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    Dear Database Creator, I would like a simple to use database built. ***** It has to be web browser based. ***** Work with our online Customer Feedback submission form. ***** Capture all info from the Customer Feedback submission form. ***** Capable of emailing the customer through the database using Microsoft Outlook. ***** A seperate box where we can type into it to say how the custo...

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    I am looking to get a web based (on a linux/apache server) ebook cover image creator program made. I have attached a *.DOC/*.TXT file with complete descriptions and examples, as well as additional terms. Please read that entire attached file thoroughly before placing a bid. Thanks, Tom ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as comp...

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    I went to an interview for an administrator assistant, in this position I will be creating scripts on how to follow procedures to do different applications. The interview went very well but the last thing the interviewer ask me was to email her a detail procedure or steps teaching a person that never drove a car before how to drive a car. Can somebody help me with this detail procedure starting wi...

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    Focus on Jesus Ministries is in the middle of a giant video production and we need a coder who can create project management software for this project (and future projects). Please remember we are a non-profit organization with a very low budget. **Here's what we need. ***An entire web-based project management solution. * - An easy-to-use, skinnable interface. - Ability to m...

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    I am looking to get a web based (on a linux/apache server) ebook cover creator program made. I have attached a DOC file with a complete description and examples, as well as additional terms. Please read that entire DOC file thoroughly before placing a bid. Thanks, Tom ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of...

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    This one is pretty basic, simple and easy. I want to create a Tip/Hint/Joke of Day Automator Software package. I want this software to do the following. 1) Displays a random Tip/Hint/Joke every time the page is refreshed. 2) Create your own a) by inserting background graphic (includes 10 templates) b) Adding Title (Allows different fonts), c) Insert Unformatted list (text file li...

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    The system to be designed is a computerised management system for a car bodywork business. the front-end of the system will be browser based with a database holding and storing all data. The system needs to be designed using mysql, html and connected together using php. The database will be held on a linux server machine. The objective of the system is to allow a user to create, print, save and re...

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    Need a website designed similar to [[log ind for at se URL]][1]. Needs same working fuctions plus more fonts and plate types. Must also be intergrated with a checkout system for the customer to purchase online similar to [[log ind for at se URL]][2] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2...

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    Web Hosting Control Panel. Hello i am looking for a coder to code a web hosting control panel for my hosting. Good design for the control panel. in the control pane: File manager: where they can add edit files inside the file manager. online web builder in the file manager. FTP manager (Add/remove FTP accounts) Webmail (check e mail, manage e mail accounts) Add-ons ( guestbook ...

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    finish ASP project Udløbet left

    please see attachment it has un finished car sales and rentals. but the project is not [log ind for at se URL] is only for learning purposes. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables): a...

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    Software, Software, Software….in VB5/6 programming ONLY!!!! This is a generalized request for software programs you have available for purchase, either already made or will be completed in 2-6 weeks time of this posting. Programs should be targeted towards Internet Users, Desktop Applications or Desktop Utilities. This would include small or large utilities, HTML programs, Find/Replace pr...

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    Directory Interface Udløbet left

    I am looking to have a template built where I can build multiple directory websites quickly. The front end of the directory would allow for a location input by City/ State or by zip code. The back end of the directory would tie into The template would allow me to enter in the following information: Site Title Category (i.e., physicians, lawyers, car deal...

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    We are in the process of designing a website for a small used car sales company. They have about 50 vehicles. We want to be able to catalogue the vehicles on the website with picture, description, price, and payment amounts. Also, have the ability to search the vehicles. This all must be done with PHP and MySQL, running on telus hosting ([[log ind for at se URL]][1]). We need this quite fast too, ...

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    GAME website layout Udløbet left

    Create a website for an online turn-based game: This will require: 1) The index (main) page 2) The sign-up page 3) two different in-game play pages, one ingame play page will follow the same look as the index and sign up pages, the other play page will be an alternate skin which will have its own look. The game will be very similar to [[log ind for at se URL]][1] but will contain a...

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    Attached is a graphic of a gauge from a car. We need an Adobe Illustrator file that is saved as an SVG file where the needle of the gauge can be controlled with a value from a database. The view of this gauge is skewed, we need a simple front view of the gauge. The colors and style are perfect how they are. Instead of 'MPH' We need 'Work Orders' And the values o...

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    We are a new small company providing search engine optimization and ranking services. We are looking for website developer, designer, copywriter and logo creator to built our initial web site. Your company need to be familiar with the services offers by SEO and Ranking services companies as our initial web site will be along the same line. You will need to provide the initial text for the site...

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    I am building a digital tachometer and speedometer that will dislpay.... 1) 4 digit - 7-segment tach display (CA) 2) 3 digit - 7-segment speedometer display (CA) 3) 30 led bargraph tach display ...using a 16f877 Pic Microcontroller. The input will come from a stationary hall effect sensor and a rotating magnet on a demo rc car wheel. The range of the tachometer is 0-9000 rpm...

