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    I need a simple app to record birds voice, label recording by bird name and location, and some other meta-data. The app should also present the recordings as list or table and allow user to play the recording, view and edit the name of the recording or the name of the bird. The user should be allowed to attach an image to each recording, and this image is presented when the recording page is opene...

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    Data checking in Excel 5 dage left

    I have started to run a photographic club online in my village. I want to have an excel spreadsheet which members can use online to input their scores each month. There are potentially 4 different groups for different devices. I have put the tables on a spreadsheet and I need a way of checking the data when they submit the scoresheet to ensure they submit it correctly. Basically, a member selects ...

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    Flutter or ionic/WooCommerce App 2 dage left

    I need a flutter or ionic (android+ios) app made for orthotics/prosthetics, The app need to use website's woocommerce engine - I want an app where : 1.) Registered Doctor goes into the app, 2.) Selects a Body Part (category) 3.) Picks Diagnosis (subcategory) 4.) Uploads Prescription and needed information (needs to integrate into woocommerce) 5.)..Once prescription is approved by admin, the ...

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    create online form 2 dage left

    I want to create an online form for my event, it has to show the following fields (Association Name, Contact Person Name, Contact Details, Total Number of Delegate (into group= Coach, Player, Physio, Official, Vip), Names of each person for example if he selects the total number of 6 people then 6 fields will appear to fill (Name, Sex, Profession, arrival time, hotel selection...if Double room th...

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    Most official languages and literatures of all kind in Africa are written in western languages that colonised a specific country. Although indigenous languages are still spoken, yet they are not used in the main streams. Terminologies are disappearing and the new generation find it difficult learn African languages. The app intents to integrate African languages into the main streams by allowing ...

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    write a macro in the messenger 1 dag left

    It is necessary to write a macro in the messenger selling digital goods in automatic mode. Macro features: Simplicity and convenience of the admin panel Creating categories and subcategories Qiwi payment system Sending messages to subscribers. How the purchase works in a macro: The user selects a product category and selects the product itself (with an initial description). The macro sends him da...

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    I have got a basic custom online shop with a shopping cart, handled by MySQL and PHP. When items are added to the cart they are stored on the database. When the client selects checkout the cart uses Stripes Checkout to process the payment and takes customer and order information. After this the customer is redirected to a payment successful page. I need to be able to confirm the payment with St...

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    I am looking for a raspberry script for running a small game for my daughter. First I will try to describe the situation before describing the needed script. I installed a console with five buttons. Each one can be lighted. The colours of these buttons are: red, green, blue, yellow and gold. Also I installed three rings with two sensors each. The sensors should bessure when a ball hits a ring. ...

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    The Cost Manager Final Project Introduction You should develop a cost manager desktop application that allows its users to track their expenses. The application should allow its users (at the minimum) the following operations: 1. Adding a new cost while specifying (at the minimum) the category to which that cost will be added, the sum, the currency and a small text describing that cost. 2. Ad...

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    Code Prediction Desktop/Web Application Summary - We want to design a desktop/web application to calculate the clinical codes (which can be used for many purposes for e.g. insurance payment settlement etc). Part of the application - There are 2 aspects of the application 1. to do the prediction 2. engage with the user a. show them a set of data b. collect their feedback Platform – Desktop/W...

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    I have a WordPress website, so, on the checkout page there are some add-ons If the customer selects any of the add-ons, the shipping charge will be zero, else it will be ₹75

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    Please read the attached PDF brief for a complete layout (with mock up images) of what is required. Summary: I require somebody to develop a clean responsive book listing portal using PHP which is powered by either an SQL or flat file database. The data should be maintained by a simple backend login admin page where basic functions can be actioned (add book listing / edit book listing / delete bo...

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    Attached is an attendance sheet (Project Auto Cycle [log ind for at se URL]) that I need to hand out to various clients at various times during the year. You will notice that at top right corner I have a mail merge field next to Client label. This will allow me print off a batch of sheets at any one time respective to a current client list. (I don’t need help with this) Now consider the fact...

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    Hi, I have a client website: [log ind for at se URL] On the left side there is a list of projects. On the right side - after selecting a project - you can see all the information regarding this project. The list on the left side can be filtered by category (click on 'Filter' button). But when user selects a project, the filter goes back to initial. I want the list on the left side ...

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    Our site is old, we need to replace some apps with hard code for example our mega menu is currently handled by an app, we would like this improved and hard coded into the theme. When someone selects the menu in mobile or tablet view it should populate the entire screen so that the buttons/links are large and clear. Our CSS needs to be improved especially on mobile view when filter is engaged by t...

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    Hi we just migrated to CS-Cart and we have some modifications we'd like. The main goal of the modification is to make it possible for the owner (us) of the marketplace to add our fee in % to the vendor price without showing the fee value to a vendor in the vendor panel or a customer on the storefront. We have sellers, We buy from them on wholesale price, then we resell with markup. So, examp...

