses a gap in the current market but also is robust, scalable, and user-friendly. The exact nature of the SaaS, whether it be for CRM, project management, or an e-commerce platform, is yet to be determined based on further analysis and discussion. **Application Requirements:** Interested ca...

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    Hello, I am interested in creating a chatbot similar to ChatGPT, with a custom language model that incorporates your database/content for displaying results. I am open to using open-source libraries and am proficient in PHP and JavaScript. Before proceeding, could you please provide a demo of the project? I would also appreciate it if you could only bid if you have experience with similar projects.

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    ...and apply basic code functions to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) for an innovative idea I have. While I do not require a fully operational application at this stage, I am keen to learn how to leverage ChatGPT, Codepen, and tools such as for my project. I want to move fast... I don't want to become a developer. I want to be able to add some fatures to a chart on so I can demonstrate what I want to build. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Expertise in using for data visualization - Familiarity with ChatGPT and Codepen environments - Experience in teaching coding to beginners - Patience and excellent communication skills ### Learning Objectives: - **Understanding Basic Coding Concepts**: I want to grasp the essent...

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    I'm looking for a proficient content writer who can deliver an engaging, informal, and conversational YouTube script. My existing content lacks audience engagement and needs a compelling revamp. AVOID using ChatGPT to hand over me the basic script changes. Original Script -Ideal Skills: *Strong background in content writing *Excellent tonal crafting towards an informal, conversational tone *Proven experience in script writing, preferably for YouTube *Capability to integrate audience-engaging elements, primarily questions, into the script

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    N8n Workflow Automation 1 dag left

    I am looking for a freelancer proficient in N8n to help automate cold email **Integration Needs:** Notion Google Sheets ChatGPT You'll need to follow our detailed layout of the workflows intergrating them when required.

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    AI Book Writing Wizard 1 dag left

    I'm seeking a highly skilled and dynamic assistant to collaborate closely on creating compelling AI written books. Your expertise will be instrumental in transforming my concepts and insights into professionally produced content. The project demands someone comfortable with chatGPT. Here's a brief overview of what I'm looking for: Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in editing books, written with Artificial Intelligence. - Experience in using AI writing tools like ChatGPT to enhance the content creation process. - Time-efficient work style, capable of delivering quality output promptly due to the urgent nature of the project completion timeline.

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    Buscamos un diseñador web altamente calificado y con experiencia sólida en WordPress con el builder Divi. El trabajo consiste en la creación de 4 variaciones de un sitio web hecho con Divi, trabajando desde la clonación del mismo. Detalles del proyecto: Cambiar colores, imágenes y textos de las 12 páginas para cada sitio web. La generación de textos podrá ser asistida por ChatGPT o otra AI. Requerimientos técnicos: Es necesario añadir el plugin Polylang al sitio web y realizar traducciones adecuadas al inglés, español e italiano. Aunque el contenido inicial puede ser generado con asistencia, se espera que el freelancer se asegure que las traducciones sean precisas y contextuales. Experiencia espe...

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    Mobile iPhone app developer 8 timer left
    VERIFICERET app developer for making an AI integrated email app Budget is around 2500 but flexible. Timeframe is one to two months. Project is for hire so I need you to sign a copyright document to give me the rights. Monetized via APPLE SUBSCRIPTION Mobile app for email - iPhone and iPad Integrated with AI - Sorts email filtering out spam Ai email assistant to write your emails Can use ChatGPT Make custom signature FEATURES: Main feature - chatbot that helps you sort your emails Chatbot has a few main features, such as clean your inbox, respond to emails, or write a new email Respond to emails - The chatbot will tell you of how many emails you have new to reply to. You can go through them one by one and it will summarize each email for you, and help you write a rep...

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    Generate 5000 Question Answers. 5 timer left

    Looking for someone with Experties in using ChatGPT to generate 5000 multiple choice questions Some questions will have only one right answers Some question will have two or more right answers. Each question must have 3 or more incorrect but relevant incorrect answers. Questions will fall into different categories and must follow the theme and nature of those questions. MUST HAVE PAID CHATGPT

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    Article Writer (Partial use of AI) 3 timer left

    I will provide the outline, you can generate content from ChatGPT for descriptive parts. But there are sections which require information to be collected from websites. - The AI generated content must be edited properly to make them human like content. - 0% plagiarism - professional/authoritative tone -beer industry -payment 5 NZD/1k words -will require the sample first. -regular work if criteria met. Happy bidding. Start with "MSH". Thank you.

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    We were designing an AI IOT device with STM32 which works similar to H.U.M.A.N.E AI pin and R1 rabbit. it records the user audio upon detecting a wakework like Voice assistant and process the Audio and camera feed and get the result from CHATGPT and read out the response using a speaker. we had our first version of hardware designed but we suspect some design issue and components were missing to support this functionality. So we are looking for a developer with Experience in STM32 and TensorFLow Lite and knowledge on supporting hardware they need like Audio codec and SDRAM. this can be a long term project if you are proven exceptional. complete details will be given on chat.

