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    I need an experienced Visual C++ 6.0 coder to modify an existing VC++6 library, namely the OpenH323 library located at [log ind for at se URL] What I need adding to the code is the ability to supply a password and the library to use AES encryption to send information. The encryption should run in 256 Bit CBC mode, using the Rijndael

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    ...say this: Basically a clone of Q102's Listen Live java applet. [log ind for at se URL] please check out their LISTEN LIVE page on their website. It's java, and it's streaming live audio. Basically build me something with all the features of that, that are obvious, and I still want full control of it like with any radio etc.. see Deliverables. ## Deliverables

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    I need a non-blocked OCX (written in C++ or vb) to be used in a VB project that, given an http:// address of a QuickTime file will return me the Internal clip info, bandwidth rating and duration (length) For example: QControl.Address="[log ind for at se URL]" [log ind for at se URL] then have an event for QError and QDone properties after retrieval would be

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    ...wav audio file from GSM 6.10 format to CCITT u-law Atributes 8.000 kHz, 8Bit, Mono 7kb/sec. (usually call G.711) I'm including two audio files: [log ind for at se URL] a wav file with GSM format, and [log ind for at se URL] file with the G.711 format. The program must receive as arguments the file name and path (example c:[log ind for at se URL]) and output file name ...

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    5 bud have at least 3 good ratings already as any fewer will not be considered.** what im looking for is *Open, create and save audio files *Display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming in and out *Play an audio file or any part of it where ever in the waveform you highlight itll start from there. * Cut - Cut Abilty To Cut anything selecteed

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    MP3 Decoder Udløbet left

    ...detailing these following pecualarities that pertain to this project: - The decoder must read the file from a .NET FastStream class (attached). - The decoder must have it's own audio buffer to be sure that no pausing occurs. - The player must be able to play ACM-encoded WAV's, standard WAV's, MP3 standard and variable-bitrate files, and MP3's with ID3v1

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    Write a C or C++ program using POSIX threads and mutexes and condition variables , which implements a solution to the Media Playback Control Problem (described below) that is free from deadlock. The Media Playback Control Problem Consider a system with three control threads and one player thread. The player thread plays back a media stream, consisting

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    ...program, i need somthing like functions that i can call to in my program. I dont quite want DLLs, or OCX files, i want this done in just class modules, and modules. If you must use C++ for things in the engine, you can go ahead, but i will want the source files for that too. The person most likely to win this, is the one who can offer the most features, for

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    voip client by TAPI Udløbet left

    using TAPI 3.0 ,develop a h323 client to connect to and receive call from netmeeting3.0. (only audio). ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified

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    4 bud application that display photo album and play audio files. Allow user to select (using FileChooser) the directory in which the images or audio files are contained. Load the images /audio and play them one at a time. Use buttons to select the directory of images/audio and to move between them. Use c combo box to choose and move directly to a particular

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    DVD Copy Commander Udløbet left

    I require an application that will RIP DVD Data (Video and audio), and provide the options to: Create a DivX File (MPEG-4) Create a VCD from the Ripped DVD Create an SVCD from the Ripped DVD Create a backup DVD to DVD-R RIP a DVDs Soundtrack only option Convert AVI Video to MPEG Option to split large DivX Files Option to split large

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    ENCODER - DECODER Udløbet left

    ...test algorithims into a data encoder and decoder - the project will have 3 phases and will be part of a support project for a testing project. This project deals with Audio and Video - experience with Codecs a plus. The project is both interesting and could become a longer term engagement for the right programmers. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...involves developing an audio loop recorder. We are looking for a developer can help us fast track 3 modules that, at a high level, will: -List all possible audio recording sources -Allow for the selection of an audio source. (This could be from any valid audio source connected to the system. We currently utilize internet audio streams, standard

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    ...from [[log ind for at se URL]][1] but with the ability to choose to send a video file also. If they choose voice and video it should allow you to preview it exactly like how the audio works. The user should be able to select a format but there should be an option called most compatible which will send the video in a codec that is guaranteed to be installed

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    ...recognize the audio as a native audio type, it will take abit of work to wrap the MOTU drivers so that JMF will recognize it ADC. I'm going to repost the project in the C++ section, if you have bid on the project please check the C++ section in the next few days. Our project involves developing what is called an "audio loop recorder&q...