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    A program that : 1. Randomly selects two prime numbers p and q(16 bits each) 2. Compute N=p*q 3. Compute phi(N)= (p-1)*(q-1) 4. Randomly select a public key, e , such that e<phi(N); and e and phi(N) are relatively prime numbers (gcd(e,phi(N))=1) 5. Find the corresponding private key such that edmodphi(N)=1. 6. Write a function that can encrypt and decrypt messages using square and multiply meth...

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    I need help pulling together a high level design for a complex enterprise application running on GCP. The application consists of multiple components chained together using a publish and subscribe mechanism. I expect to be building PYSpark based applications deployed into docker containers, auto scaling and running against data in Big Query,, Big Table and possibly using cloud sql as an operationa...

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    Game Development Udløbet left

    do you have a mastery of games? I have a project and I am looking for a person who is strong in programming, in mathematics, in probability. it's a game based on numbers from 01 to 90 The game is called: LOTO 5/90 There are two types of Loto 5/90 games: the star lotto created on June 16, 2004 and the fortune lotto launched on April 28, 2010. It is Monday through Sunday at approved validatio...

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    I need someone to create a custom function/plugin that meets the specifications below: I have a shopify website that sell product with quantity > 0 and quantity = 0 (not available product) I have entered the free shipping costs if the customer reaches a minimum cart cost of € 100. If in the cart there are both products with availability = 0 and availability> 0, the system must show two ...

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    Our business sells mystery picnic adventures and some picnic related products (very small selection). I need help with coding the pipeline for customers to book an adventure. This is the pathway I'm after: the client selects a package, adds participants and extras such as "bottle of wine", "picnic basket" etc. and pick a date and time. Then the customer is directed to th...

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    I need a new website. It needs to function just like It will be a marketplace where sellers logon, sell items and I get commission for them selling the items. the catch is that they can only sell items that are on a catalog of products that I allow like the seller logs in to sell, selects the item that they want to sell, it already has picture but the seller selects the...

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    Hello. Although this project is relatively simple, and i could probably find both of them online, however, i just do not have the time to do it, therefore i am looking for willing entrants to assist. Slideshow I need a photo slideshow that has small vertical thumbnails and larger image on the side. If the large image is selected then a modal slideshow is opened. Email contact form (pop-up) Whe...

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I have an opencart store and I would like to link the database it with a prestashop store. I would need you to create the opencart module that would allow me to pull the database information from the prestashop store ( i.e. stock, product name,description , images, categories, etc... ) and have a constant 2 way synchronization between the 2 databases. You could call it a 2 way live synchronizing ...

    €250 (Avg Bid)
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    I already have the website operational. I have 1 page updated with some functionality. This website is a football pool for my friends for NFL games. On a normal week there are say 16 games , the coaches have a team name , coach name and email address. If there are 16 games , then they will pick the winner of each of the 16 games and assign a point value representing how confident you are they wi...

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    Memberstack Expert Udløbet left

    I need help to build the membership site. This site uses memberstack, So signup workflow is following: first, user selects the plan. Then go to sign up page, then checkout for membership If you are memberstack expert, don't hesitate to bid on this project. This is urgent, maybe you should connect my pc with anydesk. Thanks

    €13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Code Prediction Desktop/Web Application Summary - We want to design a desktop/web application to calculate the clinical codes (which can be used for many purposes for e.g. insurance payment settlement etc). Part of the application - There are 2 aspects of the application 1. to do the prediction 2. engage with the user a. show them a set of data b. collect their feedback Platform – Desktop/W...

    €13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    6 bud

    I want to create a WordPress plug-in that has the following admin functions: • The ability to generate a section called courses • Within the course, be able to create as many lessons as you want, each lesson will generate a “Mark as Completed” button. Once pressed it'll just say "Lesson Completed". • Within the same course section, generate a “Cours...

    €181 (Avg Bid)
    €181 Gns Bud
    16 bud

    Need a app that performs booking function for a car wash service. User opens application, selects the type of service Books in date and time

    €775 (Avg Bid)
    €775 Gns Bud
    34 bud

    I have a react based concept ready with me which already transcribes the audio to text with a node module. I will provide you the codebase and the design. 1) The transcription should be done through google [log ind for at se URL] 2) Select microphone dropdown - There should be a "select microphone" dropdown which shows a list of all the mic available and selects one. 3) The duration (...

    €505 (Avg Bid)
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    Your goal is to implement an application that allows employees of a gardening company place a customer order. Your application should: get customer information including name, telephone number and address (one field for each). Note: any string is valid. ask for the method of payment: Visa, MasterCard, or cash. ask for customer credit card number if he/she selects Visa or MasterCard. Note: any str...

