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    Avalodia Speaking Udløbet left

    I need to convert videoes with speak from avi to swf with the goal to use as little bandwidth as possible - with a good quality. The videoes are avi with screen capture made with Camtasia with TSCC codec. The final Flash-movies are places on Internet and shall be able to play while the movie is downloading. Today I use Camtasia to convert the video to Flash (SWF) with MP3-sound. But I can...

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    The purpose of this assignment is to write a program similar to 'pwd' command using C programming Give the name 'spwd' to your executable file. Description You will write a program spwd, which will display the path to current directory. e.g. $spwd The output of the program will be something like this: /home/yourname/CS202/lab05 This long path name is not stored in the current d...

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    I have one USB to "2.5" Harddisk. I need a program to security this USB HDD. The function is not read/write this USB HDD. The algorithm is the follows: [log ind for at se URL] my system ,I have one HDD,One CD-ROM and two partitions C:> D:> [log ind for at se URL] I plug in USB HDD,it will generate new partition E:> [log ind for at se URL] I double click-on new pa...

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    Undelete Tool* Udløbet left

    I need an undelete tool which should work in Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 and should support FAT, FAT32, NTFS (From NT4 till Win 2003 all versions). It should support scanning the drive, recovering partial data. The program must work and support Zip Disks, Floppies, Network drives, USB Drives, RAID arrays, IDE/ATA/SCSI hard drives. It should also support drives parition of very large...

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    i require a dll, that calls live stock prices from tradestation2000i, and then calculates the correlation between 2 data series. The code in tradestation allows this, but unfortunately cannot accurately calculate more than 7 decimal places, the formula i made in excel works prefectly as it can do up to 30 decimal places. I am able to supply the excel spreadsheet, and also the easy language code fo...

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    Telephone Dialler Udløbet left

    Need telephone dialler, which will dial a number we set at pre programed time intervals. It would be preffered if it did not have to use an icon in dialup networking. We also need to control how long the dialler is connected prior to automatically disconecting and then sits waiting for its next time of call. It would also be preferable if the program was not visible during opperation. The dialler ...

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    modem audio Udløbet left

    After lost of testing and hardware upgrading I have finally got a cusotmed soft dialer working. One the major functions of this dialer to to play a pre recorded wav down a regular telephone line. I know that reg telephone line have a max kbps sec that they can handle. I am using 8000mhtz, 16 bit mono sound which sounds OK being played through the sound card (its 15kbps) but when played d...

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    USB power supply Udløbet left

    My mobile phone charges through a standard USB port, the project is to make a battery powered USB port that supplies the device with DC 5V at up to 500mA drawing power from four standard AA batteries. The product should be in a box with a USB socket, and a lid that opens to replace the AA batteries inside. You can bid higher if you can provide a way of display the AA battery's voltage an...

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    I require a sane driver for the scanshell 800 & 1000 scanners (usb devices, manufactured by SyScan, with a travelscan 660 chipset), that will enable communication with those scanners through WINE, on a linux machine. windows drivers and hardware specification can be obtained at: [log ind for at se URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as...

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    €27 - €90
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    Project Networks Udløbet left

    Design and implement an echo server, and a client for it. The server should always be in listening mode, and is required to accept only one connection at a time. It should simply echo any message sent by the client. The client should be able to send as many messages it likes once the connection is set up. The client should explicitly close the connection to the server, and server sho...

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    I am looking for a way to capture the messages in MSN Messenger 6.1. I have tried using the API calls for MSN Messenger but it seems to make my program shutdown at times and not always work. I need another way that i can use in VB 6.0 or call from my program to do this. The messages are saved in text files which specs will be given if your bid is accepted. NOTE: I have already used 3 people i...

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    I need to create a dll from the open source gdal library, and call some of the gdal functions from VB6. You can download the GDAL source code at ftp://[log ind for at se URL] Download version 1.20a4 Please view [log ind for at se URL] and the section "Creating the Output File" for an example in C++ I would like this first project to create 1.) A dll from the GDAL libr...

