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    ...would be displayed on a website with graphs and desriptions. Look at [[log ind for at se URL]][1] for an idea. Programmer must have US stock or financial experience. Please who us other stock or financial sites. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done

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    We are looking for a complete investor relations and deal flow online solution. This would be a place for companies to track the financial deal flows, their contacts, companies, and interactions. Have a sales tracking feature. They could send emails out of it and have a document management system for business plans and PPM's and other documents and

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    ...Write the code so that when the user presses one of the numeric buttons on the calculator, the value is appended to the label appearing at the top of the form. • Write the statements to perform arithmetic operations on the current numbers. Each time an operation is performed, your solution should clear the contents of the current number label. Write the

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    ...database. Use two Old DbDataAdapter control instances to get the data from the two respective tables. Generate one DataSet based on the two DataAdapters. Write the necessary statements in the frmMain_Load event handler to populate the DataSet. • Using the XML Designer, define a DataRelation to link the field named fldEmployeelD between the two tables. •

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    I have 4 projects that need completed either today or in the by Tuesday sometime. I am attaching the detail of each project. It would be great if you could get this done by today i would greatly appreciate it. Project 1 In order for exercise to be beneficial to the cardio system, the heart rate must exceed a value called the training heart rate. A person's training heart rate can be calc...

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    1 bud access to their health records for a variety of reasons ranging from practicability to security. Given that at present there are almost no barriers for accessing one’s financial information over the world wide web (WWW), to hold back health information from their owners would seems at odds with the NHS’s goal of empowering patients and carers in their

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    I'm looking for somebody who in addition to being a great coder, has a great knowledge of University level business finance. Someone who knows the topics such as financial markets, and the time value of money like the back of their hand. This isn't anything in depth. If you got an A+ in entry level finance at the University, then this is who I'm looking

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    ...looking for somebody who could sit down and work entry level finance problems for a principals of business finance course without hesitation. The topics included will be Financial Markets, and Time Value of Money. Basically somebody who got an A+ in finance and knows it like the back of there hand. ## Deliverables This person MUST be able to log

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    Translate the messages, command button captions, rtc. to English. No other code changes. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete ...

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    We are in need of an online solution for business and financial analysis, business valuation, modeling and the like. Users wuold sign up and be able to fill out various online business and financial analysis programs. We do know that there are various solutions and programs free throughout the Internet. We need them all in one place and accessable online

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    I am trying to design an application that can let me control my computer through a tv remote contorl in visual basic 6.0 Reciever's schematic: (called: Igor Device) [log ind for at se URL] Remote control: any tv remote control. they have the api function that are downloadable from: [log ind for at se URL]

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    I have a vb6 project which has many label controls. My problem is when a user is using a higher than normal dpi, the labels overrun the box and are cut short. I need a way to solve this. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-r...

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    ...have a fast bid deadline. The pages are up, but they need modifications. You'll need to be really good with creating SQL statements and Stored Procedures to make these pages do what they need to do. I'll give a basic idea, here, but I really must confess the specifications are not real well designed or stated. This is a private site. We

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    ...employee logged on would see nothing financial related. They wouldn't be able to see hourly rates, etc. Once complete, we will edit the database field directly when we wanted to update this flag, so we wouldn't need anything in the front-end to allow us to update the field. We just need the pages that deal with financial matters to not display the money

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    We need a financial or business related online game. Stock trading simulation, financial or banking teaching game, and business operations game. It will be targeted towards kids and teens. Please let us know if you have a demo or something to show. Please do not give any generic responses and please show us or tell us exactly what you can do.

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    ...application that can show me a couple of things about the action diagrammer and language syntax. 1. connects to a db (sql server, access, msde) and does a read/write. (shows sql statements) 2. shows a user written function of how to parse a string field (like switch firstname, lastname to lastname, firstname) 3. shows a user written calculation of a field

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    Hi I wanted a program made with visual basic. (so i can edit the GUI). I want when you click on a command button a popup comes up asking for the location of an excel file (file 1). The program will than also ask for a destination file (file 2). The program will read the values in the first excel file in columns A and B, and than it will look in the

