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    I am looking to hire a native English speaker to rewrite 34 pages of web copy. Each page averages less than 500 words and does not need a complete overhaul, just tightening-up.

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    98 bud log, diff, apply). Compute the averages and standard deviations for each stock. Properly treat any missing values. Plot a frequency histogram for the averages with a density fit. Add a fit based on normal distribution. Do the same for the standard deviations. Run a command summary on both the vector of the averages and the vector of standard deviations

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    Golf scoring Udløbet left

    Personal spreed sheet for tracking golf scores and averages. I have a spreed sheet book already...need help bringing it together.

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    I own a website which averages ~2,000 views per day from ~500 users. The CTR is low, as is the ad viewability. Intent: Increase CPM, CPC, ad viewability rate, and overall RPM for entire site and namely the forum I am looking to optimise these numbers to increase earnings. One possibility will be to disable advertising for members who are logged

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    MA Comparison graph Udløbet left

    I would like to download raw data from Binance or Tradingview or cryptocompare. They are ...points( eg 10, 20......200) Time intervals (1m, 2m....1d, 1w etc) I would like the report to be simple. Example,...............Trading pair, graph showing 3 moving averages for 100 x 1 hour intervals. Do you think that you can do this? Regards Neil

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    MS Access VBA - 28/04/2018 14:55 EDT Udløbet left

    ...average covers. This would have multiple values (i.e. 200, 50, 21, 9) by default. i.e. for each date and symbol 4 different moving average is calculated c. Each of the Moving Averages above would have different Indicator Name (i.e. 200SMA, 50SMA, 21SMA, 9SMA) d. The value is based upon the Close amount from the PriceData table e. Append to 'Indicator

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    I require certain tasks to be completed in R for a project I am working on, but am still quite new to R. The input files will be 2/3 large csv files. ...findings for each variable over a large list of variables. - - The aim being to assess if the average value of that variable increased or decreased in value, based on the averages calculated. Thanks.

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    I need someone that will help train how to improve admob cpc; high paying countries such as from USA and Canada. I see a lot of developers earning from admob which averages of at least 2 dollars cpc per click. Admob is already integrated into the IOS app.

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    a part of database project Udløbet left

    ...purchases … etc. iii. Reports of list nature, like the list of available rooms in a hotel, and the like. iv. Reports that give summaries from the database, like sums, averages and the like. PART #4 1. Implement your database design by performing the following steps: a. Write SQL/PHP program modules to implement all the business rules that

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    I have some numerical data in a word document pertaining to a research study, The data is in percentages, now i need someone to find the "mean" or averages of the data and make sure the numbers add up to 100% since it is in percentages. i dont think it should take longer than an hour for someone to do it in excel.

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    Code/modify AFL Udløbet left

    I want to code AFL for a buy when there are two consecutive price bars above two moving averages. It is a sell when there are two consecutive price bars below those moving averages. It does not matter if the price bar is above the cross or before the cross or after the across.

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    ...short, WORKING piece of PYTHON code (.py) that interprets the user's input file (.json) then executes by downloading data files (.hdf) from NASA ([log ind for at se URL]). It then averages together several hundred data points and produces a single output file (.csv). The task I am asking for is to change a few minor elements to the input and output but keep

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    I need a one page A4 infographic (produced in Photoshop) producing that gets across some key messages to do with gender reporting...responsibility, and 3 the reason for gender pay gap is mostly about the senior individuals being mostly male. Also, 4 pay of staff is good to excellent compared to national averages. We have detailed data that shows this.

