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    We have a couple of Android devices, which the bootloader access is factory-disabled(adb reboot bootloader command is not working.) We need to unlock the bootloader for SHARP AQUOS sense2, so I would appreciate it if you could send me a patched pre-rooted boot image for this model so that I can test them out and get the root access.

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    In this project we would like you to find a way to extract the original firmware from an Android phone and flash it to the different device but same model. Here's the phone info: - Model Name: SHARP AQUOS sense2 (originally sold in Japan) - Model Code: SHV43, SH-01L (both are the same device but sold from different carriers and they have different firmware.) We will provide you one sample un...

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    Build Apple app for Pump Geek 3 dage left

    We are hardware and firmware developers of IOT devices. What we need is enhancements and bug fixes to an APP we have on Apple's "TEST FLIGHT" SKILL SET REQUIRED: * 4 years experience writing APPS for smart devices *App is written with Xamarin a Cross-Platform for building Android & IOS apps with .NET and C# WEB interface with IOT devices * Good written & verbal co...

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    EC2 repair Udløbet left

    I managed to Zap A Tracy Crooks EC2 engine controller used for a 13b rotary engine. The company is out of business. Their appears to be still some activity in the Microchip PIC18F6680 devices. I need someone set up to see if the internal programming can be read out and loaded into two news devices. Can you refer me to anyone setup to readout this (socketed ) unit and replicate it. Dave ...

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    (Do NOT bid for the project if you are not able to show sample of below code) I need a working code to be written into PIC Microcontroller family where a crystal of 12MHz is being used. It is a device that will detect object using IR sensor with 4 indicator LEDs. It has a USB plug where data will be sent to and received from PC. I have a program which will send command to the PIC so it will genera...

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    salve , devo caricare un programma su un microchip atmega 328 , ho gia tutto , si tratta di un pcb prototipo e chi me lo ha fornito non mi ha cariato il firmware , ho gia il codice , lavoro semplicissimo.

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    We are looking for an engineer that has experience with C coding in Microchip SAM E5x series, CAN bus implementation, good understanding of all relevant interfaces IC2, UARTs, USB etc, We develop in Atmel Studio or with the new Microchip tools and code repository in our GIT that you will access using a VPN. The system has a tone of code already done and it is in production. Many MCUs are interconn...

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    pic24 coder Udløbet left

    Generate code to control led using a Pic24 microchip See circuit image I need to control the LED's colour I need the LED colour to change when the sensor is activated Is this possible with circuit?

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    Design an iOS app icon with blue background, and white "sand dunes". Two versions; 1 as above, and the other with a "microchip" icon around the sand dunes.

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    We will provide supervisory support and and introduction. You should have "beagle bone type" small control system and you should have skills in : C++ (bare metal and embedded linux) Desirable: Experience with Microchip PIC and Ti TMS320X. Experience with PHP, Javascript and Lua. Experience with Linux cmd line and Bash. Some experience with power electronics. Some experience with renewa...

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    i have an electronic board with pic18f45K50 and usb. I need a bootloader to load the firmware via usb (and not via ICSP). For the bootloader I can choose between CCS, MPLAB with CCS and MPLAB with C18 (rev3.47). I also need a dummy firmware in ccs (blinking led) to be loaded via usb to test that everything works. Obviously I want the sources to compile and assistance if something goes wrong.

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    i'm looking for someone familiar with STM32F105 security and encryption and also familiar with disassembly so we can work on a secure bootloader together

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    Hi, i need a software to protect windows by adding a password to bootloader, which will allow me from accessing to the system once i type the correct password. thanks.

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    Develop pcb for atmega32u4 with USB A port And pins available to perform flashing of the bootloader Pcb should be in a format of usb pen drive Files should be ready to order via jlc pcb All source files should be provided

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    IoT hardware that is ready for release. We moved to Mbed for more stability (Google Cloud) and have some minor issues with SPIFblockdevice and Microchip 4-port switch PHY.

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    I've a circuit, it takes analog signals and amplifies with an Opamp. I need to take this signal when it is above a certain threshold via PIC, make some process and then store data into a external flash memory. Programmer person should look my circuit diagram, if needed to add extra electronic component for stable ADC he/she should tell me. The software project must be done in accordance wit...