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    The purpose of this assignment is to write a program similar to 'pwd' command. Give the name 'spwd' to your executable file. Description You will write a program spwd, which will display the path to current directory. e.g. $spwd The output of the program will be something like this: /home/yourname/CS202/lab05 This long path name is not stored in the current directory. the curre...

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    Assignment Udløbet left

    (part a) PRogram should repeatedly print out a prompt, containing the following information, followed by the character ">". -the command number of the current command, starting with 1. -The name of the machine that the user is logged into. -the current directory example: 4 jupiter /usr/front Hint: use getcwd(2), and uname(2) PRogram should repeatedly print ou...

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    Hi, I’m looking to create an autonomous obstacle avoidance robot. Unfortunately at the moment I’m having problems. I have a microchip PIC16F872 which I wish to program to receive information from two ultrasonic and two infrared sensors calculate the distance of the robot to an obstacle and then send this information through a USB module to the robots on board laptop. I know this soun...

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    This project is a simple ASP .Net project. BackGround: There is a "Live" table that stores product information and a "Sold" table that stores items that have been sold. When an item is sold item it moves into the Sold the sold_date field is marked in the "Live" table. After two weeks of being sold the item is moved into the Sold table from the Live table. Requir...

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    I would like to have a couple very basic functions built in JavaScript. On the webpage I will only need a “Submit button?? titled “Start??, and a “Submit button?? titled “End??. When clicked I would like the buttons to complete the Pseudo code below- Submit Button - Start Declared variables: Vstart as a integer(shows which function to call) Vstart = 0(So the program sta...

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    Project must have *BirthdayList* class and *BirthdayItem* class*.* The *BirthdayList* class contains a collection of *BirthdayItem* objects. The *BirthdayList* class saves the collection of its *BirthdayItem* objects to a simple CSV file during its terminate event and loads its contents from the same CSV file during its initialize event. The *BirthdayItem* class has properties for each of the val...

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    Development of a VB6 active x control (usercontrol) based on the VB6 intrinsic textbox control with unicode support and IME input (Unicode Enabled Edit control). This control shall be used to input text for use by other usercontrols which utilize DrawText API calls to draw text/captions. For example, this control would be included on a property page for a custom Label control which has...

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    73960 Excel Macro Udløbet left

    We have a number of users of a telephone system that we operate. We need to develop an excel spreadsheet that will contain a table of data with country codes and the cost of calling these countries per minute. We have all of this information available to us now. The spreadsheet will need to import a flat log file each day that contains information about all of the calls made and received by the ...

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    Only coders who deliver ON TIME and have an excellent reputation need apply! 1). The secretary of a health center receives too many telefone calls from patients who want to schedule a Therapy. Customers schedule one therapy at a time so they call often. (This code books customer appointments online based on their availability). 2). Customers often call back to find out when their appointment i...

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    We need an simple USB 18 key keyboard. Requirements/assumptions: 1. The code should run without errors on: PIC18F2450, PIC18F4450, PIC18F2455 and PIC18F4455. 2. No ALT, SHIFT, CONTROL or CAPS functionality. 3. For reference, the physical keyboard keys are named using sequential numbers from 0 to 17. 4. Each key will be associated to two single keys of a regular keyboard. Only one associa...

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    I need a quote for a basic script that will allow my Racquetball league to easily manage players and matches. Currently everything is now done with phone calls and things get confused too easily. Please take a look below, if this is done well there is the potential of other projects as my current developers are booked solid. So you can think of this as a "test" project for us to find ...

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    Looking for someone to build a script/program, able to run on a Linux Server. We're a small ISP with 5 servers: Mail - Redhat 7.2, Sendmail Radius - Redhat 7.2, ICRadius, Mysql DNS - Redhat 7.2, BIND Web Hosting - RedHat Fedora (Ensim) Support - RedHat 7.2, Apache, Mysql Currently, when a customer signs up, we enter the info into the Radius Server, then the Mail Server, then...

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    YOU MUST BE AN EXPERT CODE WRITER IN phpNuke, phpBB, MySQL MyPHPAdmin Console! There is a Zombie-RAC ZIP file included in this bid you will need to completely look over all files mods and make sure you can do this project before you place your bid. 1st You need to dump the old phpNuke, phpBB and MySQL sections of the web site and make a clean start with a new and better version of the same. 2...