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    Hello, We develop a SaaS ERP system with PHP slim backend and we need a front-end angular (10) developer to create the basics of the frontend. Your tasks will be: - create the login page ( email, password, and subdomain with verification) - subdomain: [log ind for at se URL] -> xyz mandatory to send with email and password - create the registration page ( email, company name, subdomain, first...

    €205 (Avg Bid)
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    28 bud

    Hello, I need a program that can do the following: * Access multiple folders on the C drive and collect the latest files ( sorted by date and time). just the most recent 5 or 6 files base on their extensions * collect the above files and save them into a new folder on the C drive or a shared folder. * A window pop up that lets the user take several screen shots and save them as JPEG in that same...

    €187 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for someone to help me set up a Talent Database. Where talent pay a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual fee to stay on the database and where customers can login and search by specific talent or location and find the talent they want and their profile with contact details . They can also book online if the Talent selects that option to stay hidden an allow me the website own...

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    android app Udløbet left

    Inbox Bliss 399™ [Android Productivity App] Executive Summary Possibility to opt for partnership with the right android developer for stake in % ownership. The purpose of the app is to assist user to track progress cleaning email account in a systematic manner. Each time the user cleans an email in their gmail for example, they will be able to go to the app to track their progress. The em...

    €14 (Avg Bid)
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    The programmer needs to be able to build out a completely custom product variation incorporating a "slider" effect with 2D graphics added to a "build a bag" product, animation not required (see reference link below). The client has given the example of Netflix for such slider, and Smart Sweets to incorporate adding multi-level category options into the bag. Such categories incl...

    €669 (Avg Bid)
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    Upload a number of products to my store and add the affiliate links to the products so that when someone selects the product, the link will take them straight to the sellers website.

    €172 (Avg Bid)
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    16 bud

    I need someone to help me write up a code for Bootstrap4 that: - will only show up on mobile devices - have a dropdown menu of 6 options - when someone selects an option, the content I provide will be the content that shows up on the same page.

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    Trophy icon Create a form in Wordpress Udløbet left

    I need to create a advanced form to put on my WordPress website. The form itself should look similar to this (please style it better so it looks nice): [log ind for at se URL] The form must have conditionals fields, and show different text based on what you select. See the form example, when you select the name "Dagfinn With", you will see other information and if you select another u...

    €100 (Avg Bid)
    29 indlæg

    Hello, The website is | LMS for an academy I need to develop a plugin aim to export the following 1 ** Export the quiz results >> The Idea | The admin goes to plugin tap and selects the "Export Quiz Result" the select the quiz name or course name then export it as CSV and PDF it's possible 2 ** Export the Gradebook results >> The Idea | The admin goes to plugin tap an...

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    Hello, The website is | LMS for an academy I need to develop a plugin aim to export the following 1 ** Export the quiz results >> The Idea | The admin goes to plugin tap and selects the "Export Quiz Result" the select the quiz name or course name then export it as CSV and PDF it's possible 2 ** Export the Gradebook results >> The Idea | The admin goes to plugin tap...

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    Hi, We have a current Shopify website that has been working well for our business but we are looking at moving to the next step with our checkout process. We want to be able to offer our customers the following on selected products where freshness needs to be gauranteed. 1. Calendar to appear at checkout for selected products 2. We are only able to send out fresh products Monday to Wednesdays,...

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    rewrite urls when user selects drop down. instead of going to url it should go to url/indicator

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    I would like to stream gcode file from Raspberry to 3D Printer The Gcode File will be stored in Raspberry Pi and It should be shown as File in 3D Printer, after the user selects the file in the 3D Printer, the file should be streaming the gcode from the raspberry Pi to the 3D Printer If a person connects the Raspberry Pi to a computer the gcode file should not be copied or exploited. Only 3D Pri...

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    4 bud

    We want to be able to manage standardised & recurring projects/tasks against our clients (and allocate tasks to staff) in In this project we'd look to set up say 10 clients & 3 standardised projects that we would run say twice a year against all clients. we will set off Standard project A for Client 1 and manage it. Concurrently, we may set the same project off for...

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    App iOS and APK Udløbet left

    I need an Android and iOS app, i have few screens made by myself in photoshop and the app MUST the same like my screens. It is difficult to translate but I will try to make you understand better what I need. An application iOs and apk that will allow users to publish videos / photos / texts / audio in this personal diary that will be released when the user who created the account dies. Practic...

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    64 bud
    Python Program Udløbet left

    Given the following file ([log ind for at se URL]) of words and categories: pizza:food hockey:sport jaws:movies spaghetti:food write a python program that loads the file into a dictionary, where the keys are the categories and the values are the words. Your python program then randomly selects 1 entry (key/value pair), displays the category, and then displays the following: a) blanks...

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