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    Trophy icon Bold Blue: Logo & Icon Creation 4 dage left

    ...#222222 (black) is optional but welcomed if it enhances the design. **Design Style:** - **Modern and Minimalist:** I'm aiming for a sleek, clean look that captures attention without overwhelming the viewer. The design should be simple yet impactful, reflecting current trends for maximum engagement online. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** Custom design a logo, make sure it is not copy & pasted or ChatGPT generated as I will copyright check and if it is a copy/paste you will be reported. - **Graphic Design Expertise:** Proven experience in creating modern, minimalist logos. A portfolio showcasing previous logo designs would be highly beneficial. - **Color Theory Knowledge:** Ability to select and use colors that complement the provided palette while enhancing the overa...

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    I need a python wizard to make adjustments on a script chatgpt wrote for me no major changed required as the logic is defined properly

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    I need a logo for my business, Imperial Property Homes. The ideal logo should display a sense of professionalism, modernity, elegance, luxury, and royalty. It should also exude a high level of grandeur to showcase our standards. Here are other specifics: - Colors: The color scheme should emphasize blue, blac...synonymous with the concept of an 'Imperial' property. Your expertise in graphic design, branding, and logo creation is invaluable in this project. Please share your previous works that resonate with my requirements to show me what you can do. It needs to have all three words of the business in the logo. Please do not go onto ChatGPT. The two logos I have given are just examples and I do not want you to copy them blindly. I will ignore/reject any logo's produ...

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    ...textual input and processes this input with semantic kernel: There is actually already a demo application - but we want just the basics! With the copilot, users of our application should have the ability to ask general questions (e.g., when was the first moon landing), which will ultimately be answered by chatGPT. On the other hand, application-specific questions that require access to our MSSQL database should also be answered. The database has over a million entries. Therefore, the copilot should be able to convert textual questions into SQL queries, send the query, and present the answer from the database in textual form for the user. An example question for this would be: What is the dataset with the

    €692 - €1384
    €692 - €1384
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    ...**Text-to-Speech Conversion:** Converts AI-generated text responses back into natural-sounding speech. - **Live Conversation with AI:** Offers users the ability to engage in seamless live dialogues with AI. **How Users Will Interact:** - The platform will be accessible via a web-based interface, designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, akin to the experience provided by OpenAI's ChatGPT. **Target Audience:** - The primary audience for this platform will be individuals seeking innovative forms of communication and entertainment. **Ideal Skills and Experience for Freelancers:** - Proficiency in AI and ML technologies, especially in natural language processing (NLP). - Experience with speech recognition and text-to-speech conversion technologies. - Familiar...

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    I am looking for a web developer who can help me build the front end of my website and also develop the backend for a Chatbot. Here are the specific requirements for the project: Front End: - Responsive design to ensure optimal viewing experience across different devices - Interactive elements to engage users and enhance user experience - E-commerce functionality to enable online transactions Chatbot Backend: - Trained model for coaching services, with the ability to provide guidance and support to users - I can provide training if necessary to ensure the Chatbot understands the specific requirements Preferred Programming Languages/Frameworks: - HTML/CSS/JavaScript for web development Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Experience in developing res...

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €18 / hr Gns Bud
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    I'm looking for a developer to create and integrate custom GPT API keys. Ideal skills and experience: - Must have a good understanding of OpenAI and ChatGPT features and be proficient in Python. - API integration experience focused on effectively creating and managing API keys. - Solid background in deploying GPT-based solutions for practical real-world applications. The perfect candidate will have a track record of successful API integrations, especially using custom GPT models, and a solid understanding of Python programming. If you are a good candidate, you can complete this project in 1-2 days and I will also hire you for site integration.

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    Quiero hacer varios Chatbots con las siguientes características: 1. Chatbot generará respuestas a partir de todos los archivos PDF (muchos) 2. El Chatbot utilizará el modelo Chatgpt. 3. También tendrás la opción de cargar nuevos archivos PDF. 4. El Chatbot funcionará en WhatsApp 5. Chatbot también podrá realizar consultas en Google. 6. El chatbot tendrá una personalidad específica. 7. Que a las 20 consultas se vuelta de pago.

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    I'm in urgent need of a talented developers to bring my vision for a Muardeen platform to life. Here's a quick rundown of my needs: - Design and implement a Muardeen platform that is ready for launch within one month. - Must integrate a user registration/login system to ensure secure and personalized user experiences. - Must integrate the platform with ChatGPT or any other AI frameworks - A robust content management system to efficiently manage various types of content. - Implement search functionality to aid users in navigating the platform effectively. - Consult and utilize the provided Figma file for a clear understanding of the desired UI/UX. - Preferred PHP Laravel framework, and open for other recommendations

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