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    I need a statistcs site a bit like WebTrends 7 or StatLynx. Clients must be able to sign up to have their sites tracked. I am mostly concerned with tracking conversions from PPC campaigns at a very granular level. Analyzing site paths and behavior on the site is something I do not need in the first version but it would be nice to have if it was an easy add-on during phase 1 of the project. Th...

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    I need the search redone on a auction site I am running. I basically need the search to operate like ebay does their search. Anything in quotes will be an exact search. Any search without quotes will search to see if all words are found somewhere on the items on the auction. The way the search is currently written, if you type in blue car, the search will only list auctions that have "blue ca...

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    This problem is to manage a database of vehicles for a car dealership. You are to develop a program to manage a database of Vehicles for a car dealership. Each Vehicle has the following properties: a) A 6 character Vehicle Identification or **VID** (unique to each Vehicle) b) A 10 character **manufacturer **c) A 10 character **model **d) An 8-character **manufacture date** e.g. (09/21/81) ...

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    Golf Logo Udløbet left

    Hi looking for someone to design a professional logo for a golf site. The logo will be similiar to: [log ind for at se URL] I can provide images of the persons face Details will be provided to best quote. Required ASAP Please only quote if you can provide: 1. Sample of Logo Designs 2. DO NOT USE LOGO CREATOR (Must be unique professional logo design) 3. Able to complete logo wi...

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    We require a flash application that will allow our customers to design stickers and decals for their car or club online. They should be able to choose from lots of fonts, colours and even load an image of their car into the application so they can see what the stickers look like once they are on their car. I would then like them to be able to complete a form - which is e-mailed along wit...

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    I am designing a online programe for a car body shop garage, i want the programe to ba able to create,save,retrieve and print invoice, estimate, schedule. it should allow the user to add/update customer, vehicle, employess, parts, skills etc. I want the programe to be designed in html, MYSQL for the database and PHP for the connection between the web site the the database. i have designed a s...

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    I would like a program that would prevent the copying of CD's. I would like the program to prevent copying from only the most commonly used copying software like EZ-Cd creator and Nero. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (de...

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    Backward Links Udløbet left

    I am intrested in having someone develop a 100 backward links to my website. These links must be relative to the subject matter and have a page rank of 4 or above on google. *Example - I have a website that sells cars. I want links from other car sites to link to my website. All websites that link to my site must relate to my sites subject. ## Deliverables ## Platform All

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    Require a writer to create ten keyword-rich articles on each of the following themes: * Articles about messenger spam (see [[log ind for at se URL]][1]) - we will provide keywords for each topic on acceptance * Articles about mystery shopping in the USA * Articles about downloading Web sites using special tools (ie, HTTrack) * Articles about Photoshop and using Photoshop templa...

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    Homework Help Udløbet left

    I need help with the following, we are currently using Microsoft's Visual I need a program that we do the following. You have been tasked to work with ACME Rental car agency to write a program to assist clerks in determining the total amount due for a rental car and the amount of bonus points earned. Currently the following business rules are in effect: - All cars rent for $...

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    Need a software that can read .CAR files Created with Card5 ([log ind for at se URL]), connect to access database thru ODBC, and print resultant information to a printer in high-resolution (300 DPI). These are usually CR-80 cards fed into Eltron and Fargo Printers Most fields are text-based, except for image fields (which usually have a dialog to open from a .bmp or .jpg file). Would like basic im...

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    car rental Udløbet left

    create a rental car company that will print the amount owed by ea. cust. using interactive input/output. Toyotas $26 a day & .18 a mile; Oldsmobiles $32 a Day & .22 a mile; Cadillacs $43 a day & .28 a mile. The 1st 100 miles are free. input file interactive, display results per cust. interactive and generate a printed report of all transactions. Format: Field Size Type Decimals C...

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    Ineed a script or mini-site created that will allow me to go online to my site and customize mailing or other labels. I will create the templates and would like to be able to go online and make changes to those templates, see the changees and see the new labels. I need to be able to upload other images or use labels as it with minor customizing. Like this site - <[log ind for at se URL]>...

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    I am looking for someone to finish my sotware. This software will be used to run an In Car Computer and act as a GUI. This software will make it easy for customers to quick launch applications. I want a clone of a program called Digital Dash but with a little twist to it. I can provide all software that has been started as well as links to the other version I want to imulate. Please email me if yo...

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    As agreed, complete source code & rights to these products: 1)Alexabooster - 190 3)Site blocker - 84 4)Search term creator google - 44 5)Google ranking checker - 96 6)Desktop searcher - 36 ->2nd group 1)[log ind for at se URL] - 150 3)Sys launcher - 34 5)Ie settings manager - 45 6)IE error stopper - 34

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    ISO upload Udløbet left

    We need a program that will allow you to be able to layout a CD, whether it be a Data CD or an Audio CD. Something like an Easy CD creator. However we just want the program to save the layout as an ISO image, not burn a cd. Once the image is saved, we would like the program to be able to upload the image to an FTP server. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in ex...

