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    I require a Coldfusion CFX tag written in JAVA. The tag will run under ColdFusion MX 6.1 The CFX Tag converts a query to a flat file through JAVA. Currently I am using the attached java class and it works very well, its very fast and does a good job. The problem is that the class does not support sql join querys and places each field on a new line. I need exactly the same CFX writ...

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    ...customer places an order from my order form The fields go to my csv database in my cgi-bin folder and then The order is sent to my affiliate tracking program and then The order is sent to the gateway (Usight) for processing. Once the order is processed, the query sting is then appended to the csv file in my database. I have all scripts now in place and

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    ...May2004 Jun2004 … and so on where we will download each month’s data and make a new folder for it. (continued below) ## Deliverables **Which one should I use??"the CSV version or the fixed-width version?** It’s your choice. **What is a typical query that you want to do?** I want to say “show me everybody who has gotten a new STUDENT pilot

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    ...rusty and I simply don't have the time to do this myself. I have a CSV list of names and phone numbers in the form of: LastName,FirstName,###-###-#### I need a program that will use only the phone number to do an internet-based reverse-lookup. For each line of my input file I want a CSV output line containing: LastName,FirstName,Phone,LastName1,FirstName1

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    I need a PHP script to parse the attached CSV, and insert it into a MySql Database. I have been trying to do it with the 'fgetcsv' command, and I can not get it function correctly. I am sure it is a simple script and someone here will know how. Please inquire if you are interested, Payment will be made upon sucessful run of script. Thanks!

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    ...import the two tables, then check the [log ind for at se URL] page to make sure that the user name and password work to access the database. That's it. Tables are saved on my PC in both CSV and Text files. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables

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    This is a website for a portuguese motorcycle dealer/importer. I do have a webdesign template that need some restyling in the flash header. The website should also contain the following areas. A catalog with product description, photos and price for new and used items(should be separated), a newsletter sign in/sign out field connected to an acess database

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    1 bud manage these users. Be able to add users, change usernames/passwords, lock and unlock logins. Exporting Data: A simple query/report that will export the device data to a CSV file. Security: Security on this system should be very tight. All variables passed should be check and validated before using (protection from SQL injection hacks). This is mainly

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    i have an excel sheet. it has multiple rows of entries with stock symbols in it. the excel sheet is in a csv format. the excel sheet names start with the everyday date as everyday i have a new sheet saved by the name of date and in csv or excel format. i would like to have an interface that is written in VB and that can connect to the text database

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    ...including extended occupancy. 22. Marketing tools for providing lists of existing guests and their special dates (birthday, special occasion, etc.). 23. Importing and Exporting to CSV. 24. Support multiple properties. 25. Must use templates and CSS to allow integration into any site design. This application must done in timely fashion. A non-disclosure

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    ...“Wanted” page that users can fill out a simple form that will include books they are looking for and prices they would be willing to pay for that want. That form would load into a CSV file. Site must be based on templates with a header, footer etc that can be changed in admin area at any time. Need config file to allow for path changes, color configuration

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    Parsing of PDF Udløbet left

    I need a pdf documented parsed into the attached mdb table. The section to be completed will be Mathematics (pages 46-62). See attached mdb file for table layout. ## components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the coder's Seller Legal Agreement). ## Platform Access or csv

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    ...(158) ... Military (211) -----Armed Forces ((3638) ----------Airforce (3698) ----------Navy (3643) ----------Marines I would also like a way to recreate the csv data file so when I edit the organization, it could be used to update our database. Would also like to add a field to the tables denoting the ordering to the the category in

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    ...abandoned by a foreign programmer. I am wanting it completed. Must have these elements 1. A bookseller must be able to upload inventory individually or bulk upload with CSV Excel Spreadsheet. 2. Must be enabled for Paypal payments. It must be able to be upgraded to accept credit card payments in the future. 3. Admin section must allow

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    I need somebody to help me import a CSV file in my new mailing list app. It seems fairly simple but I am not a programmer.

