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    Redefining this project to make it easier to understand! Also I'm making it slightly easier and will integrate it myself. Sorry if you bid on it already. PHP Date() function has lots of options and a working date syntax will look something like this " l F jS Y g:i a", the different elements make up the date format that PHP will use. You can see options here [log ind for at se URL...

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    The project is a simple one, I just am new and can't get it. Upper left hand corner should have a label with the text "Account Number:" Next to this label should be a text box in which the user enters a random account number which should be stored and saved in notepad i.e. "John, Doe" "12345" When the account number "12345" is typed in this text box a s...

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    To fix the bugs that we discussed at the end of December 2003 in order to have a completely stable production version of TadeSMS Pro. The attached zip file contains some relevant details. We will need to discuss an absolute deadline date of completion for the project, which we will post to RAC. I would like to offer USD$500 to complete this application properly, with a bonus amount of US...

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    I need an ActiveX control that will be hosted on my site, and will interact with internet explorer version 5, 5.5, and 6 to do the following things: When a user goes to this site, they will be prompted that they can upload their address book via the Outlook /Outlook Express MAPI protocol. The component will retrieve all email addresses and names from the address book and send them to a php script,...

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    We are currently developing Web site on the topic of drug testing. We are looking for a unique individual who will spend the time to write high quality content for our Web site. We are looking for content in the following areas: How to pass Drug tests ??" All types (Hair, Urine, Blood, Saliva - Urine being the most important) Detection Times ??" Detection times for different drugs us...

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    Beginners C++ Udløbet left

    Write a C++ program which develops a student class (object) and is used to iterate the 250 students in the class to classify these students by programming experience. Assume that you will only demonstrate this program with 15 records (students) and that the students will be classified by three levels of programming skills, novice, intermediate and advanced. The program should print out a report wh...

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    This project consists of writing detailed functional specifications for a best of breed electronic cards site along the lines of [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL], etc. Before bidding on the project, you must read the articles at [log ind for at se URL] to fully understand the level of detail I'm looking for. A sample functional spec that would meet my...

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    **Project Updated!** This is a quite **straightforward VB6/Access** project and so I am surprised there have not been more bids as this is **much easier** than many of my previous offers which got plenty of bids. Please look and bid! I have now added more detail to the description and have increased the max bid as well. Rentacoder project: I have a program that is used as a viewer f...

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    Book Web Site Udløbet left

    HI, I run a publishing company in delhi. I am planning to go online. I have around 30,000 books which I want to sell online. In my site, I want some basic search and Advance search features and once users get search result than user can buy books. Books will be listed category wise. Example: - Health, travel etc. I want all options which typically a book site has. At the same time I want a strong ...

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    1) Litreture review in best practices on teachers recruitment and selection. 2) Full Bibliography 3) Around 20,000 words 4) Must not be published before 5) devided in to two sections a) Recruitment b) Selection 6) With reference to the importance of teacher orientation and job satisfaction ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well a...

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    Hi ,I have just get to learn abt C programming.... This is my school project that i need to submit on 18/03/2004. I have to create a database using C programming . Please carefully read & view my attached 1)My school project guidlines 2) My School project Marking standards and 3) My Proposal for my project database all in zip format below. Please do help me and thanks alot. By the way my proje...

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    not to complex, along with documentation on how it can be built, (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE I AM VERY NEW TO C++). it will be running on a Microsoft windows 2000 pc. It should prompt when a packet comes through at ip level, It should come up with ip number and the domain name if possible, when a packet does come through I want to be able to press either a yes or no button to accept it or not....

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    I'm a programmer but I'm busy working during the day. I have an idea for a website. A simple idea. People register and tell us what movies,books, and music they like. We store that info. When I get enough people I can then help people find movies they have not seen that they will probably like, books they have not read that they will probably like, music ... because our database will com...

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    Hi I'm new to VB so please handle with care ;) I know VB has its own Package and Deployment Wizard but can anyone tell me how to package, deploy and (if necessary, update/maintain) an application which will have an Access database located on a (network/remote) server and the VB front-end located on the client(s). The P&D Wizard doesn't talk about this. I've also looked...

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    BookStore Project Udløbet left

    I need a website called StoreBooks has to be in dreamweaver MX 2004 and be connected with a database in SQL 2000: 1)It has to have an introductory page with menu on the top and left side with about us, contact us, books, an cart, your account, help and search (scroll with option to select a book by subject as Architecture, Computer Science, Bussines., Financial, etc). 2) the program has to all...

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    Only coders who deliver ON TIME and have an excellent reputation need apply! 1). The secretary of a health center receives too many telefone calls from patients who want to schedule a Therapy. Customers schedule one therapy at a time so they call often. (This code books customer appointments online based on their availability). 2). Customers often call back to find out when their appointment i...

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    I need to be able to allow customer to put in a code, and that code will link to a table with that code, some dates and information to display. This will allow the customer to lookup his account status online. The dates and information I have are in quick books. It would be nice to build a query to quickbooks to extract date and other information, though I'm not sure that is possible. If...

