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    ...that will: 1. Find users of the same app discoverable. 2. Enable users of the same app to request connection. 3. Enable users to establish peer-to-peer connection that is authenticated and secure. 4. Enable users to share file. (File from the app on our server, we will write this code) The Google Nearby Connections API will be used to achieve this task

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    We need to have administration interfaces to allow us to manage entities (e.g.: productions, companies, etc.) by talking to our authenticated backend APIs (OAuth2 JWT token via Auth0). -- The complete briefing/specifications will be provided after signing our NDA. -- We have built our platform as a single-page frontend application plugged onto backend

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    ...tests going on in the background so enable the balancer only send requests to active SMTP servers. 3. Incoming requests will be authenticated by IP and total # of allowed of requests will be configurable per each authenticated IP. Please when bidding, tell me what programming language/third party app you intend to accomplish this and be very reasonable

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    ...else. An overview about the project, it has 3 main parts: - listing (admin should be able to post/list certain pages). - authentication (users need to be registered and authenticated by phone number before using the app). - reservations (users should able to browse and book from an API). You can simply think of it as [log ind for at se URL] Apps should be multilingual

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    I need a mobile app for android and iOS. It needs to have a login page (Authenticated from a SharePoint Online list that will house email and password) on log in it needs to show a digital business card for the person that logs in. I have the html files automatically generated. I just need an app to authenticate users and direct them to their business

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    ...performs the decryption to obtain gy mod p and then computes the shared key K. • Now, the secure channel is established. - Either Alice or Bob can send a message encrypted and authenticated by the key K. They type the message on their own terminal. The message is processed by their code (Host or Client) according to the step 2 given above. - The received message

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    Want proper coding /scripting so that all mails can be received properly when someone send it through website contact page

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    We have a form written in php that we would like to have the customer signature at the bottom authenticated each time we have a customer sign it on our Ipad.

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    Mobile application Udløbet left

    ...and gender. Functionality where distribution of advertisements by demographics (above categories) will also have to be present. 4. When a user registers, his number is authenticated / verified by SMS verification (possible protocol that may be used for this is Twilio or some other protocol that you may recommend) 5. Geolocation feature: App has to be

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    ...platforms. We are interested to acquire the script or the code if such is already available that will be able to connect to the following API platforms and extract data from authenticated accounts for the define time period, such as last 24 hours. API's - we need python3.5 scripts that can connect to APIs and extract data: xero stripe square shopify mailchimp

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    16 bud have access to the UI features only for their leads and for this reason we need a single instance, single database for potentially hundreds of businesses which can be authenticated and logged in from our platform as a user to the CRM features. Neither Vtiger or SuiteCRM have true Multi-tenant solutions which use a single database so we will have

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    ... Please see the following video to get a better idea of what I'm looking for: [log ind for at se URL] Since I'm unfamiliar with authenticated APIs, please also disregard the price set on this job to a degree and offer what you think is fair. Thank you! Matt...

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    a web application that authenticated users should the ability to post, edit and delete the items. Check the uploaded file for more information please.

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    ...small cross-platform application ( core app), which will basically open an external website. And allow the user to sign-in (username and password). Once the user is authenticated, this application needs to fetch the cookies and hand it over to a C++ desktop application. It is basically SSO credentials, so the website redirects to a page where the

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    I need a small cross-platform application, which will basically open an external website. And allow the user to sign-in (username and password). Once the user is authenticated, this application needs to fetch the cookies and hand it over to a C++ desktop application. It is basically SSO credentials, so the website redirects to a page where the authentication

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    Simple IOS APP Udløbet left

    ...device passwords Users can login through Radius Server*** On the Smartphone App created should be available on App Store Once installed/ launched, users should login and authenticated through Radius Server The app will show something like this: City1: Suburb1: School1: Rack 1

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    1) create two input alert for mobile number and email address after user is authenticated to firebase and save to the users collection. After the user is authentication this screenshot displays what is required. image: [log ind for at se URL] once hitting 'ok' the next alert should appear image: input-email-address-2nd. you can 'input' a different

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    I am looking for a project based developer that specializes in Java Spring API development deployed to EC2 instance authenticated by Cognito in a client credential flow. AWS Lambda experience is a plus.