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    1 bud audit i need a perl scrip (UNIX) that will enumerate all directories (as many levels as exist) below required (parameter) and drop results of "ls -l" command to a csv file for future analysis on Windows platform. Technical requirements: execution string: scrip_name upper_directory console: results of "ls -l" for every directory

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    Sort Addresses Udløbet left

    ...format is a 6 line address. I need this to be transfered to a 3 line address and the town, County and postcode to be separated into individual fields. The data is currently is CSV format. I have already had a great response and I thank everyone for this but I now want to clarify the problem: an example transform would be From: Field1:Street

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    Sms Bulk Sender Udløbet left

    1. Importing mobile number list (Excel, CSV, access database) import to a new group or view current groups 2. Check for duplicates 3. Bulk send with auto resume of system crashes. SMS 'SEND' 4. Delivery reports 1) read report 2) not delivered report 5. Tool to weed out bad numbers from list (not delivered report) 6. Archive record of every mailshot

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    ...barcoded ticket is given to a truck driver for each job, the barcode is scanned at each location he visits. The scanners will be returned to a central location and a text file(CSV?) will be downloaded from each. We want to import the data into Excel 2000. Each file will contain fields for "Location", "Barcoded Number (Ticket Number)" and a Date/Time stamp

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    ... - Programs must screen to allow only the following file types to be uploaded and sent as email: .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .png, .doc, .txt, .rdf, .xls, .csv, .pdf - Add error-checking to existing errorcheck files to validate file size, file type as noted above, and return appropriate error message to the user's browser if an

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    ...form Emailed list should be name [log ind for at se URL] (where date and time are when they uploaded the list). So a list being uploaded at 4:15pm on April 5, 2004 would be 0405041615.csv. Broadcast 4/7: Questions: 1) Can we have a admin screen that will import user name/password (from Excel) and allow us to manually enter a user name and password

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    ...You can find a good looking solution at [log ind for at se URL] for example. Actually there is only a SQL-based commerce-system at my side. I can export my article database via CSV/EXCEL. I am in need for someone who helps me designing my website, programming/changing a webshop (eventually OSCOMMERCE or X-CART) and adding a PC-configurator (as seen

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    ...collection of its BrithdayItem objects. The BirthdayList class should save the collection of its BrithdayItem objects to a simple CSV file during its terminate event and should load its contents from the same CSV file during its initialize event. The BirthdayItem class should have properties for each of the values shown on the sample form. Additionally

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    ...amount, tell us how much you could do it for. Each table in the database/s for the site must permit us to login with our master password and edit, delete, and export records in CSV (tab delimited text form) Please include samples of site design you have done. The coder must set up this site in working order on a .NET server of our choosing. Thanks ##

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    18 bud The skills required are in ther firstmost to be very internet orientated as well bringing the value of technical experitse ranging from html, design, javascript, xml, csv migration, ftp, mysql, linux, perl-cgi, php and more... and take ownership of the management of the site and its progress. An equity share partnership in the company is offerred

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    Site tag analyzer Udløbet left

    ...license keys that we provide (these will be generated by our web-server, we will provide details). this full must expire after 1 year. 6. Export the records found in .csv (tab-delimited) format 7. Delete duplicate results found in each search 8. Allow the user to determine the depth that the software will go (how many sites deep it will

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    This project will consist of a program that will import a list of phone numbers from a CSV file, and export a List of Names and addresses into a CSV file if information is recovered. This purpose is to recover customer info that our reps did not fill out. The application must reverse search via a database such as [log ind for at se URL] or [log ind for at se URL] (which

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    15 bud reporting tool. The requirement will be to access and report on an undelying sql database, plus two third party datasources, provided as imports in a format such as csv/excel. The underlying database hold informations about offers advertised on a portal, on behalf of various clients. One of the third party tool monitors the web traffic/

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    ...need a script/app that will crawl through the website <[log ind for at se URL]> and collection the categories, sub categories, and sub categories of that and save them to a csv or access db. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables

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    A command line tool called to summarise proxy log files into much shorter CSV files is required. This tool needs to be extremely fast and memory efficient. It also needs to be well written, well commented and extensible. ## Deliverables Speed: able to process a 30MB (uncompressed) access log in less than 2 hrs on a single Linux system using a 3GHz

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    ...program as mentioned in my bid requirements above. • Also based on the grid result and search result, it should have the option to export to Excel, text, new mdb or mysql db, .csv, html. • Enhancing the program to work faster and optimizing it to max speed. • Mass Email selecting from the grid either to many people or to an individual which the email

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    ...value of the amount of shares that they are sending, the value of the admin fee on the transaction, and a confimation button. 6. At the end of each day an email in text or CSV format should be sent to the admin listing all the internal transfers that were made throughout the day, the value of the internal transfers, and the total value of fees charged

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    CMS Solution Needed Udløbet left

    ...need:_** 1. A simple HTML editor so we can add stories to the site. 2. We need forms for player information. This player information should also be available to us in CSV format. 3. We need an interactive message board at the bottom of each article. _We have also have a special members area of the site._ We have 600 clients, so we