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    I will do the hardware side of the system software. Integrations of ST or Microchip company will be used. - Modbus RTU 485 - Modbus TCP/IP - Information transfer will be provided wirelessly using Wireless (Esp8266 HTTP sever, MQTT, Router Mode), and wired using RJ45 connector Port, 10/100 Mbps speed, Modbus / TCP, TCP / IP, UDP, DHCP, Bootp, SNMP, HTTP, CGI, SNTP, SMTP protocols. Maybe later, comm...

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    Instructions for pulse oximeter code conversion Pulse oximeter code refactoring requirements. Using Microchip Pulse Oximeter Firmware AN1525 [log ind for at se URL] zip file included. convert code to run on PIC24F128F006 XC16 running at 32MHz Remove (comment out) all LCD code, we only want 2 global variables for spO2% value and pulse rate value No Wifi or other comms required The .s files need t...

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    Bootloader, device-tree, and linux customisation and compilation.

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    I have a LIN Slave controller project to drive a DC motor using Microchip Automotive Networking Development board ([log ind for at se URL]) with PIC18F66K80 ([log ind for at se URL]) MCU. Is this something you can do? Thank you.

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    When our embedded system processes a radio packet from a CC1101 RF module, the system slows down. The slow down means the software timers run slow and any sounds played, play too slowly. The most important issue is the system is for a game and it has timer that is meant to trigger once a second for the count down clock towards end of game, however depending on the radio traffic it accepts an...

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    nRF52840 Expert Udløbet left

    Secure bootloader for performing OTA DFU, custom BSP, cleanup and performance optimizations in existing codebase. This is the first phase of this project and we can have a call to discuss more detail.

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    Need to develop bootloader code using stm32cubeIDE which shall support reprogramming the application area in the MCU over UART ports. STM32G070 can be invoked to BOOT mode by Master controller.

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    I need a Analog to Digital Converter project with an Op-amp IC used. It should convert analog signal (around 20mV) for a Microcontroller ADC input. The device will work on 3.3 V. Opamp should be rail to rail input/output. and also it has to have a low pass filter which lets frequencies below 8 kHz. Opamp should be Microchip MCP 601 or equivalent series and 2 channel, Microcontroller also will be P...

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    I already developed an android app that communicates with a USB device (bootloader). I'm not an android developer that's why, Now I need to have a very good looking green energy concept design & logo The app will have only one page one button for connection. 3 text fields for displaying information 1 radio button group with 2 radio buttons for selection 1 slider for setting anothe...

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    Hi Freelancers I need a Bootloader for Siliconlabs C8051F120. Please bid if you have done the same Thanks

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    We currently have the design for a an electronic velocity transducer about 85% complete. The task is to fully complete the project. The successful candidate for this project ideally will have: • Experience in electronic circuit design • Familiarity with low voltage switching power supplies • Familiarity with hall effect devices • Familiarity with analog to digital converter...

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    Looking for someone with experience on the Microchip SAMR34 Lora Chipset and MiWi Protocol to make a P2P communication code based on existing and working demo code base from Microchip. The task is to send any data using the UART interface from one node to the other. From the second node via the UART interface to connect to a WiFi module (ESP32) which will send the data to AWS IoT Cloud. Develop...

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    Instalar botloader hackintosh catalina

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    Java Applet Migration to Latest Technology to work within current web browsers. Information about system being used currently is as follows. • Embedded Java Applet loaded on microchip enabled network device that requires updating and modification. • Applet written in Java using Eclipse • Applet sends both UDP and TCP packets to the network device that is serving the applet. &bu...

