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    Trading bot 5 dage left

    Trading bot - Cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Coinbase, Kraken - Trading strategy: Recommendations based on market analysis - Risk level: Low We are looking for a skilled developer to create a trading bot for our cryptocurrency trading needs. The bot should be able to trade on the Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken exchanges. We do not have a specific trading strategy in mind, so we would like the developer to provide recommendations based on market analysis. Our goal is to minimize risk, so we are comfortable with a low level of risk for this bot. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or Java - Experience with cryptocurrency trading and exchanges - Knowledge of market analysis and trading strategies - ...

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    ...programmer who can develop a bot that can be connected to my Binance exchange account using the API. The bot should be able to receive trading signals from a specific Telegram channel and execute the trades immediately on my exchange account. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience with connecting bots to exchange accounts using APIs - Familiarity with Telegram API and integration - Knowledge of trading signals and their interpretation - Ability to execute trades in real-time based on the received signals The ideal candidate should be able to develop a reliable and efficient bot that can handle buy/sell signals from the specified Telegram channel and execute the trades seamlessly on the Binance exchange account. The bot should be...

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    Hi Sophia B., Please help us with this urgent project. Please make sure that your language is required. Not all 5 communications needs to be translated into all languages. Thank you, G

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with cleaning up a small dataset in Excel. The specific type of data that needs to be cleaned up is numbers. The dataset that needs cleanup is less than 200 entries. The data is Binance history export that I need to be formatted to be easily readable (export sheet attached). The main tasks for this project include: - Grouping the data into readable chunks as following columns: [Date] [Asset] [Price] [Bought or Sold] [amount] [outcome] [outcome in $] [% gain or loss] [Profit (loss) $] - bundling trades together, example: In the exported history sheet there is an order of buying 1 bitcoin for 30000, and there is an order selling 1 bitcoin for 31000. I need them to be listed after each other with the calculations done showing how much $ was ...

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    ...on the Binance Smart Chain. The project requires the following specific features: - Flash Loan Functionality: The software should be able to execute flash loans on the Binance Smart Chain. - USDT Wallet Integration: Integration of USDT wallet functionality is required for seamless transactions. - Smart Contract Development: The developer should be able to develop smart contracts to facilitate the flash loan functionality. The preferred platform for this project is the Binance Smart Chain, so prior experience with this blockchain platform is essential. The timeline for this project is 1-2 weeks, so the developer should be able to work efficiently and meet deadlines. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Flash Loan functionality - Exp...

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    Launch my Crypto Token on a DEX 1 dag left

    ...looking for a freelancer who can help me launch my crypto token on a decentralized exchange (DEX). The ideal candidate should have experience in BEP-20 token development and launching on the Binance Smart Chain. Requirements: - Knowledge and experience in BEP-20 token development - Familiarity with the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem - Understanding of decentralized exchanges and token launching processes Additional Information: - I am unsure if I require assistance with smart contract development, so the freelancer should be able to provide guidance on this matter. - While I have specified the Binance Smart Chain as my preferred platform, I am open to other suggestions if the freelancer has experience with other DEX platforms. Please provide examples of previous w...

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    I am looking for a skilled blockchain developer to create a Sniper for the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. Specifically, the bot should have the ability to -front run transactions on the mempool, allowing for immediate buying when new liquidity is detected and -snipe newly launched tokens The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in blockchain development, with a strong understanding of the Binance Smart Chain platform. Additionally, knowledge of front running transactions and working with mempools is crucial. The project has a specific time frame, and it should be completed within 1-2 weeks. Time management and the ability to deliver high-quality work within the given timeframe are essential. If you have the necessary skills a...

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    Trading bot 9 timer left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a trading bot for me. Trading Platform: - We will be using a platform other than Binance or Coinbase, and will specify the platform later. Trade Type: - The bot will be conducting short-term trades. Risk Tolerance: - Our risk tolerance level for the trading bot is medium. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing trading bots on various platforms. - Strong knowledge of short-term trading strategies. - Understanding of risk management in trading. - Familiarity with the specified trading platform (to be provided later). If you have the necessary skills and experience to develop a trading bot that aligns with our requirements, please submit your proposal.

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    Server SMM panel 4 timer left

    I am looking to create a server to offer the following services.- tiktok Facebook Youtube instagram Telegram Twitter kick Trovo discord WhatsApp I also need the SMM panel, which contains payments through Paypal, Binance, MercadoPago (Chile), Flow (Chile), GetNet Santander (Chile), Skrill, Stripe, I look forward to your questions!!

