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    1 bud is almost done, Im only missing the SHOP section. My website: (SHOP needs to be done) I want to copy these 8 pages (see links) and that means I want to clone these pages and add in my WP site. Need those 8 sites build on my website. I need almost all details, like pictures and text from the links. No links to the other site, I just borrowing their design. I sell the same products. I need to change prices as well and add option to upload some of my pictures, beside your own means I need a section where you can upload the images from me beside your own. I want to sell some of my pictures as an option too. Please check uploaded files for what I want and compare with links. 8 sites (FRONTPAGE and 2,3,4,5,6,7,8) those files will save you time. FRONTPAGE -

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    ...will cost them to book a date to their postal code. So it's a price calculator for a named sexworker including transportationfee etc. The idea is that everything can work with just easy clicks with simple choices (like 1, 2 or 3 hours) and possibly extra services not included in the base price. No where in the input section should it be asked that they put in something that requires use of keyboard... or more than the very simplest brain activity. So sliders and yes/no choices and 1 2 3 choices will have to do. Keep it simple. Make the slider blue from the beginning when you link to examples you've made for feedback. The slider (and output) will be "jumping" prices, not generic. Like postal code 0 to 2500 is base price, 2501 to 2700 plus 100kr, 270...

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    HHW Company Profile Brochure 4 Sides DIN A4

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    textile brochure designing

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    2 A4 size pages (4 sides) brochure of a healthcare consultancy

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    Brochure designing

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    brochure designing for my company

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    Logo, Brochure,letter pad, banner, poster etc

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    8 pages booklet brochure as a profile

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    Brochure Designing Brochure Designing Brochure Designing Brochure Designing

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    Design et logo, visitkort, brochure og webskop

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    Brochure designing

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    Designing a brochure

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    Jeg har vedblivende arbejde relateret til vores tidligere projekt 'Create a logo for web, business cards etc.'

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    Jeg har vedblivende arbejde relateret til vores tidligere projekt 'Make brochure'

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    I am a photoshop editor. dklfl as;lsa ldfklds; fd ds;l fld fkd;l f;ld ldfk ld lf ;ld f;ld ;lf ; dfldk f' f ldkf;ld's'; f dslkf sd f kd;sl f;l d;lfd ;lds f;ld;l dfsa; df;ldfas ;f ds;l f;lds f;ldsk ;' f'kds;l fds ; dfdlskl;fdk lds ;dfk;lds dflf dslf ldsk fd;l dfldsklf lds flds fklds; a;f ds;l ldfs ld;s fklds f df ;dslk df;l kdfs;l dfs;lkf;l ds;ldfs ;lds kldfs dsl dfkldf sldf klds ;df ldskf;l ds'ldfsk;l;lfd dlkf;lds ;ldf l;ds df;lkdf;ldf ;lds f;ldsk;ldf ;ds;

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    Looking for design for Emailers, Facebook post, Logo etc

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    Dette website skal oversættes til tysk og spansk. Der skal installeres relevante plugins, tages back up af database m.m.

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    Catlog design

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    design af logo til hjemmeside og brochure

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    Imbed image etc

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    Using video recorded from a moving vehicle identify streetlight types, pole height and outreach size using OpenCV. Locate poles and record GPS record location. Provide an exception output where human intervention is required. Output to an xls file.

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    SalesMan ( Uk, Canada, Usa etc) 6 dage left

    Do you have skills to satisfy any client physically then this jobs goes to you and I need such people who know how to sell the services in the market because that skills need in this job

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    Do you have skills to satisfy any client physically then this jobs goes to you and I need such people who know how to sell the services in the market because that skills need in this job

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    Update Menu Prices in Canva $10 6 dage left

    Need someone who is able to update the menu prices right now very quickly and with no mistakes.

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    44 bud fast as possible (or perhaps in as few clicks as possible). You can find variations of this game online by searching “Wikiracer." We recommend that you play the game a couple of times first before beginning this assignment. Here is one implementation that we recommend playing: https: // Before beginning this assignment, you should be familiar with the different types of graph searches, specifically, breadth-first search (bfs), depth-first search (dfs), and Dijkstra’s algorithm....