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    Student Mark book Udløbet left

    ... fin[i] = [log ind for at se URL](); } public static void printAverage(double [] mid, double [] fin, double [] tot) //This method runs a loop that computes the averages. { double sumMid = 0; double sumFin = 0; double sumTot = 0; for(int i = 0; i < [log ind for at se URL]; i++) { sumMid

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    ...values for the 3 three bollinger bands (21,2) + moving averages 5 day , 25 day and 50 day in javascript variables for use in another project. I only require the values for forward in time, not previous. You will need to get candlestick data from binance so you can calculate the moving averages. [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...generation; the best-of-run solution (the vector and its fitness). Next, collect data on 30 independent runs, and then report, at intervals of 10 generations, the following averages (and the corresponding standard deviations) over 30 items: the best-of-generation fitness, the average-of-generation fitness, the best-of-run fitness. That is, these three

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    Days2Pay Website Udløbet left on their account to be used towards access to the pool of user harvested data. The database needs to display only certain fields to mass users and also calculate averages and trends and display those as well. At this point I'm simply building a concept so the design and function just needs to be basic. I don't want to spend a ton of money

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    I have a three column data set. I need a formula written that counts occurrences of the third column sorted by the first column and averages of the second column sorted by the first column and averages of the second column relative to the counts of the third column sorted by the first column

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    I have a list of electricity usage values by half hourly blocks over a few years (eg colum with times, colum with usage), a...half hourly blocks over a few years (eg colum with times, colum with usage), and I want to work out the average values for certain hours of the day, or as a bonus plot hourly averages based on each month in 12 lines on a graph

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    ... BACKGROUND: Website: [log ind for at se URL] Platform: initially Swift iOS My app predicts results of sporting events by sourcing statistical data (long term averages) and allowing users to enter additional subjective match day variables to refine their prediction. My app will calculate the prediction chance as a percentage in the following

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    Write some software Udløbet left

    ...print statements to show, using 2 columns, each of your averages: // Homework average; lab average; exam average; overall average. // The averages should each show 1 decimal. // The labels should be left aligned and the averages to the right, lined up by the decimal // The name and 4 averages should be on separate lines neatly separated from the

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    ...bearish arrow from stochastic (arrows appear at the candle close), we enter a Sell trade. *Picture 1.1 ** I am attaching a template including the settings of the Moving averages and Stochastic that we want to use by default. (And the Stochastic Indicator used) 2) The signal candle has to be closed above the 200 moving average in order to take a

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    The EA will have moving averages as filters, Renko as entry and it will be a hedging system. I have a script to provide which is finished up to a point. Please let me know how long you need when you bid on the project.

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    ...variables, such as: “20-period moving averages”, “10-period standard deviations”. - Users can create and save custom queries, such as “Top ten currencies with the highest 20-period moving averages”, “Top ten currencies with the lowest 10-period standard deviations”, “Top ten currencies with the highest 20-period moving avera...

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    ...exploration - Fitness & healthy eating - Motivational & inspirational quotes - A touch of humour We want the descriptions to average 10-40 words for each photo which averages roughly 2,500 words total. We are really looking for some unique and original descriptions, we don’t mind having a few quotes from famous historical figures, however we would

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    ...ICO team. Must have good written and spoken English skills, have prior experience in crypt assets, and be very familiar with the cryptocurrency arena along with historical averages, high lows, future tokens and managing a portfolio of tokens. Requirement: Team members to be performing small passive involvement of work prior to the ICO launch and

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    ...but backdrop needs to be extended). SIMPLE usually takes us 5 or 10 minutes and we'll pay $1 per image. COMPLEX can take up to 20 minutes and we'll pay $3 per image. It averages about $10 per hour. You are probably faster than us, but it needs to be good quality. Bonus of $10 for completing batches for a day accurately and on-time. We would provide

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    have to predict the future of a stock using moving averages. The 2 questions that I have to answer are as follows- 1. Find a time period for one of our assets (see over page) in which the technical indicator of when a 15 day moving average crosses a 80 day moving average was a strong indicator of the future movement in the asset price. Display

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    I need to figure out how to show quarterly and yearly averages for monthly grouped totals in a pivot table. I would also like to move some of the columns around inside the pivot table

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    ...testing (statistically significant differences between pairs of %s, statistician will be involved as a consultant) - Option to add data processing functionalities – nets, averages, etc. (we can explain this in detail during discussions) - Charts directly transferable and adaptable in PPT, or created in PPT We are open to discuss which software/program