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    A Telegram Bot 1 time left

    The project that I need to be done is a simple telegram bot that gets the trading signals from an existing channel to my binance account.

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    - Front-end option to select the number of active safety orders (limit orders) that are allowed to be placed on the exchange ahead of time - Front-end ability to edit / alter the number of active deals in the same view where you can change the take profit percenta...filled, the orders in the SymBot database should be marked as filled. Maybe also add a partially filled flag too? Also should be aware too many calls can get blocked by the exchange. - When orders are "canceled" or "panic sold" in SymBot when limit orders are on the exchange, ensure the limit orders are either also canceled or sold. - Testing against an exchange's real Testnet environment such as Binance might be the best way to see actual responses from an exchange. - Keep the coding style in th...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build and deploy a crypto coin on the Binance Smart Chain and list it on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The ideal candidate will have experience in blockchain development and be familiar with the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in building and deploying crypto coins on the Binance Smart Chain - Experience in listing coins on DEXs - Knowledge of smart contract development and implementation Special Features: - The coin should include specific features that I have in mind, such as staking, farming, and a burning mechanism. The developer should be able to implement these features according to my specifications. Timeline: - The desired timeline for launching the crypto coin and listing it on DEXs is...

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    I am looking for a ...sell trading bot app for the Binance platform in conjunction with TradingView. Although I have a rough idea in mind for a trading strategy, I am open to suggestions and would appreciate the expertise of the developer in this area. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in developing trading bots and be familiar with the Binance platform. The trading bot should require minimal interaction from the user and be fully automated. This means that the bot should be able to execute trades using TradingView alert trigger system without the need for manual input on most actions. Need to be able to support multiple symbol pairs. Overall, I am looking for a developer who can create a simple and efficient trading bot app that can be used on the ...

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    Hello, I am seeking an experienced Python developer to improve an already functional trading bot. This bot, currently deployed on a Raspberry Pi 4B server, is connected to the Binance API and requires specific enhancements related to trading alerts. Current Task Description: The current bot reads a file online on GitHub. When the price indicated in the file matches a currency's price on Binance, the bot places an order via the API. After the order execution, the bot sends a message on Discord with the trade details. The bot also includes conditions for checking the availability of sufficient funds for the trade. I will provide all files for a better understanding of the project. Required Improvements: Deployment on an Online Server: The bot needs to be deployed on a ...

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    ...reading a database entry. (Mysql preferred) 2. Create a trailing stop, take profit and stop loss order for the position after the position is open and update the same in database 3. keeps a track of all orders in database so i can see monthly profit/loss 4. Can be with either the rest API or websocket. 5. Needs to be developed in C# 6. Should be able to handle other exchange such as BingX and Binance 7. Should be able to support more than one account in an exchange at the same time. The ideal interface for the bot would be console-based ( to be hosted on unix server so should support Mono ) Please bear in mind Mono supports .net frame work 7.0 and not upwards. Skills and experience needed for this project include: - Strong proficiency in C# programming language - Knowledge ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a Binance trading bot with a mobile application interface. The bot should be able to execute timely buy and sell orders based on a specified trading strategy. Skills and experience required for this project: - Proficiency in developing trading bots and integrating them with Binance API - Strong knowledge of cryptocurrency trading strategies, particularly scalping and swing trading - Experience in working with recurring orders and implementing timely trading decisions - Ability to design and develop a mobile application interface for the bot - Familiarity with Binance indicators and parameters, as I will provide them for trading decisions.

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    Project Title: TO LIST CRYPTO TOKEN IN A TRADABLE EXCHANGE I am looking for a skilled professional who can help me list my BEP20 crypto token on a tradable exchange. Requirements: - Experience in listing BEP20 tokens on exchange platforms - Familiarity with the process of token listing in popular exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Okex, Kucoin, Whitebit, and - Knowledge of the necessary documentation and requirements for token listing Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets - Previous experience in successfully listing tokens on various exchanges - Strong understanding of BEP20 token standards and Ethereum network Note: - Please provide examples of previous token listings on exchanges in your proposal - Specify any additi...