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    Trophy icon SpaceMining 29 dage left

    New responsive website about Space Mining global industry focused on India and space mining, types of mining, how to mine, international laws, government policies, entrepreneurs in this space, vc and govt funding, industry future, links to youtube videos, news

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    Create a quotation System 6 dage left

    Hi there, I need to create a quotation system using SQL server as the backend, using javascript for the front end and using sequelize and express for data manipulation. When y...server as the backend, using javascript for the front end and using sequelize and express for data manipulation. When you have the landing page you are asked questions such as Name , Last Name, Company Name, City, Country, Phone Number. I can select options such as operating system , ram , processors and storage capacity. I need a back office where I can see who has quoted the system , and modify prices for each option also I need user login - logout with password that meet the following requirements. 8+ characters Include upper and lowercase letters Use at least one special character Include at least on...

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    ...a year. The size and timing of each brochure is: Summer 2023: 56 pages (content to designer by 2/6, product to printer by 3/6) Fall 2023: 48 pages (content to designer by 5/22, product to printer by 6/21) Winter/Spring 2023: 52 pages (content to designer by 9/25, product to printer by 10/25) Each brochure will go through three drafts/rounds of proofing. The first draft would be due 10 days after receiving the info for the brochure. In addition to the brochures, the designer would create a postcard to be sent to residents directing them to the brochures online and at the Community Center. We are considered having the brochures also posted digitally in Spanish. In your proposal, please also bid out separately how much you would charge to copy the brochure and ...

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    I need a flutter developer. Flutter Recipe App ( backend API services are provided) Target Runtime: Web & Mobile & Tablet (IOS/Android) Intuitive UI/UX Requirements: For the Recipe CRUD operations a JSON document will be used. Save & Update operations are atomic with all...provided) Target Runtime: Web & Mobile & Tablet (IOS/Android) Intuitive UI/UX Requirements: For the Recipe CRUD operations a JSON document will be used. Save & Update operations are atomic with all data contained in one JSON document as payload. All backend API request/response schemas will be provided App Drawer is used with “Recipes” menu item with sub-menus for managing ingredients, ingredient types, and recipes Adaptive and Responsive UI Clean code / Re-usable / Flutter ...

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    ...16 years experience and i want you to make a or c# software due to lack of time. i am looking for someone to hire multiple times for years to come, that can code at an ok price for me, so this is not a one time project, if you can do it, you will be hired again by me in the future. as a test,i want to make a software for myself (because i lack the time) that scrapes from a website, price etc to an excel file. this is the site, you can right click and translate from romanian to your language in your browser. it must be done in C# or i am not interested in python or others. it's important that you know regex to extract the info details. these are the things that have to get scraped.

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    hello, I have a small fashion business and am still building the website. I need a full package of designs for my identity. Note: please it should your own work! do not copy and paste and modify. Also, please provide different identities not only one! Thanks!

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    The short explanation of this assignment is to make a new class for the game using a combination of already existing talents and some that you create. In general: Add at least two new skill types, one of which should be a generic skill, use at least one passive skill that boosts a stat, set icons for your skills.

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    Would like a script created to get the prices from various whisky auction websites

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    Objectives to achieve o USB storage device should contain 3 types of partitions: Out of these 3 types of partitions only 2 will be visible to the host/machine after authentication. (By default no partition/volume/disk will show on any host/machine that the USB mass storage device is connected to.) 1. Private partition1 (Pp1): Private partition1 will become visible to the host/machine only after a code (IOCTL) with a PIN to the controller which will be compared to the PIN stored in Meta Data Partition. If authentication is successful then Private partition1 will become visible to the host/machine. 2. Private partition2 (Pp2): Private partition2 will become visible to the host/machine only after an application sends another code (IOCTL) with a 2nd PIN to the controller which...

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    My company needs content and copy to create a website (we didn't have one before) and we have a pretty good idea on what the pages should be like and how many and what the sitemap should look like. We need fast delivery so make sure you include how long it should take you to deliver, and how would you base your pricing on. I may need an official quotation so it would be a plus if you can have that handy. Begin your bid with SCZone to be read.

