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    I want to build a prototype of a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) that is an automatic collector of cans and PET bottles, so I found a project on github and I would like to run it. The machine works on Youtube and the Python codes on Github, it uses Tensor Flow. I need someone to analyze the video and code and give me the necessary wiring diagram of the components in Raspberry and help me with the Python code is apparently outdated. Basically it uses the Raspeberry Pi4, 3 DC motors + L298N drive board, a camera, 5kg Load Cell + HX711 and a 7" touch screen.

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    I did reverse engine with ghidra and debug and for edit somefunction but it's waste time , if you have a method to can get source code from files .exe i can pay for that i have big project... Before sending request, you must know that I can only pay when the work is completed

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    Web and App design 6 dage left

    Hello Am Kalunga, I want someone to help me design the auction website and an App. The App should have the following functions or features: - it should allow users to open an account and allow users to deposit money into their wallet. -it should only allow users to bid only if they have money in the wallet. -it should automatically charge users if they fail to pay for their winning bid a certain amount set by the admin. -the App should allow users to send an offer but that shouldn’t stop other bidders from bidding. -the app should only allow the admin to post items for bidding. -the app should be sending notifications to users whenever new items are being posted or whenever someone places a bid and it should have a sound notification like WhatsApp. -the app should allo...

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    Build me an App 6 dage left

    Hello, am Hillary Kalunga from Zambia. I want an Auction App, this app should only allow the admin to post the items to be auctioned, and for the bidders can only qualify to bid if someone deposit a certain amount into his/her account. The app should be giving a sound notification whenever someone placed a bid and the admin post a new item. The App should allow bidders to pay through the app or make personal arrangements. The app should automatically deducts a certain amount in his/her when a bidder fails to pay for the item within 24hrs. It should be a user friendly app. Happy bidding Hillary

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    I currently run a SMS platform where I don't expose the ...users) and be able to set credit levels across all up to the total, i.e. if total credits across account and users is 100 then the admin can allocate up to 100 credits across all entities. Initial values should be whatever was returned by the webhook. Updates should be to any modified balances and will be set by calling a webhook. The platform is currently built using nodejs and APIs are behind a reverse proxy (nginx). System runs on Debian Linux 11. Preference would be for the admin portal to be either able to be deployed to GAE as a standalone app which calls the APIs or as a nodejs/python app which will run locally on the machine. In either case, HTTPS will be handled via nginx so does not need to be considered in ...

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    A: 6 x online stores to build. 1- Fashion store with signature clothing and auction for vintage clothing / watches, gadgets, etc... (drop shipping/ direct) 2- Commercial coupons and discount portal + APP. 3- Delivery online store and + APP. 4- Automotive + APP. 5- Travel, Business, investment & Education Portal. 6- Business men services. B: 21 x Web based projects + ALL SOCIAL MEDIA BUILD UPs 1- Cafe 2- Arabic & Turkish restaurant 3- Healthy diet food restaurant concept 4- Japanese restaurant 5- Mediterranean restaurant 6- Classy VIP Laundry and sewing / repairing. 7- Men's Taylor. 8- Men's Barbour + spa. 9- Consultancy company. 11- Events, Flowery & chocolates. 12- Maintenance and hospitality, Catering Cleaning etc. 13- Technology company. 14- ...

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    As we agreed and discussed the details, I would send the proposal once you accept it.

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    I did reverse engine with ghidra and debug and for edit somefunction but it's waste time , if you have a method to can get source code from files .exe i can pay for that i have big project...

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    Auction site 5 dage left

    ii need a full feature auction site like eBay built on wordpress thank you

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    FollowTheSun 5 dage left

    Not processing more proposals. Follow the Sun is a 50' Solar catamaran. The boat has 2 motors, one in each hull. The motor forward speed is controlled by a 0 to 5v input signal. The motor backward speed is controlled by setting reverse (close contact) and 0 to 5v input signal. Turning is accomplished by reducing the motor speed on one side. Via throttle input or by autopilot command) The requirement is for a throttle circuit that will allow manual and autopilot control. Please contact me for further detail.

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    I have an adapter made to adapt an engine to transmission (A), but I want to create two engine adapters to adapt transmission (B) and transmission (C) to the engine instead. I am located in Maryland (USA) and will not ship the components to any location, but willing to drive the components within a reasonable distance for the scans to be completed.