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    Outlook and Web (PHP) based contact/invitation/scheduler to integrate with audio and web conference service system. Login page Calendar - show scheduled calls by month, week, day ---calls in progress ---upcoming calls Meeting Name Discription Create password for web conference Time Date Confirmation to display call and web detail. Gets audio codes from audio conference server Get...

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    Two computers must communicate with each other (either by using a modem line or directly connecting a "cross over" cable, your choice). The computers must establish a connection (displaying the interface statistics), and start sending messages between the 2 computers. The messages should be displayed and also appended to a text file. *if using a modem connection initialize the inter...

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    Small project Udløbet left

    I require to be able to combine two programs as one. One is for the UDP, the other is for the serial port. The two program are provided in the attachment. Please add [log ind for at se URL] in the library module for the UDP programs before compiling. I am on a project that needs to receive data( digitised voice signals bitstream at 8kHz, 8 bits at a time) at the serial port( the serial port p...

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    serial Udløbet left

    I am working on a project that requires data (in the form of digitised bitstream of voice signal) to be received at the serial port and this signal is to go to the ethernet port and out from the ethernet port. A PCM codec is used to digitised the analogue voice signals to digital form for the process. Out from the ethernet port, the signals pass through a PLC modem, across the power line...

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    Need an app that will format data passed to it according to a predefined template/s and fax it to a traditional fax machine. My initial thought is a small object or app that we interface with through XML. The data currently resides in SQL Server 2000. The idea is that a user would verify a small report on screen... then press a button to send the information by fax. Perhaps a small ...

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    We would like a system developed that would automatically load a file onto a usb pen drive every time it is plugged into a pc. At present we need to place a large numbers of the same file onto different usb pen drives and we would like to automate this process if possible. We would instruct the system as to what the files are and then when the system is switched on it will load those files onto ...

    €179 - €269
    €179 - €269
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    _**specification:**_ 1. 3 PCs connected with USB Bluetooth Dongles [log ind for at se URL] pass package/bits of data from one master PC to other slave PCs through the BT dongle 3. GUI interface for two PCs the master and slave. [log ind for at se URL] slave GUI to have options of checking the integrity of the data received (the order) and the time it took to receive it. the coding must have in...

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    Crawling Udløbet left

    Web Crawling utility that crawls a specific site, parses the data according to a template, and then inserts the extracted data into a database. Inputs (with examples given): URL Root: [log ind for at se URL] Starting Integer: **10000** Ending Integer: **10100 **Wait Interval: **2** Template name: **[log ind for at se URL]** Destination database: **testdb** Destination stored procedur...

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    We at [log ind for at se URL] needs an ActiveX control to install our software onto a client’s computer. The control needs to be able to communicate with our pre-existing .Net structure on our servers (bi-directional), as well as communicate and execute the installation module(s) on the client’s system. What we need is an ActiveX control / component, written in Visual C++, as well...

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    I need a PHP Script that will generate a random series of Include calls each time the page reloads. This is what the output should look like: include("ht tp://[log ind for at se URL] m/quicklinkstext/[log ind for at se URL]")(semi-colon include("ht tp://[log ind for at se URL] m/quicklinkstext/[log ind for at se URL]")(semi-colon include("ht tp://[log ind for at se URL...

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    Global Hook Udløbet left

    Want capability to hook any out of process app; I can easily hook in-process apps. The specific hooks desired are the idHook types allowed for SetWindowHookEx with the exception of the 2 Journal types which are not desired. The DLL will create the approrpiate hook for a specific thread or all threads (global hook) and optionally, if possible, a specific window. The DLL will then act as a fil...

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    Mobile Phone Jammer Udløbet left

    _AC input:_ 100V ~ 240V AC _**Features**: _- To paralyze cellular phone communication links within a effective area. - No transmissions or receptions of cellular phone calls in coverage area. - All specified frequency bands will be paralyzed simultaneously. - The coverage area is a sphere area with its effective distance as a radius _**Specs**: DC output_: 12V, 1000mA _Ind...