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    ...seller will be only the products' UPC or ISBN and their listing prices. 3.I need the result to be a datasheet form display and the result will need to be able to export to csv files. (4 attributes: "UPC" or "ISBN",UPN # or ISBN #, Listing Price,a Link which can link to that item) remarks: the links of items by UPN or ISBN are ISBN: <http://half

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    I have a group of files (html, ascii, file, pub, .jpeg, .gif) in various formats that I would like to format in a CSV database or MS Access database file. The files are contained on a CD as well as my local hard drive. I am told this is rather easy for someone who is familiar with this process. The purpose of setting up this format is to upload the

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    23 bud be added to lines and customers. Once this database has been populated with the swap-ins and swap outs, we will need an application to read the database and to generate CSV files in a certain format to be imported into the billing platform. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    8 bud accessible by telephone at my expense and must also speak English fluently. ------- Desired Shopping Cart Script - Exactly like CCP 5.1 except: * databases: only need csv (with ability to pay you to add others later) (not the other 3 options offered by ccp) * integrated shippers & accounting exports: only need ups, usps, and quickbooks

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    ...way to provide my customers the ability to redownload their software. I want to enter their order number and product into a database. I would be able to provide a text or csv file listing order numbers, product numbers, and order date. Also I would need the ability to log in and delete order numbers fromthe database. I would also need an interface

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    This project is easy for a programmer who knows what they are doing. I would like a program in PHP that I ...[log ind for at se URL]) 5 - Page Rank (from google) 6 - Link Popularity (from google "link:" command) I should be able to copy and paste this table and/or have the option to export as a .csv file. That's it - should be pretty straight forward. Thanks!

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    72508 PHP Form help Udløbet left

    I started working on this forms but I am not knowledeable in PHP. I will pay $50 just to help me finish it. It will tale couple hours. URGENT. The data is being saved as CSV. [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] The input data can be built up in an Excel

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    ...reports. 1. I want to turn this Access Database into a webbase MySQL back with PHP active pages. 2. I will also need the new database to be able to import and export some csv files into one of the tables. 3. User profiles and previlleges are required for the database, moreover all activities of each user will need to be logged. p.s. I will

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    ...script will have an external configuration file, for entries such as the data file location/path. The PHP script will append the data received from the Delphi program to the CSV datafile. If there are no errors, it will return "completed" (or something similar) to the Delphi Program, and "error" if not. The Delphi program will make an entry in the local

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    We need to covert data residing in a two-level flat website into a CSV that will eventually be read in Excel. - The script will have to cycle through (or drill down through two levels to get to) a series of sequentally-named files ([log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL] - [log ind for at se URL]), finding and drilling down into links on those pages

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    php/mysql coding Udløbet left

    ...will need to view new orders, mark as processed. A way to delete an order View all past orders, by day month year ect Have an export feature so they can download them in csv file format comma separated. We don’t need any graphics ect just a nice easy to follow layout like the above examples. All in one page We need this done ASAP a rough

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    House Hunter VB Udløbet left

    ...preference. Use a spreadsheet program to create a CSV file to recond data on each available home that includes the address, list price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, whether the home has a fenced yard, whether the home includes any farmland, and whether the home has a garage. Load that data from the CSV file into an array of a user-defined type in

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    ...growing portion of sales. We need to integrate our Quickbooks POS with the Yahoo store. Our main concern is the control of inventory. The common file is an item code and quantity CSV file. The data set will be updated automatically, at least, several times a day. The other important part of the project is a continued update for any changes Yahoo store makes

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    I'm looking for the following data about Australian postcodes, this could be in csv or xml format. - Postcode - All postcodes that surround the postcode - The center of the postcodes latitude and longtitude This is to include all postcodes inclusing post boxes and be based on data from 2002 at the earliest. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    I need data from OScommerce shopping cart to be exported with custom field names and in a certain order to an excel spreadsheet. It can not be a csv, tab delimited, etc. It must me in native excel format. I have a script that generates what I need in tab delimted format but not in excel format. I have been told that this can not be done because I run

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    HTML Form 2 .csv Udløbet left

    ...this system, and for sure not our last, if everything goes properly this time. What we need right away ASAP. today! is someone to help us have a HTML form parsed to a csv file. please let me know if you can do this. HTML form complete already! so this job should be fast and easy! Thanks Wyatt ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    6 bud accessible by telephone at my expense and must also speak English fluently. ------- Desired Shopping Cart Script - Exactly like CCP 5.1 except: * databases: only need csv (with ability to pay you to add others later) (not the other 3 options offered by ccp) * integrated shippers & accounting exports: only need ups, usps, and quickbooks

    €89 - €134
    €89 - €134
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