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    ...movement. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE in this project: I need to add/CALCULATE DERIVED ADDITIONAL INDICATORS (see jpg B_TI_to_be_added). Mostly it is about computation of Moving Averages, Ratios, CCI...but also about defining trend-line. WHO AM I LOOKING FOR: - I prefer a freelancer with a KNOWLEDGE OF TECHNICAL INDICATORS, so our cooperation can be much

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    Develop several summary r...or two to code and test. Excellent English communication ability required. Knowledge of creating data summary reports is mandatory, math, arithmetic functions, determining averages, minimums, maximums, extracting data columns using date ranges and other criteria. Ability to design user friendly displays and reports.

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    ...Online English Teacher Role: The classes: 25-minute full immersion English language, 1-on-1 classes The pay: Depends on your experience, but as reported on Indeed, averages around $19/hour The curriculum: U.S. Common Core aligned lesson material, designed by our in-house curriculum team Time of day: You choose your schedule from available

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    ...generation; the best-of-run solution (the vector and its fitness). Next, collect data on 30 independent runs, and then report, at intervals of 10 generations, the following averages (and the corresponding standard deviations) over 30 items: the best-of-generation fitness, the average-of-generation fitness, the best-of-run fitness. That is, these three

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    ...database periodically Evolutionary Learning; Develop/ Modify evolutionary learning code in Matlab to identify optimal technical indicator parameters. RSI, MACD, Moving averages. Matlab Code supplied. Create MACD function that can accept parameters. Create Coppock function that can accept parameters Create ADX function that can accept parameters

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    ...article/review 2 article minimum to meet the freelancer $10 mark. Can also be an exchange for exposure and free review items. There is no set requirement for a word count. Averages tend to be somewhere between 500-1000 words. One 300 word review with a bunch of pictures may work just fine, while another 1000 word article with one pic may work ok to.

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    ...color vs..) If we work on sample : I need to divide items by the given number. For example I give 74 => I have 1928 / 74 = 26 groups. but the groups averages must be very very close to all items averages for 4 options. for further questions please contact with me.. ...

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    ...mode or average of max consistency across the rows. That is for each iteration i will only have 1 value, so for 100 reps i will have 100 values 5. Plot the histograms of the averages from replications, that is frequency plot of 100 values My data (larger but this is an example) df = [log ind for at se URL](v1 = c("NA", "Low", "High"), v2...

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    ...running backtest to find my preferred settings. Here are the main Indicators: (1) Bollinger Bands (a) Upper band (b) Moving Average (c) Lower band (2) Moving Averages (d) Simple (e) Exponential (f) Variable (g) Legacy EMA (3) Linear Regression Channel / Standard Deviation Channel (h) Upper Channel Line (Standard Deviation 1, 2

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    I have a simple indicator in NT7 that fills the area between 2 Moving Averages depending on if they are increasing or decreasing. I need it converted for use in both NT8 and if possible Tradestation..

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. I need someone to make a exel sheet with the averages of all sales man and finance managers. And the averages of each products they sell

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    We have a micro-controller...must also receive data from sensor and visualize it in real time (30 fps) 4. UI must be able to do real time charting 5. UI must do some basic mathematics such as remove averages, FFT prior to plotting 6. Platform: WIndows, Java 8 + Netbeans 8.1 7. Must work from on-site (our office) for a large part of the assignment.

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    ...a Madrid-based company that was founded in 1931. We have more than 3,500 different types of tissues which can be used to created personally tailored shirts at a price that averages a good quality designer shirt, which are however industrially made: our differentiation advantage therefore lies in the quality of our products. Our client are extremely loyal

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    ...for analysis Variables include: Stock fundamentals: Symbol, Company Name, Security Type, Security Price, % Price Change Today, Price Performance (15, 90 days), Volume Averages, Exchange, Sector, Industry, Sub-Industry, marketcap, pe, eps, beta, price News Stories: Collect relevant news stories regarding each equity that meets a given criteria

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