    €443 - €448
    €443 - €448
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    I own 3 “Century Cd?? cd storage units from project lab. The program that comes with them really sucks. The Search isn’t and the program doesn’t store any of the contents of the CD’s I want a program to store all the contents on the CD by reading it before it is put in the storage device. It has to work with at least 4 of these units and I prefer more. It has to be able to ...

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    Virtual Harddrive Udløbet left

    The goal of this project is to enable a computer to create one or more virtual harddrives. The virdual disk (VDISK) will then be mapped to a drive letter and available to all processes via the drive letter and the usual Windows API calls. The contents for the VDISK will be retrieved over the network via the FTP protocol. Network communication should only take place when an actual event occurs. If ...

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    I have just had a dialer developed for my custom requirements. the developer seems to have a great job, though I am still testing. I will be using this dialer with calling cards etc. At the moment I have to hang up and dial the whole calling card sequence again which is a time consuming practice. Some cards allow "##" to be dialed at the end of a call, instead of hanging up to ...

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    We need a program written in C# which uses TAPI to perform two functions 1) send serial commands like "ATDT" to a modem and 2) dials a number and upon the other party pickinging up the line, it should play a .wav file (can be any .wav file for testing). The other party will then press an number on their phone and the program will return the value of the key pressed. Should no one pic...

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    I am writing a managed wrapper for the ATLAS BLAS library for the .NET framework. Since ATLAS is a static library, I wrote a simple DLL that maps calls to the static library and then wrote a C# class that calls the DLL using P/Invoke. The wrapper works fine for non-complex number and fine for complex numbers where the function does not modify the the array of data. However, for functions that modi...

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    This project calls for the development of a robust client-side encryption solution written entirely in Javascript. This is a great challenge for true programmers, especially those interested in cryptography. There are some potential starting points, including some freely available code at the following site: [log ind for at se URL] Essentially, we're looking for an even more robust solutio...

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    here is my situation...I need to dynamically create a form from an "ini" file, containing, checkboxes or radiobuttons (depending on the logic of the application) that will in turn, when a checkbox or radiobutton is clicked, will read the appropriate "ini" and dynamically create the next "child" form of that particular menu [log ind for at se URL]: form1 has 3 checkbox...

    €85 - €90
    €85 - €90
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    I am designing a custom Pocket PC handheld, and need to have Linux OS put on it. That would consist of kernel, device drivers, GUI, and small subset of useful Linux utilities. The Familiar distribution is a good starting point. Hardware is still in development, but will be similar in features to a Dell Axim X3i and also include an Ethernet port, one or two serial ports, USB port and on-board NAND...

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    ** ** **Need this to be finished before 10pm PST on Sunday. Source code needs to be well commented. Try and keep the shell as simple and as easy to understand. Please report any limitations to the shell.** The Assignment The shell will use a number of system calls. Some commands will be built into the shell itself, which means that those built-in commands only change internal status of the ...

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    Specs for WINfax project This program will manage receiving and saving of faxes on a pc running win 32 (example windows 2000); with one or multiple standard fax/modem installed (tapi compatible modems). Faxes received are stored as standard graphic files such as standard scanned file format including TIFF or JPG; Multiple page of a fax received belonging to a single document will be saved as on...

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    Generalize modem support (including winmodem support) for the TOEJAM Project, including some espcific functional modem support. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Source code must comply with the actual style of coding. Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-r...

    €27 - €45
    €27 - €45
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    Contact Management Udløbet left

    We need an application to store all our customer details in. The application will do the following: Store Contact details of the company, multiple contacts inside that company. Ability to mail merge into word and email. Also using standard templates Store copy of letters and emails under each contact file. Ability to select multiple contacts to email or send letters. ...

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    I want to develop a simple telesales application based on a conatc database that is still in development. I have to use Microsoft SQL Server as the database and need web based interfaces using ASP. I have a rough design of the datbase in access but need to refine this. The completed system should allow a manager to assign say a group of 5 operatives, a list of calls to make, selecting from custome...

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