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    I need a program to search a series of web sites through all the linked pages and return a list of the web pages (full web address) and the entire text of the href statements on all those pages (or any other statement that could trigger a asp or cgi sript to run). I would want to supply the program with a page on the site (normally the site's index

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    We currently have a Visual Basic application written inhouse that is being used as an MRP. It handles the basics: customers, providers, employees, employee departments, products, materials, service orders, billing, payments, inventory, sales orders, backups, reports, etc. All source code is available in Visual Basic 6. The database used is Access 2000

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    Development of a realtime financial chart using provided StockChartX software from [[log ind for at se URL]][1]. The chart will be posted on a web page and updated with live data. I will provide support for the data link. The chart can be updated via served .gif images every 30 sec. to 1 min and/or via an Active X component so it will run in a streaming mode

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    We are in need of a program preferably in Visual Basic 6 that connects to a site specified in a [log ind for at se URL] application must be able to connect through a proxy server. There should be fields for specifying the user name and password. On clicking a go button the HTML source code should be displayed. I hope this should be simple enough using WinSock control

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    update [log ind for at se URL] -provide user login and password checking -member page to show user info - plan they have, billing info, upgrade products -form for submitting trouble tickets or presale questions to support -new order form, add more payment processors. (currently paypal, add stormpay, egold maybe others, suggestions?) -basically a whole new look for the site, i like the look and fee...

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    The project I’m undertaking is a basic VB and ArcMap application. I work for a mapping solutions company which deals mainly with Mapinfo and AutoCAD. I'm currently learning VB at home as further study. I wish to use the application for learning purposes so it does not need to be Particularly advanced. I have outlined the application below in the word

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    I want to have a simple word art program created in Visua Basic 6. the program template should consist of Font textbox: displays current font type i.e. Arial, TimesRoman etc, *Text box: Where i write the text. *Font style controls buttons: consists of three buttons 1,Arial, 2, TimesNewRoman, 3, Arabic When i write text and then click the button the

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    ...Designed for speed and usability, Photo Editor will have straight forward interface that provides access to many editing features. Application must be developed in Visual Basic 6.0. - See Attached zip for details before bidding! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    This project consists of developing a basic professional website, with some advanced features. The site will be used for enrolling customers into an automated bill payment system. The following pages will be created: Main Page FAQs Pricing and Signup page About us page Contact Page The goal is to get customers to sign up. The

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    I have an ASP application that functions as a basic real estate site that I would like to have modified into a zipped form so that I can distribute it to other areas of the server without editing the code each time. Basically - it needs to be made "stand-alone" and easy to install. A working version of the program can be seen at [[log ind for at se URL]

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    ...and password, and then be able to edit specified areas of text through a simple form-based system. They should also be able to add links within these allowed areas and apply basic CSS styles to the text. It would also be nice if they could create a new page by cloning an existing page and inserting different content. We don't need too comprehensive

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    We have a Visual Basic program that needs minor revisions and some enhancements. This program tracks customers, orders, style information, shipping, overseas orders all for the apparel industry. Need someone in New York as we need you to come and see our operation and suggest upgrades. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    27 bud be converted. I have enclosed a excel spreadsheet that has the properties of the databases needing converted. I believe I also need to convert all of the macros to visual basic code. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    I need this word file converted to nicely structured HTML. The RED text in the word file is ment as guidance for the person who converts the document, and should not be included in the final version. A .php page must be made to collect the results from the form and send to a specified mail address. ## Deliverables 1) Same layout 2) Clean code 3) Exclusive and complete...

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    ...The mail merge routine must be capable of printing one statement for a selected property or tenant or multiple statments where there is no selection. In addition, the statements must be capable of holding multiple transactions on one page for each statement. I have attached two sample templates that details where the data comes from for each

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    ...points Automatically create purchase orders for special order items Track accounts payable Accounts Receivable Create invoices and take payments on-account Print account statements Create summary invoices Assess finance charges to past due invoices Security Set individual security settings for each user Reporting Perform detailed sales and inventory

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    Our company needs three different Mircosoft Visual Basic projects done for one of our clients in a short amount of time (By Monday night or Tuesday morning). Below are the details for one of the three projects. The attatched file contains images of the the other two projects as well as a folder for the project below (sorry for the poor image quality

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    ... etc. I would like to code to be written in ASP (VBScript) and/or Visual Basic COM objects if that is better/faster. The database can be SQL Server (MSDE) or MySQL. I do not want any stored procedures used in the programming, and would rather have all SQL statements coded into the programs. I don't need all of the functionality of these sites

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    A very simple line editor with the following edit commands available need to writtenin Assembly Language: [**E**]nter one or more lines of text into the editors character buffer. When the user has finished typing in the text he presses the ESCape key to terminate the enter mode. If the user types in more than 2 pages of text, the program will issue an error message to that effect. [**D**]is...

