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    ...following resources 1) ASP NET MVC 5 (VS 2013), 2) MSSQL 2012 , 3) WINDOWS 2016 (IIS) Time period: 7 -10 days only The website shall be published on local server and shall be accessible by different browsers. A)Forms Authentication to be used. Final Source code to be kept on our server for changes/modifications in future. DataBase design & structure

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    ...Webbased Database Development Using ASP or PHP, webbased programming to create a webbased manufacturing production Database system that can assist in raise production orders and track the order's status at various work in progress points till completion. To be housed on the cloud or external hosted or internal hosted servers. Primary database to be

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    ...stores entry details into a database and also interfaces with a payment system. The entry system should be added to the existing web site. This website is hosted on [log ind for at se URL] and is maintained using WordPress. The hosting service supports both MySQL and MSSQL databases. The supported scripting options are PHP 5 & 7, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl/CGI and Python

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    ...this work can be done in 100 hours MANUALLY, if not faster. Probably 50. I would like someone to build the software the scrape it, and put the results in a mysql database OR excel OR CSV.. but I would like this data to make sense and be importable. So it can not have errors or be illogical. Included is a screenshot of the format the data is in.

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    Right now they have a very old website built with ASP and an Access database. We plan to switch platforms to Linux. The amount of data in this table is not huge. They clear all the data in this table once per year Here is how the website works. We want to replicate this functionality in WordPress and add a few features. 1. Dallas girls fill out this

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    A client has data stored in an asp software database and wants the option to download and extract data rows into a CSV File that have been selected in the program

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    I have an ASP Database Software. I require some code to be written where data selected within the custom software can be downloaded and extracted into a csv file. The user simply needs to select rows of data and select 'Download' to extract the data.

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    I have an existing ASP application running on a local server with 1 page that performs the following: 1. User inputs data into 5 text boxes, and has 2 prepopulated from database fields 2. Operator Clicks save and if the data input is correct 2 rows are inserted into 2 SQL tables 3. Prints a label too a Windows printer driver This all works perfectly

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    ...sales Team to maintain the enquires. This software is similar to CRM application and it should be using a web based technology based on .Net with flavor of SQL Server 2012 database so that it can be operated from any desktop from different locations. The solution that you provide is an online multi user version and the application should be hosted on

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    ...details into a database and also interfaces with a payment system. The entry system should be added to the existing web site. This website is hosted on [log ind for at se URL] and is maintained using WordPress. The hosting service supports both MySQL (v5.5) and MSSQL (version not specified) databases. The supported scripting options are PHP 5 & 7, ASP, ASP.NET

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    ...(mappings) from database. b. Configuration defines Path of file (local server path with pattern example c:/temp/[log ind for at se URL]), type of file (.txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx ) columns in the file and mapping of those columns to the internal table. c. Internal there could be one or more table for each file, that is defined in mappings( config) in the database. d. Table

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    ...have a Classic ASP email blasting software that I want to replace with a newer system with more features. Should be able to be hosted on CPanel hosting provider. ** Must be secure ** To do that we are going to store "Allowed IP Addresses" in the database for all logins. If a login is tried from an IP Address that's not in the database, an email will

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    ...depending on which database will be queried and result will be displayed in a table. Page 4 will have aggregate of the first 3 pages result. Page 4 result can be exported to simple CSV file. Page 5 will contain diff of 2 results from the page 4. Filters should be saved so that next time he don't have to select the same things. ASP and MVC should be

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    I have some small changes to a classic asp website. I import data from an csv file into a database. The website pulls data from the database to display it on two webpages. I need to change the way the data is displayed and show additional data from the db.

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    We will be adding a function to an ** ASP Classic ** web site we allow user to upload either an Excel file or csv or txt file - can either be tab delimited or comma delimited. I need a process created that I can execute that will accept the name and path of the file - load the file - determine type and parse out 1. Number of Records 2. Each

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    ...which I can run on our server (windows) can be php or asp. I need the ability to upload a csv file containing names, addresses etc. These are UK addresses with UK postcodes. Google will then plot these on the map so I can see them all. If it's easier I can give access to the MySQL database whereby we can select the date range to display in the

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    I have an online pedigree database for animals. I want to add a feature of coefficient of inbreeding (9 generations or more). The main table has a row with each animal and each animal has an ID and a sireid and damid in the field. The coi equation i want to use is wrights coefficient of inbreeding. I have set up a separate COI table - this I

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    ...form - that takes the output from a the datareader object and converts it to a CSV file and allows the user to download the file locally. Create a .NET webform which executes a query then downloads the result in a CSV file. Preferred code is 'Visual Basic' 'ASP' Database is MS SQL Server 2008 Form will be called by java menu and will feat...