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    ...freelancer who can help me export live dynamically changing data from the Binance crypto exchange into an Excel table. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in working with APIs and data extraction - Strong knowledge of cryptocurrency exchanges, particularly Binance - Advanced Excel skills and experience in data manipulation and analysis - Familiarity with real-time data updates and handling large datasets I am in need of a freelancer who can export live data from the crypto exchange into an Excel table. The specific data that I require is the live price data. It is crucial that the data is updated in real-time. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in extracting data from crypto exchanges, specifically Binance - Experience working with APIs and data inte...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a highly efficient and intelligent Binance Triangular Arbitrage Bot for Binance that will take advantage of price disparities in real-time across various cryptocurrency pairs. The bot will execute lightning-fast trades, exploiting these discrepancies to generate profits consistently. With advanced trading algorithms and machine learning techniques, the bot will be able to capitalize on market volatility while minimizing risks. Functionality: - The bot should focus on arbitrage trading, taking advantage of price differencesin real-time across various cryptocurrency pairs. - It should be able to analyze the market in real time and execute trades based on profitable arbitrage opportunities. Skills and Experience: - Experience ...

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    We need someone to create a Token for us in Polygon blockchain. We are going to trade it on public exchanges Provide me quotation for token and ICO platform with delivery time frame And what blockchain do you prefer? Polygon or Binance smart chain? Please provide examples of your similar work done.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a python code to download Bitcoin candle data for period of 4 years or whenever it is available. Am looking for BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT pairs from either of exchange Binance or Delta Exchange or directly from tradingview.

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    I'm looking to develop an Android video calling app for a wide variety of users. This application will be used by two main types of users: Clients and Workers. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase credits through an integrated cryptocurrency API. They can then use those credits to call and connect with workers. Workers will be able to withdraw their earnings through Binance Pay or a local bank account. To withdraw money they need a sponsor who will have a web panel. There will also be an administration web panel where there will be many functions and one of them will also be to create sponsors. The features I'm looking for in this app are video calling with chat functionality as well as video calling with screen sharing capabilities. I would like to integrate US...

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    I'm looking for someone to create my tokens code on the Binance Smart Chain. Specifically I am looking for cryptocurrency tokens. The freelancer should be comfortable with developing on this platform and have experience with blockchain technology. While I have no specific functionalities in mind, I trust the freelancer's judgement and am open to their suggestions. I need for these tokens to be designed, coded, tested, and ready for launch. I also expect that the freelancer provides adequate support and complete documentation for the tokens.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me find out the amounts of USDT deposited in 12 crypto wallets on Binance from Indian crypto wallets. The specific purpose of this project is to identify potential money laundering activities. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in analyzing crypto wallet transactions - Proficiency in using Binance and Indian crypto wallets - Expertise in identifying and analyzing potential money laundering activities - Ability to work with large datasets and extract relevant information - Experience in data visualization to present the findings in a clear and visually appealing manner Requirements: - Conduct a thorough analysis of the USDT deposits in the specified crypto wallets - Provide data visualization to present the fi...

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    I am looking to build an Angular website that integrates with 3 cryptocurrency exchanges; Binance, Bybit and Mexc. The website will need to have real-time price updates which the customers can use to make informed decisions. I am open to any design options for the website.

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    Trophy icon Statement of Purpose Udløbet left studies. Being in school worked as summer analyst at Brooklyn Creations in 2007. Love for travelling and appeared as co host at virtualspace conference on 2008. Proficient in Arabic and English and started English classes from private tutor helped excel in verbal and oral English language and communication. Worked as chief communications officer at fifatour in 2010. Started as an intern at Binance and secured permanent position working for global partnerships. Founded Rebound web3, crypto and PR consultancy firm in 2021. End with why and how university can help achieve goals. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Excellent writing skills with a strong ability to craft persuasive and engaging narratives in British English. - Familiarity with the college/...

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    To build a crowdfunding website in React JS/NextJS/AngularJS/Vue js/JavaScript with all the features are mentioned, you can follow these steps: **1. Choose any one of them** **2. Set up authentication.** Authentication is essential for any crowdfunding website. **3. Create a contact form and feedback system.** Your users should be able to contact you easily if they have any questions or problems. You should also have a system for collecting feedback from your users so that you can improve your website. **4. Implement a sharing campaign feature.** Your users should be able to share your crowdfunding campaigns with their friends and family on social media and other platforms. This will help you to reach a wider audience and raise more money. **5. Integrate multiple...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a scanner for crypto coin pumps on the Binance exchange. The ideal candidate should have experience with cryptocurrency exchanges and be knowledgeable in Python programming language. Criteria for identifying a pump will be based on rapid price increases. The scanner should be able to detect sudden spikes in price and flag them as potential pump opportunities. Real-time notifications are a must for this project. The scanner should be able to send instant notifications whenever a pump is identified. This will allow me to take quick action and capitalize on the opportunity. Key requirements: - Experience with cryptocurrency exchanges, specifically Binance - Proficiency in Python programming language - Ability to identify rapid pr...