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    Auction site 4 dage left

    I need a full feature auction site like eBay built on wp. I think??

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    I am looking for someone to design a web scraper to be used on . The webscaper will scrape of this website for various information including the images of the vehicle, text information, and most importantly: the selling price of the vehicle from the live auction. This is very important!! . This information will then be displayed and searchable on my website!

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    RV Kool Top Logo 4 dage left

    Take existing RV Kool Top client-drawn logo. Clean up line work in Illustrator to more closely resemble line work in attached Equine Kool logo. Set name in 'Sakur' font or similar. Set 'RV' in caps. Set 'Kool' in upper and lower case. Set Top in upper and lower. Set tag lines over name in Helvetica Cond Black Ital and add t...'RV' in caps. Set 'Kool' in upper and lower case. Set Top in upper and lower. Set tag lines over name in Helvetica Cond Black Ital and add tag 'An Equine Kool Installer' underneath RV Kool Top name in same font in red. Turn into two-color logo - 100M100Y red, 70C/80M/65K blue. Make all elements and type blue with exception of red type as shown in example. Supply client with full-color, BW and reverse v...

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    automotive 3 dage left

    Need 2 short videos for an online car auction

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    Looking for webdesigner and programmer to develop an auction platform with social network features. A mobile application as well as a web application is to be created. The project will be divided into 4 phases and should be ready in 4 months.

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    Basically I need a website where people can buy ticket for a raffle. Prize can be a whitelist / a NFT piece. It is just a bidding feature where you have the NFT display on the website and then you can bid for X amount of time. The last bidder will win the auction. I need to make Raffle / Auction system like this.

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    I got this car from an auction and after I repair it and changed parts need to be painted. I can supply a spray booth, guns, and paint.

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    Fremhævet Forseglet NDA

    We have unique opportunities across the country for a photographer willing to photograph classic cars that will be listed in an auction. We provide a shot list & NO EDITING IS REQUIRED. This vehicle is located in GOLDEN BEACH , FLORIDA 33160.

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    €28 - €237
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    Auction website development 3 dage left

    I want to develop simple Auction website which will be developed on Related site :

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    The data is very sensitive and you will have to work on my computer via teamviewer/ anydesk etc. You are required to sign an NDA website does NOT have captcha. You will login to the website Do a 3 tier nested search based on some data entered at the start of the run or in mysql If all matches are found, you will edit the record with pre defined data from mysql A log will be kept of what was done with an option to reverse the process

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    Login page using angular based application home page where create team player button should be there then validation and all. Spring boot micro service Angular for front end Js for validation Bootstrap for page design

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    just need someone to help me connect using reverse ssh to another server

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    Unicorn on Mars 2 dage left

    For private use only (to send to a friend who researches the history of unicorns), I need an image which superimposes the partial image of a unicorn on the recent image of the Mars "doorway". Two sample images are attached. More accurate details will be supplied, but the major manipulation would be to reverse the unicorn image (so it faces to the left), to resize, and to have on the head and only the front two legs showing in the doorway. Final image in jpg format.

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    I need someone that can help me configure an design a template for a tiktok live video with a Car auction for website

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    I am looking for some help on a gripper application I have. I am using a NEMA17 stepper motor with drv8825 and Arduino Nano. Here is what I need: Home the gripper open to a micro switch on power up and wait for ru...looking for some help on a gripper application I have. I am using a NEMA17 stepper motor with drv8825 and Arduino Nano. Here is what I need: Home the gripper open to a micro switch on power up and wait for run input. When the switch is pressed and not released, the motor should make the travel forward 800 steps and reverse 800 steps and stop while touching the home switch. The circuit should wait until I press again the "run" button to go forward to close the gripper and reverse again to home switch. I need it to travel a specific distance. I only n...