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    22 bud data entry form, which needs to write to a MS SQL Express database. It will run on a Microsoft small business server with IIS, so can be any type of ASP you prefer. Inputs: * Fields as specified in the attachment '[log ind for at se URL]' + some more general data fields * Ability to import CSV file to pre-fill the fields Output: * Email a transa...

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    This will expand on an existing project that was completed three years ago. One additional data field will be added to the current database. This field will need to be added to a current asp page where a user logs in and pays their water bill. No calculations are needed, just display the balance due. I have attached some images of the current system

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    ...for a developer who has experience of working with the Vebra / Encore property API and can integrate this into a ASP based property website that we are currently developing. This would mean importing said csv/txt files into a sql database. We need to then make the result (pages generated from the API feed) look fit for purpose to the user and fit for

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    Debbug OS Import Udløbet left

    ... He took to being very sick, and cannot finish it. It is an import program that puts orders into MY ACCESS database from a CSV file. It is written in .asp. If you are GOOD at DEBUGGING... then we need to talk. YOU MUST have TOP NOTCH ASP experience. I want this done in an HOUR... 2 hours TOPS... I will give you REMOTE DESKTOP ACCESS. ONLY 5 STAR

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    file splitter Udløbet left

    ..."[log ind for at se URL]" and "[log ind for at se URL]" they need to be .CSV files so that the can be imported into my database. I have attached a SAMPLE FILE with a customer and an order with the EXCEL SHEET being the MAPPING for the file. I would like this to be written in .ASP, but if you can save me money in .PHP I will consider. If you do good

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    Build a Website Udløbet left

    ...currently use powershell scripts to collect data and save to CSV files. The scripts run monthly on servers at several companies. I need to automate the collection and import of the collected data into a SQL database. Required: 1. A PowersShell script which authenticates to then posts a CSV file to the website. 2. A website which receives the

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    ... We are testing out opencart too see if this is capable of running our store, If not we are looking into having store sorted which can handle live stream data feeds from CSV ASP databases. I have attached 3 links: This is the full product list, we need the products adding to the site [log ind for at se URL]

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    I’m looking for someone to help develop a web front end for an existing SQL database. The system will be used to sign staff in and out of the office, help with scheduling of trucks in a calendar type of interface and be capable of generating a report of days trucks were used. Also on the signout interface is a date and time of return. If the worker

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    Need a simple web page to query a single table in a MS SQL database, 14 columns most of which will be searchable and need to be able to pass a wild card. Want to be able to display results in a grid and provide a function to export them as CSV or Excel. No preference on the language (PHP, ASP) but will be run on a desktop machine so needs to have a

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    ASP classic script that will work under IIS 7.5 that uses Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0 to snag CSV content as text from [log ind for at se URL]^DJA,^IXIC,^GSPC,^NIN,^FTSE&f=nl1c1&e=.csv I need to be able to massage that CSV/Text content inside my script before I write it out to a database. I have code that works for this under IIS 6.0,

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    ...Pequeno Projeto em ASP classico que faça o upload de um arquivo CSV para um banco de dados MS SQL Server. A página deverá apresentar o resultado do arquivo na tela no formato de tabela. O código será adicionado em outro projeto, eu não preciso do CSS. I need a Small Project in classic ASP to upload a CSV file to a MS SQL...

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    Write some Software Udløbet left

    ...each license. I need this text output to cross-reference with an excel/csv table and update a webserver with the users information. The website is a very simply table format with just text. Additionally, the output for the webserver should also be appended to it's own excel/csv table for logging [log ind for at se URL] required: PHP, Software Architecture

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    I need a Personalized URL (PURL) application made to generate custom website URLs for contacts in an offline database. For example, a record in my database named John Smith would have a dynamically generated URL of [[log ind for at se URL]][1] This PURL application has more features than I need, but here is an example of a PURL application:

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    ...Site’s API’s o Code samples for resellers to automate dropshipping o Charges to reseller processed at time of remote order o Compatibility with popular e-commerce packages (ASP, Miva Merchant, OScommerce, Storefront, Asp.NET, PHP, etc) • Account Management o Account approval process with pending/approved/declined statuses o Signup email, approve

    €42 - €42 / hr
    €42 - €42 / hr
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    ...that connects to our supplier's ASP system and via daily CRON job which pulls product inventory into our MySQL database and then populates pages on our own site (simple catalogue of products and stock availability so that we can check stock level daily). Also a daily email triggered, which sends brand specific .csv files to me for manipulation.