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    21 bud encoder to set up an MVP of a teleconsultation application for doctor-patient consultation. In general, a patient opens the web application (after having previously authenticated himself) and can book a slot on a doctor's schedule. Once this is done, he makes an in app purchase to confirm the reservation. Patients also have a place that brings

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    I need to set authentication between web client to server and set the server side to work with https. When client connect to the server port it will first be authenticated by user name and password and only then the server will pass just the relevant user info (with option that the data will be encrypted). The developer will get the current working

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    Authenticated Origin Pulls Authenticated Origin Pulls allow you to cryptographically verify that requests to your origin server have come from Cloudflare using a TLS client certificate. This prevents clients from sending requests directly to your origin, bypassing security measures provided by Cloudflare, such as IP and Web Application Firewalls, logging

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    ...Pass Initialization................ Done Hit key 'X' and 'A' sequentially to update OS Loader.... Loading OS Loader from on-board flash memory... +++ Done! Image authenticated! Start loading... ........................ Done. Juniper Networks NS-ISG 2000 OS Loader Version 1.1.6 Initialize FBTL 0.. Done Hit any key to load new firmware Hit

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    I want an ansible playbook to be written. The requirement is that I have a number of server in my environment. All of them are being authenticated using VAS (Vintela Authentication Services). I am planning to migrate to SSSD. So, I want an ansible playbook which will take backup of vas config file and OU information. Remove the VAS and then install

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    Trophy icon Mobile App Concept Design Udløbet left

    ...for your guidance; use your imagination :) . Here is a description of all pages in the wireframes: 1 = Application splash and loading page 2 = Home screen for non-authenticated users, they need to login to view content 3 = Login window 4 = Main screen with content overviews and summaries 5 = Side menu open style (swipe from right, remember

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    ...follow-up, timely intimation to buyer and all that are required in a similar website. The website should be easy to maintain by a person not with IT [log ind for at se URL] links of authenticated website developed and launched by you and contact reference phone/email to counter check. Pricing should include detailed manual for easy maintenance. Payment will be made

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    ...from my server) Q1. Is this possible? Q2. Is it acceptable behaviour? (It is described in the extension description, it's not secret.) Q3. Can webpage 2 or 3 be a webpage authenticated by the user's cookies? Q4. Please bid to build a proof of principal demo (extension + webpage 1). Q5. Are there other (legal & secure) ways to solve this problem without

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    ...domain. We face high spam rates while sending automated transactional emails and we are completely not able to mass mail through Woodpecker because our domain is not fully authenticated. See the spam report below: [log ind for at se URL] The domain is hosted in The main deliverable is - Woodpecker mass mailing works perfectly (0%

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    Serverless RestApi Udløbet left

    ...accessible for authenticated users). 3. One CRUD endpoint for collection items ((only accessible for authenticated users) each item is a file that will be uploaded. (only accessible for authenticated users). 4. One endpoint to download files (public accessible) 5. One endpoint to read file access metrics (only accessible for authenticated users). 6.

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    ...configure sock5 proxy server (the socks5 needs to be authenticated, must start on boot, and i need to be able to manually add and delete user/password combinations. I dont need any complicated things like only allowing certain ip, etc) need to configure openvpn server (the ovpn needs to be authenticated, must start on boot, and i need to be able to manually

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    ...a full setup to be able to use mobile dongles as proxies. Server: A Windows/Linux software that will create a SOCKS5/HTTP/OVPN proxy tunnel for every connected dongle, authenticated with user/password. Client: A tiny windows software with the following information & functionality: * ISP * Phone number * Current IP * Daily and monthly bandwidth usage

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    I need my business pages on Facebook and Twitter to be authenticated (blue tick).

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    Php class edit Udløbet left

    ...relation sign up page is "Validation" forgot password page is "Forgot Password" and Login page username and password is "Authenticated" for this page form value in to the mainly want to modify CONST SUB_TYPE_AUTHENTICATED = "Authenticated"; into <input type="hidden" id="mycode" name="mycode" value="pa...