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    The animations should consist of pictures of computers, electronic devices, water fountains, books, laptops, bouquets,flags of various countries, vehicles, payloaders. Some of these animations which look formal will be used on a commercial website and hence the coder will be solely responsible for the work produced. Also the coder should grant copyrights to all the work [log ind for at se URL] the...

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    I need an order entry system component created. For the specs please go here: [log ind for at se URL] and view the bmp files. This is for our publications company that publishes the coupon books that you get in the mail. They want to start allowing publishers to signup online for the printing of their books. 1. I would like to use the username and password login functionalities of mambo ...

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    Hi, I want to create a web site for selling books and ebooks online. The site should have attractive design (no flash / no heavy stuff) and should have shopping cart features. General Searching/browsing/categories like normal book selling sites. Book thumbnail, general details and short description. Pl quote your best price, time needed, payment terms and most importantly links to simila...

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    HUBuy is an online C2C auction site similar to Ebay. HUBuy, however, is designed to facilitate one university mainly so students can buy and sell books and other things to each other. The main site is up and running but I want to add several features. Two features in particular for the time being are, a "buy it now" feature, and a user feedback feature. The "buy it now&q...

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    XML Style Sheet/DTD Udløbet left

    We need to get an XML Stylesheet made for our conversion work. Its basically ebooks conversion from hard book journals. Though we have developed inhouse upto a certain extent but the journals contains lot of mathematical expressions and figures. If anybody can develop the same please respond asap. The sample searchable PDF is attached for providing us a demo though this file does not belong to the...

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    Hello, FIRST, PLEASE NOTE: Adobe Photoshop .PSD, editable format file(s) ONLY will be accepted. No other file formats delivered is acceptable. NONE! I am attempting to outsource some work here, since my workload is increasing steadily I cannot complete this customers project in a timely manner. Minimal budget for this work is available. Perhaps this project is best suited for RAC ...

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    c++ dom coding Udløbet left

    I have some code that will add a button to one of three browsers, ie, netscape, and mozilla. When a user clicks the button, I want the current page soure written to a file. You need to have a solid background in c++ and mfc to complete this project. I do not want a vb programmer. I need a dll written that does the following: ------------------------------------------------------- Internet Exploere...

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    Please see attached document!! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, GNU, 3rd party compon...

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    I am looking for someone to write an ebook on “How to communicate like a pro??. This <b> audience for this ebook will be women</b>, so it will need to be written from a woman’s perspective. As a brief overview this ebook will show women how to clearly communicate their thoughts and ideas to ensure personal and professional success. They will discover the vital techniques f...

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    I need someone to do Link Development of 1,000 links for my credit cards site. My site has high quality, original content, 70 links pointing to it, and a Page Rank of 4. 1) The overall average of links should come from pages averaging PageRank 3.5 or more. 2) All links pointing to our web site should be static hyperlinks coming from static pages or home page of the other web site. 3) The ...

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    I need to try to find out as much as I can about installing an application on a network. I understand the different topologies and configurations. I also understand the client/server setup.I also understand about file permissions. But I have never actually installed an app on a network. I'm going on a job interview and part of the job is sometimes installing an app on the customers network. I...

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    Greetings worldwide! SourceView - a new Open Source Distributor is now in the market for NEW Free and Open Source applications in any language. These can be new or significant improvements to existing BSD/MIT licensed products. WE also are looking to significant and detailed articles in English to package into new books with accompanying software. Our contact point is mdean@[log ind for at se ...

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    Four employees wear identical coats that are hung on a coat tree in the morning and retrieved in the evening.? Assuming each employee? chooses a coat at random , what is the probability that they all leave wearing the same coats they wore that morning? In a particular dormitory there are 350 college freshmen. Of these, 312 are taking an English course and 108 are taking a mathematics course. If 95...

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    I'm designing [log ind for at se URL] which will be an 'eBay' like website to auction books. I'm looking for an awesome and colorful template for it. I lack creativity and graphic design. I want lots of eye candy please! I need something that'll work for all resolutions and browsers as well! Please give me examples of what templates you have designed. If you w...

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    I am willing to pay $5 per article, with a 10 article minimum. I would like a conservational and interesting style format about remote control boats. My objective is to get them to purchase without being pushy. My audience would be directed toward beginners deciding on purchasing an electric or nitro, and hobbyists. The articles should have the advantages of electric and nitro powered boats. Par...

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    My client(A small private school), has decided to install a library facility as part of it extension programme. They have requested me to provide a library book management database, I am looking for a designer who can provide me with a fully functional databse which can manage and handle around 1500-2000 books, the database requires bar-code reader compatibility, as the client has requested t...

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    I am looking for someone to write several ebooks on **"how-to"** subjects. These books will not be technical in nature or **"computer related"**, but will require internet research to develop the content. I will provide the successful bidder with an outline of the books. The writing style will be conversational. The successful bidder should be fluent in english and skillful ...