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    I am looking for a programmer to create a program that will allow me to trade using my own formulas. The preferred programming language would be Python, and I am looking to trade on cryptocurrencies in the future or “dirivatives” mode. So I can trade isolated and with a long or short leverage. I use Bybit as platform, because Binance doest allow future trading anymore.. If its possible i want the program to look like this: A simple program like an excel sheet, were i can use my own formulas to decide when to buy or sell more coins. Example; The program knows the number of my coins. If the market drops and i’m almost liquidated then the program buys more. Howmuch more depends on the formula. I could set in the excel file, if the coin drops 2% then buy this amount. B...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a centralized crypto peer to peer exchange. Similar to p2p on Binance or Kucoin.

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    Buenas! Busco guionista para canal de Youtube sobre resúmenes de animes. Si o si, que sepa hacer guiones. El pago es por binance, $25 x 8.000 palabras

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    Binance order placement for multiple accounts and account set up - Purpose: To maximize trading volume, diversify risk, and take advantage of different trading strategies - Account Set Up: Freelancer will set up multiple Binance accounts for the client - Automation: Fully automated order placement required Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Binance trading platform - Knowledge of trading strategies and risk management - Proficiency in setting up and managing multiple accounts - Ability to develop and implement fully automated order placement system

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    ...a skilled developer to build a trading bot using Python. The bot should have the following features: - Ability to start and close trading based on consolidation price - Assistance in selecting a trading algorithm - Compatibility with both Binance and Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange platforms - Beneficial for both short term and long term trading - Integration with Python programming language Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Knowledge of trading algorithms and strategies - Experience with Binance and Kucoin exchange APIs - Familiarity with cryptocurrency trading and market analysis If you have the necessary skills and expertise, please submit your proposal and provide examples of similar projects you have worked ...

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    I have a trading bot written in Python and connected to binance via API which carries out operations automatically following my pine script logic. I noticed some latency in the trades, regarding the difference of the price. I need to execute trades on the real Binance market (only crypto spot, only market order), and the trades must have the same prices and times, without latency, as in the trading view backtest (loading the basic pine script strategy) using heikin ashi candles. I can attach the pine script file and also a conversion already complete and working with latency in heikinashi in python, but I repeat, the original is the pinescript and must follow exactly that. All these functions are already included in my python script and I don't want to lose anything. -...

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    BTC flash Udløbet left

    I need a développer to flash my binance Wallet with btc/usdt

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    Bid cost will be the Final Project Title: Implementing Advanced Crypto Wallet Address Generation for Registered Users - I am looking for a developer to implement a feature on my platform where registered users can have their own crypto wallet address. - The preferred cryptocurrency for the wallet address is BSC (Binance Smart Chain). - I am open to suggestions for a wallet provider that can support BSC and provide advanced security measures. - The wallets should have advanced security measures implemented to ensure the safety of users' funds and transactions. - The developer should have experience in integrating crypto wallet functionality into web platforms. - Knowledge of BSC and its wallet ecosystem is preferred. - Strong understanding of security measures and best practic...

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    Necesito un Freelancer con manejo en c# para la lectura y modificacion de informacion entregada por las apis de binance

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    Busco editor de vídeos 0.50 X minuto de edición (Diferentes proyectos) Enviar portafolio al privado Solo enviar mensajes si te parece bien la tarifa, de lo contrario abstenerse. Solo Venezuela Pagos por Binance Ejemplo de lo que necesito

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    Project Title: Humming Bot - Market Making Strategy Exchange Platform: Binance Strategy Type: Market Making Risk Level: Low Project Description: I am looking for a skilled developer to assist me in creating a humming bot with a market making strategy specifically for the Binance exchange platform. The bot should be able to efficiently execute trades and provide liquidity to the market. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong understanding of cryptocurrency exchanges, particularly Binance - Experience in developing and implementing trading strategies, specifically market making - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, C++, or Java - Knowledge of API integration for seamless communication with the Binance exchange - Ability to analyze market ...