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    Look for a freelancer to write code for any 8-16bit Microchip controller to drive OLED display (Newhaven display). I need to design a real time clock that will allow for me to set a timer when to power a small mini actuator motor forward and backwards. So I should be able to set On timer and Off timer to activate through 3 Buttons using the display. The PIC IC and Display specs are loaded

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    I am looking for a freelancer who has Good experience in freertos and PIC 16bit MCU. requirements as below 1. Port Freertos V10.x on PIC24FJ256GB206 2. Project should be compatible and working with USB host bootloader of microchip EZBL 3. A sleep function should be implemented to make the mcu sleep and can wake-up from defined external interrupts

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    Specific bootloader is needed for STM32F103 micro-controller (Bluepill board). The bootloader should make us able to program the chip via its USB pins (which is identified as Serial Port in the PC). But the keypoint is that the programming protocol should be exactly the same as the programming protocol for Arduino Uno board (ATMEGA328P micro-controller). In fact, assume that we already have a soft...

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    Task Summary: Create brand logo and favicon for company website Detailed explanation: I'm starting a company that does technology and computer equipment repairs, software installations and configurations. We intend to do both remote assistance and at the clients' home assistance. We also sell hardware and software. The name of the company is: Codeben Listed below are the two deliverab...

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    We are a small instrument manufacturing company. We currently have several related electrical engineering projects underway in the development of an absolute encoder. The designs are approximately 85% complete. The task is to fully complete the projects. The successful candidate for this project ideally will have: • Experience in electronic circuit design • Familiarity with low volt...

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    I am expecting to pay £90 for design and test of a 0-20mA current loop circuit for use with a micro controller. This will involve milestones: • Review best circuit methods to implement 0-20mA current loop output from PIC micro (e.g. 16f1788) (High accuracy, low cost, simple circuit, low component count) Write report on the above with findings and sketch of circuit schematic for review...

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    We will provide supervisory support and and introduction. You should have "beagle bone type" small control system and you should have skills in : C++ (bare metal and embedded linux) Desirable: Experience with Microchip PIC and Ti TMS320X. Experience with PHP, Javascript and Lua. Experience with Linux cmd line and Bash. Some experience with power electronics. Some experience with renewa...

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    Hi Ali, I want to microchip this tool to relay its results to an app.. [log ind for at se URL] Can you do both sides of this project? An IOS app and the tool upgrade with a chip?

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    I would like some one to have a look at my PCB design with a Microchip processor mounted. I have never got this borad to function so I need some one to have a look to see if something is wrong with the design. Also I need to have the Crystal design to be changed since the crystal used is nowdays discontinued. The board should be designed as an analog signal sampler from 4 pcs of stereo jacks. I ...

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    Hello, I need an Android app that can update an Arduino Zero using the SAM-BA bootloader through Bluetooth. The Arduino itself is ok to need to be placed in bootloader mode manually (not through the app). You can use any generic Bluetooth module like HC-05 or newer JDY-10 etc. I will be testing with JDY-10M, however, this should not be different from any other COM port over the Bluetooth modul...

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    I have android tv boxes i have bought and are repurposing need to change bootloader and homescreen lancher so it has my branding (logos) etc.

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    Porting FreeRTOS to the NXP LPC1766 MCU with a Microchip/Micrel KSZ8041NLI Ethernet PHY. The firmware should have support for upgrading in-application over TCP/IP, which means the flash must be partition into two halves with a bootloader to select between them. Here are links to the relevant chips: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    We need bootloader for NXP / SST IC.

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    Design Me A PCB. Udløbet left

    I would like you to design a PCB which can be used with the arduino IDE. It needs to be able to have a bootloader flashed and programmed. It needs specific parts will be discussed once you have submitted your bid.

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    Embedded Door lock Udløbet left

    Pic18F45k50 microcontroller Microchip curiosity board (Dm164136) MPLAB X IDE version 5.3 C language The project is smart door lock , which will satisfy two conditions: 1) Use two communication protocols (WiFi and Bluetooth) Both. 2) Use advance user interface; For example using a cell phone or laptop to lock and unlock the door lock. To Achive : 1) It will show whether the door is locked or...

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    Hi Khandakar, I'm having some issues with my PCB design and wondered if you could help to find the issue. I'm using ESP32 PICO D4 and think my autorest circuit + circuit for USB to UART may be the issue of me not getting into bootloader.

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    already I have an MPPT zeta converter hardware and want a code using glow warm swarm optimization technique the pic 16F15325 is used in this converter.

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