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    I have tried and tried to get _Apache2_ to work with _PHP4_ - to no avail! Ive loaded MySQL, PHP4 and Apache2 on my laptop using _Windows XP_. MySQL works, Apache2 works, but every time I've followed numerous directions from articles and books to have Apache talk to PHP, by adding lines in the .ini or config files, - it never works - Apache crashes! One line in the _Apache config_. file...

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    Hi there I'm willing to take suggestions on the best way to solve this problem. A client is in the recruitment business. Candidates send him resumes in various formats (e.g. plain text, hardcopy, email, Word etc). He then extracts the data he wants from the CVs and saves them in his own resume template in Microsoft Word (see attached for general layout). I want to know the bes...

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    I have a list of around 1,000 companies that I have broken up into different categories and I want to give my users the ablility to use a search box to help them find what they are looking for more quickly. I have several books on HTML, but I cannot figure out how to do this. Any help would greatly be appreciated. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in execu...

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    NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Site running now with osCommerce MS2 / FreeBSD 4.9 / Apache 1.3.29 (Unix) PHP 4.3.4 mod_ssl2.8.16 OpenSSL 0.9.7c Site offering downloads for sale, needs a recurring membership modification. Members need complete and full access to all downloadable products, but obviously not to other products (gift certificates). Database needs a new record attribute to flag products as member...

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    We are publishing a series of sports diaries and competition handbooks, covering a variety of sports with mass appeal in the UK. These publications are for national distribution at stationers, kiosks and booksellers, ideally placed by the cash-register for high visibility and impulse purchase. The advertising sales efforts will be aimed primarily at national brand marketers. Adverts can...

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    Sanchez construcion loan company makes small loans for construction projects up to a maximum of 10,000. The current cost for a loan for a $10,000 loan is based on the following structure that has a maximum loan payoff time of 24 months: _Time_ _Fee _6 months=$800 12 months=$1800 18 months=$3000 24 months=$4000 You have been asked to write a program that will track a starting an...

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    Create an EmployeeException class whose constructor receives a String that consists of an employee's ID and pay rate. Create an Employee class with two fields, idNum and hourlyWage. The Employee constructor requires values for both fields. Upon construction, throw an EmployeeException if the hourlyWage is less than $6.00 or over $50.00. Write a program that establishes at least three Employee...

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    This bid request is for the creation of a HOWTO document explaining how to set up an OpenLDAP server on Red Hat Linux 9, for the express purpose of providing two services to a Windows network: 1. Shared address books, viewable in Microsoft Outlook 97/2000/XP/2003 2. Authentication services for a Samba-powered Primary Domain Controller Success is measured by whether I can follow the HOWTO and s...

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    Bookcase Selector Udløbet left

    I need help with finishing a code for my website. [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] The above pages on bookcases are the way it is now. Customers are getting lost and I think I am loosing sales. here is a start I did in access to get an idea of what I might be looking for: [log ind for at se URL] I am using Frontpage 2003 and I am looking f...

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    I would like a site similiar to [log ind for at se URL] built in C#.NET and sql2000. This is a dating type web app but I'm just using it to learn. And I will pay well. PROJECT INCLUDES: Users can register, (browse option w/ cookie to remember search settings, photo only search option, find user search), send/recieve emails (account includes mailbox), emailed account info, upload...

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    I'm looking for a developer to create an online game with multiple levels to teach TCP/IP for computer security specifically geared OSI model, packet breakdown, packet reading as it applies to Firewall/IDS. I'd really like it if the developer would break this up into 2 or 3 different games, but I'll leave it up to the developer judgement. Playing a game called protocol solitair...

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    I need an Access Database to keep track of customer information and also an important part is to have it give a query as to who had a $5.00 rate increase and when and if not, who has been last seen in the previous year that is now eligible for the rate increase. I will be glad to answer as many questions as I can, just ask. Remember this is a college beginners assignment which has to possible be r...

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    I am interested in quickly learning Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have some basic knowledge of both programs but I'd like to learn a lot more. Going to school and reading books seems too slow. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to learn these programs without spending months in school? I have tried learning them through trial and error but it's quite slow. Maybe online ...

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    : I am looking for writer to compile / write articles related to a list of different keywords. I will provide the keyword. The words should be between 250 to 400 in one pages and must be highly informative. I have about 20 web site pages, which I want to fill with high quality contents and they must be original. On web site, I want to offer free stuff such as e-books, software, articles and free s...

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    bookshop databse Udløbet left

    Your task is to design a online dynamic website for ‘Woodbrook Books’. In order to do this you must carry out a systems analysis (overview of the current system ??" the above details are for the benefit of the database so you may have to assume the answers of any others questions that you come up with ??" indicate anything that you have assumed) Part 1 Design (40 marks to...

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    Hello I need to write cpp tutorial for beginners. aprox (30 pages of pure text .+ sources ). You must explore web for good ideas. (no plagiarizm please). Also You can use tutorial attached as starting point. Use table of content and write text in another words. I need to illustrate all word Tutorial also must include links to other tutorials and to source codes. (at least 50 links sorted by topi...

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