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    14 bud fix some bugs for me. I have documented the entire problem on stackoverflow and the link is as attached: [log ind for at se URL] The tutorials I used are not well-documented for the current version of Lumen that I am using. I would need help to integrate these tutorials

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    ...server deliver an image with a username/password data collection box with a submit button. These data points need to be written to a local log file. All users are to be authenticated regardless of data submitted. We are using TP-LINK EAP245 access points with the Omada controller. Specific data for posting and authenticating the users are detailed

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    A website supporting 20 languages with a suitable CMS. Five page types: Home page; Product detail; Contact info; Case study/article; Document library (authenticated users only)

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    Trophy icon Website Design (HTML/CSS) Udløbet left cargo transport company (we transport cargo between countries). We want to update the design of our actual website [log ind for at se URL] (see more screenshots for an authenticated user in the attachments). Here are some online templates that we liked (that can inspire you): - [log ind for at se URL] - [log ind for at se URL]

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    Seeking A Squid Proxy Script that can turn a dedicated server + IP address into working user:pass or ip authenticated proxies. Example : If you have a server with 100 IP addresses attached, the script will make 100 proxies and you only have to input a few details about your server into the script to make the proxies accessible.

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    ...factor authentication requirement from the database table, such as (2FA_required=1 or 2FA_required=0). Please set up a "Hello world"-like landing page for once the user is authenticated successfully. Also, please write documentation of how you set up everything inside of a text file or word document. To summarize: 1. A clean Symfony 4.3.2 app 2. Lo

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    Configure Mikrotik hotspot to keep authenticated users active even those users are disconnected from the network or not in hosts until their passwords expire after X time i need this to prevent any other to use these passwords which already used by other users.

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    Android Application Udløbet left

    ...manage the system. The core REST webapi is being developed by me, so what I need is the face of the thing that "talks" to the WebAPI by REST requests. --> It will be an authenticated app only, so it will need login and registry. The app will consist in several (around 5 or 6) pages that will show a lists of "items" with the ability to create new ones

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    We are an cryptocurrency exchange which want to expand our services with an API. The API user needs to register and authenticated through Laravel Passport (this also needs to setup) or on Lumen (please advise). The API needs to do the following: 1. Make a wallet for a cryptocurrency 2. Check the amount of coins available on orderbook 3. Taking buy/sell

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    Seeking a Angular / Flask w...a typical username / password authentication challenge. Functional requirements 1. the ARcode must be able to scan on load of the main page ie. no user input 2. When authenticated the user is taken to a landing page which links to 3 sample content pages 3. The site templates to be reactive with hamburger menu at top

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    5 bud handle delivering video content after the user has purchased the product - Allow the user to view Purchased Content/Videos from the "My Account" page after they have authenticated successfully - Restrict users from seeing the videos unless the video has been purchased - Allow videos to be embedded from streaming services like Youtube and Vimeo

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    ...authentication option over to Google's new version, without existing users losing access to their documents. I hope that the Google+ and new Google Identity "sub" property on authenticated users are identical, in which case that won't be an issue. I am looking for a developer who's experienced with Node and Javascript, and OAuth based authentication, to execute

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    ...Laravel/Vue project and am having issues getting authentication to work on a Broadcast Channel (Private) everything seems to be working Redis/Socket etc but i am getting a not authenticated error for the user (I believe its something to do with the token matching) We are using Laravel Spark framework, and Laravel Passport also for auth. The work NEEDS to be

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    ...items will be grouped as Veg, Non-Veg, Chinese, Italian, etc. Users will start the app and the app will be authenticated by a server using HTTP Request for validity. Server coding is not in the scope of this project. Once the App is authenticated, the users enter their names, address, and mobile number. Users will select the items they want from the checkboxes

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    ...there are all the users (email and password) to allow the app to authenticate (the table is filled by our back office) and a table calls in which user must be registered ( authenticated user code), number (called number), time in which the duration of the call is written (NB 0 = not answered). The interface of the app must only allow the login to the opening

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    Limelight App Udløbet left

    ...background and update the page content like photos, videos, events, and music. We have been doing this manually. I also want users to be able to send messages to other authenticated users. I also want you to integrate the Stripe API to allow these users to sell items from their page. Additional 15$, if you can get this done in less than a week. The

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    13 bud the client in the HTTP Response body and stored on Local Storage. Or suggest you, a best practice. - Error Message if authentication fails. - Put the username of authenticated user in navigation bar . 2) Add column filter in table 3) Find a more efficient solution for drag and drop lines/rows. It is likely that if I remain satisfied with the

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