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    I need a small logo. Different options please!! FRONT OF TSHIRT: Int the attachment you will find the different types of logos. !!! Please replace DIEUX with LTLS. !!! BACK OF THE SHIRT: LARGER THAN LIFE -> Helvetica Neue Bold Under that please place Text in smaller size: THEY CALL US DREAMERS BUT WE‘RE THE ONES WHO DON‘T SLEEP Find example of shirt attached. Need all files vectorised. Thanks for your work in advance. May the best win.

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    We need logo design and company style design for small distribution company of organic food and cosmetics. For total project we will propose 200$ (logo, visit cards, letterhead, signature in the email), we will open a new project after selecting right designer. Firstly please send us some sketches, drafts so we will select designer who can understand what we want. Payment will be paid 100%. But we really want to get what we want, unfortunately we can't pay to every not right attempt. Acceptable two types of design: Classic and modern with interesting elements. The name of brand Green Valley. Must be understandable that is about high quality products. The logo should also look good on Instagram. Further cooperation in corporate style design is pos...

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    I need to modify the customization of product types for my site

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    Attention to all digital marketing...of building a digital marketing team to some of our client's projects and their needs. We are looking for someone who is great with social media ads and campaigns and is good at understanding the client's needs and is able to set the strategy and be able to manage the client's ads and can achieve the result and give out feedback to the client needs. If you have any previous success with these types of projects, its big plus for us. Must be a good English speaker. To Apply: Provide us with your example of your work let me know how much you charge for your quality services and what kind of services you provide. In order for us to know you've read and understood our requirements start of your response with how many years you&#...

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    I need a website which includes which sells shoes It must include: An introduction to the company Pictures and about the CEO, CFO, manager etc List of products and prices Sales page Lisence agreement page Fair employement page Explanation (running shoe company that also sells fashion shoes and other shoes)

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    I need a 2 page A4 sized brochure for a printing services company

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    Medicare App 6 dage left

    ...the application, namely admin and user portal. Admin Portal: The admin portal deals with all the backend data generation and product information. The admin user should be able to: Add or remove medicine details from the application to build a rich product line Edit medicine details like name, price, seller, product description, and offers to keep the product information updated with the current prices Enable or disable a medicine product User Portal: It deals with the user activities. The end-user should be able to: Sign-in to the application to maintain a record of activities Search for products based on the search keyword Apply filters and sort results based on different cuisines to get the best deals Add all the selected food items to the cart and customize the purchase a...

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    Looking Only For expirienced Etsy data entery specialist . Please read carefully before placing a Bid -No place Holder Bids! you to open 6 different shops on ETSY each has its own category Like Kids, Animals , etc,Flowers ,dancers etc,,, B.I have in total 450 Images devided into the above categories. C. Each Image has 7 different sizes for user to choose from on checkout Including prices . I will provide a Zip files to download from,which are devided into each clear categories - in which each file has the 7 different sizes Main Images you'll load on Etsy has a file with a Watermarks . other images - should be loaded on Google Drive - with 7 different sizes - Once user selects size , he is promoted to a page with a URL to download the art. Max Bid ...

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    ...detail, comment box and post by address(City,Province,Country), date for availability and add radius by KM to see available loads close by posting address. * 3: Admin - Admin can control the profiles, loads, posts, membership details, filter option for searches, messages and tracking options and bans ***** There will be user subscriptions monthly or annually plans and free user as well. / User types controlled by admin page and access can change by admin as well ***** - Bidding/Offering system for Carriers for loads. Brokers will see offers with carrier’s profile as message with notifications - Verification by email and phone call/text - Live chat - Brokers and Carriers can chat in website or app - * When Carriers make a post, Brokers can see available truck in their...

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    We are looking to hire developers to write a dynamic automated price optimization algorithm that can respond to market events and to competitors. The product we are asking you to price is available in different local markets and prices can be set each time period. You will be given historical data for a sample of markets: a history of prices, sales, and cost of sales for the firm whose prices you are trying to optimize, as well as an average of competitor prices and a variable summarizing market conditions.

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