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    ...CAN+ and CAN- 3. The 4 connectors on the bottom is pretty much the same, it control 4 identical components. Each connector has 6 wires: Gnd, two output for dc motor, ws2812 data, 5v, and a switch trigger. 4. Whenever a switch is pulled to ground, it will trigger the motor to pull for 1 second. 5. Whenever a motor is pulled, the ws2812 will start to light up. 6. After 20 seconds, the motor should reverse back. And the Ws2812 strip should light off. 7. Whenever a certain CAN signal is received (will be provided), all the 4 motor should pull for a second. All 4 ws282 strip will light up 8. The WS2812 effects will be based on WLED, we only need to port the effects. 9. BLE module should be able to update the STM32 firmware and also do settings to the STM32 (light effects, motor pull ...

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    IT Resourcer 1 dag left

    ...end. Conducting searches on the database to build and develop this dedicated talent pool. Screening active candidates in line with the vacancies. Placing adverts on both SEEK and LinkedIn. Preparing candidates for interviews. Conducting internal interviews with candidates on your own. Formatting candidate’s resumes. Utilising LinkedIn talent hub and our internal database to build a strong network of candidates within the Sydney market. Work in partnership with your manager along with the clients, providing guidance, support, and recommendations on candidates throughout the entire recruitment process including offer development and delivery ensuring candidate experience is at the core of everything you do. Preparing CV submissions to clients. Reverse marketing ...

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    ...computing and building scalable solutions. This work is to build a technology demonstrator for a massively scalable online simulation project. The best way of explaining this is the game Asteroids but a vast multiplayer world. The solution needs to use open-source software only where possible. The simulation consists of a single large persistant 2d world. Within this world are simple 2d objects/shapes which persist. Clients can register and connect with the simulation and a 2d shape is created to represent them. The client is only aware of objects within a specific nearby range. A client can send commands to the object to make it move or rotate the shape (such as pressing the WASD keys, W to increase acceleration, S to reverse, Z to slow down, A and D to rotate). Coll...

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    ... One is for tax purposes while other for internal use. 2- Code should not be very long and shouldn’t impact performance. 3- Only a certain group/people should have option to post in other databases with batch posting option. The other database must have a mark that this is imported entry from A or B company. We have option to reverse this entry or approval in destination company. ...

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    I purchased a 3rd party indicator/strategy and would like it reversed engineered so I have the source code for modification.

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    I want to build a 'Local Marketplace' which is going to serve 50.000 local people in the beginning. This marketplace will be available trough online web browsing as well as android and iOS applications. Users going to list their products for sale and sell them by fixed price or auction. Registrations will be under our control and observation. Wide variety of products will be listed such as cellphones, computers, furniture, cloth, antique and etc. Also there must be a secure payment system.

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    I own a marketplace and I need to add 3 features to my website I needed to add these three features to my website - auction (bidding feature) (make an offer) - customers need to add a code generated code on a piece of paper before before listings go live and I need to approve the listings with the code they write down and upload - foot header with links

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    ...Strategy Jaggery Slabs Auction Centre: The town where Guru was a merchant is still an important auction center in South India for Jaggery Slabs, a product obtained from the sugarcane crop. As of today, it is still the site where farmers bring their produce as sellers, the wholesalers or traders come as buyers, and the one’s mediating between sellers and buyers as the auctioneers. My Guru was an auctioneer. The auction is usually held during the early hours before dawn traditionally. However, unlike other local auctioneers, my Guru was always happy to help sellers and buyers. Guru used to allow the farmers to unload their produce in Guru’s yard without any charges; pay off the transporter’s dues and used to advance small sums to the farmers for thei...

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    ...will fit on the existing padding. For reference we attached the SS34 size specifications if it is needed. 2. We will be adding standoffs to the PCB and have chosen the standoffs shown in the attached photos ( and ). We need the mounting holes properly sized to fit the identified standoff. 3. We need to add component(s) to the board design to protect from accidental reverse polarity on the Power Input. This is to keep the board safe if incorrectly wired when connecting it to the power source. 4. We will need to update some of the labels on the board. We would prefer to keep the overall board size and the mounting hole locations as they are although if more room is required to accommodate items 1 and 3 we can potentially make it longer although the standoff locations

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    Hi, PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE ANSWERING. THANK YOU We are looking for Linux Systems Administrator with Linux System Administration skills and DevOps. 10-20 hours a week for min. 2-3 months. If the job is done good, we would b...months. If the job is done good, we would be interested in a longer relationship. The right candidate should be able to the following tasks: 1. Work with our team over MS-Teams remote sessions 2. Update security patches 3. Manage Server on AWS and other hosting providers 4. Guide us to implement best practices 5. Configure DevOps CI/CD Pipelines 6. Configure NGINX/Apache based web servers and reverse proxies for our web applications 7. Configure Apache Tomcat 8. Update SSL certificates, Manage backups The service is needed between 08:00 - ...