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    Automobile Portal Udløbet left

    The project is about the development of an Internet Portal to work as a classified journal for cars, motorbikes, boats, etc. The idea is to have a database with some pictures of the cars and the information related to the, like year, make, model, version, equipment, color, coments and other informations. It should be possible to search by make, model, version, year. It should, also,...

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    Matlab: Very Easy idea on how to use animation in Matlab.. All I need is one square and two circles to somewhat resemble a car (included in zip) and just basic animate it self going left to right... Please bid ASAP...... Thanks... ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must...

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    Program Requirements: The Program needs to be developed so it can run tracking across different URLs We need to be able to code brand the tracking system under various URLs, e.g. Accommodation site, Health sites, Car hire sites, Flower sites etc.. The Program must be able to track sales through front pages, catagory pages, sub-catagory pages (if an affliate wants to direct traffic to certain...

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    Updated Description of what we are looking for. 2 Databases. First database is for car/bike type items. Seller name, address, phone number, title…. Needs to have multiple fields, like VIN, Year, Make, Mode, Mileage, Color, Trim, Doors, Cylinders, cost and so forth. When we get a car we need to enter all of these things.. we then need to be able to check off boxes (eBay type questions) ...

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    I require a backend booking system developed that will work for the accommodation hotels, resorts and apartments and hire car businesses. The system needs to include or can be seperate as long we can intergrate an affiliate system and xml data export function to allow us to export rates, images and avaliabilty to other sites: **_Solution _ 1. Use off SSL and XML technology 2. JavaScr...

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    I have all the original source code written in VB6 for this project - all files need revision - the description of what is needed follows below. We are a car dealership that uses a canned software management program written in Unix. We have to export text files of our inventory out of unix - and import it to an access database. This is edited and added to and then used for the web - local programs...

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    A Car rental company with multiple branches needs a Car Rental Management System to manage the branches via dial up modems. Please read the attached document throughly before you bid. It's very straight forward project and should be very simple for experienced programmers. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source c...

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    Our client owns a nationwide car rental business. They wish to have a Car Rental Management system that details what cars they have, what cars are rented, what cars are available. They also wish for customers to be able to log on and book a rental car online. This will also require a payment gateway so that customers can pay for the rental via credit card. We want a clean, professional de...

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    Programmers, We are looking for graphics based on fantasy items such as dragons, wizards, etc. Our script requires automatic moves at 65% strategy and luck @ 35%. We will need to be formatted to a simple board/roll playing game that will zooom-in, action(s). We want to have $$$ tournaments, levels of play and have a jolly good time starting at level I ourselves. My name is scott watkins, cre...

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    I have a bartending simulation program built with VB6 and DX7 that throws the following error(s) on about 10% of systems that it's ran on: run time error 91 object variable or with block variable not set They will also sometimes receive this error in conjunction with the above error (but not always it seems) Run time error '- 200532222(88761c2)': Automation error ...

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    3D World Udløbet left

    i require you to create 3d car and 3d world consisting of road, buildings, grass, etc. The car will travel in the world and i want the user to control the car. In the world i want traffic lights that will constantly change. I want all this created using VRML code (Virtual Reality Modelling Language). ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as w...

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    Toolbar + spyware creator Hello everyone, I'm looking for a programmer or team of programmers which are able to create a program which can create toolbars for IE and which can also include spyware in it. I would like you, the programmer(s), to make a toolbar creator with a lot of options so my clients can make toolbars of their choice and taste. Everything in it must be adjustable ... let m...

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    I am having problems with my software Towsoft. This is a Visual Basic 6 Program with a .MDP Acess database. I uploaded the current software to the winning bidder for this software so they can get a mental picture how this works. Click here to get it <A href="<[log ind for at se URL]>"><[log ind for at se URL]></A> There are 5 forms to build and one main form....

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    I am looking for a Flash intro for my site at: <[log ind for at se URL]>. I have a storyboard mapped out and it is a simple project that entails: 1. Static title throughout animation. 2. Royalty-free techno music background. 3. Product Descriptions scrolling across screen. 4. Animations w/sound effects of supplied images. What I want is ~400x~150 flash animation. My business ...

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    I require an automated travel booking engine using the WorldSpan Global Distribution System ([log ind for at se URL]). WorldSpan provide almost up-to-the-minute flight/car hire/hotel/cruise information from hundreds of tour operators worldwide and are used by sites such as [log ind for at se URL] for travel data. The winning coder must be a highly skilled PHP/MySQL developer with extensi...

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    Logo design Udløbet left

    I need a logo for my website. The name of the company is A slogan that will be used is :A better place to shop and trade. By tomorrow I will have my hand drawn image scanned and ready to email to provide more information. This project involves several objects: - Umbrella - purple color (without a stick) - Sky - light blue color - Sun - very vibrant mix of yellow/...

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    A program to create jigsaw puzzles from images. The puzzles can be solved using flash - like Jigsaw puzzle creator like [log ind for at se URL] I want the ability to include a few lines of text with a clickable link below the puzzle. Find the source code for something similar at [log ind for at se URL]

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