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    ...operators into 1 singular database that is used for search, sort and filter of data to the customers of the website. Due to the differing data sources naming protocols, we have decided will utilise 1 core database and build an integrator to collect and convert the data from each source and enter it into the correct target database fields. The collection

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    We are looking for a top IT person to look after our website, database and programming work on an ongoing basis. Below is a brief outline . Our company iLOVEshopping operates several online shops for which the bulk of sales come from iLOVEsport. Websites include: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    This is a simple task for someone who knows ASP, sql databases and should not take longer than 1 hr all together to do. I've always worked with php so I need some help with this. I am looking for someone who can do this today and no later than tomorrow. IF YOU CAN NOT DO THIS today or tomorrow do not bid. We will need to communicate via email and/or

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    ...receives charitable donations online and passes them to various partner charities. We have a proprietary ASP (classic) based website with an Access database where all donation information is stored. The admin section of our website lets us query the database and create various reports for our adminstrative staff and for reporting to donors and other interested

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    Create an asp page that allows a excel csv file to be uploaded. This file then updates a table in a database. The page will match the productcode in the database to the csv, if there is a match then 7 fields are updated in the database. No match, then do nothing. After processing, the page will show results of code matches; if a code does not match

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    ...input. 3. Design an interface for the output of end product. 4. Sample of the above interface will be provided. Backend: 1. Design and create a database for the uploading of a texted based (.csv) file. 2. Develop and code based on a pre-defined set of formula to present the end product. 3. Pre-defined set of formula will be provided. 4. End

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    ...already built with ASP .NET framework. It currently has all our products, with descriptions and images. I need to extract that info and translate it into an excel sheet compatible with an Adobe Business Catalyst Ecommerce store. I have attached the Business Catalyst import file, and can provide the database as currently exported to CSV if needed for a

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    ASP database Udløbet left

    We need a very simple asp based database entry and query site. we have a software that is able to call a url. it can send http://url/[log ind for at se URL] http://url/[log ind for at se URL] http://url/[log ind for at se URL]

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    ...fixes and additions to an existing ASP.NET VB 2.0 / ASP Classic (Mixed) website project that is currently being edited in Visual Studio 2010 and a copy of the database on SQL Server Express. A Change of development language is out of the question. This must be in ASP.NET Visual Basic and ASP Classic VB only. .NET 2.0 is the used version.

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    ...being able to access the infor of this app. Our systems runs on asp, has its own login screen and when inside the system has its own menus. Meanwhile aMember has its own menus. We want to have all that information at one screen. Bmsystem runs on IIS 7, MySQL and the database is located on a local HD; while amember DB is in a hosted server

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    gourleyimports Udløbet left

    ...I'm looking for a Data entry / API expert to setup automatic sync of my Supplier database (CSV file and Images) to my store. I would like to schedule this automatic sync to run twice a week. Details: 1. We can download Supplier CSV file from their FTP location. The CSV file has all the information that is required - Products, Categories the products

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    We have different domains/webs, with different forms. Every result of a completed form is now stored to an access-database on a windows-server. As we like to move to a more universal solution, we want to move to a linux server. As backend we´d like to have wordpress because the client who should use the backend is familar allready to wordpress. Also

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    Hello, I am looking for a coder strong in version 2.0+ of Visual Web Ripper, including data scraping, scripting, and database design. I have a scripting (asp, js) background, but I'm looking for someone who is current in javascript and/or C#/Net who can virtually look over my shoulder and patiently keep me moving forward in learning Visual

    €2 - €25 / hr
    €2 - €25 / hr
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    ...purchased the ip2location database [log ind for at se URL] file, and have downloaded [log ind for at se URL] files. Now i need to import these files in MSSQL database as described here: [log ind for at se URL] But i dont know how to use DTS, nor i can import csv files. So i want an SQL

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