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    Hi, i need a source code, written in Visual Basic 6 using "[log ind for at se URL]", which allowes to find out all network connections with the following informations for each networkadapter: the network adapter name, the IP adress, the DNS/hostname, the subnet mask adress and last but not least the default gateway. The code must run under all known 32bit

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    Assignment Grader Udløbet left keep track of which RadioButton control is checked before determining the final grade. ## Deliverables 1. Use if-then-else and select-case statements. These decision making statements must be used. 2. The final grade must be a letter grade (A, B, D, or F). 3. Make sure that your program only accepts grades in the range [0..100] and final

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    ...length(Jx,Jy) to (X2, Y2) should be NO LESS THAN varPIXELS long. If RULE 4: if rules 3 and 4 conflict, rule 3 has precedence. ## Deliverables Compilable, readble visual basic 6 code, preferably in a .bas file. there should be one PUBLIC function DrawArrow(x1 as long, y1 as long, x2 as long, y2 as long) and as many (PRIVATE) supporting functions

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    I need to have a file from Netscape export translated into sql insert statements. I have 3 examples in the include file. I need the First Name, Last Name, and email extracted from the file and a new file produced with the following format: exec insert_email_name 'FirstName','LastName','email address' for each statement in the source. There

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    ...cover front and back. It should be a fairly simple project. I can provide more details once we get into the project. The book is a fiction novel named "Whiskey Park". It is financial thriller which takes place in New York, Costa Rica, and Cali Cololmbia. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as

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    I need a software program developed that will incorporate a financial package and a project package. The program will need to be developed in VB and SQL. It must be fully network able between the 3 offices. The program will have to have user control to give access to each user per their job function. I will provide you with more details and screen

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    we require an enthusiastic individual to work with initially on a contract basis to create a VB application that integrates with Outlook. Please contact us for more details. Thank you.

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    We need a pre-configurable Outlook extension to allow a user to create user-defined buttons for use within the perform ONE OR MORE of the following functions simultaneously. 1) send an email to a preset location with specific textual instructions 2) set a configurable appointment Here's an example of how this should work... Receptionist gets a phone call and...

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    ...providing an innovative and flexible approach to investment advice and asset solutions. We are leading edge in the field of investment advice by combining a wide range of financial skills. **Requirements** The website design needs to be professional, clean and sophisticated where information is easy to find. The site architecture will stay the same

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    ...commands and all the guidlines for this assignment which is assignment 2 NOT assignmnet 1. i have put assignment 1 in the file as this has all the data, create, retrieve, sql statements. i would also appreciate if you are able to give instructions of how to recreate and populate the tables as after recieved i will have to RECREATE the tables to put onto

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    ...will help my accountant for any type of accounting reports. One more thing I need to also get an Yearly , monthly, Weekly or user defined days (from date - to Date) STATEMENTS i can pay $20 for this thingy I am adding a file of how the ledge should look like . BYe!! ## Deliverables The package should be easy to use as the users have

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    Attached you will find the database basic structure I want to use. this is done in Office XP. I am wanting to convert this application to a mysql & php script. I do not have any of the interfaces in the access database. I am looking for someone with a fresh level of thought to design the interface with the product. as for reports I am looking

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    ...movies etc., the reason for comma seperated and how they come up in storing those and allow users to click on it and shows a list of matching criteria i just need the sql statements to construct the database and an explanation why it was designed that way. then last, when you log in to friendster at your home page, id like to know the queries to get

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    ...centres that provide improvement or upgrading courses for members of the industry. g. Financiers - these are banks, venture capitalists, finance companies that provide financial products and services to members of the industry such as loans, insurance policies, etc. h. Clients - these are individuals or businesses/companies that have projects

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