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    Hello sir / ma'am, my name is Rohit. I have a simple macd histogram strategy for stock market or binance ( whichever you can do ). I don't know coding. And i have very small help me i am looking for someone to help me . I desperately need your help. It's been 2 months. I have talked to many people across many platforms but nobody is agreed to work on small budget . I am a student and i need help please This is my strategy Price A is Lower than B Rsi A is lower than B But Macd histogram A is higher than B But the most important thing is macd histogram should have to go once above zero line i have marked in macd histogram as "o' So before making the second low macd histogram is compulsory to go once above zero line , even if it goes for 1 tick then to...

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    I have an existing python script that I use to screen for stuff on CEX exchanges (binance, kucoin, etc). I want to use this script but for DEX exchanges like Uniswap. I need someone that can translate my CEX script to DEX.

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    Asesor financiero Udløbet left

    Oferta para solicitantes de Colombia o México Objetivos: 1. Seleccionar y sugerir bancos y tarifas para abrir una cuenta corriente en Colombia o México u otro país de Latam. Hacer seguimiento de las cuentas corrientes. 2. Calcular la opción más favorable para los pagos en diferentes divisas, teniendo en cuenta las diferencias de cambio y lo...Requisitos para su experiencia - Legislación bancaria y financiera en México y Colombia - Amplia experiencia en el trabajo con bancos y sistemas de pago en América Latina. Conocimiento de fuentes de información, amplia red de contactos. - Experiencia regular en apertura y cierre, desbloqueo de cuentas corrientes. - Experiencia regular de trabajo con crypto (TRc 20 p.e.), cryptobil...

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    ...The purpose of this drainer is to provide a secure platform for the buying and selling of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Specifically, the drainer should support the transfer of NFTs and cryptocurrencies between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. In terms of security, I require high security measures to protect the assets being transferred. The drainer should implement robust security protocols to ensure the safety and integrity of the transactions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in blockchain development, particularly with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain - Proficiency in coding languages such as Solidity and Rust - Familiarity with NFT standards and protocols - Expertise in designing and implementing secure systems - Ability to integrate wi...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me engage both new users and experienced traders on the Binance platform. The purpose of targeting these users is for both market research and promoting a product/service. To engage these users, I am interested in implementing copy trading. Key requirements for this project include: - Experience with the Binance platform and a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market - Knowledge of copy trading strategies and techniques - Ability to analyze market trends and user behavior - Strong communication skills to effectively engage with users and drive participation If you have the ideal skills and experience for this project, please submit your proposal.

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    ...requirements for this project include: - Implementation of smart contracts to automate and enforce certain actions within the app. - Integration of decentralized storage to securely store user data and protect it from unauthorized access. - Utilization of the Binance smartchain platform for seamless integration with our existing app infrastructure. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in blockchain development, with a strong understanding of smart contracts and decentralized storage. - Experience working with the Binance smartchain platform and its associated tools and frameworks. - Familiarity with social media app development and the ability to seamlessly integrate blockchain features into our existing app. If you are a talented developer w...

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    ...developer to create a simple script for order execution in Binance Futures. I need this SIMPLE, direct connection without use of external resources like binance non-official packages. Direct connection, no python wrappers or something like. Only pure C++ Specific functionality needed: - Order execution: The script should be able to execute orders on the Binance Futures platform and Testnet Trading strategy: - I need put orders for LONG and SHORT in LIMIT, with leverage=10 and isolate amount of money. Testing and validation: - The client will test and validate the script themselves using c++17 in real platform and the testnet Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in C++ - Experience with trading bots and order execution in Binance Futures - Ability ...

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    I need a crypto tringular arbitrage bot.... First you need to build a scanner which will scan market pair which i selected suppose in this bot added 10 crypto exchange and i selected binance as a tringular arbitrage so this bot will scan and do tringular arbitrage in Binance and bot will only do arbitrage if it is profitable similarly i can select whatever exchange i want and bot will scan and do arbitrage in my selected exchange and need all kind of advance scaning method like liqudity how much and trade order will exicute or not etc need a fast but good tringular arbitrage bot and my budget is limited but in future i will add here dex so make this keep it mind in future update

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    ...system should be able to support the Binance and mexc and gateio and total 10 exchange Real-Time Arbitrage Opportunities Tracking: - Real-time tracking of arbitrage opportunities is a crucial requirement for this project. The system should be capable of continuously monitoring the market and identifying profitable triangular arbitrage opportunities. Automated Trading Feature: - The system should include an automated trading feature. This means that once an arbitrage opportunity is identified, the system should be able to execute the trades automatically without any manual intervention. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in developing cryptocurrency trading systems or similar financial software. - Proficiency in working with the Binance API and integrating...

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