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    Good Day We make use of wordpress running a multivendor site. Our one plugin that we use WCFM and my theme has a few bugs to sort out. 1. Add calendar select option to chose auction starting and ending dates. 2. Add inventory tab to edit SKU field 3. Membership page flow error. For more info regarding the project will we post more in detail.

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    create the necessary dns for our local server and our public ip, allowing the connection to be suitable for emails and domain names to be configured allowing us to use our own ptr without problem

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    Hi We have a boat that have 2 x electric motor mounted in the rear of a boat driven by VESC motor controllers. We want to control it from knobs on the steering wheel by canbus communication. I have attach...need a custom firmware for the VESC. On this steeringwheel, we have foreseen the following switches/buttons: Pos. 3 = 2 position-switch for the on/off switching of the VESC motor controllers Pos. 4 = 8 position-knob for the speed regulation (both motors). It gives 8 – set speed settings Pos. 5L = = 3 position-switches (momentary) : forward – neutral – reverse for left motor Pos. 5R = 3 position-switches (momentary) : forward – neutral – reverse for right motor Pos. 7 = 2 position-switch turn on the motors, accordantly to the speed and forw...

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    I have a node.js script for automatic calculation of an auction and I would like to create a node js API endpoint to GET the auction price and quantity. I would like this to be saved in Gitlab and deployed to Render (alternative to Heroku).

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    Trophy icon Create a LOGO and Business Card Udløbet left

    We require a logo and business card for our business. Auction will close early if a really amazing entry is submitted. NAME: Ocean And Sky Trading Website: Theme: Sunset and Sea Firstly, create a beautiful logo that incoreporates the letter and the symbol: O & S - Ocean And Sky Privide output files in multiple sizes Include Transparent .PNG version Then create a business card as per briefing below: The card must be provided in an editable unlayered .PSD file as well as all of the output files so that we can change the names and contact details of the people on the card. Double Sided Card Front: (Logo, beautiful background image) Text: General Goods Dealers Import And Export Reseller Supplier Back: - Logo Luandre Willemse Operations Manager

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    Hello We are looking for someone to upload 5+ codecanyon php apps into cpanel account. we are also looking for the same person to be able to do weekly updates to the apps. We are also looking for someone who can make app apps transparent once totaly install is complete Master Website: Here the top 5 app: thanks Timothy

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    I am looking for a website developer and software developer to build me a website that can host auction for Real Estate listings. Website must include admin panel, back end panel for sellers and agents to host their auction. Need someone with auction software development experience.

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    I need an app which allows user to upload their valuable product to organize an auction for it. The product is sold to the highest payer after a period of time specified by the user.

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    I need something as described bellow. Basically: Website will be about finding cheapest transportation / optimization of costs. There should be registration form for companies who needs transport (lets call them A) and companies that provides transport services (lets call them B). With included terms and conditions, they must agree before registration completed. Person A creates an auction with: - date and hour of needed transport - date and hour of planned destination - starting location and destination (address) - max price willing to pay - number of pellets (optional additional details for example weight, height, width,..) - special conditions of transport (low humidity, etc.) - notes Person B searches for transport by - transport path - companies - date and hour of need...

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    Led controller Udløbet left

    Hello i'm looking to make a RGBW led controller for rear lights on a car/truck . It will have 12-32v dc inputs for triggers that then make the led strip do the functions that are requested .eg tail light , stop light , left/right indicator , reverse light and also a waning strobe function with pattern select . I will attach a link to the strip I will be using and the max length of the strip will be 4 meters long . There will be a strip of led for each side left and right so there will need to be two output on the board for me to solder the wires to . Also the board will need to fit in side the following enclosure . example of warning strobe

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    Hello, I need someone who can create admin panel for lavel 9.0 auction site. Do required Features:- Super Admin, multi Admins, Staff, Guest social media login, silver account client, gold account client etc.. Later on, my client could manage website comfortably

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