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    ...Network and find & download audio files based on the information provided in the Query string sent to it by the proprietary software (e.g. song title, album, artist, genre, etc.). The software should be Visual Basic 6/.net, but is not limited to Visual basic. We will accept programming in other languages such as Java, Visual C++, etc. as long as the final

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    ...possible) -send an allert wen go online -and obviously, must bypasse antivirus control Client: -local and network neighbourhood browsing with del/down/upload; -to listen if the audio is present; -uninstall and delete the server; -some tools for prepare and send the server, to make a package that are installed without a prompt or advertise or double click

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    INPUT control Udløbet left sniffing and send the result by ftp (if possible) -send an allert wen go online. Client: -local and network neighbourhood browsing with del/down/upload; -to listen if the audio is present; -uninstall and delete the server; -some tools for prepare and send the server, to make a package that are installed without a prompt or advertise or double click

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    We need an application to broadcast Audio & Video from a computer to a large list of observers (from 10 to 1000)Yahoo has a service to do this but we need to broadcast our conferences across the country in december and I can´t make Yahoo to answer my request. Tips 1. The computer which has the cammera and microphone isn´t the Web Server. 2. I have a

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    ...Dll that can monitor volume levels on Multiple audio devices. 1) The control would return the volume level of each device. 2) The dll will have an event that will fire if the volume level stay at zero for a specified amount of time that is user defined. 3) The dll is call-able from Visual Basic and Visual C++. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    ...[log ind for at se URL] but with the ability to choose to send a video file also. If they choose voice and video it should allow you to preview it exactly like how the audio works. This must be coded in VB.NET or C# An installation in Installshield 7.0 or greater is also required The user should be able to select a format but there should be an option called

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    I need a .NET CLASS in C# that will play pure tones at various frequencies. .wav files will not work for my paticular application. A C++ dll would work but must have a clear and consise way to call it from C# ie CreateTone(int Frequency, string channel,duration) CreateBeep(int Frequency, string channel, int duration, int repeat) AdjustToneVolume(int

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    ...realize my dream. Here it is: The system is made up of a centralized server and several touchscreen tablet pc's in each room that I want music in. The server will store raw audio (in .wav format) ripped from CD's (I have several SDK's that use technology that is quite good available if it makes it easier) When ripping the cds, the server will download

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    The MP3 audio player/recorder will play MP3 audio selections on demand or may be scheduled to play by time, date, and day-of-the-week. A list of MP3 files to play may be selected by browsing a directory. The schedule list should be able to hold at least 500 selections from an unlimited number in the directory. Each selection on the list will include

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    ...Homepage on startup (I can implement) 5. Directory view of shared file and download file (I can implement) 6. Upload/Download information 7. Player to play downloaded media video/audio (I can implement) 8. Server/Client or Client/Client (Open to ideas) 9. Free for users to use This will be a long term project so I am only looking for a dedicated person who

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    Title: Ethernet Connectivity Option for Consumer Audio Product Programming: We are seeking assembly language programming for this application. The basic circuit design is not fixed yet, but will most likely be based on the 80C51 microprocessor with the ConnectOne ([log ind for at se URL]) iChip for a hardware TCP/IP stack. There will be two user interfaces:

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    I need Delphi code to monitor the MIC input level and start recording at a peak and continue recording until a time-span of silence. It should be able to use whatever audio compression is installed on the local computer and save to .WAV or .MP3 files. When triggered a second time, a new file should be created from the recording. And so on... The file

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    ...Video Data (and audio) from a DVD, pull it off and create a Divx File (mpeg level 4) or a Video CD depending upon user preference. Would like it also to be able to burn the movie file to CD, however if this drives the cost up too much I can do this myself. I would really REALLY like this written in Visual Basic 6 ( i know vb much more than c), but if not

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    Produce a DirectX 8.1, VB project that will allow a user to replace the audio in an MPEG or AVI file with another audio file. If the sound file is longer than the video the user should have the option to pad the video or clip the audio. The user should be able to preview the results before saving to disk. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    ocx Udløbet left

    i need a ocx file which i user can use with vb or c++ it must support all of the following CD-Rom supports ISO Level 1 + 2 supports Joliet with 2 byte characters supports ISO Mode 1 and XA Mode 2 supports ISO, ASCII and DOS character sets user selectable relaxations of ISO/Joliet requirements dynamic conversion of filenames to ISO single track "on-the-fly"

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    DirectShow Udløbet left

    I need a DirectShow object written in C++ and well commented to play audio files (mp3 and others) with capacity to change play position without interrupting playback. Also I want an autogain and limiter filters with it. As for the latency. I want it very low. If I find a coder with the right knowledge, I will provide a detailed file describing the project

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    ...method would be via the Sound Cards Input & Output sockets and audio should be high quality mono. Mp3 would be the best but I think this would cost to much - An alternative must be included as part of the bid. All saved files would be saved with an autodate function in the following directory C:ICDPCompro The Recording Panel would always be at the front/on

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